Therapy Dog Gets His Own Yearbook Pic Because He's A Very Good Boy

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Therapy dog gets his day in the sun with yearbook photo

Everybody has to look their best for school photo day, and that includes the class therapy dog. Thankfully, he didn’t forget his bowtie.

The therapy dog at a school for children with autism and special needs is a very important member of his class. So the class’s teacher made sure to include him on school photonday, and Twitter is loving it.

That dapper looking doggo goes to school every day, where he assists the teacher with her students — who just happens to be the dog’s human. Her son, Jaxon, tweeted the adorable photo and it quickly went viral.

“My dog is a therapy dog, and my mom works at a school for children with autism and special needs,” he told Scary Mommy. “So he gets to go to school every day with her to help keep the students calm, as well as them getting to hang out with him as kind of a reward for good behavior.”

Jaxon’s mom felt the dog deserved recognition for his essential role in the classroom, and so she got him all gussied up and ready to go. The resulting picture, of the dog in a bow-tie, proudly sitting still for the camera, has taken off.

“It’s definitely been a much brighter response than I expected when I tweeted it,” Jaxon says.

The picture has been liked more than 85,000 times and retweets almost 24,000, as dog lovers everywhere weighed in.

Of course he’s proud! He’s providing an essential service to kids who really need it.

She clearly hasn’t seen me rocking a stone-washed jean jacket in my eighth grade photo, but the dog is looking good, so I’ll allow it.

He is really rocking that bow tie.

Several Twitter users took the opportunity to share similar photos of their dogs.

After someone asked about how a dog becomes a “therapy dog,” Twitter user Donna Berenson shared her dog’s official badge, and included a link, an organization that trains dogs, and other animals, to help with patients.

Maybe PetPartners trained that emotional support duck

The teacher apparently doesn’t yet know that her dog is famous, which is really just one more accomplishment to add to his resume.

“I haven’t told my mom about the tweet yet, but I’m sure she will be amazed when I show her the reaction he’s gotten on social media.”

Amazed at the reaction, maybe, but it’s clear she already knows how special her dog is, and values his role in her classroom. Judging by his poise in that photo, something tells me the dog knows too.

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