The Wiggles Sold Out The Same Arena Trump Couldn't Fill, So There's That

by Valerie Williams
The Wiggles Sold Out The Same Arena Trump Couldn't Fill, So There's That
Mark Metcalfe/NICHOLAS KAMM/Getty

The Wiggles had no trouble selling out the arena that was only at a fraction of its capacity for Trump’s Tulsa rally

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump held his much-hyped MAGA rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The event was being billed as the relaunch of his campaign after months of no rallies due to the spread of COVID-19. Welp. It didn’t exactly work out as planned thanks to TikTok teens and K-Pop stans buying up tickets and falsely inflating numbers, so naturally, comparisons are being made over how easily other acts filled the 19,000-capacity BOK Center. One of those acts is none other than The Wiggles.

Trump was only able to draw enough MAGA faithful to fill about a third of the seats on Saturday night (the local fire department says 6,200 was the total in attendance, according to the New York Times). The campaign had been boasting in the days prior to the event that over 1 million tickets had been requested.

To be fair, we *are* mid-pandemic — it’s understandable that people would decide that hearing Trump tell them how great he is wasn’t reason enough to expose themselves to the deadly virus. To also be fair, the Trump crowd has been known to follow their leader when it comes to using masks or even believing the pandemic is the very real danger that it is (Trump even spent part of his rally downplaying COVID while also telling the crowd he asked his staff to “… slow the testing down please.”)

So. Maybe people just really didn’t care to attend? People from a state that Trump won by a crushing 36 points in the 2016 election? Not likely, so LOL. This is a pretty delicious victory.

You know who had no trouble getting the crowds to come out in droves? The Wiggles. That’s right. The kid-friendly Australian band played at BOK Center to a sold-out crowd back in 2009.

Twitter users were gleefully pointing out the stark contrast between Trump’s rally and The Wiggles’ 2012 showing.

People also pointed out that The Wiggles filled that place with paying customers. Trump’s tickets were free. *shrug emoji*

Even Anthony Field, otherwise known as The Blue Wiggle, got in a little dig about his group having “a better light show” than the president. You’re god damn right they did.

I mean, you know things are rough when you’re being lightly (and effectively) trolled by The Wiggles.

Trump’s rally being a complete failure is truly a triple-delight: less risk of COVID spread with only 6,200 attendees instead of thousands more, Trump’s campaign looks utterly deflated, and we got to see Anthony Wiggle (sorry, that’s what I’m calling him) publicly mock the president while also (deservedly) tooting his band’s horn. 2020 is officially the wildest ride and it’s only half over.