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There are millions of millennial parents who are not only caring for young kids but also aging parents, known familiarly as the sandwich generation. Here, we’re looking at how those dynamics play out, as both a parent and someone’s child. Come for the practical advice, stay for the true tales from moms who’ve lived it.

ByMeg St-Esprit

My Parents Don’t Want Me To Inherit A Mess & I’m So Grateful

While it feels taboo to talk about, I’m relieved my parents have planned carefully for their deaths.

Life in the middle

I’m A Single Mom Caring For An Elderly Parent & It’s A Special Kind Of Hard

Someday, when my kids look back, I hope they will remember the love and presence of extended family along with the pain.

language lessons

You Can Ask Your Grandma Things You'd Never Ask Your Mom

Grandparents can play a special role in their grandkids’ lives, because they have a freedom that parents don’t.


My Dad Doesn’t Take Care Of Himself & It Makes Me Angry

He won’t listen to his doctors, and I’m so tired.

all hands on deck

My Parents Are Young Grandparents & It’s Such A Gift

My parents can keep up with my four kids without missing a beat.

quality time

I Moved In With My 96-Year-Old Grandmother After My Divorce

The experience shaped the rest of my life.

heads up

What To Know Before Agreeing To Be An Executor Of A Will

It’s an honor, but it can also be a huge hassle.

hang in there

Caring For My Aging Dad & Young Kids Has Taken A Toll On My Health

I continue to tell myself it’s a phase, balancing full lives with our kids, parents, and health — but it’s overwhelming.


Should You Financially Support Your Aging Parents?

Here’s how to navigate those murky multigenerational caregiving waters.

This Is Tough

When Should I Take The Car Keys Away From My Parents?

Your parents are getting older, and you’re starting to worry. Here’s how — and when — to intervene.

stuck in the middle

Nobody Told Me About The Third-Life Crisis

I’m stuck between raising kids and helping out my folks, and it’s hard — mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Running out of time

I Have So Many Questions For My Parents... But Not Enough Time

As a busy mom, I don’t know when or how to ask them.

Ariela Basson/Scary Mommy; Getty Images, Shutterstock