The Supposedly Heartwarming Pandora Jewelry Ad Creeps Me Out

by Emma Waverman
Originally Published: 

People are loving this ad. My thoughts while watching it were slightly different and went something like this:

1. Why am I crying already?

2. This seems a little creepy. Is this creepy?

3. I swear I’ve seen this room before? Didn’t Dove do an ad in this room? Yes (or close).

4. Are these actors?

5. Phew, every kid nails it. That was stressful for no reason.

6. How much editing was done here? Did any kid choose the wrong mother?

7. Feels like identifying your mother is a fairly low bar. My kids could find me on the opposite side of Disney if they wanted money.

8. These moms look nervous, it would be very humiliating if your kid chose someone else.

9. Why do all the moms have such pretty and well-stacked rings and bracelets? Oh. Ooohhhh.

10. Why am I still crying?

I guess I’m just cynical and not worthy of those pretty rings and bracelets. But that’s okay—I’m unique. They told me so.

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