The Ugly Christmas Sweater Gets A Breastfeeding Mom Makeover

by Maria Guido

Ugly Christmas sweaters used to be things that you would only see on your over-zealous aunt or that one chemistry teacher who used to get so into the holiday season he would actually make snow. They were something people wore with an unabashed love for the holidays — totally unaware that people were laughing at them behind their backs. All that has changed.

The ugly Christmas sweater is now a trend that everyone can embrace, thanks to… well, not really sure who to blame for this. But someone’s taken the fugly Christmas sweater trend to a whole new level, and thanks to a post by Beautiful Breastfeeding, it’s getting a lot of attention this week:

Image via Etsy/ YourSassyGrandma

Wow. Talk about a show stopper. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who could compete with this getup. And it can be yours for the modest price of $49.99. Yup, it’s for sale! Etsy seller YourSassyGrandma even has a matching one for your beau:

Image via Etsy/ YourSassyGrandma

Nothing says “solidarity” like a man agreeing to show up to a party in that.

If reindeer pasties are not for you, there is something you may enjoy more: the ugly Christmas sweater with wine holder:

Image via Etsy/ YourSassyGrandma

Think about how much easier holidays with in-laws could be? WANT. This one is pretty much made for moms. Do they have a non-holiday variety that we can just slip into every night after we put the kids to bed? Getting off the couch for a refill after a long day of wiping asses is hard.

Maybe Beautiful Breastfeeding co-opted something that’s not actually made for breastfeeding moms at all — but we’ll run with it anyway. It’s the only reason the sweater is getting so much attention. As one commenter points out:

“Everyone will be fine with this until you take the nose off and put a baby there.”