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Things That Moms ACTUALLY Want For Mother’s Day

Before we get into taking the guesswork out of gifting, let’s establish something.

Sometimes when you ask a mom what she wants for Mother’s Day, she’ll say something like “Oh, I don’t need anything. Your love is enough.” First of all, no. And if you think she’s telling the truth that she doesn’t want anything, try doing nothing and see how that goes over. We get one day a year — one! — that’s just for us, and we want to be acknowledged. 

This year, go beyond flowers and candy and try one — or even better, a combination — of these Things She Actually Wants. 

Something She Doesn’t Have To Do

When you’re a mom, you have so little free time that on the rare occasion there’s nothing pressing to do, you panic for fear you’ve forgotten something. So all moms appreciate a day when we get to be completely on our own schedule (especially after the year we won’t name). Take care of her chores for an entire day so that she can do whatever the heck she wants and not have to worry about making up for it later. For new moms, having time to ourselves is a rare and precious gift. 

Something That Says Self-Care

Moms get so used to hopping out of the shower and pulling leggings over their half-wet skin that a little “treat yo’self” time is always very welcome. Newer moms especially need time to take care of themselves and get comfortable in their post-baby bods. This isn’t always easy. Although we know stretch marks and scars are completely normal, reducing the appearance of those scars and marks helps us feel more confident. This is where Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil comes in. It’s a combination of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base that gently absorbs into skin so all those ingredients can do their work. A nice long soak followed by light, non-greasy Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil will help Mama feel good as new. Well, new-ish. 

Something She Won’t Have To Clean

Kids bringing mom breakfast in bed is a classic Mother’s Day move. But the charm is lost if she has to walk by a sink full of dishes afterward, or worse, wash her own Mother’s Day dishes. So whatever cute surprise you have up your sleeve, make sure it doesn’t add extra chores to her post-Mother’s Day list. 

Something You Already Know She Wants

The reality is, most of us will put on a pleasant smile even when we get a gift we don’t really want. But there’s no gift we appreciate more than one that lets us know you’ve been paying attention. A candle with our favorite scent, that wine we liked from that restaurant, that dry skin gel you’ve noticed in the bathroom. For many moms, Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel is their favorite after shower go-to. Some creams contain up to 70% water, which your skin repels and ends up dehydrating your skin even more. Dry Skin Gel on the other hand, is a unique gel-to-oil texture that absorbs easily into the skin and creates a protective film to resist moisture loss and restore optimal hydration. So pay attention to what she loves and get her more of that. Simple! 

Something Surprising

Moms make a ton of decisions every single day. So, for many of us, being surprised with something we didn’t have to think about/weigh out/schedule/plan ourselves is a special treat. Maybe she’s been meaning to try out that new bagel place — surprise her with a bag. Or she’s been trying to make time for a family hike — plan it for her. Again, it shows you’re listening. And boy, do moms love people who listen… 

Something That Makes Her Feel Special

Expressing this will look different for everyone, but moms all crave acknowledgement. We all love knowing that those million little things we do every day for our families are actually seen and appreciated. Moms love being moms (well, most of the time) but it still feels really good to know that our love and hard work is noticed and that our families think we’re pretty neat. 

Oh, and in case it’s not clear, we’ll still take the flowers and candy too, thankyouverymuch.

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