6 Things I Wish I’d Known About Having a C-Section


My first son was delivered via c-section at 35 weeks after an ultrasound revealed he ceased growing due to placenta previa. I knew early on in my pregnancy that it was a possibility I wouldn’t be able to deliver vaginally, but being in denial, I never bothered to ask what the recovery process was like if I did indeed go under the knife.

I figured, by comparison to pushing a baby out and getting ripped from the rooter to the tooter, a c-section would be a cake walk.

Sitting in my OB’s office, hearing that I was heading over to surgery and would have a baby by happy hour, I was scared and ill-prepared.  I didn’t know what I was in for, exactly. I just figured they’d wheel me in, I’d lay there like a corpse, and then hours later I’d be sitting up in bed, holding a baby, looking glowing and happy in an adorable robe like Rachel in Friends.

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This is, after all, major surgery. I mean, my husband saw my intestines being pulled out, for crying out loud. If that doesn’t buy you a night out by yourself when the baby is older, I don’t know what will.

If you’re thinking that a c-section is a possibility for your next birth, perhaps my ignorance can spare you a few headaches and worry. Here are some things I learned:

1. The operating room is as cold as the polar ice caps and the stuff they put in your IV only makes it worse. With my first c-section I was shaking so much I was convinced the anesthesiologist would miss his target with the spinal block and I’d come out of surgery a paraplegic. I had absolutely no idea my body was capable of shimming that fast. Watch out, Shakira, those hips don’t lie. They’re scared shitless.

2. Think you won’t feel a thing? Think again. While you won’t feel them cutting or feel pain, no one told me I’d feel all this tremendous pulling as they pried my son out of my body cavity. My OB warned me “Okay, you might feel some slight pressure.” Slight? This is not a flu shot, people. I don’t call the sensation of someone yanking a bowling ball out of my loins a slight sensation.

3. Don’t say no to drugs. They get you pretty doped up in surgery and at first I willingly took the hard core pain meds they give me. But at around 28 hours post surgery I felt pretty good and thought, “Nah, I’ll skip meds this shift.” Bad idea.  Worst idea I’ve ever had. You’re not only dealing with the pain of getting your insides ripped open and sewn back together, but you’ve also being visited post-delivery cramping because the baby isn’t paying rent anymore. They tell you to stay one step ahead of the pain. I prefer to be a football field ahead.

4. Your ability to laugh like a normal human being will be put on hold. Ditto for sneezing, pooping and coughing.  The advice is to hold a pillow over your incision if you need to perform any of these actions, and though it may help a tiny bit, you’ll still find yourself making modifications. Your sneezes will become the tiny, restrained kind that only Disney Princesses can attain. While in the hospital with my son, my husband cracked a hilarious remark that caused my body to produce such a high-pitched hyena snicker that the nurses went running to call the psych ward.

5. Think your intestinal tract was screwed up when you were pregnant? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. With my son, I didn’t take a dump for seven days. SEVEN. POOPLESS. DAYS. Mass quantities of fiber didn’t get things moving along. Five days after delivery I finally got the urge and 50 sweaty minutes later, I came up empty. It was as if the kids climbed up the ladder of the high dive, tip-toed out to the edge of the board, took one look down and said “No way in hell, lady” then made the slow, shameful climb back down. Arm yourself with some goodies like apricot nectar and prune juice.  Think “retirement home beverages”.

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6. The area around your scar will never, ever, ever get feelings back. The skin around my incisions still has very few nerve endings, four years after my last c-section. That area will still get itches that I can’t scratch, but I power on, digging at it like a meth addict. I have high hopes I might regain sensation, but at this point, I have as much chance as Lindsay Lohan staying out of jail.

Yet, despite knowing all this, after my first born, I still had another baby via cesarean. Being prepared for what was to come definitely helped ease my jitters. That, and sneaking a case of prune juice in my overnight bag.

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Lady T 3 months ago

Lol this really made me burst out laughing…. This is my first time having a c-section and I am beyond scared…No one mentioned to me the very cold room and all the tugging of my body ..man I dnt think I’m ready for this, but while reading ur description of things, I’ll be sure to take notes and prepare myself

jamie 3 months ago

“If you’re thinking that a c-section is a possibility for your next birth, perhaps my ignorance can spare you a few headaches and worry.”

I don’t really get how these article is supposed to “spare the worry”. Everything here was dreadful. I’d be worrying more after reading this post.


shylin 4 months ago

after 1 year 4 month im starting to feel pain and pressure in my scar

Jess 4 months ago

Same here! I don’t recall anyone trying to feel out the position of my uterus the first time. But after the second c-section, several nurses were determined to find it, and the poking & prodding was excruciating!
Strange how thinge can go so differently. After first section, i shook uncontrollably as drugs wore off; this time, no shaking at all. However, after most recent section, when nurse had me get up and walk – I went a few steps, lowered into the chair, and got the worst shaking chills from the pain. Couldn’t even talk because my jaw was chattering like crazy.
If I could give advice to women having a 2nd or 3rd c-section, don’t let the nurses know that you’ve been down this road before. I had to call nurses in for everything: “it’s time for drugs again,” “I can’t walk yet, so could you please bring me some water?,” basic stuff like that.
Ugh, and don’t let them give you too many laxatives, stool softeners, etc. After successfully doing a #2, a nurse insisted – on discharge day – that I needed one more round. I got home & ended up with diarrhea so bad that I became dehydrated and wasnt producing any milk! Had to take Immodium and give baby formula (not the plan) to get through it. 12 hours of diarrhea are not what you need after abdominal surgery!
Don’t get me wrong… A lot of things went right with this last hospital stay, but I share these little bits because it’s hard enough to recover and take care of a newborn without added challenges.

Tracy clissold 4 months ago

I had a Emergency C/Section @ 39 weeks after 10cm dialated & two hours pushing, my son was caught in my groin. I relate to the stories of the other women & I must say that your scar never gets feeling back, my son is now 13 1/2 years old & when it is cold weather my scar is sore.

Brooke 4 months ago

God bless you for this! I laughed so hard I cried! Goodness knows this is sooo spot on! But for me, it was 3 warm blankets and and getting put to sleep before my baby got removed.

Ashley 4 months ago

Im 33 weeks pregnant and they wanna do a c section with this one because my 1st was so large. 9lbs 5oz and 2feet long. I straight told them no. I did it once, i can do it again. But this article made me laugh so much! And i didnt poop for 7 days after giving birth vaginally either. When i finally did… i damn cried because it felt like i was giving birth out my tooter. Holy hell! Nope not a doing a c section.

Tanya 4 months ago

I have had 3 c – sections The first was an emergency & the other two were planned. I was fine and my youngest is 7 years old and I have all my sensation back where the scar is! It take years but it does come back! A week after my surgery I was back to normal with all 3 and continued all my normal day to day stuff with absolutely no medication. Everyone is different but I’m glad I had c-sections

Fiona Ryan 4 months ago

Oh my days, this is hilariously accurate!! Thanks for making my day. So glad I didn’t read this in the first few weeks post op, or I’d have been back to theatre to re sow the stitches!
Surgical stockings post op- another fetching side effect no-one pre warned me about! No need for the nurse to ask me about what contraception we use when wearing those beauties!

tammy 4 months ago

*** I was stuck in one hospital while they took my baby to another to have surgery because of my csection that was something i learned.
I had 2 vag 1 premi 1 i was bed ridden from 3 months n in n out of hospital but made it to my due date & 1 premi csectiin delivery this blog is good for women who never had any other health stuff ever but in my case i had already not had bm 1 a week and still dont ibs issues so that wasnt a suprise or different, i had tons of surgerys so for all of u the surgery room will always be cold so for future if they ask if u want a warm blanket take it even if your hot on topic of pain meds same thing always stay ahead for 2 days the 2nd day will be the worst with any surgery a lot of people think they will do better the 2 nd day this is actually wrong because your surgical meds are wore of n it is hitting you!
But also i know first hand a number of mothers who choose csections for the pain meds so that bugs me. I will say it was my spinal blick (tthats what it was called back when i had it) was how i g ound out i had bone spurs in my back bec as use they kept hitting them now days if i have a shit pinal tap i have to have it under ultrasound/xxray but this is very uncommon which most of my sittuations r

Cathie 4 months ago

Who cares how a baby is born as long as he/she is healthy. If I had not had a C-Section after 17 hours of labor with my first child, we would both now be 6′ under! I never felt less than a woman for having her this way. She is healthy and so was my second child also born via C-Section. In fact, I was walking around better than some of my hospital roomates who had been torn by their vaginal births!

kari 4 months ago

Personally, what advantages & disadvantages did you experience. I’m pregnant with my first and I’d love to know what to expect either way.

Zach 4 months ago

Sucks for you

Zach 4 months ago


Zach 4 months ago

I,had 5 babies all natural best way

Glenda 5 months ago

I remember after my csection ,when they put me and my husband in our own room… The nurses coming in and pushing down on my stomach to make sure blood clots wouldn’t form in my stomach. That hurt. …ALOT!!

Gabby 5 months ago

This was so enjoyable, I learned plenty with a sit and a kick of laughter every other line! ☺️ Thank you as this helps many of us with out scaring the tot out of us before time!

Heather 5 months ago

I had four. The first one wasn’t too bad, the second was unpleasant. The third was very painful and the fourth, I thought I was going to die. The scar tissue removal was the most pain I have ever been in. It was the worst hour of my life, from when baby was pulled out until they stitched me up. One hour. They couldn’t even give me any more drugs and I was still crying in pain, which I never do. I wouldn’t wish a c section on anyone. The number one thing I wish I had known was that you are putting a number on how many children you will be able to safely have. Number two is the amount of rock like scar tissue in me. There is nothing I wouldn’t give to have pushed my own baby out the way they were supposed to come out and I wish I had not agreed to Pitocin or any other crap they gave me, maybe my stories wouldn’t be so awful.

Ann 5 months ago

Yup. From what I’ve read, the vagina is very elastic, and it is normal for it to return to its previous state after some months have passed since birth.

Cheri 5 months ago

I’m scared and I’m about to have my third

TJ 5 months ago

I would hope that husbands may get some education on this as well. I had a normal delivery with my first son and recovered fairly quick and things went pretty smooth. Second delivery c-sect! No!!! My first night home my husband decided to go play softball because and I quote, “his team needed him.” Wth! Really though. So he went and I tried to be the strong momma; well I had taken for granted those uncomfortable but oh so amazing adjustable beds when I tried to get up to tend to things it took so long I frickin didn’t have time to make it to the bathroom so instead of losing my mind, I took a deep breath, tended to my gorgeous baby boy and waited for hubby to come home. I stayed as cool as a cucumber and in a scary quiet voice told him he had a mess that he needed to clean up in the bathroom because I physically could not, he may have understood a little at this point. I too still have no feeling near incision area.

Jess 5 months ago

You know, I didn’t read every comment. But this wasn’t my section experience. At all.

I had been pushing for 16 hours. We tried non surgical intervention. By the time my doc said I had to have a section, I literally said “thank god.”

My surgeon – my ob – was awesome. My anesthesiologist was at my head talking to me the whole time. Yes, I felt pressure. But it didn’t hurt.

And honestly, the pain went away pretty quickly because I got up and MOVED pretty quickly. As soon as I had my epidural out and could feel my legs again.

This post is one of those “woe is me sections suck” articles that we see so much of. Plenty of women have perfectly FINE section experiences. Articles like this make women afraid and ignore the fact that babies – and moms – DIE in childbirth without medical intervention sometimes.

Everyone’s experience is different. I’m sorry yours was unpleasant. Mine was not. My annoyance – which I’m sure comes through – is because the title makes it seem like a universal experience when it really isn’t.

I’d much rather have my little boy healthy and happy than the alternative.

Patti 5 months ago

I had two c’s also. My son was emergency and my daughter was planned. But she was cut on the forehead while they were cutting me. Who knew that could happen? Apparently it happens more than you think.

Shelley 5 months ago

I have 4 handsome and healthy boys (they are now 14, 16, 18 and 20)….all delivered by c-section. I had a complete placenta previa with my first son. They put me on bedrest and as the pregnancy continued, the placenta was about a centimeter from the cervix and his head was below so they felt it was safe to deliver vaginally. Well, I got to 4 cms and had a partial abruption and watched my blood pressure and his heart rate plummet. That c-section saved my sons life and mine. My ob (who became a personal friend) still loves to tell the story of my recovery. My son was born the day before my bday. I was up walking the halls just hours after the surgery and taking him all around to see everyone (I worked in the hospital) Sure, there was some pain and I did use pain meds for a few hours. I actually went home the next day just taking Tylenol and using the good drugs at night. With my second son, my OB actually gave me the option. I opted for another section and even though my son was wedged in my pelvis and we were both a little bruised after surgery, I had no complications. My OB did make me stay 48 hours after his delivery this time though. I really tried to convince him 24 hours was enough, but he wouldn’t budge. I was not given the option with number 3 and 4, but that was just fine with me. The only complication I had with any of them was a yeast infection on the incision. A couple of days of meds and it was gone. I definitely don’t have any feeling around the crooked scar (for some reason the doc was in a hurry the first time. LOL), but it doesn’t matter. I gave birth to 4 sons even if it wasn’t the “natural” way and it was so much easier when they were little to explain how they got out of my tummy!

Beth 5 months ago

It’s been 14 years since my c-section (kid too big to fit through pelvis. Whoops.) and I do have feeling on and around my scar. It just takes a long, long while.

katy 5 months ago

my son as a c section still pee when i cough no feeling around the scar still cant poop normal its been 16 yrs but i was up walkin around an hour afterwards back to work 2 weeks later

Amanda 5 months ago

Medical emergencies aside, I do not understand why anyone would voluntarily go through surgery!

Jennifer 5 months ago

I would like to add that the spinal block sucks! It feels like someone hammering a finishing nail directly into your spine. When the medicine takes hold, it may be even worse. For my last three sections I couldn’t think about my new sweet baby. I was so preoccupied with thoughts of fire, all the staff running out of the operating room, leaving me there completely paralyzed on the table.

Denise 5 months ago

I’m 4 days pp with my second c section, and I was so terrified of the post partum poop that I refused all narcotics, took every stool softener they offered, drank milk of magnesia whenever they’d let me, and did liquids only the first full 24 hours after surgery instead of 12. I poooped easily, but at a lot of discomfort during the first 48 hours. Now that I’m home, believe me, those drugs are a god send.

Jl 5 months ago

My last baby was an emergency c-section.
I’m a single parent. I threw my ex out just after I found out I was pregnant because I found out that he had a wife in another country…so… with my autistic two year old at home, a new baby, and a c-section- and if you can’t wear cheap earrings, those staples are a bitch, too… got cut open. Again. I went guano crazy.

I cannot be the only one who had bouts of random screaming due to my incision feeling like it was on fire and I couldn’t put it out. My belly was fine but now, no matter how much time it spend in the gym, it hangs. The gigantic keloid at the end of the incision, sticks out like a herniated belly button.

It took 3 months to recover from that and I survived like a champ. My prize? My kids have all lived to be teenagers. Still working on that…

Amy K. 5 months ago

You are on point and hilarious as you recall quit possibly the least fun Mommy part of my life. I am so very grateful yo have been a stay st home mom for the last five years. I had a lot of bonding to do since my c-section robbed me of that experience for the first few days. I wish i had tsken more psin meds. Also, a nice cocktail of warm prune & apple juice did the trick to get things moving along.

Sarah Johnson 5 months ago

i do remember the shaking. It scared my husband and I do remember how awful it was to laugh, sneeze or cough. The other stuff didn’t happen to me. Isn’t it strange that pregnancy and delivery is different for everyone no matter how the birth goes.

Caitie 5 months ago

Emergency C section here. Had two full rounds of pitocin after sticking some weird sack in me and then popping my bubble. Labor for two days and three epidurals.. Baby just did not want to leave. Spinal tap was made too high and I couldn’t feel myself breathing. Worst effing c section ever. No one I knew was there. A nurse kept yelling at me that I could still breath because I was freaking out because I couldn’t feel myself breath. They told my family (and my family told my husband who was not there because of the Army) that I was unresponsive even though I was awake the entire time. I won’t have another baby now because of that experience.

Christina 5 months ago

I have not laughed as hard as I was reading this in forever! Oh the memories of four. Yes four c-sections. It is true to the word! Bravo kudos and thank you for telling it like it is.

Michelle 5 months ago

33 years later ams my scar is STILL numb

Susan 5 months ago

I found it over-the-top also. Yeah, I know vaginal births have been around forever, but c-sections are older than a lot of people know (Try ancient Rome). When I had one after 26 hours of labor (and only dilated 4 cm.) It was hard not to feel like I’d failed at the whole delivery process. Nope–healthy baby, everybody wins. I know my experience wasn’t just like everybody else’s, but it was sort of a non-event. I appreciate the author’s effort to put a lighter spin on something scary, but maybe we could lean towards making the actual event less frightening. Besides, following an informal but wide-ranging of moms I know, the practical upshot of an uneventful vaginal delivery is that you can’t sit comfortably for a while and following an (equally uneventful) c-section you can’t lift anything much heavier than the baby for a similar period of time. Whatever. I had my kid less than a week before Christmas and the on Christmas eve was witting on the floor wrapping presents.

Mary 5 months ago

My emergency c-section with my first baby caused me to get a horrible disease called aggressive fibromatosis. I had a peach sized Desmoid tumor removed from my pelvis and the area replaced with mesh. I can’t have anymore children because of it, and the tumor is growing back. When people say they want to opt for a c-section, it really makes me cringe.

Tricia 5 months ago

I’ve gotten some feeling back around my incision! Of course, my son turned twenty last month…..

dee 5 months ago

I must have just got the worst side effects of the csection and none of the “benefits”. I still pee when I sneeze and the hemorrhoids and first poo were horrible. Then there was them having to inject blood from my arm into my spine to make a blood patch after the anesthesiologist botched my spinal… Happy for my healthy babies but no plans on ever going through any of it again.

FarmWife 5 months ago

Abso-freaking-lutely spot on on every single count. I thought I was losing my mind when I started shaking. Until reading this I thought it was nerves. My 2 c-sections followed 2 “natural” births (if you count induction, epidurals, and being hooked up to every monitor known to man). It was beyond shocking. I was not remotely prepared for the nausea during, pain afterwards, or the total detachment I felt toward my son for weeks following. I was not prepared to pass out cold the first time I stood up afterwards. I was not prepared to want to die every time I had to roll onto my side to nurse. I was not prepared to need a babysitter for myself for 2 full weeks after his birth. I was not prepared for the insane itching I feel at my scar 10 years later. I am so thankful to discover I am not alone.

Jess 5 months ago

Lucky lady. I had a C-section and I pee when I sneeze, cough, laugh, or pretty much think “I don’t have to pee”.

jewel 5 months ago

Ok your a bit dramatic regarding healing process of a c section. I truly believe everyone heals differently. Yes my husband saw my intestines on my chest (he thought was fascinating). Yes I felt the tug and pull movement was not violent. My son came out perfect no bruised face, no cone head, he didn’t look like he got beat up trying to come down birthing canal. (Like vag birth babies) . My scar is tiny I have all my sensation, took pain meds for 2 days, after that I was walking around, sneezing, pooping just fine with no pain. Girlfriends of mine that had vag births, tore, had to get stitched down there, taking steam baths, hardly could walk, scared for the partner to look or touch down there cause it was beat to shit. But mine looked like a perfect tight flower can’t even tell I had a kid. They invented “vaginal rejuvenation” for women that had vaginal births not c section mom’s..
And I requested a c section, I would do it again in heartbeat.

Michelle Timms 5 months ago

I would just like to say how much I admire your brutal honesty. Where were you when I was going through all this crap? I wish I had the privilege of truly knowing such unique, charmingly funny and beautiful women such as yourselves. Thank you for sharing and I hope you continue to spread your stories as often as you can. Bless you.

alisa 5 months ago

Love the way you wrote this. I have had 5 csections, and relate!!!

Denise 5 months ago

Your Soooo right ABOUT that one. I’ve been doing the kegal exercises forever. I guess it works for my husband…LOL

Sara 5 months ago

You forgot one – your hubby doesn’t get to come into the OR until you’ve already been prepped! I had no idea and went into a complete panic because I thought my husband was going to miss our son’s birth! Also, while these things hold true, there were a few huge perks…. Reduced bleeding (my dr cleaned me out before closing me up), a few extra nights in the hospital before you have to go at it alone (hooray for awesome nurses!), and no opportunity for tearing (I can’t even).

Mary 5 months ago

While I did find parts of this funny and amusing? I have to say… My experience being a first time mom having had a C-section at 46? Was so different! My doctor “female” let me know everything that was going to happen. I was never given any drugs before my C-section! That was scary in itself…. The operating team and my doctor made sure I was comfortable the whole time. While the “epidural ” was not my favorite thing? I was numb from the waist down. She explained to me I would feel pressure and tugging. Knowing my baby was being brought out? I didn’t care as long as I didn’t feel pain! I went in at 7:35am baby was out by 7:45am and had a tubal ligation. Sewn up and out by 8:05 am! Thirty minutes!! Most women aren’t allowed to go home for at least 2 or 3 days? I was ready “if you know what I mean” the next day!!! It was a beautiful wonderful experience!!! Thank you Dr. Golden! Magnolia OBGYN!!!!

amy 5 months ago

you can ENJOY sex much sooner after a c-section 😉

amy 5 months ago

LOL!! You totally said what i was thinking!

amy 5 months ago


John 5 months ago

Dear Scary Mommy and followers. I read with interest the 6 things about c-sections. As a practicing OB/GYN who has done hundreds of c-sections I felt compelled to comment. (Obviously, as a male, I have never had a c-section so I won’t pretend that I know how it feels.) While I can see how your experiences could have been true, they don’t have to be.
1. In all of the places that I have practiced we keep the OR nice and warm. After all we are going to have a new born infant and an open abdomen – both like it warm. It’s often warm to a fault – I need to have my brow wiped so I don’t drip in to the sterile field. But that’s ok because it’s not about me but about my patient.
2. Most C-sections are done using a spinal block which is a very safe and effective way to get pain control while keeping the patient awake – which is always best for mother and baby. Wes test the level of pain control before cutting. It is true that all sensation is not blocked and the mother will feel pressure and pushing as the assistant pushes down on the top of the abdomen to assist in the delivery. I tell my patients that this feels like somebody is sitting on your chest but it is brief – typically only 10 – 15 seconds. (Compare this to 3 hours of pushing and feeling like your head is going to pop of during a vaginal birth. I am an absolute fan of vaginal birth – just saying.)
3. Post operative medication for pain management – I agree 100% with you – take the drugs. You’ve been cut open. Using narcotics for pain control in the short term is good – even if breast feeding.
4.Cant disagree with abdominal pain when laughing, coughing …. in the post operative period. See number 3 above for some help. We put abdominal binders on all of our patients as well to help with this issue.
5.It is very common for the gut to slow and even stop after major abdominal surgery. Why your husband “saw your intestines being pulled out” is a mystery to me. In a typical c-section the abdomen is open, the uterus is open, the baby is delivered, the placenta is removed and the uterus pulled out of the abdomen and repaired and replaced. This is somewhat simplified but there is no pulling out of intestines. In the post operative period, while it sounds (and is) difficult, get moving out of the bed as soon as possible – usually no later that the following day. This will help get the gut moving again.
6. Nerves don’t heal well, so the lack of feeling at the scar is typical and unavoidable. When you have that lack of sensation or itching, hopefully you can look at your beautiful child and think – “it was worth it”.

Rebecca 5 months ago

I had an emergency c-section after the anesthesiologist didn’t really listen when he was told that I may have an adverse reaction to the epidural due to a hereditary pseudocholinestrase deficiency I have. Aside from being scared from the reaction and going from plan A of having baby vaginally to plan B c-section in literally less than 10 minutes the worst was not being able to lie flat in my bed without having difficulty getting up and out of bed.

Cammy 5 months ago

Jess,I’m with you on this one. I’ve had 5 vaginal births,all 8.5-10.5lb babies. It’s just as tight as ever…..I think it’s genetics. My boyfriend of a year and a half still doesn’t believe I’ve given birth five times!

luz 5 months ago

This made me lol so hard! So very true.

Alex T 5 months ago

That was pretty much spot on although I’d also add that the epidural you get works from the armpits down!! So you literally can’t move your body from your ARMPITS down!! Nobody told me that! I had to wait until 5pm to move around properly ( I had my twins at 10.43 & 10.45 am!) also you poo and you don’t even realise and the. Have suffer someone else sorting it out for you! Eurgh!!

Karen wakefield 5 months ago

i had planned c sec on my first on my 2nd they wanted me to do trial of labour bit like an experiment to see if i could give birth naturally with having double vaginal walls we wasnt happy i was in in agony 5months into pregnancy felt like i was being horrifically stabbed everyday but hospital said its fine i knew it wasnt but there the professionals got that bad it took me 3 hrs to crawl to one end of living room to other to alert my hubby ambulance came thought it was labour but wasnt dilating so the inevitable happened emergency section thats after them waiting 7hrs n the priest coming in i told my hubby im dying coz i was n almost did rushed down to theatre,epidural then after it all was told we was an hairs breath from dying they did the incision then they have to shove your organs to one side to get to the womb to cut it n get baby out, but when they moved my organs the baby was out the pain i had been feeling was my child ripping out of my womb after being in n out of A&E losing blood stabbing pains its only until they went to deliver her the realisation hit them they said sorry omg i cant believe u coped with that horrific pain for months they said i had basically had a c section with no pain relief what so ever i told them this but was fobbed off with well your ok done checks etc i lnew i wasnt it was my body it put me in a depressed state through my pregnancy n after but i proved i wasnt being mard etc i had an 8 pound one child totally tear out of my womb

Vicki Espo 5 months ago

I have one son so far. The whole nine months I was planning and prepping a “normal” birth. He was due 2/19, so on Valentine’s day that year I went in on a Friday for a check up. I was so big and so tired of being pregnant…he was a big baby (9.13 at birth). They did an ultra sound and the EFW was looking like he was going to be 10.5lbs. Once the doctors saw that they said, “Vicki, you are going to need a c-section dear.” It was their advice to schedule one instead of trying to birth this child vaginally and then needing an emergency C. So we booked it for that following Monday – President’s day! :) I had all of 48 hours to google and youtube everything about c-sections. I am a “need to know” kind of person, so nothing is to too graphic for me. Unknowns make me more nervous. In the end the c-section was a breeze. Sure, the first three days were rough, not pooping was horrible, and I am still a numb near the scar, but its nothing that I can’t handle. I was amazing at how well my delivery went, and how soon I was able to snuggle my son. I was breastfeeding him in recover within the hour! I know, I was shocked, bc everyone of my uppity pro-vaginal birth friends were telling me that I would never breastfeed. yeah. Thanks! My doctors were incredible. My husband was able to be a part of the whole thing. There was some fear, bc hey, after all it is major surgery but all in all, I trusted my doctors and, thank God everything went smoothly for us. I am grateful every day! I also want to say that I love Scary Mommy! I think, write and talk just like her! And finding humor in even the most serious situations is a sign of an emotionally healthy person and I also once read that a good sense of humor is a sign of higher intelligence too. :) Women who give birth vaginally that somehow feel superior need to stop already. Moms, we have it hard enough don’t we? Don’t we all work hard, stress about the health and happiness of our families? So does it really matter how we all got here? No! It just matters that we are here, and that we are together, and that we can share our stories to help new moms who are coming up the ranks. Get off your high horses people…becoming a mother has humbled me so much. Life is good. Life is great! And life is so much bigger than any petty hangups about who or what came out of our vaginas! Peace be with you all, and may all your vaginas be wet and tight! Amen! LOL

Amanda 5 months ago

Kegals has nothing to do with it. Some women are prone to falling bladders and it doesn’t matter how many exercises you do. Its the bladder itself. I didn’t have that problem but my friend did and her mother, sister, and other sister, and her grandma….it is a genetic trait. Don’t beat yourself up.

Lauren 5 months ago

Well, aren’t you lucky, then?

Susan 5 months ago

After reading that, I hate to admit that my cs went so well. It was not planned but not what I would consider emergency cs. All of the staff was awesome. The reason for cs was toxemia. After 2 days of various drugs to induce/prevent seizures, they told me my dr wanted to do cs. It was scary b/c I hadn’t had surgery before, but I got to hold my daughter as soon as I was sewn up and she was in my room the remainder of the hospital stay. I took nothing more than otc tylenol at hospital and at home and was getting around fine the day after I went home. I do realize how extremely lucky I was to have a good experience.

Misty 5 months ago

Your stuff goes back to how it was down there lol. Do you think all the mommies that delivered vaginally just walk around with our stuff flapping about? I actually have more intense orgasms since I delivered, and my husband says it feels the same as it did pre baby. I only leaked for a short time after with sneezes and such. I tore but I don’t think I’d like to have no feeling around a scar, with itches that are never releived. That sounds terrible plus recovery takes sooo much longer. I hope I never have to have a c section! That being said, delivering a baby no matter how it gets here is a feat and all mommies deserve to be admired for their hard work! :)

Meka 5 months ago

The doctors also fail to mention the massive blood clots your body will be producing. I only have my one child and that was plenty for me.

Ellen 5 months ago

Best thing I ever did was have a c-section!! I had it both ways and would do a c-secrion again in a heartbeat!! Never had pain and was up and walking the next day. I had too notch Doctors that knew what the we’re doing. Best experience ever!!!

Karen 5 months ago

Actually !!!!! Now I know I am not alone .

Rachel’s mom 5 months ago

The spinal was painful but it lasted 10 or 15 seconds. The baby was born and cleaned up and perfectly fine, and her daddy got to hold her first. The worst for me was yet to come. Nobody told me I had a good 25 to 30 minutes of surgery ahead of me where they put all my guts back in and sewed me up again. I had a tremendous amount of pressure on my head, my face and my neck. It felt like an elephant sitting on my head and i couldnt get free. The pressure was so intense I could not even turn my head to look at my husband holding her. It was traumatizing for me and really frightening. The anesthesiologist kept coming into my line of vision and I begged and begged for him to please sit me up. They rolled up a towel and put it under my neck but it made no difference. It lasted an eternity but after I got to sit up and finally hold her, I was happy and I didn’t have any other problems.

Patti 5 months ago

I had 6 C-sect.. I totally agree with the itching, sometimes I feel like I can’t find the exact spot that itches… Youngest is 16 so its been 16 years and I do not have feeling around my “pez” dispenser incision. Pee’ing, eh just gets worse with age… My doctor told me after the 6th that he would no longer be my doctor if I had another baby… 1st baby 10lbs….6th was 4lbs full term, c-sections stretch out your uterus , baby does not get enough nutrition is what I was told…as soon as you hold your baby, pain is forgotten..all 6 are such a Blessing.

Rachel Anderson 5 months ago


Rachel Anderson 5 months ago

I had a vaginal delivery and I’m completely back to normal. I’m just as tight as I was before and there are no issues with soiling myself at all.

Dyan 5 months ago

Mine was quite easy. I was up and walking the next day because I want the catheter out. It was the condition given to me by my OBGyn. Pooped also the next day.
But yeah during the operation you get really cold. I was shivering the entire procedure.
I imagined CS would be hard and difficult because of what ppl told me before I delivered. But I was relieved how easy it was.

Brittany 5 months ago

So well put I have had 4 c sections and my scar looks like a chain saw cut me open…I love your humor…I had me cracking up!!!

Angie 5 months ago

These are not only funny, they are the most realistic statements I’ve read, especially the part about the itching. Lol. My friend works in OB, yet thought I was making it up.

dom 5 months ago

Hugs mumma, thanks for being honest and open xx

dom 5 months ago

I chose a cesarean
? no regrets here…

Dom 5 months ago


DI’m 5 months ago

I had no issue with the cold, first spinal worked and had zero nausea or shaking. Immediate skin to skin in theatre and was able to Breast feed like I wanted in recovery. Easy recovery and was off all pain relief by day 5 and out bush walking at 2 wks pp, as I felt 99% recovered. I’m not going to lie the first time I got out of bed hurt so badly, but all in all for me it was so much easier than I thought it would be. I have almost all my feeling in my lower stomach 9 months on. Everyone’s experience is different, mine is not typical but what birth is xx

Brittany 5 months ago

The GI tract issues were ones I certainly didn’t expect. After almost a week of no BM, I was a blubbering mess (thank you hormones). I will honestly say my first successful BM after surgery felt better than an orgasm.

amy 5 months ago

i had no intention of a c section. i read everything i could on labor and c sections, i walked 4 miles aday every single day until the day i went into labor.i was a week plus overdue and in labor everything progressed fast and well but no matter what i did or what they gave me or asked me to try i could not get my daughter out. i had an emergency c and due to all the pushing i had the craziest pain. my other 2 were planned c sections and i had no problems and very little pain. i do agree that i have zero feeling in my stomach, but i have almost no scar after 3 sections.

Jo 5 months ago

I’m on my 8th pregnancy, hopefully it will be our second born. I’ll have to have a c-section to avoid 50% chance of me dying in labor.
When our eldest was delivered not only could I feel the pressure, but before the baby was out I could feel how many hands were on me and where as the spinal was about to wear off.
They topped me up with IVF and I focused on breathing.
My reflexes woke up before they were done too, so my right leg kicked at the Drs. hearing Drs say ‘Oh My GOD!!’ in the OR, not ideal.
The baby got stuck and had to be suctioned out, but not before I was cut more and then the first suction cup fell off so they needed to use the bigger one, baby came out and needed ‘warming up’ and was a bit distressed but otherwise fine, thank God!
My round ligament was severed accidentally, no it wasn’t, yes it was, no it wasn’t yes it was…skip forward it’s not in the medical notes so who knows!
In the recovery room it was about 15mins before I could move my legs fully, but the nurse was very kindly and told me not to tell the Drs but to wait the one hour in case things got painful for me….which they didn’t…for another 3 hours.
Upstairs on the maternity ward I slept 4 hours that night before waking up in severe pain.
They took the catheter out the next morning…but I couldn’t move my head, sit up let alone get out of bed unaided to get to the bathroom.
Then I went ‘into labor’ as the nurses kept describing it to the Dr as he stood over me while I chipped my teeth and simply could not answer his ‘what pain level are you at?’ and his ‘so you’re refusing to talk to me?’ It was all I could do to breathe and I very much thought I was going to die.
That went on for almost 3 days, then I got pain relief on the fourth day for about 10hours and was sent home.
3wks and 4 days later I picked up my baby for the first time, without her being handed to me and my arms being supported by cushions and pillows.
And a week after that I was able to stand up unaided, and so I took the 45min journey up the one flight of stairs and had my first shower since the one I managed in the hospital.
I’m kind of hoping the next one won’t be worse.

Jo 5 months ago

yeah, I’ll totally take my insides being juggled cut & sewn out over my heart exploding and fairly instant death.

Brandy, are you just jealous that you can’t legally show and let your kid touch and poke the part of you that they came out of??

As far as tightness, its all hormonal that makes it snap back, so with a c-section you have none of the stretching and all of the snapping back.

Amber 5 months ago

Too bad not everyone has that opportunity!

Amber 5 months ago

You are definitely spot on with this! I’ve had two done and the first was horrific. I remember crying in pain when someone tries to make me laugh. I also remember thinking that me laying on the couch would feel amazing and should be easy to sleep on… Needless to say I forgot how you have no stomach strength to get back up! I had to slowly roll off the edge of the couch to my knees to get off the couch! I found sleeping in a chair was my place for the next week. Not to mention when your baby is crying and you have to get up and walk over every time the baby needed you was so painful! I had to walk down stairs just for the shower! So much pain. However, the second go round was a cake walk! I was up and walking withing four hours after surgery!

Margaret Pfeffer 5 months ago

Best advice from my ob was go to a Lamaze class which will help u prepare for all birthing situations. I was nervous about th epidural but wasn’t skating like a leaf. Had pressure during delivery but not excruciating & I had a 7lb. 12oz.. baby. Best advice after reading this article-TAKE the MEDS as directed. Yes their is pain while laughing, etc & having a pillow to hold over surgery area is great advice. Hated th breathing apparatus after surgery u had ro blow into to prevent lung issues due to type of surgery. However I preferred my c-section over my hours of painful contractions in second birth leaving me for weeks with a painful vaginal area. Best suggestion is to read up on actual facts about both types of deliveries. Talk if possible to a variety of women who hav had both. As my ob said th more informed u r th better th experience will b & u will b able to cope much better with experiences u didn’t expect.

Ruth 5 months ago

Lol… Funny but true. After 5 c-sections (yes 5-no nasty comments please) her warnings are on point. Although I didn’t think it was terribly painful after the 2nd day. It wasn’t apiece of cake but I was fine – just had to move slower. By my 5th i was driving the rest of my crew to school the following week. The 1 st time is overwhelming. I had 20 hrs of labor and then the c-section so you are basically getting hit by a truck twice. I didn’t care about the surgery as much as just getting him out

Jenny 5 months ago


Jenny 5 months ago

Sounds awful. I had a c section and had the exact opposite experience. No pain. Pooped fine. Feeling in and around my scar. Not everyone will have the same story as you.

Jinsey 5 months ago

Oh I laughed so hard at this. I have had three sections and you are so right!!!! Thanks for the laugh ☺️

Mommy2014 5 months ago

That was the second best part lol being waited on YES!!!

Mommy2014 5 months ago

First let me say you understand exactly what I went through!!! I thought I was crazy. Women that I spoke to that went through a c-section said it was a breeze it was easy and nothing to it, but then I tell my story and they’re left looking bucked eyed and hair at full attention. I was mortified!! My husband almost passed out why he looked is beyond me smh but he looked. Its funny because I can look inside other people and feel fine its awesome to see inside, but when its my insides I was freaking out, they said “a little tugging” I felt like they were playing tug-a-war and I was the rope! On top of that you have in the back, the sides, and the front of your mind that you may die and won’t be able to see your child or possible your child will die, or both. How can I not freak out? So trying to pray and be patient. I had already been in labor since 2 A.M. I had only dilated to about 4cm SMH then I was throwing up I was already upset that I couldn’t eat, I’m doing it natural, and I can’t eat because it’ll come out on the table I know that. However, I was soooo hungry. Contractions are back to back seconds apart and now my baby is experiencing breathing problems, heart rate kept dropping and its too much my body was about to shut down! I’m throwing up and I peed while standing up due to throwing up. Then they checked my cervix which is enough to make you want to punch them in the face because while they’re checking that I was having contractions SMH WHOOOO (flashbacks)!!! By the time I get to 6cm OMG! contractions are literally 2 seconds apart and I’m still trowing up. I didn’t scream, I was handling it like I was supposed to making sure to breathe. Even when I was told to lie down to help my baby breathe and it was horrible. There wasn’t any improvement in my baby’s conditions so I told them to do what they needed to do. I was about to collapse and they were going to end up opening me up anyways. I was 41 weeks and 1 day. Come out! Come out! Come out! 7:21 P.M. I heard him cry and I could breathe. They flicked the meds all the way up and I was out cold!! I was out of surgery, coming into the room and was like where is he? As if knew he was a he lol (surprise pregnancy) I found out I had a son :) I looked down to see him looking at me like here I am hello mommy :) I was like give him to me! My husband put him in my arms and WOW! In that moment I knew I would have done it all over again just for him :) 9 months later I would still do it all over again for him :)

Jessica 6 months ago

Holy crap you whining vaginas. I had an emergency c section and it saved the life of my firstborn and myself. Then I had another c section because the kids were close together. Thank God you didn’t have it normally, you would still be crying about the pain and how your vagina looks like a ham sand which. Hold and love your kids and get over it.

Shelby 6 months ago

Right there with ya! I only had one baby – 7 years ago – and thanks to him using my bladder as a trampoline, punching bag, pillow; whatever he was using it for, I haven’t been able to sneeze or laugh to hard without a little drop or five thousand coming out. No amount of Kegel exercises or yoga or anything has helped me. I just go to Costco and buy my “thingies” (Poise liners) in bulk.

Jess 6 months ago

the itching scar that you just can’t seem to get at no matter how hard you scratch? I hear you sister!!!!

Ashley 6 months ago

All the above are right. Another thing no one warned me about was the trapped gas I had after surgery. I don’t think everyone gets it but it was worse than labor pains and lasted two days until it absorbed. I guess they blow your abdomen up with air during surgery and sew you back up and that gas has no where to go…., mine went under both my shoulders. I Couldn’t lay down for the two following days without feeling like I couldn’t breathe from such immense pain. It was awful. Hopefully my next one will be better.

Amy 6 months ago

ive had 4 kids all by c-section. They are 20,19,14& almost 12. A. Do NOT get pregnant with your second baby when your first is only 5 weeks old! (No it was not on purpose but when having a c-section, you don’t have to wait 6 weeks!). B. I wish someone would have told me not to drink anything carbonated! My stomach hurt so bad I thought it would explode. C. After almost 12 years I do have most of the feeling back around my incision. MOST! D. I would have another c-section versuses hours of labor!

Jeanelle Debra Steeves 6 months ago

I had none of these issues and I was taking only Advil within 12 hours with virtually 0 pain. My scar is 3 inches long and you can only see it if I’m butt naked. This article was completely unnecessary and made me rethink my experience before remembering that my experience was a total walk in the park compared to my sisters vaginal birth, which, btw, was way more of a bloodbath than my c section was.

Whitney Sanders 6 months ago

Oh my goodness so true! Although I’m just not sure if I would have wanted to know all that stuff ahead of time lol

Samantha Smith 6 months ago

Ooo that would have been nice. Haha. I thought I was going to vibrate off the table from shaking so much. Haha.

Samantha Smith 6 months ago

Wow. So because some women have a worse experience than yours they’re wimps. That’s nice. Guess not everyone is a super woman like you. Congrats!

Do you not see the humor in this article? Pretty much everything is on point with my experience.

Lindsay Martinez 6 months ago

So true. Everything. Had my son this way and I experienced it all.

Miranda Bickford 6 months ago

Oooh I like you!

Miranda Bickford 6 months ago

I have all of the feeling back in my incision site and most of it back around my tummy… Only about 2 inches of skin that are still numb, and I’m 6months pp 2nd C-Section.

Betty Gorman Heuskin 6 months ago

I had 4 c sections they kept us in hospital for 1 week. I thought it was the greatest way to have a baby didn’t have to go through labor

Misty Cooper Manigold 6 months ago

I had an emergency c-section and I felt the pressure of them pulling my baby out and recovery was very painful for the first week but I wouldn’t change it for anything all that matters to have a healthy baby girl

Linzi 6 months ago

No one told me that while getting my epidural in that freezing room, that it might feel like lightening was shooting out of my toes! Honestly that was the most painful part…..right up to where I thought I was having a heart attack towards the end of the procedure. I was told it was referred pain from having my uterus handled and sewing back up. Had never read about either one of these things happening in ALL the things I researched!

Lillian Alzheimer Taylor 6 months ago

Ugh here we go again with all the c-section negativity. I had 2 of them and it was absolutely fine. Let’s face it ladies, no matter what method you deliver your baby, there WILL be pain and unpleasantness.

Cathy Tanner-Orford 6 months ago

The cold air is there for a reason its to kill any airborne viruses and this lady makes it out to be horrendous get a grip if u need c section there’s a reason why u or bub in danger any surgery isn’t pleasant yes its uncomfortable but rather that than a dead mum or bub

Andrea Owens Pierce 6 months ago

Me, too but 3 times! With my youngest they also cut my bladder. C sections are great way to get the baby out, but abdominal surgery is the worst for adhesions/scar tissue!

Jan Nordstrom 6 months ago

yup, been there done that twice!

Heather Fekken 6 months ago

I wish I’d known how much easier c-sections are than vaginal births. I would have had my first two that way.

TooBossy Rutherford 6 months ago

Yikes! Should’ve finished my post by saying it was all worth it and I’d do it again because 3. Lil’ TooBossy! (Gaaaaag! Where’s the board about 11 year-old girls and the unbelievable things that come out of their mouths?)

TooBossy Rutherford 6 months ago

Holy schneikes! I’m gonna ignore all the “my poo-poo smells like posies” comments and just stick to the stuff I wish I’d know before I had my C-Section. 1. The IT’S MAJOR SURGERY factor is a big one. I really wasn’t prepared for the recovery time and for how long I was in pain. My mom, who had two vaginal births and walked twenty miles, barefoot, in a blizzard to get to the hospital, made me feel like a total whiner. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any girlfriends with C-Section experience around to have my back. I got your back – we are Viking Queens! Or something fierce! 2. Being my first experience with any kind of anesthesia, I didn’t realize, during the “can you feel this? what about this?” what numb really meant. Once my doc got in there, way in there on my right side, I started feeling a lot of PAIN. Doc said, “Oh there are some nerve blah, blah…” and someone said that my heart rate wasn’t increasing, implying it was pretend pain. NO. No, it was real. They believed me at some point and dumped a bucket of novocaine (probably not what they actually did) into my…baby extraction point and yeeeees! Mission accomplished! Lil’ TooBossy birthed and by the time they wheeled me into the recovery room, I understood what numb really felt like. And I had more pain that took much longer to recover from in that one spot, so I know it wasn’t pretend. Screw my heart rate! That wasn’t constructive advice. I’m sorry. I’ll do some research and come up with something useful.

Sara 6 months ago

i had a csec after @50 hrs of labor, still only a 4 and his heart rate kept decelerating. After about 24hrs, he went to the nicu which I expected. I went back and forth the next few days and the 3rd day was worse than any other. I couldn’t even carry a cup of water. Luckily I had great nurses and they would bring my meds to the nicu. I completely recouped there as he was there almost a month and I never had to leave. When I was living in the nicu, the nurses did make it as easy as possible and they had awesome showers with benches for us moms! It was definitely not an easy recovery but nothing I couldn’t handle as I’ve had 10 back surgeries. It was nothing compared to the pain pre-epidural but that was due to pre existing back pain. I just knew the whole pregnancy that that was how it would go. Labor and csec! The author described it about perfectly for my birth. Pulling the baby out was not a lil pressure but feeling like I’d been hit by a football team. And as she was putting me back together, it felt like someone kept punching me. I refused pain meds as I didn’t want to be too sleepy to hold my son when I got out. It was so painful, the anesthesiologist ignored me and loaded me up. I was stupid out of it but did appreciate it and was ok enough to hold my son when I got to my room. It was horribly painful but I’d do it Another 10 times just to get my awesome son!

Linda Anne Loudermilk 6 months ago

Oh my God! I mean really. I have had three of these bad boy surgeries. And let me tell you. It’s just like this article. Then for the frosting on the cake I had a hysterectomy at 29 years old.


Ashley Bickel Cotter 6 months ago

I had a c-section and half of those things weren’t close to my experience. I didn’t think it was bad at all :/

Karen 6 months ago

This is nothing like my three experiences…and each time after my first child I was given the option to deliver naturally. All three c-sections were thankfully a breeze. Your doctor and hospital have a lot to do with educating you on exactly what to expect…it’s true that the operating room is cold but I had so many warm blackets that I was not uncomfortable. As for going to the loo as long as you take your stool softener you’ll be able to go. Whatever your choice is–just know that it is not the same for everyone.
Mommy to three boys–6 yo, 3 yo and 3 month old.

Nicole Wassel 6 months ago

I disagree with this article. I had a c section and my experience was nothing like this. I know everyone is different but during mine I didn’t feel a thing. Not even when they said I would feel pressure from them pulling my son out. The pain wasnt even that bad afterwards and I was up walking around in a few hours. So don’t let this article scare you ladies. I don’t think it’s as bad as some people can make it out to be.

Andrea Owens Pierce 6 months ago

There are way more serious things to worry about than these common post op c-section issues.

Kay Taylor 6 months ago

We planned our C-section since I am partially disabled. Having spent the last trimester on bedrest due to all sorts of complications, I can tell you that I felt so much better after they had sliced me open than I had in months. The first time they asked me how I felt I told the wonderful nurses that I had less pain than I had the whole of my pregnancy. I did have the itch thing though. Still do at times. My daughter is our one and only since another pregnancy would put me at too much risk for permanent diabetes, paralysis and DEATH, so I would caution anyone considering another baby when their doctor has told them no to rethink very carefully. They are professionals who spent years learning what they know. Do NOT disregard their opinion just because you want another baby. There are other ways – adoption, surrogates. There are enough babies out there that need loving parents not to put yourself in potential jeopardy.

Adrienne 6 months ago

I’m so sad to hear about your bad experience! I’ve had 2, and the difference between them was night & day.
1: That room is a deep freezer. But my doctors specifically ordered warm IVs. Soon as I got into the recovery room, I asked for & recieved multiple heated blankets. Sooo wonderful!
2: The pressure is intense but not painful. I had a nurse sitting on my chest and pushing on my stomach at one point. Breathing was difficult, but I wasn’t uncomfortable.
3: Drugs are good. Cut back in 3 or 4 days if you like, not sooner.
4: Wrap your tummy! A corset, abdominal binder, ace bandage–what ever you can get.
5: Walk walk walk as soon as possible to get your bowels moving. Eating greasy food also helped me.
6: With my first c-section, i had a horrible time healing. My veins had hardened, which was extremely painful. My scar was extremely thick under the skin & I lost a lot of sensation. I chose a different obgyn for my second. She took her time clearing out the old scar tissue. In 4 weeks, I regained all feeling in the previously numb spots. 4 months out and my scar is as thin as a wire. No vein issues. I credit it all to having a much better ob! (I got her name by asking the nurses in Mother & Baby wing & the NICU!)

Lisa Rose Johnson 6 months ago

Ditto! I thought I would freeze to death! Horrible experience! Twice!!!

Hailey Hendricks 6 months ago

That made me laugh. :) I as well had 2 c-sections. So I knew what was coming the second time around and it wasn’t as scary. But the way you put all of this was a good laugh, I thank you.

Victoria Linton 6 months ago

#4 & #5 are so true & hilarious!

Breann McGrath 6 months ago

I’m due to have a second c section in May. My first was an emergency c section. I remember the recovery process, however, what I am currently fearing is actually feeling the spinal going into my back. I didn’t feel it the first time because I was already numb from an epidural while trying to deliver vaginally. Can someone answer this for me? Thanks!

Jo Anne Dickerson Conrad 6 months ago

Stop C-section shaming. I had to have an emergency c-section but I never once felt bad about it. My gallbladder surgery was worse.

Edith Taylor 6 months ago

God Bless Your Baby & You !

Amber Lovin 6 months ago

Yes to the less feelings by the scar and no to anything else. Luckily I was asleep-ish when they did it

Stephanie De Bear 6 months ago

The only negative Ive felt with my c-sections is the tummy pouch no amount of crunches will get rid of. And my stomach was flat prior to becoming pregnant. It sucks.

Jolene Nechiporenko 6 months ago

Loved both of my Cs, works wouldn’t change a thing.

Ashley Blodgett 6 months ago

My son was born via c-section. Wouldn’t trade that experience for a vaginal birth. And I don’t really care what other mothers think. It was my personal experience with my child,and it was worth every second of freezing on that operating table. C sections are not scary people!!!

Mandy Feagin Bert 6 months ago

Every experience is different. It was not a bad experience at all for me. Don’t be afraid ladies!

Gina Nicklow 6 months ago

There’s good and bad with both, in the end we all have the result a healthy beautiful baby. Why scare woman?

Andrea Kelly 6 months ago

The trapped gas was the absolute worst

Jennifer Bosconi 6 months ago

I’ve had 2 c sections and would do it again. Its absolutely not that bad! Its worth the pain and soreness that come with it. Everyone has different pain tolerance.

Sin Lopez 6 months ago

I had a c-section with my first son, and I will have to say that I experienced none of the above. Of course all bodies are different and healing time is also different.
But I was up and about with in a week, and I felt no pain. I used the bathroom the second day of my surgery as well. I was able to pick up things with no problem. In my opinion, all that matters is if your son/daughter is healthy, and you are healthy. I was so scared when I was told I needed a c-section but afterwards, I didn’t mind it because it wasn’t all that bad … For me of course. And, afterwards my other two pregnancies were natural births.

stephanie 6 months ago

You have the option of VBA2C if you don’t want another section.

stephanie 6 months ago

This is a great article, maybe you should include a note about how VBACs are a safe option for most women. Not everyone loves their csections and VBACs offer a safer alternative from life threatening complications to surgery and a scarred uterus

stephanie 6 months ago

This is an ignorant statement. A vaginal birth does not stretch you out. I had a csection and two vbacs with large 9lbs babies my vagina is still tight. Your vagina goes back to normal, everything heals after. I don’t know who told you a vaginal birth would stretch you out, but they were just trying to make you feel better about your csection. There are no positives to a csection other than saving a baby in a life threatening situation.

Stacey Giacobe-Ozner 6 months ago

Talk about putting fear in people, I had two c sections, I had great anesthesiologist and my pain was well controlled I was walking around about 8 hours after surgery and sitting up in a nice robe holding my babies about 45 mins after birth. I also was taking Motrin by day 3. I had soreness and had to move slow but otherwise had a good experience. I also had no issue using the bathroom but the more narcotics you need the more constipated u get. So being that I used Motrin by day 3 is probably why I wasn’t stopped up. My hospital also had warming fans and an inflatable tube under and on top of me in the OR I was sweating by the time I got to recovery, the shakes are a side effect from the epidural. It sounds like this woman had her c section done in a cave. Stop scarring people, plus it goes so fast and there is so much adrenaline it fells like the baby came out two mins after you went in. I was falling asleep during my second c section, I had to fight to stay awake, they told me to go ahead and bps a lot of women do. I guess it depends on the doctors and anesthesiologists that will result in your experience. Either way I got two amazing babies so get them out the healthiest way.

Ashley Auld 6 months ago

I didn’t have nearly as tough a time in recovery… I was eating solids by day 2.

2 time C section winner! 6 months ago

Cracked up when I read this because it’s so true! However, it is not all. I don’t know about anyone else but the slight overhang after the c section was and still is the biggest bummer of all. During my first C section I hemorraged and almost required blood a transfusion. Still the over hand that never went away after the recovery was over is my biggest nightmare. After, the second C section was a cake walk compared to the first one since I was better prepared. Got a lot of sensation back but still things did not go back the way they were before the C sections and that is the part I hate the most. Love my babies and would do again if I had to but I guess I would probably do things slightly different.

Sam 6 months ago

A agree with the numbness around the incision but you forget about the pocket of skin over the incision that never really seems to go away!

Siri Tiger Kaunda 6 months ago

I wish c-sections were discussed mite thoroughly in birthing classes and all other birthing prep. Cause you never know if you might need a c-section, no matter how prepared you might be for a vaginal birth!

Shari Watson Douglas 6 months ago

Funny article, lots of truth….. but a little over-dramatic!

Kayla Canania-West 6 months ago

I had an emergency c section with my first and it was the worst experience ever! My medication didn’t kick in before they began I was feeling EVERYTHING, they started rushing around giving me more. I had the shakes for literally 2 hours after my baby was born. The recovery took me the full six weeks… My second c section was scheduled so everything was planned out I went it so nervous bc of my first but it was so much easier I did have the shakes but only for a short while… And the recovery for that one wasn’t as long. I am currently pregnant again & will be having another c section I know what the process is but dknt know how it will planout, no one ever does…. Just like every pregnancy is different every birth is different…. I have herd many horror stories on vaginal births as well as c sections. No reason to get all upset bc of what a mother wrote she is going strictly off of her experience. It’s nice to read the truth & hear both sides the good & the bad bc it opens your eyes to what could happen…. No matter what you read or see you will never be fully prepared!!!

Amanda Mirick Meekins 6 months ago

I just read some comments…I knew nothing with my 1st…PAINFUL!!! All 4 PAINFUL!!! Each a lil more with the worst GAS ever. A lil harder each time with more kids…They are all worth it!

sallo 6 months ago

Well i had a cs two years ago. It was an emergency at 32 weeks. Had high blood pressure. I had the best doctor and support. I was so nervous throughout the process and they had to keep chatting with me. I didnt have a difficult process healing but unfortunately i lost my baby 16 hours later. Had to be put on anti depressants for the shock i went through. The support i had was great. The place was numb for about a year. I was able to move around a few hours after i was on pain med for two weeks. When i went for the check up after two weeks my doctor was very impressed with my progress. Hope to get pregnant again soon.

Amanda Mirick Meekins 6 months ago

C-Sections hapeen,it’s LIFE! I’ve had 4. 7y,2y,1y and 2 months. If I listened to the doctors after my third,I wouldn’t have my Precious BOY :-).

Emily Foreman 6 months ago

All so true!

Debbie Morrow 6 months ago

After having 3 miscarriages, carrying my daughter to term and having a c section was not a problem for me. My recovery was a little bit longer, but never did I feel like I failed! My son was VBAC – vaginal birth after c-section and was +10 lbs.

Liliana Jokhadar Jammal 6 months ago

It is very .. Very uncomfortable

Stefy Fontanella 6 months ago

I had four c-sections. Nothing so horrible, really! The only bad thing is that my kids cannot really jump on my belly because it hurts after several years.

Michelle Schmitt-Garbett 6 months ago

I had two unplanned, undesired CJ sections. Anyone who chooses to have one when they could push is NUTS! However it’s great that this option is there to help the mums and babies that need it.

Carrie Hampson 6 months ago

I had 3 c sections. 1 emergency 2 elective. First 2 under a general and the last spinal block. Never ever again will I have a spinal block. Worse experience of my life. Blood pressure plummeted, fainted twice, wrenched my guts through the entire process. For me it was the worst choice of my life. Should have had a general. As for the operation I breezed all 3. Recovered fast, no pain I couldn’t handle,sneezing was hell, peppermint oil in warm water helped with gas build up, no infections at all and I have a beautiful troublefree scar line. Fear is a state of mind. Think positive, be prepared and avoid spinal block.

Gen 6 months ago

I had a C Section 6 years ago. No problems my side. I have feeling back in the scar area. Everyone has different outcomes. Sorry your was so bad!

Sumudu Gamage Sikora 6 months ago

I, personally, didn’t think it was demonizing. I wish I had known any of this information before I had my c section …I just wasn’t prepared for the recovery and felt like a failure. It’s nice to know others have been there with you.

Sian Nixon 6 months ago

So true! I’ve had two, one emergency, one planned. The planned was so much better though!!!

Mandy Love 6 months ago

My c section was horrible and as a matter of a fact that experience alone. Makes me not want to ever have kids again. My son is all I need

Dawanna L. Montgomery 6 months ago

17 and 11 years later no feeling and itches like CRAZY in the summer. I caught myself scratching while pumping gas last summer. Got some crazy looks

Lisa Bryant 6 months ago

I had 3 cesarean and aside from a bit of discomfort in the first few days, I was fine. Have feeling around the scar, was up walking around within 12 hours and back to driving in under 2 weeks and ballroom dancing by 5-6 weeks… Everyone is different and this article is not typical, from what I’ve heard … But I would say, the operating room is cold. Also, make sure they give you a mirror-it’s amazing to watch !

Kerri Sanders Rowe 6 months ago

Numbness around the scar is the most annoying.

Maria DeLeon 6 months ago

I had c-sections with both my boys. I had an emergency csection after 18 hours the first time filled with redoing of epidural, not once but three times (long story) leaving me so numb and drugged I remember absolutely nothing from my first born’s birth. I was literally drooling a river and completely in a daze, according to my husband. I couldn’t pee or poop for days. Had to have a catheter, couldn’t walk, hold my son,….list goes on. My second was a scheduled csection that ended up being a week stay filled with blood transfusions, sonograms, xrays…because of “complications”. I was bleeding internally, but not out. Source was never found. My stitches opened the second time around…though that one was my fault.

I can honestly say this article is nothing compared to everything I went through with both MY deliveries. It was nearly death for me both times, but I’m here. My youngest is going on six, and I still have “issues” that my gyn says are related to having had the csections. BUT I have to say, even though my experiences were bad, I’ve heard wonderful c-section stories too. I don’t know what vaginal birth is like, but I’ve heard both good and bad as well. I think EVERYONE is different. Every birth situation is different. We women need to understand that…especially first time mommies-to-be. Try not to scare so easily. It’s hard, I know…been there. Child birth is always a risk. You may have a wonderful and easy experience…you may not. You’re bringing a little life into the world…that’s huge! Until you’re there in the moment, it’s all an unknown. So try and relax and just take it as it comes. <3

Angie Bryans 6 months ago

Not UNTRUE, but really didn’t find it THAT bad

Tova Zussman 6 months ago

Sorry to hear you had such a hard time… ((hug))
Strangely enough, I found my post-c recovery the easiest in some ways, of all my 4 deliveries. I think this was because I wasn’t ALLOWED to run around and act like Superwoman due to the surgery. (And I did have PPD in the past.) I agree that it really is all about what we allow ourselves. Validation is not a luxury!!

Tova Zussman 6 months ago

This article should be read ONLY by those of us who’ve ALREADY had a c-section, so we can feel validated. And – more importantly – by our husbands, so they know we are not crazy. However, for people who haven’t been through it yet – why scare them more? If I would have read this before my emergency c-section, I would have been even more freaked out as they rushed me into the OR.

Laurie Lancaster 6 months ago

I’ve had two c-sections and only agree with the first three. The last three I never experienced. But omg yes the OR is so cold!

Nissa Ellison-Walsh 6 months ago

I vividly remember shaking after the procedure, while in recovery. It is a serious ordeal that I would never have chosen. Recovery is also very much an individual thing. I was in pain for weeks, taking small comfort in the NICU, as it spared me a week at our 4th floor walk up. My sister in law however, was up and walking fine the next day, back to lounging on the floor with her new baby in a matter of days.

Chris Clift 6 months ago

I’d go the forceps route. Actually I did and my beautiful baby boy was fine!

Eileen Mahan 6 months ago

Very true..no shaming here, just information.

Stephanie Hodge 6 months ago

Haven’t read comments but I think the shakes are from the drugs not the temperature

Sierra Cannon 6 months ago

We discussed c sections a lot in the childbirth class I took. Also, ways that we can help prevent them. Yes, I understand that there are some life threatening incidents that require one. However I am doing everything I can to help prevent it. Hoping that it will pay off. If not, I know it will be best.

Satisha King 6 months ago

If anything I’m MORE scared for my second c-section cause I know what it’s like.

Elyse Morgan 6 months ago

Completely agree. Not everyone has a bad experience. There is no reason to scare the mom-to-be about what could maybe happen, when she should be nothing but excited about meeting her new baby.

Lizsandra Burgos 6 months ago

Yeaaaa, I’ve had 3 of them for all 4 pregnancies.

Kate Louise Allison 6 months ago

I was very ill during my labour and during the c section I had to be put to sleep I was already 9 cm dilated so they had to pull her up and around and make my scar bigger, if anyone else has been this dilatedand ill during a c section it makes a huge difference. My babies heart stopped beating I was rushed into theatre, everyone’s experiences are different wish I could say my c section was a walk in the park but we both nearly died. However has they not performed the surgery we both might not be here now as I couldn’t have given birth naturally as I was too ill.

Kate Louise Allison 6 months ago

This was actually very realistic I had an emergency c section and related to everything that was said

Kate Louise Allison 6 months ago

So so true xx

Rhonda Sue Feldpausch 6 months ago

I had unexpected c section after a failed induction caused stress to the baby after my water had broke 24 hours earlier. I felt absolutely nothing from the surgery, my entire body was completely numb from the waist down and partial numb above the waist. I was like most people and scared of the c section especially since I had never had surgery before and the thought of being awake made it that much worse. Looking back though I wouldn’t change anything, I agreed to have the c section because it was best for my baby, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

Juanita Brasseaux Brown 6 months ago

Mine wasnt that bad!!

Karen Plummer 6 months ago

Or you could be like me and have NONE of these issues with a C-section. Stop trying to needlessly freak women out! Education is one thing, but this is just a bit much. Every woman is different. I guess maybe this piece was going for humor??? It certainly didn’t present facts- or at least not incidents that occur at every C-section.

Beth Minton Bell 6 months ago

Yes it hurt, yes it felt like my insides were being yanked out. Yes I couldn’t stand up straight for two weeks, yes it’s harder than vaginal delivery , but I got a beautiful healthy baby that made it all totally worth it.

Kristy Chamberlain 6 months ago

ha ha ha….definitely! The last one is particularly true to. Esp about the itching that can never be satisfied. Grrrrr!

Jennifer Medeiros 6 months ago

This is off topic, but I tried philosophy moisturizer and hated it! Went back to dermalogica. And I just found the primer from dermalogica and it’s awesome!

Lilly Lynn 6 months ago

Hated having a c-section (11 years ago). Was a nightmare. Then I had to have hysterectomy through my previous scar(6yrs ago). Pure hell. I still get pains on my cut on right side. Like a burning sensation or tearing. I wish I never had it but it saved both my son’s life and mine. I would never suggest it to others unless needed. My first child was natural, no drugs and pushed her out after 18 hours of labor. Bounced back right away with her. They also cut him open 3 inches when delivered him. His scar is across his back :( I was active after both surgeries like recommend but definitely don’t feel the same afterwards.

Jennifer Medeiros 6 months ago

Haha! So true!

Jessica Lee 6 months ago

My c section was completely opposite of this article, nor did I want one, but it was one of the scariest easiest things I’ve ever done

Nancy Hemnes 6 months ago

I had two non c sections
No stitches no tearing
Back in the saddle in 24 hours
You just never know

Lydia D Torres 6 months ago

C Sections are the greatestttttttt!!! I had two!!!!

Tina Marie Marengo 6 months ago

I had an emergency csection, got myself all riled up for nothing. It was absolutely awesome.

Robin Yanchoris 6 months ago

Im a nurse and a mom I’ve had my children both vagianally and via c-sections…. you can have the shakes in both .. I did, your body may never return to “normal” and rightfully so you grew a human being inside of you. The things in this article are true to the person writting it and not necessarily what everyone will experience. Bottom line is that if your not willing to accept that life as you know it (sometimes including your body) is gone then you have no business bringing a baby into this world. And if you choose to bring a child into this world be grateful that you have a healthy baby- unlike some of us who go through all of this and end up having to bury one- like I did. Silly stuff to bitch about….

Susan Cone 6 months ago

It all depends on hospital and mom 2 be , I had a c and it was cake they wrapped warm blankets around me the whole time was so cozy , my scare is so small and did only feel a little pressure ,,only took the drugs for one day then was fine with out them and my twins stayed at hospital so I had to drive every day to see them and was driving 4 days latter , totally walking alone up and down hospital day after , but everyone is different,

Leslie Kelly 6 months ago

Although I’m not denying this post. I had a verticle c section so it doesn’t really feel that different than any other surgery

Vicki Monteleone Romme 6 months ago

I did it 3 times… and had a pretty crappy 1st pregnancy unfortunately I had issues with toxemia and preeclampsia and supposed pre mature labor and the water weight gained from the pills to keep my son in from Feb. 14th all the way to March 24 made me sicker bigger and terrible uncomfortable and they were dangerous. BUT… I went on to have 2 more babies and had to have them also by c-sections due to the size of my pelvic opening and that I wouldn’t dial ate past 2. No matter how you have your babies none of it is a picnic and a lot of this is true and happened to me each time. But that first one was bad… Thank God everything turned out well and I am blessed with these kids of mine. I must say that 1st c-section was terrible painful and then my son was taken to Rockford Children Hospital without me.. Awful. I’ve had 3 and I knew how to handle the other 2 after the first. Just remember no matter how they come out.. It’s gonna HURT A LOT!!! Thing is women are so tough and we get through it no matter what!!!!

Karissa Bulthuis 6 months ago

All correct for me except #5.

Kambra Wayne 6 months ago

I had two c-sections and it went smooth sailing. I was up walking around 5hrs after and didn’t need any pain meds! The nurses were shocked, and I my scar it’s no longer numb.. So I find this post to be inaccurate and something ridiculous to post, everyone’s body is not the same. Why would you put something that would scare other first time mothers, childbirth is scary enough!!!!

Ally Lane 6 months ago

My c section was fine

Lisa Kennedy 6 months ago

I don’t agree with any of that. Mine was easy. That’s just going to scare women. No one I know experienced it the way she describes, either.

Amanda Arbaugh 6 months ago

It’s not that bad. Take your pain meds and WALK is my advice…WALK WALK WALL

Laura Ann Lee 6 months ago

All this is completely true. I have absolutely no feeling in and around my incision, still can’t sneeze without massive pain and have lost the urge to pee. I can only tell that my bladder is full bc my stomach and incision get really tight. It really is weird!

Emma Smith 6 months ago

Yeah and the side that even THIS article doesn’t tell you? That JUST 1 C SECTION opens the door for a very serious and life threatening condition called placenta accreta. Maybe you’ll get lucky and only have Accreta and save your uterus and your life. Or maybe you’ll get unlucky (my case) and have Increta or percreta and risk your uterus (kiss it goodbye) as well as your other organs (as it might invade) and more than double your chances of losing your life.

mary 6 months ago

I had 4 c-sections and every one was worth it

Emma 6 months ago

sorry but your description of a c action wasn’t like that for me at all I’ve had two c sections and both were an okay experience for me, I was up and walking round within 12 hours I pooped straight away once I was allowed out of bed, the midwives were amazing and supportive the surgeons were amazing I’d defo have a 3rd c section if I needed to, I don’t know where you had your c section but they obviously didn’t give a hoot

Amanda Walton 6 months ago

So funny, so true!

Jen Davis 6 months ago

This is great/true!

Sara Naumann Rodriguez 6 months ago

I can relate to this entire article! Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one!

Tara Roebuck Johnson 6 months ago

100% accurate

Victoria Strauss 6 months ago

I almost went for the scheduled C-section then ended up needing one anyway. I was so relieved when he said they were going to have to do the CS. It wasn’t bad at all and my recovery was fine. Left the hospital after only 4 days…..

Tamara Ann 6 months ago

I had 6 c-sections.

Rowena King 6 months ago

I had a C section, even though it’s painful after you can manage that with drugs. I am happy I had a C section or else my daughter would not be here today. I wear the scar like it’s a badge of honour.

April Dawn Gish 6 months ago

I have had two c-sections and they were easy. I had no problems. My first one in 1999 was due to my daughter being breech (never had any labor pains or ever attempted a vaginal delivery) and my second c-section in 2011 was a scheduled surgery due to having a prior one. C-sections are not the end of the world like some make it out to be.

Lauren Andrews 6 months ago

Mine was still less traumatic than my vaginal births

Amie T Kitchekeesik 6 months ago

I had 3 C-sections… And they were all wicked…lol… In pain for Weeks

Kayla Apple Wilson 6 months ago

Having a c section is not the end of the world. I hate articles like this. It’s just there to scare people. Also women need to stop shaming and bashing one another over the topic. Whether you have a c section or vaginal birth you still gave birth to your baby. For me personally I preferred the c section I had with my second. It was planned. With my first my irregular tailbone popped so far out of place that it can’t be fixed and I still deal with it. Sure every experience is different but moms don’t be freaked out at the possibility of a c section.

Deena Coker 6 months ago

Every single thing in her article was spot on (for me, at least).

Jane Sanderson Belanus 6 months ago

I had two C- sections, and have to say that this article is a whole lot of BS!!! No, it’s not the perfect natural experience, but both babies were born healthy, which they wouldn’t have been without the procedure, And I was well enough to PCS,(pack up and move) from Germany to the US when baby was a month old. I am grateful that my doctor had enough sense to plan on this.

Patti Karousos Averopoulos 6 months ago

My section went fine and i have feeling

Debi Biderman 6 months ago

I gotta say this is your individual experience. I had a c section after 22 hours of hard labor and never dilating past 1 cm. I was never so happy to be knocked out in my life. I woke up and sat up and asked for my baby. They brought her to me and I went back to sleep for 1/2 hour and they brought me the baby to nurse 4 hours lster. She scored a 9 on her Apgar and was just fine. I was so happy to have a healthy baby I didn’t care how she came out. This was 32 years ago so they kept me in the hospital for 5 days. But everyone was great. I was up and about the next day. Every woman has a different story to tell. My cousin had a section and said she felt like a failure. I felt like having a healthy baby mama me a big success! By the way the Dr had told me that he would let me try a bit longer if I wanted to because the baby wasn’t in fetal distress and I was like no way doc ….I’m done.

C Hope Richburg 6 months ago

I had 2 Cs and the first was much worse bc it followed 14 hours of unsuccessful labor. The second was scheduled and much better. I disagree with some of this article. Yes of course there is pain but the actual pressure wasn’t (for me ) as bad as described. Also the 1st C, I had phantom pains in the scar for nearly 2 years. I had obvious scar tissue on that side. We discussed having it removed with the 2nd C. It was and my scar looks great and did eventually get feeling back. Once scar tissue was removed then no more phantom pains.

Barbara Niem Licata Romano 6 months ago

So true. Experienced all of these. Had an emergency section with my second. In the OR they gave me warm saline in my iv Which helped with the shakes.

Sara Skinner Butler 6 months ago

Imo, mine honestly was not that bad. And I wasn’t one of those moms who was devestated that I didnt get to push her out. I just wanted her OUT. Lol. I found that getting up and walking soon after the surgery really helped me. Btw, I love my scar too. I earned it.

Carrie Tisckos 6 months ago

I experienced all 6 of these and it was a big reason I was depressed after I had my first baby. The thought of a c-section never entered my mind during the 9 months I was pregnant and when my ob/gyne told me that’s where I was headed after 24 long hours of non-progressing labor, my first comment to my husband was, “I didn’t read that part of the book.” I was so ill-prepared, but when I had my second baby and another unplanned section, it was so much easier to recover because I knew what to expect. And knowing is half the battle. :-)

Leslie Lugo 6 months ago

# 4, 5 or 6 were most DEFINATELY not true in my case.

Chantel Salmon 6 months ago

I think this is a bit much. My first was an emergency and it wasn’t bad at all. I was young and had a huge adrenaline rush so I was able to power through and pass on the heavy pain killers except at bed time. Sure it had some uncomfortable moments but honestly they are very distant memories. The second was planned and slightly more nerve wrecking but still not bad. In my case the pressure and tugging everyone complains about I never felt. Had my tubes tide on the second one didn’t feel that either. I think once baby is out they give you something to help you forget cause I don’t trembler much after they took my boys.

Emily Britt 6 months ago

The dreaded first sneeze, but I’d do a c-section over vaginal delivery any day!!

Candace Buhrow Hernandez 6 months ago

i never had issues 5 or 6 and i stopped my pain meds after about a day and a half and was fine. my c-section wasn’t planned but i don’t want this article to scare anyone. you may not have all these symptoms/experiences

Dawn Wills 6 months ago

Lmao…. This is so true

April Sida 6 months ago

Lmao!!! This was great :) … And on point. For me, anyhow.

Nicole Standen Ferguson 6 months ago

I think this is mis-informing. The only thing this lady has right is the coughing and sneezing part afterwards. Both of my c sections were a cake walk.

Lisa Notarile Lawrence 6 months ago

Huh…I wanted the post op drugs, they sent me home with 600mg Advil pills. Hello, just had my abdomen sliced open, my intestines put on a table, a baby taken out, then stuffed up again with my innards with staples holding it together and you’re giving me headache medicine? That was 7 years ago. I’m still ticked about it :)

Kara Weir 6 months ago

Very true but you do get a beautiful baby at the end of it so I think you forget about it.

Scott N Gina Armstrong 6 months ago

It isn’t that bad!!! I just had my 3rd in October. They are actually getting better at it. This last one, they cut me open with a laser instead of a scalpel. I only took Aleve for pain on day 3. Instead of an epidural, they gave me a spinal block. Now THAT hurt. It was the worst part. Fear has a tendency to make things seem worse than what they really are. Go in relaxed and you’ll see they aren’t as bad as what people say.

Caterina Giacalone 6 months ago

I confirm what the other moms wrote. I experienced natural delivery and a c-section. The c- section was a walk in the park and I highly recommend it, especially if you are giving birth to a big baby!

Annaliza Gimenez Machin 6 months ago

It’s always nice to be able to vent, but like everyone else is saying, childbirth is not the same across the board, most especially c-sections. I too have had a hairy one, but both times I had a c-section, I was given beautiful healthy babies and in the end, isn’t that all we ever hope for?

Michelle Nunes 6 months ago

Everyone’s experience is different. This article should be taken with a grain of salt. A lot can depend on the mother’s health and food/supplement intake. I was intent on natural childbirth but 30 hours later, that wasn’t happening. Shakes are a normal part of transition with labor and yes a surgery suite is always cold. Pain meds may be good for some, I never needed more than 800mg of IB. To not expect having a bowling ball sized child cut out of you would cause ‘pressure’ sounds naive but better than torn front to back and going thorough vaginal birth in comparison. Again, this is good for general advice but doesn’t equate to everyone’s experience. I was scared to have it done but I was showering on my ow the very next day and home the following day. I felt barely anything during the procedure and recuperated very quickly

Susan Liotta 6 months ago

I think this might be for some women. I had a c-section and a major surgery after my son was born. You do get the chills- not that horrible. Take laxatives or an enema and you will ease the pain of straining to poop! Yes use a pillow or beach towel for your incision to ease coughing and even just standing up- common sense really. Who cares if you never feel the area where the incision is? This is a fear based article- I would ask the doctor in detail for your own benefit of what the worst and best case scenario will be

Sharon Breuker 6 months ago

Totally agree!!!!!!

Louise Bell 6 months ago

I’ve had 5.. It’s not that bad!

Sharon Breuker 6 months ago

I had an emergency c-section and it was not at all traumatic nor was the recovery, I think there can obviously be complications, as there can with natural birth but I think this blog shows only one woman’s opinion and some people are less tolerant for pain. If I had never had one this blog would’ve scared me half to death! If it’s the safest option (or only option) for mother and baby don’t let this blog terrify you. I have feeling where my scar is, it took probably 2 years to get it back but it’s there and even if it hadn’t fully it really wouldn’t have caused any problem!!

Lee Cartlidge 6 months ago

I gave birth naturally twice and without drugs to subside the pain. How crazy am I!!?

Kim Clemenhagen 6 months ago

My delivery room was full of soft twinkly music and the people were swapping jokes making my C section a wonderful experience. The folks at Portland Providence Medical Center were amazing.

Crystal Lemere 6 months ago

Preach!!! This is so accurate.

Meghan Dunn 6 months ago

It’s not that you’re cold! That’s the shakes from the medication!
It’s very common. I get it every time …. each a but less then a the last time!

Tammy Zimmer Halligan 6 months ago

Like others have said, everyone is different. I had an urgent c-section with my son, and when he was out he was handed to the neonatologist immediately. I didn’t get to see him for over an hour. He didn’t end up in NICU, thankfully, and I had a healthy baby. I moved myself from the recovery room bed to my hospital bed and was walking that night.

Stewart Sabrina Carboni 6 months ago

I had 4 c-sections, none of them were bad…

Vickie McDaniel 6 months ago

Bless all mothers, this stuff ain’t for wimps no matter how ya earn your crown! Push the kid out all natural with soothing music and eat the placenta gently steamed on a bed of locally sourced organic rice or high tech that kid into being or even adopt. We all deserve mad props for this amazing journey we take with our life changing children.

Love to you all. Rock on mama!

Lori Clarke 6 months ago

6 things I wish I’d have known.

1: the room is bright , very bright.

2: theres lots of people in the room.

3: the iv can make you feel really nauseous, but it’s easily settled if you just tell them.

4: it’s not painful, feels like swishing in your belly.

5: you can get referred pain in your shoulder in the hours after, again just tell them,easily treated.

6: it was a lovely experience, recovery was so much easier than blogs like this had made me believe.

tiffany 6 months ago

I had a c-section (my sons heart rate dropped) and the only problem I have was constipation I don’t have a scar (I’m on the husky side) and never felt a thing before or after it’s different for everyone it’s not always horrifyingly

Christa 6 months ago

OMG how everyone lies and says nine months my ass it’s 10 months I had a huge baby pregnancy was not meant for my body ahhhhh but I would do it again

Alesia Smith 6 months ago

Enough with horror stories. Not being informed is the result of your medical team not prepping you. I had a c-section last minute. It was what it was. I was cold and shaking but was given extra warm blankets and meds in my IV to help with shakes. With any surgery you will have at least 6 weeks recovery time that’s normal. Sometimes longer. It’s not bad go with the flow.

Kirk Ånd Treens Vagg 6 months ago

I had an amazing birth experience with a c-section!

Jessica Acosta 6 months ago

I had both world and I would prefer to have vaginal birth again for my third. I woldn’t want to do c section again. I felt horrible and the healing process took longer.

Diana Quickel 6 months ago

I had a Beautiful experience!

Stacey 6 months ago

I’ve had 4 c sections. Won’t lie, the first 3 were a cake walk. I joke about how I took the easy way out. I brag about never feeling a contraction. I was up walking around the same day. Although sore I made it through with very minimal pain. I will tell you after number 4 it all seemed to catch up to me. The recovery time took 4 months to feel back to “normal.” I related a lot to what she has said here. And apparently it seems that that experience is what most people experience. I will now just say I was lucky. :-)

Jennifer Brewer Turman 6 months ago

I started feeling everything when they were mid way into it, and had to be knocked out completely. After my c section I looked like the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. No one warned me about the swelling. That lasted a few weeks almost. But my little guy was soooo worth it all.

Valentina Anastasiou 6 months ago

I felt nothing like they say in the article. I had an emergency c section due to placenta previa too. At 37 weeks. I cried my eyes out on the waiting room and on the way to surgery. I felt NOTHING during the epidural the freaking iv hurt way more. Yes I felt some pulling on the guts. Nothing out of control. I was out of surgery at 2:45 pm. By 330 pm same day I was up walking with the iv and the catheter. I said no to drugs. I got nothing after finished iv. I had horrible horrible cough. I felt my guts will fly from operation. I suck it up. I used a pillow pressing my belly. Was a WONDERFUL EXPERIANCE

Linnea Erion Phillis 6 months ago

Lol…true, but hey you do what you gotta do.

Brandi Ann Davidson 6 months ago

I didn’t want a c-section but my doctor wouldn’t budge. I was terrified going into it but you know what? It was AMAZING! I was up and walking around the next day and my scar is so thin that you can barely tell I had a c-section. In fact, the experience was so amazing that I couldn’t imagine a vaginal birth!

Rudina Mognieh 6 months ago

Of course the most important aspect of childbirth is the outcome. Which means the safety of both mother and child is of the highest priority. Usually this is why a c-section is performed. However, today we see many instances where women are choosing/planning a c-section early on in pregnancy without giving natural childbirth a chance.

Tracy 6 months ago

Every bit of this is spot on!! I had a “normal” vag birth with my first, then c-section with my twins, and a second c-section with my fourth baby. OMG i couldn’t believe the post-op gas pains!! I was also pretty sure someone was sitting on top of me while pulling the babies out! So glad my child birthing days are behind me!

Misty Goins 6 months ago

You are only looking to scare people. I had two and they were no where NEAR as bad as you are explaining them. My doctor told me the first time I’d feel something. The OR is that cold to KILL GERMS and keep you safe. This whole thing is pointless and stupid. Give facts people don’t already know about and stop trying to scare moms into hurting their children.

Jade Jade 6 months ago

So excited i get to have an elective csection later this year! i cant wait to experience a calm birth

Emma Pedley Halse 6 months ago

I’ve had 3…one emergency and 2 planned. I remember everything, I had wonderful experiences, I got to do skin to skin straight away, I breastfed straightaway and was up and off painkillers in less than 24 hrs . everyone is different but this is a bit OTT. Take it with a big pinch of salt

Katica Lodema 6 months ago

I had an unplanned c-section and absolutely did not have a negative experience like this. I was up within a few hours and had no issues whatsoever. It was very smooth sailing. To this day, I do not have any issue with my scar or any bad feelings about the experience. It definitely is different for everyone. Truthfully, when I think about some women’s vaginal births, it scares the daylights out of me.

Angela Sauro Davis 6 months ago

The comment here about your intestines being taken out freaked me out when I first read this article. This is not true!

Angela Davis 6 months ago

When this blog post was originally posted I was about 5 months pregnant and I knew that my baby would be delivered by c-section due to a previous surgery. The comment at the beginning of the article about your intestines being taken out is untrue! It completely freaked me out and I was in a panic since I didn’t have the option to deliver naturally. Of course I asked at my next appointment and my doctor reassured me that was untrue. The intestines are behind the uterus and it would be very traumatic for them to be taken out and put back and would cause many complications! Looking back I see that the umbillical cord could be mistaken tor intestines by hubby at quick glance while they’re working, but I wanted others that might have been concerned by this comment to know that its not the case.

Kelly Garnaut 6 months ago

Ive had 3 and they weren’t bad at all!! Just hate now that my stomach hangs over like a bull nose verandah and no amount of sit ups in the world will get rid of it!!

Carly Cronk 6 months ago

This is meant to scare people. Giving birth, whether vaginally or by c-section, carries many “side effects”. If c-section is the safest option for both mom and baby, then it shouldn’t be demonized. Becoming a mother is a beautiful thing, no matter how the baby is born into this world.

Kathleen Dubreuil Charette 6 months ago


Maureen Bersing 6 months ago

I had three sections. Frankly I think that’s a like of drama. Mine were a breeze.

KC Biedermann 6 months ago

Thanks for the giggles…and yes so true!!!

Rose Tuzzolino 6 months ago

Also your statistics are not accurate. In a study located in the link…25 women had an event that lead to the c section. One day postpartum 19 stated they felt it was traumatic. 2 months postpartum only 8 felt it was traumatic. And all that were diagnosed with PTSD….33%….state it was the event, not the c section that gave them the diagnosis of PTSD.


Also, VBAC are not recommended and usually considered very high risk. (Link provided) I do appreciate your input.


Shannon Devers 6 months ago

Interesting…I thought having a C-section was easy as pie; I guess I was lucky as I had no issues during or with recovery. The 16 hours to try and deliver naturally was not.

Kim Robinson 6 months ago

I just thank GOD all my kids were born natural and I was up amd moving around within a few hours.

Giovana Iaroz 6 months ago

Awful had one a month ago …

Traci Zimmerman 6 months ago

I didn’t take pain medicine only to get some relief at night it wasn’t that bad. I came home and went shopping. (Keep in mind I weighed 330 lbs then and had my lower stomach pulling on the incision. ..still not much pain). I have low pain toletence. I feel around the incision. Yeah it was cold in the OR but cold or lots of germs. I’ll take the cold.

Krysta Barnhart 6 months ago

I had 6 c-sections in a 10 year stretch! The 1st one was super scary.. I actually yelled, screamed and cried all the way to the OR. It was Awful and I hurt for weeks. But after that it was seriously a walk in the park… Each one was easier.

April Ellis 6 months ago

It’s not always that bad. I had 2. Was off painkillers after 24 hours with both. Yes theatre was cold and having a cold (coughing and sneezing) with #2 wasn’t fun. But I would do it again in a heartbeat if I needed to.
I watched my 2nd I the big silver theatre light. I was out of bed 6 hours after surgery – as soon as the spinal wore off. And I was home with my beautiful baby 4 days after he was home.

Stephanie Castaneda 6 months ago

And might I add that my “V” feels better than it did before!! Dont know how thats possible but its all good down there :) :)

Stephanie Castaneda 6 months ago

Everyone is different. The only thing that I dont like from having kids is the weight that I cant get rid of. I will do.natural birth over a csection any day!

Christine Peterson 6 months ago

Are we ok? Many moms suffer serious mental trauma from c sections. We may be “physically” ok aside from adhesions that make exercise and even sex painful, a scar that is itchy, numb, and keloid and healed improperly from having to care for a colicky baby after a serious surgery.

A healthy baby is NOT all that matters and that attitude is what makes moms who suffer trauma from their delivery feel bad for hating their experience.

Nicole Ginther 6 months ago

I have had 3 c-sections. First was emergency and awful, but two consecutive surgeries each got better as I prepared myself better and made plans to deal with some of the not fun stuff. It is pertinent to drink a ton of water, eat lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, and take it easy in recovery. These things will help get your bowels moving along with a mild stool softener and gas X for the gas. It’s also important to try to get up and move little by little, as soon as possible.

Shannon Reel Fricke 6 months ago

I had 2 Caesarians and I found them to be not bad at all. And my V is still tight and right

Thee Iva 6 months ago

Hahaha so true but I did skip meds for a day after but I have a high pain tolerance so it wasn’t that bad.

Andrea Delbridge 6 months ago

I have had two c sections and this is all blown way out of proportion. I recovered really well so i was lucky but it is no where near as bad as this lady makes it out to be….
This lady is going to scare the crap out of someone who is about to have a c section for nothing….

Laura Grimshaw 6 months ago

Everyone is true!!

Rose Tuzzolino 6 months ago

Ha, no, that is not at all a paraphrase of what I said. I am not sure you can read all the comments in the thread, I know sometimes they are hidden…

I had 28 hrs of labor, followed by an emergant c section. I was not forced, I made a choice. To the best of my knowledge, a first time mom isn’t able to schedule a c section.

You are completely not understanding my comments…vaginal or c section, there are risks and benefits. I stated that a c section is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is a vaginal birth. Both have issues and both have complications and both will bring a baby into the world.

The article is write from the authors POV. Not every mother experiences what she did…but at the same time she is shaming mothers that have a c section and blaming her child for the complications she currently has.

So please before you attack with your cattiness and snide remarks, please read the article and pay attention to the coments….do not paraphrase me, you don’t know me.

God bless

Cal Pacino 6 months ago

The itches you can’t scratch are the worst!!!!

Deborah J. Myers 6 months ago

Yeah I’m pretty terrified now…

Anna Nydia Ortiz 6 months ago

It is scared

Wendee Sampson Garvin 6 months ago

I guess I was lucky I had non of these problems and I have had 2. I was up and walking within hours and after my second I was lifting my 12 month old, didn’t have a choice. I was unable to take any pain meds so I dealt with it. It was not that bad. I prefer c-sections over vaginal births any day and I’ve had 2 if them as well.

Donna Stanicki 6 months ago

All so true!!!!

Donna O’Neil 6 months ago

Chill Rose, so many of us forced to have c-sections because of medical problems have hideous memories which are not wiped away because we have got a healthy baby.

There are so many peer reviewed journal articles that definitively state that up to 35% of women who have c-sections also have PTSD associated with this surgery. Having had a c-section and then 3 VBAC deliveries, the two cannot even be compared. Why women volunteer for c-sections is a mystery to me. They should really be reserved for women who have complications. And to paraphrase you, if women are scared of childbirth, the pain they think they will have pushing a baby out and compromise their health and their baby’s health because they think a c-section will hurt less, maybe these are the women who shouldn’t have children???? Please enlighten us with all of your RN knowledge

Namita Kearns 6 months ago

Yes c-section recovery is tough but it’s a short time period and manageable. I had two of them. Women shouldn’t be scared if that is what is needed for a healthy baby. Agree, having a good OB helps a ton.

Brittany Gandy 6 months ago

As you know Kristen Kristen Camp I had no choice. At all. You have no idea how many times since October I’ve gotten the whole you did t truly give birth or you got the easy way out crap.

Melissa Langley-Albert Farmer 6 months ago

I like this woman’s sense of humor. I had a c- section 16 years ago and I will never forget it. I was so huge and miserable I couldn’t wait to have my son out of me. The spinal block didn’t take correctly I could feel everything but my legs. It was probably one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. I’m too old now to have children plus I’ve gone through a hysterectomy. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing.

Liesl Wharton 6 months ago

I had 3. First an emergency. Every item in her article was not my experience in any of mine.

I went in petrified because of this sort of drivle – meant to be fun.

I have a lot of pointers I give people going in and they have a 100% success rate.

I’m no super mum nor a legend in my own undies.

My 3 experiences were all different but the theatre experience fantastic. The teams took the cold out.

In short – articles like this – don’t help. Sorry – yes – my opinion – but when I hear stories of natural births and many of them horrendous and the distress and torment and won’t go on – I am so glad I had no choice to have 3 sunroofs!

Phyllis Bodoff 6 months ago

I had an unplanned C-section almost 36 years ago to deliver my twin daughters. Sure it wasn’t fun and there was a lot of pain and discomfort, but it gave me my two amazing babies. In the end that’s all that really matters.

Ang 6 months ago

I had vaginal 1st child, c section 2and child and vaginal 3ard child(9lbs2oz) the c- section was a breeze for me no pain at all a lil sore around the incision but that’s it. I had no issues at all…vaginal was not that easy extreme pain . Can’t laught ,sneeze ,walk , bm were very painful after the births .. No to mention you have to go through hours of labour pains ..I prefer the c – cection by far… The feeling of the c- section incision comes back but takes a very long time the feeling in my incision cane back about 16 yrs later … I guess it’s not the same for every one! ..

Stephanie Louise Payne 6 months ago

I’ve had 2 C-Sections and my experiences were nothing like this. Please don’t let this article upset you. Especially if you’re like me and you had no choice but to have a C-Section, this is going to make you worry more than you should be.

Suehay Caban Echeverri 6 months ago

She pretty much nailed it. Obviously, every woman is different- so the recovery may be different with every CSection/Birth. However, her description is very similar to mine and she was on point. Scariest and Most Traumatizing experience of my life… BUT completely worth it!!

Donna O’Neil 6 months ago

I always thought that I was the odd one out thinking that my c-section was the most hideous thing I have ever experienced. I was so relieved that my next three were all naturally delivered

Beth Rabin Akkaway 6 months ago

C-sections are necessary for the health and safety of Mom and baby. Everyone has a different experience and I had 2 c-sections and had a great experience both times. Was the operating room cold? yes, did I feel pulling? yes, Is my stomach still numb almost 6 years after my 2nd? Yes. Was it hard to go to the bathroom afterwards? Yes, but having learned from my first, nothing a little miralax can’t help with my second. Would I change anything? NO … 2 healthy beautiful baby girls and now lovely little girls … I never regretted having C-sections and if I had had a 3rd would have done it again in a heartbeat!

Kristen Paoletti 6 months ago

All of these are so true!!!

Kristine Gibbons 6 months ago

I had 3 c section and I’d have a fourth in a min if I was pregnant. I’d rather that any day than vaginal birth so easy bing bang your done!!! recovery was a week I was back driving and doing laundry

Kathi Barfield-Brewer 6 months ago

For some of us, the bowels are never the same. My c-section was almost 4 years ago. I have constant issues. Fiber gummies and fiber bars have become my dessert of choice.

Sabrina Lafleur 6 months ago


Sherree Hoke Bartemus 6 months ago

I had a emergency c-section with my twins. My incision is vertical. Thought I would never walk upright again, lol. When I was pregnant with Jess, I asked the doctor if he would just do a low, horizontal incision this time. He said “sure, if you want to look like you have an anchor on your stomach!” Lol. I opted for the vertical incision again!

RonandKellie Vickery 6 months ago


Ciara Ireland 6 months ago

I had two c-sections. First due to severe preeclampsia.. Second they needed to remove a.large cyst while I was already open .. I would choose natural any day over having to deal with healing from a csection. By one week I was feeling much better but up until then I felt absolutely miserable..
The gas pain in my shoulder and rib was AWFUL!!..
But the preparation process went smoothly.. But as my body started going numb it felt like the pins and needles feeling like you slept on your arm all night.. Except all over lol it was very weird.
But I got a beautiful little girl and a handsome little boy out of both deliveries and I couldntbbe more blessed. no matter how they came into this world it was very much worth it

Katie Allison 6 months ago

Silly article!! very silly.
Not scary at al!!
Personally I rate them. I’d go again in a second.
I had an emergency one & an elective. 1st one the midwife said it will feel like a washing machine in your belly. It did, but my daughter was out in seriously 5mins. Alive & breathing!!!! The rest of the time was cleaning & sewing me up.
With my elective second, they all said this will b much more relaxing, it was, our boy was out within 5min & I got more skin on skin time with him while they sewed me up.
I didn’t feel any bit of the experience scary.
I hadn’t looked up/googled any c-sections as didn’t cross my mind it could happen. Prob best thing I did not knowing lol.
& healing was fine. Your too wrapped up in your beautiful newbie to care.
I think whatever works for your body & your bub to be out & safe is the only thing that matters.

Lupe Ruiz 6 months ago

I had a C. Only thing that hurt was the epidural. Glad I didn’t have to do all that pushing.

Danielle Munson 6 months ago

This is insane.. I’ve had 2 sections. I think people who fear the worst or have a poor me attitude would think like this. Everyone is different and w/in a week I was fine. My friend who tore suffered for more than a month.. I was not constipated. I felt a little non painful tugging. As for my incision it does have less feeling but who cares??

Ali Thomson 6 months ago

The recovery was a bitch. I totally relate to the points in this article. Breastfeeding goes tits-up afterwards! too (but that’s probably harder than anyone thinks whichever way you deliver).

Terre Martin DeCaro 6 months ago

I was not allowed to go back up to my room until I could lift my buttocks off of the table by myself! I was so upset! I just wanted to see my family, not to mention most of them wanted to go home and rest. I had my son just before midnight! So, of course they wanted to see me and the baby before leaving.

Crystal Langella 6 months ago

Not that bad!!! Stop scaring people!!

Renia Kaminski 6 months ago

Omg i had all 6! Although i would do it again if i had to. My daughter is everything to me.❤❤❤

Karen Dispo-De Boos 6 months ago

It was medically necessary to have all my 3 children via c-section. All their heads were bigger than my pelvis. I would rather have to deal with the surgery and the “afters” and have 3 healthy babies than go natural and have serious complications. I did want to be hero and try “natural” childbirth, but my midwife said it doesn’t make me less of a woman and mother. So I’m only a mother who decided that taking them out through the SUN ROOF was my best and safest bet. Besides I was in labor for 11 hours until I could get to the hospital and they told me NOT to push. So we are just trying to do whatever is best for each of us and our children and families. :)

April Brossette Bailey 6 months ago

This happens when you a radical hysterectomy as well…yeah, I’m still not right down there….

Elizabeth Renton 6 months ago

I had two and they were exactly like this- and this doesn’t even mention that as the body doesn’t register the ‘delivery’ it makes it twice as difficult to convince it to go into milk production (in the end I couldn’t feed at all). As for the going home the next day – thankfully I live in Australia and went to a public hospital (4 days double bed private room for free!!!)

Jessica Warjas 6 months ago

So true!!

Krizia Nation 6 months ago

Wow I guess I got really lucky with mine then. I had a really good DR tho

Jamie Shipe 6 months ago

I planned for a vaginal delivery, however my son had planned otherwise. After pushing for hours with no progress, he was delivered via c section. Was I scared at first? Absolutely! But I needed to do what was best and safe for the both of us. Only thing I felt was a lot of pressure while they pulled him out. He was perfect! The recovery after a c section is a bit longer than a vaginal delivery. I was in quite a bit of pain, however I knew it was all worth it. Please don’t be discouraged to deliver via c section. Everyone’s body is different and will react differently. It’s all about being safe for mom and baby.

Kelly Daniels Buckner 6 months ago

I was relieved to go with the C-Section. I tried to do it the old fashion way but it wasn’t in the cards for me. I bounced back pretty fast. But 11yrs later I’m trying to work this muffin top off so it doesn’t turn into a busted can of biscuits!!! #struggle

Darlene R. Duran 6 months ago

I hated my 2 c sections. Never again!

Trisha Quigley 6 months ago

I had one. It was a breeze. I think this is a little over simplified. I was only taking Tylenol after and left a day early

Claire Thomas 6 months ago

They took my baby away for like what seemed like an eternity. Surgery and then recovery for half an hour. Too long!!!

Amy Blue 6 months ago


Kim Larson Ballantyne 6 months ago

As many have posted every birth is different. Your experience is different from others. I had the same experiences as in the blog article but I know many who had easier surgeries. Also I didn’t read all the posts but I just wanted to write I had 2 VBACs after my first csection.
I wish when people wrote about things to know about csections they wrote about VBACs (vaginal birth after csection) being an option for most moms after a primary csection. With my experiences I would choose a vaginal any day over major surgery but that’s just me because I knew I didn’t want more surgical risks with each birth, I didn’t want the longer recovery, breastfeeding was harder for me with the extra blood loss from major surgery, and holding my stomach for everything for 4 weeks was brutal compared to wearing frozen pads to make my swollen lady parts feel better. If anyone wants info about VBACs there is a lovely chat board on baby center and it is very informative plus includes a lot of positive birth stories. I’ve had 1 csection and 2 VBACs so far.
Also a few mentioned it but you can choose a more family centered csection as well to make it more relaxed and with more chances to bond with your baby.

Danie Greenlee 6 months ago

3 c-section and 3 gorgeous children. No shame, no regrets. It really wasn’t horrible. I’ve heard horror stories about things ripping while pushing and I was actually relieved to not have to do that. Bottom line though, we get em here how we can. It’s not that serious.

Chalee Lewis 6 months ago

Everything she said was pretty true. My first C-sec was way harder then my second, third, and fourth. I was a pro by number 5

Tracy Edwards Leonard 6 months ago

Ihad two c section and cried the whole time because I couldn’t deliver the right way there’s no right or wrong way ,I was in the room for both my daughters vaginal birth,and let me tell you I am glad I had a c section,

Katie Heim 6 months ago

Man, that first shit after the surgery is a killa. I don’t care what you do.

Maria Flores 6 months ago

I’ve had three c sections and this article is very true…I went through everything on this article…and yeah it sounds scary but at least u know what to expect…

Cory Marie 6 months ago

Funny thing is she was making light of her ordeal. She wasn’t making this an informative piece. I have read all these comments in most of this thread and it’s funny because the comments would be less if they actually laughed at it. I don’t think everyone wanted to know how prefect everyone is and was on the day they gave birth via csection. Vaginal is great to but can have complications. Nothing is perfect. I laughed at the article. When I was pregnant with my first I had my own fears and emotional problems….They come with being pregnant! This article or ANY article isn’t the reason your afraid. It’s your natural instinct…we fear the unknown.

MisterAnd Misses Storm 6 months ago

Having undergone a last minute emergency C section recently I can honestly say…the scariest part of post op is now being responsible for another human being forEVER!!! However, the surgery is not as terrifying as this mom explains, during or after. She must have given birth in Africa by some Somalian tribe. It’s major surgery is all. Recovery is not bad. Really. Just need a good doc and staff. Meghan Curley Chapman xo

Tiffany Hughes 6 months ago

Im going on my 8th c-section. TRUST me if they were as horrid as people say…my first child would have been an only child,lol. I will admit the first c/s is hard, mine was an emergency one and quite the shock to the system. However each one after has gotten easier and easier and recovery time faster.

Holly Downs Rothschild 6 months ago

I just had my 4th c section and they were all good experiences for me!! All I cared about was my babies getting here safe and healthy!

Brandi Hawthorne Horton 6 months ago

OMGosh dying laughing!

Nikki Baxter-McKay 6 months ago

I had to have both my children via c section for separate emergency reasons. Never did I realize until after the stigma that can sometimes come with having c sections. I heard things like “must be nice to take the easy route” and “well than you technically haven’t given birth.” A lot of the things said in this article are very true and I wish I had known them ahead of time. Delivering my second son defiantly went a lot smoother due to my prior knowledge.

Diane Johnson Griffin 6 months ago

I had all except #6 with vaginal birth of my 10 pound baby!

Gynel Trumbull 6 months ago

Think this was a little dramatic. Mine was emergency c section after be in labor for 14 hours. So nothing was really explained to me. It was bad but not quite that bad. I did have the shaking, but so what. You go thru things either way u have ure children. Thats why women give birth not men.

Jenny Winkler Yepez 6 months ago

You forgot there is a possibility of getting air trapped in your body. It will creep up and feel like a heart attack. That was the worst part.

Kel 6 months ago

I had all vaginal births and the nurses did that to me too. It sucked.

Debbie Arnold 6 months ago

Wrong. I had and emergency c section 35 and 33 years ago. NO PROBLEMS I got up and walked, don’t lay in bed that is the problem. No problem with scar at 64 my stomach is as flat as most 20 year olds. Climbed a 6 foot fence 2 weeks after the second one twice. To me it was my babies life and health. My son would not be here without the c section.

Amanda Balak 6 months ago

Very true just gad my second emergency c section 4 days ago. Terrified they tried to give a spinal, it didn’t take the surgeon was beginning tge procedure until i started yelling i can feel everything, the doctor then said yes shes fully moving, hold off till I put her to sleep. After the surgery i then was made aware my incision was covered up with just steri strips. Not meaning to scare any new mothers. Its nice to know ahead of time what to expect

Lindsay Wissman 6 months ago

I experience every one of those with my c-section. #6 especially, my son was born six years ago, and I still don’t have feeling around my scar area, but for some reason I get those itches you can’t scratch…. How does that even work? Lol makes no sense! It drives me crazy too!

Leslie Derby Yep 6 months ago

I had an emergency c-section with my second kid (35 years ago). I was scared but thankfully that at the end of the day, both my son and I were saved. This article brought back some funny memories, and I always think it’s better to laugh than to cry!

Malissia Stanton 6 months ago

Or that you may get an abscess in your uterus because the doctors don’t clean you out properly & have to get put back in the hospital & restart the healing process but not until after the infection is gone.

Jodie Lynn Hermes 6 months ago

There’s no way to get a baby out. I had to have an emergency c section with my twins. It was hat to recover from it

Stephanie Myers 6 months ago

It is all 100% true for me….had 2

Melanie Fairchild Childs 6 months ago

I agree just cause some people experience a bad thing don’t let them cause I got the shakes bad and I had a natural and c section I rstheted the c section

Lydia Lovelace Thugut 6 months ago

My daughter is 28 and the area around my scar is still weird. Mine was an emergency so I don’t remember anything about it. They totally knocked my out

Rebecca McCurdy 6 months ago

I agree- this makes it sound a bit too scary. My c section was not that bad. Of course, it’s major surgery, but as long as you stay on top of your meds, rest, and take the stool softener, it’s totally not that bad!

Charly Jack-Knife Jezzibelle Bruce 6 months ago

Add to that the nurses WILL still push their fists into your stomach to massage the uterus. Fucking OW

Jenn 6 months ago

I think that before you write about something that millions are going to read you should always get the write information before you give advice. I too had 2 c-sections plus I’m a delivery room nurse. The reason for a cold operating room (66-68 the temp is kept at) is to prevent first condensation from occurring. Lower temps prevent humidity in the room which higher temps can cause condensation to build up which can then cause it to collect or drop from a ceiling. We don’t want that to drop into you during surgery. We also don’t want a surgeon to get too hot therefore sweat into your wound. The lights above the surgeon so that he can see become very hot. We would provide the patients however with warm blankets from the warmer. Keeping the temps cooler will also prevent bacteria from growing.
As for the shakes your body may be cooler but it is common for our bodies to shake after having a baby die to hormones shifts. Your body just had a baby so it is common to have the shakes after giving birth. It’s common to go back & forth from the shakes & sweating later on due to your body going back to “normal”. There is also blood loss which can cause anemia therefore making you cold.
As for the cramps, we give 2 IV bags of pitocin after birth to help stop the bleeding which causes cramps. Breast feeding will also cause cramps because it gives off a natural hormone oxytocin (aka pitocin) to help stop the bleeding as well.
During a c-section it is common to feel pulling as they try to remove the baby from the uterus.
While it is important to take pain medicine after a c-section to help you to move, it’s important to move to start the digestion track again. Sitting up is better than laying in bed, this is why we get our patients up the next day. Eating more fiber helps the bowels too. Pain meds can also constipated you.
Coughing & deep breathing helps to get your lungs to expand & prevent pneumonia or atelectasis. I know it can hurt but splinting your belly with a pillow does help.
I hope this information is helpful.

Jennifer Hunter 6 months ago

How about having both of your arms strapped down and the sheet that’s blocking yourself from seeing your insides on the outsides falls over your face while everyone, including your husband, is tending to your new bundle of joy and you can’t get it off and you scream for someone to help you.

Luana Gerardis Alhadeff 6 months ago

Pretty. Much. True. Worse pain of my life! She actually sugar coated this a bit….

Carrie Mccluskey-Fleming 6 months ago

All are true!

Sarah Ford 6 months ago

5 and 6 were untrue for me.

Josephine Khalaf 6 months ago

C-section is a serious surgery. You need at least three weeks to recover n rest. I had four c-sections. Thank God all went ok …..the only thing i have from these surgeries is i have gas problems uuugghhhh but other then that im doing well…thank god

Dawn 6 months ago

I think some people are missing the point of this article. Whether you want a vaginal birth or C-section, you should educate yourself on both types of deliveries because ANYTHING can happen during your pregnancy or in the delivery room. I had my first two vaginally and my third a planned C-section and the recovery from the C-section was long and painful. Although I gathered as much information I could beforehand, I didn’t really understand how the pain would affect my daily life with caring for my other two children plus a newborn. From sitting up and walking for the first time to learning how to manage daily life while medicated (pain meds), it was challenging to say the least. Even though the healing process was harder than my vaginal births, I am so grateful this surgery was available to ensure my daughter would arrive safely.

Crysta Hystad 6 months ago

I have had 3 c sections and they are all different. But no pain killers needed.

Manda Colburn 6 months ago

I didn’t do the pain meds either. I had to push the panic button in the bathroom because I couldn’t get off the toilet. Don’t skip the pain meds!

Hayley Hatcher Mullins 6 months ago

I was lucky, I guess bc I had 3, and no probs. I was cold in the operating room, but none of the rest. I walked across the hall to see my friend who had a natural drug free birth at the same time. All I have ever experienced that was bad is judgment.(like I chose) you cannot just lay there afterward or it is way worse!

Alli 6 months ago

I guess I was lucky because I didn’t find any of these to be true with my c-section. Other than a bit of pain for a week, that’s very manageable with pain pills, I thought it was a breeze. But mine was a scheduled c-section so I think that’s much less traumatic than an emergency one. After a few months I have all feeling back in my scar. I don’t usually find these one-fits-all articles to be true…not about the effects of pregnancy either. I think the way they’re worded in that “EVERYONE will get this” will only serve to scare people.

Jess Nenninger 6 months ago

I had to have a c-section with all 3 of my kiddos. First was breech, second was unsuccessful VBAC, third my body never went into labor and I couldn’t be induced. 3 c sections in less than 3 years. No reason to be afraid ladies. Make sure you tell them if you want to see baby come out, and laid on your chest immediately. This is becoming more popular! I had this option with our 3rd and wish I could have had it with my first 2.

Katie Shangina 6 months ago

Lmao nicely put. Couldn’t be more on point!

Sondra Milton 6 months ago

C section babies come out with perfect round heads and no bruising :)

Carrie Minckler 6 months ago

Oh so true!!! My 1st 2 were c-sections and all of these are so super true… although I did find that once I didn’t need the mess to stop..because those “stop” you up. My 2nd two were vbacs and it was a WORLD of difference!

Misty-lynn Dunn 6 months ago

I had 4 c section I’m still alive.

Erin Rutledge 6 months ago

Ok, disagree with most of this! Yes to utterly frigid operating room, and the pain/tenderness/panic for laughing,/sneezing/coughing/pooping/etc. None of the rest applied to me, and I’ve got am amazing 5 year old out of that deal, so well worth it. Perhaps my experience went better, as I had a high risk ob, who had tons of surgical experience, unlike the typical ob.

Mary Carmen 6 months ago

I had a C section 2 weeks ago, and none of these happened to me… each body and each surgeon work differently…don’t get scared…

Andree Hafley 6 months ago

Yes. All of this! I could think of a few more things too. Having gone through this I found this article humorous and had forgotten (or maybe blocked out) some of this stuff. I can definitely see how this can scare someone who has not gone through this. Any unknown situation is scary. I’ll admit I was scared and in so much pain but unlike any other surgery you don’t have the ability to lay there and just heal. You have a newborn that needs to be fed, changed, and taken care of too. And so you put your baby’s needs above your own. It’s been 10 1/2 mos and I still have numbness and tenderness in my abdomen. Thank God for my husband who was there with me and helped me through ALL of it.

Rebecca Workman 6 months ago

I had a c section. The key to feeling better is to get up and moving! The last thing you want to do, but it’ll make a world of difference.

Shelley Pickles 6 months ago

My c sections were a breeze. Was up walking the next morning and only paracetamol for pain.

Amanda Benedict-Obenauer 6 months ago

For me the worse was coming out of spinal tap….I was throwing up. Which is worse than laughing with a csection. After that night it was smooth sailing until home and the whole pooping thing.

Jamie Larson Adams 6 months ago

I had an emergency c – section. Due to my situation (Hellp syndrome) and my baby being a premie in the NICU I didn’t see him until 31 hours after he was born. It was definitely motivation to get out of bed and walk as soon as I could. After the initial sitting up and getting out of bed, I didn’t think it was HORRIBLE. Pain yes. But nothing unbearable. ..I would think it would be better than having my v ripped wide open lol

Stefanie L Brown 6 months ago

I haven’t had a csection but I did have surgery on my bladder & pelvis. Resulting in a cut in the same place. But I have to say some of the things they said in the article are true. But it does get better with time :)

Cori Dunn 6 months ago

that sure is blown out of proportion. I had a c section with no problems. Your situation is of a unique one. Yes, I had pain but it was bearable.

Maggie 6 months ago

My 1st was natural delivery with no pain meds, the only issue was I had to be induced, but, I also had 3 C-sections after that with one being an emergency c-section…I didn’t think was too terrible (perhaps high pain tolerance or age?) Although I do have to say even after 5 years I sometimes do get sharp pain on/around the scar whenI cough or sneeze.

Tara 6 months ago

I had an emergency c section with my son. After being in 22 hours of labor and having an epidural, I was brought into the operating room and given so much anesthesia I became nauseous. Once my son was born and they brought him over for me too see, I looked at him and threw up. Nice first reaction, no?

Anna Schaeffer 6 months ago

My mom had 4 c-sections and never told me about the pain I would endure the first time standing up. That and she also forgot to tell me I never had chicken pox so there I was, an itchy and scratchy mess, 20 years old, with a 2-month-old…

Kelsey Lane 6 months ago

Wow this is so on point

Sherry Lynn 6 months ago

I love this article…i thought it was right on par with my experiences and i found the article quite funny. As i waited for my 1st section after 3 days of induction failed i sat in my room listening to a momma have a natural birth and it scared the poop out of me mind you the poor mom had a horrible experience and was hemorrhaging passing clots the size of the mess bowls in the delivery room. I was relieved i was having a c-section. The only thing that really was the worst part for me was how darn cold it was in the OR. Six years later i did it all again for the arrival of my twins. I would do it all over again too. There are horrible experiences with csections and natural births but in the end that all doesnt matter cause you have just completed the wonderful feat of bringing a beautiful child in to the world.

Amy Martinez Lund 6 months ago

Cute article and so true. Lol
I had 4 c-sections. Wouldn’t change a thing!

Gina Loughran 6 months ago

This was very much my experience.

Lili Garcia 6 months ago

I had 2!

Annia Maria 6 months ago

I think each experience is different and can vary. Mine wasn’t so bad, I didn’t have many of the symptoms in the aftermath that the writer did. I mean, it’s not a walk in the park,but it was doable and hoping the day I have another child, it goes the same.

Vanessa Larsen Strada 6 months ago

My 2 c-sections were a breeze. I still don’t have feeling around my incisions and one of them is 10yrs old. Who cares??? Not that big of a deal.
But I agree with the commenter about the gas pains in your shoulder!!! My first section, they were horrendous but I was hardly allowed to get up and walk. My second, I was up and around less than 4 hours post-op. My medical team thought I was crazy but I wanted to avoid the gas pains! Lol. So any time I felt those bubbles, I was up and OUT OF bed!
And the pushing on the uterus another commenter mentioned, yes. That’s just cruel…..but necessary. It happens to our vaginal delivery sisters too so, we’re equals there.
All in all, they were pleasant experiences. Third one will be scheduled early September. Can’t wait to meet the new little nugget!!

Alexa Morris 6 months ago

My first c-section was a nightmare, through no ones fault but my body’s. It was an emergency procedure and I was completely put under. I missed the birth of my child. My second was great! The anesthesiologist was wonderful. They warned of pressure, but I didn’t feel a thing. Like, I had no idea they’d even started the surgery until I heard my daughter cry and they showed her to us.

Lauryn 6 months ago

See, I didn’t experience this stuff. I didn’t need pain meds, I pooped the next day, my scar (which, at 15 months pp, is almost invisible) regained full sensation. Guess I got lucky.

Jennifer Blanke Marshall 6 months ago

Remember one thing: Everybody is different! I’ve had 2 C-sections and for me, they were awesome! The first is scary because you don’t know what to expect. You are a little sore but you would be if you delivered vaginally, too. The experience of the first one made my second one wonderful since I knew what to expect and had the added bonus of getting to plan for it so I had everything done; my house clean, laundry done, grocery shopping done etc… Don’t be afraid of this, revel in it!!! I’m always in awe of what modern medicine can do!!

laura 6 months ago

OMG # 3!!!! I thought the same thing. I’m feeling good I don’t need it anything right now. Fell asleep for a bit woke up to pee and the second I stood up I was screaming. After that I gladly and very obediently took any meds nurses brought my way!

Amanda Hegedus Kirkland 6 months ago

Made me giggle because, although I had a pretty quick recovery and felt good within the week, these were similar to my experience. And no nerves or worries here… Number 2 is in 9 days… I’m ready! Bring it! :)

Tami Scales 6 months ago

This is true. I went through it all

Carrie Fouts 6 months ago

I feel lucky. I had my 1st baby at 17 ,and being so young my body just wouldn’t cooperate with all the things it needed to do so I could deliver him vaginally. 2years later, I found myself ready to deliver my 2nd child. I was told at the beginning I’d be doing this delivery vaginally. I was more scared about that than anything I’ve ever been afraid of before. But I did it!!! I went on to deliver 2 more children vaginally as well. Now days , just like back in the day ,if you have a c-section, you will have the remainder of your children c-section. I feel like i got to experience something pretty neat. Not many of us get to have experienced giving birth both ways. It’s kinda cool. Lol

Katie Graham Romba 6 months ago

Having a c section was so much easier. It wasn’t bad at all!!!

Lizzi Moss 6 months ago

I had two c sections and it was very scary and my first recovery was much harder then my second but it all went very well.

Ashley Russell Kegley 6 months ago

So true!! And after they come and push on your stomach afterwards, I almost punched a nurse in the face. Worst pain ever!! I didn’t really feel any pressure when they got my daughter out. During the c section wasn’t that bad, just the aftermath for me. Everyone is different!! I’m a tough chick, but I had a hard recovery. My baby girl is definitely worth all that pain!!

Hannah Courreges 6 months ago

Hahaha! I had an emergency c-section after 27 hours of labor. My recovery was a cakewalk. I was off pain meds and feeling completely fine before I even left the hospital. Don’t let this ridiculous article scare you. C-sections are definitely not that big of a deal, and I did not experience a single symptom on this list.

Stephanie Caron 6 months ago

Due to my back being fused up I will not be able to get an epidural so if I end up needing a c section I will need to be put under completely. Honestly I would rather go for c instead of v delivery. I dont think my back will allow me to be laying on that bed with my legs pulled back to push. I’m not scared of the pain but terrified I will break my hardware and need major back surgery again.

Caroline Copeling van Huyssteen 6 months ago

The fact that you saw your intestines being pulled out alarms me, and in fact you may want to consider getting a new OB if indeed you had a “normal” c-section.Perhaps you also had exploratory surgery at the same time which would explain the intestines and then that would mean your experience was not normal

Courtney Jensen 6 months ago

So true! All of it!!!

Norma Sleator 6 months ago

My two experiences were far better than described in this article. First time it was an emergency situation. Without this procedure I would NOT be a very proud and happy mother of two healthy children. I am grateful for my experiences. End result counts.

Lindsey Enderson Placek 6 months ago

1000% accurate! #7 would be the horror of nurses squishing on your belly to make sure uterus is properly contracting and shrinking. THAT WAS THE WORST!!!

Amy Blessing 6 months ago

I had one. I have feeling around my tiny scar. I could feel pulling but nothing significant.

There is recovery time buts it’s major surgery

Kim Escalera 6 months ago

I had two c-sections 20 months apart, way back in 1987 and 1988. It is major surgery but your body can heal. My scar is relatively small despite the 10 pounders that had to be squeezed out. I did regain feeling and every year got better. It is very possible to get your body back. I really wish that my lamaze coach had been willing to discuss the possibility of one requiring a c-section. She said “that won’t happen if you use the lamaze technique correctly”. Wow.

Gina ONeill 6 months ago

Also your risk for plecenta accretta

Danielle Colatosti 6 months ago

This is why people are afraid of C sections. The writer needs to grow a pair. Seriously the c section is not bad. What a bad dr thst you lost feeling. This pissed me off

Kelly Terry 6 months ago

I’ve had 2, the first being an emergency, the 2nd because it was twins, so they were a necessity, but it’s the women who ASK for a c-section & the doctors that perform them are the ones that get me!!! Especially when it’s so you can pick the date !!

Tammy Ross 6 months ago

Loved my two C-Sections. For me they were great, low recovery time and none of that ‘push the bowling ball through the eye of a needle’ stuff – which I had zero interest in. I have two small scars and honestly, no pain, healthy babies. What more can a gal ask for.

Tita Bravo 6 months ago

It is nothing like that and like several have stated above it puts unnecessary fear in 1st time moms..I’ve had 2 and i recovered much easier from my 2nd.! And I will be having my 3rd and final one this summer…and there is nothing bad with having a csection some of us just had complications giving birth and for our child’s well being we are willing to do anything! So please don’t judge mothers who have had csection u don’t know their story and it doesn’t make u less of a woman either..! More power to us!

Carla Carla 6 months ago

sounds horrible either way, you deal with your vagina being stretched 10 cm or post surgery nightmare… I wish there were articles with more positive experiences about birth that would motivate women to conceive

Yagna Echevarria 6 months ago

I will do it all over again. I rather have a c-section than natural delivery.

Olivia V Zavala 6 months ago

I’m on my 5th csection and the last one I was up and walking within hours no pain medication it depends who your OB is

Cassia Elizabeth 6 months ago

They should add…take the voltaren suppositories…sure having some strangers finger in your ass isn’t idea but hot damn they work! Plus you aren’t all groggy from narcotics trying to care for a baby/ breastfeed:)) and you don’t get as constipated from the narcs either.

Lacey Rose 6 months ago

Geesh.. makes ya want to run out and sign up for one don’t it? This is ONE ladies opinion. My first c-section was an emergency one. Recovery from that was tougher for sure then my second planned c section. On my second section, the worse part of it is having the terrible gas pains after. Those were a worse pain than the c-section itself. I was up walking that same day. Recovery was a breeze. I have feeling around my scar. I did get a lot of adhesions on my scar the second time around and I have an existing lump that is probably a hernia… but other than that. .. I’d say it was worth it.

Di 6 months ago

My little boy was born via emergency c-section at 01:30 on a Sunday morning. It was an amazing experience. It was cold in there but they covered me in toasty blankets. Docters and nurses were so cheerful and music was playing. It was a very special moment. I don’t know why everyone feels the need to scare other women about having a c-section. I even had someone tell me you’re not really a mother until you’ve given natural birth. Sometimes you don’t have a choice and you don’t need all the negativity. I believe it’s all about your attitude. I was up and showered 4 hours after my son was born. I think being up and moving helped and I didn’t need anyone taking care of me or the baby. Your c-section birth can be just as wonderful as a natural birth and your experience after is going to be what you make it. At the end of it all having a healthy baby is all that matters.

Teresa Weathers 6 months ago

After having gone thru this myself, I can now laugh about it!!!! I can truly relate to all 6 things. I was not prepared, do your research, ask around, be prepared for anything, expect the unexpected & if you think you have a perfect plan in mind, be prepared to have it be tweaked. I went in expecting to have my little girl natural, nope she got stuck at 8 cm & they have to go in.

Jessie Read Bouclier 6 months ago

I loved my section. I’ll never regret it. Just go in with expectations that stuff happens. There is a recovery period and if you’re relaxed about it, it’s all good. But don’t try to be a hero, if you need pain meds, do it.

Cathie Antczak 6 months ago

I had an emergency c-section where the baby was breech. I feel like the writer must’ve had the wrong doctor because, even in the heat of the moment, my surgical team was very informative. Was I surpised at the lack of muscle control in my abs? Yes, but that was me not thinking about it because I had been doing over 300 stomach crunches a day for two years prior to my pregnancy, so I figured I was golden. LOL. 12 years after my son’s birth, my scar is barely visible and I don’t even realize it’s there. You have to make the decision that’s right for you AND your baby.

Tammy Martin Young 6 months ago

I had three c-sections and I think women reading this should consider that every individual will have an experience of their own. All three c-sections were different for me but I was up having a shower just a few hours after each surgery. Of course you need to stay on top of pain meds, that’s what you’re advised to do and for very good reason. I didn’t loose feeling around the scar and of course surgery is a big deal. Your intestines are not exposed and having someone reach into your body to pull your baby out is definitely an odd feeling, but incredibly short. It’s far more controlled than a vaginal birth, which I’ve heard can be horrific for some mothers during birth. Don’t let this post scare you if you need to have a c-section. Just focus on the moment you get to hold your precious little one and bring him/her home. Let’s face it, child birth no matter how it happens is no cake walk.

Carlene Zullo 6 months ago

The room is hot as hell, not cold and I felt nothing, not even pressure

Natalie Adams-Carlson 6 months ago

My c-section was necessary. We both would have died if I hadn’t.

Alma Hrnjic-Eiswert 6 months ago

Ladies, I had 3 babies one vaginal and 2 cesarean, either way it’s painful BUT once you see your baby YOU forget about the pain. Nothing to worry! Have them babies and be blessed. They’re the Biggest Blessings you will ever have.

Brittany Archibald 6 months ago

Some people are such cry babies. Ive had 2 sections and only took ibrpofen for pain. Its part of becoming a parent lol .. was i scared at first yeah im human but ya gotta do what u gotta do!! Hell the first time i had a c section i had gal bladder removed 2 weeks later. Guess what… I survived SUPRISE! Lmao

Megan King 6 months ago

My c-section was an incredibly positive experience as opposed to my natural birth experience which ended up with a PTSD diagnosis. The healing process has been a lot easier for me with the section. If I were having another child I would choose a c-section 100 times over a natural birth. But this is just my preference and experience, everyone is different and this article is just another opinion, not necessarily true for everyone.

Anita HoneyBee Rose 6 months ago

I’m just not gonna read it an continue on planning on getting one. I am NOT destroying my vag.

Tanya Frey 6 months ago

My cesarean scar from 9 years ago STILL hurts me from time to time, and I recovered very quickly.
I had an emergency C cuz my doc was lousy at listening to my pregnancy concerns

Judy Cem 6 months ago

Mentally preparing yourself for anything is so important. I came from a family of expert birthers and I thought it would be easy. Never in my wild dreams would I have a c section. I was going to have a completely natural birth. I think the worse part was just not being prepared mentally in any way. Then the stigma that goes with it. People believe the the easy way out, that they would never allow it, someone even told me out must be the worst thing that could happen. Uh no, not the worst thing! My 2nd and 3rd c/s were a breeze and very healing. I didn’t think recovery was bad at all, in fact a few days after my friend asked me how I can sit with my legs crossed. She couldn’t for a month after vaginal birth. Plus I love that I’m intact down below lol

Cynthia Nigro Duffy 6 months ago

Gotta laugh…i did it 3 times…hahahaha

Sami Tillis 6 months ago

Mine was emergency. Worst thing that could have ever happened. Pain meds didn’t work, they had to knock me out really quick, no questions asked, when I could feel the laser cutting me. And if anyone has ever been on ketamine you may, or may not, have had an experience like mine… but it basically felt like I was being pulled in and out of death over and over and over. It was the reason my baby was in the nicu for a week, and why I didn’t see him for 14 hours, feed him(pumped bottle) for about 2-3days, hold him for 4-5 days. I have some serious ptsd issues, too. (Talking about it has been the best way to cope so thank you for being patient with my unsolicited rant) but I think everyone should be aware of all things related with childbirth because I was not.

Sibel Gedikli Menezes 6 months ago

All this is so true but I would still do it again. 😉

Mrs C 6 months ago

Awww… you just brought back happy memories with this article. Twice with 8 years apart from one another. Honestly, I’d do it again if ever 😉

Sibel Gedikli Menezes 6 months ago

All this is soooo true!

Shannon Ireland 6 months ago

Try having salmonella poison from hospital food two days after it. THAT was brutal.

Monica Sanchez Ontiveros 6 months ago

I didn’t think mine was this bad at all… Pooped two days later, walking a few hours after and the pain wasn’t really pain, it was more discomfort.

Jax Hovind 6 months ago

I don’t relate to any of this. My second was a c-section and it WAS a cake walk. I was up and walking 7 hours after surgery and was home and healthy in no time. No lasting pain or loss of feeling. This article doesn’t give a well rounded idea of what a c-section is like. Everyone is different.

Kristy Ralston Raso 6 months ago

This post made me laugh out loud! I can definitely relate and as I prepare to have my second c section in 10 days or less…I’m trying to mentally prepare for everything that is ahead. Exciting times ahead

Tina M. Warada 6 months ago


Nova Kane 6 months ago

My first baby was an emergency c-section. Best idea EVER. I had no problems and healed like a champ. 2nd baby they gave me the choice. I chose c-section and the only problem I had was that they put morphine in my I.V. and I was breastfeeding and I didn’t want morphine. So I refused pain meds. The post birth mother’s body is amazing and I did just fine without pain meds. My c-sections were awesome. If I had to choose again (which I do not plan on more babies) I would choose c-section EVERY TIME. ✌✌✌

Jocelyn Mattjoel Ponciano 6 months ago

I have had two c sections. And they are not as bad as this story states. And trust me the sooner you get out of bed and start moving the better…

Arlene Plemons 6 months ago

And you comment isn’t… ? I’ve never had to experience one. It’s obvious that the author wrote this with humor so yes it was hilarious.

Erica Covarrubias 6 months ago

The gas pains

Cherene Kruger Milton 6 months ago

Sorry I disagree with this article and found it a whole lot of bull. I am the world’s biggest baby and I have had 2 C sections and none of this is even close to what I went through. And I had my surgeries done in Africa. Really what a load of nonsense. Mine were emergencies and had I not done them we would have died so why put fear into people. C sections saved both my daughters.

Donna Buntaine Brewer 6 months ago

I had two C Sections. I TOTALLY recommend them! Only really painful moment was the first time walking, but each time thereafter was dramatically better! It wasn’t bad at all!

Lea Reeves 6 months ago

3 c-sections and were all different. The first one I was so cold and after losing a pint of bloody. It was scary cold. I ended up with a lock jaw… I can see the funny side now.
The 3rd I had a trainee do my epidural seven times they let him try to do it. But the worst thing apart from it felt like someone was trying to wear my skin while I was in it…..

THE ITCHING! The drugs make my face itch so much u scatch ur face off.

Jennifer Knopp 6 months ago

I loved my c section!! None of the points in the article happened to me. And I healed up much faster than my friends who had natural births.

Carlene Zullo 6 months ago

Had 3….sore yes but not bad at all

Donna Larkin 6 months ago

I had two c sections. They are not that bad. Of course, it’s recovery from major surgery but it just wasn’t a total nightmare. The first was worse than the second but I think by then you just know you have things to get done and can’t wait around to get better.

Sara Baker 6 months ago

The article is great because it’s their experience. Everyone has their own life experiences and it’s okay. The problem with everyone is that they only see from one angle. … their own. So try to keep in mind that every pregnancy is different and every birth is different. Relax and have fun with these articles and get over yourselves. Lol that last part was a joke. Have a great day:)

Suzy Arturo Campos 6 months ago

ive had 5 c sections and its easy cheesy!!! :-) id hv 5 more if my body could or the docs wld let me lol the first c section was the scariest and most difficult for me to recover from, but I think cus it was my frst surgery. after that, it was fun!!! I was always walking (slowly, but still walking) w in a couple to a few hrs!:) & I got prego so soon after bby #3- by my 6 wk check up. .thats y I had #4- & #5 was completely unexpected, but my miracle:)

Kathy Shishko 6 months ago

So true but So worth it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Julana Ridlon 6 months ago

I had a c section 3 months ago with my first child. Almost everything in this article is true, I was scared shitless while getting the epidural and for every minute after until my son was born. Recovery however was a breeze. For the first week or so I was pretty helpless but by my two week check up I was no longer taking my pain meds and could bend over to put on my own shoes. Everyone is different in how they recover but the experience for me was almost exactly the same as this article. I will have another c section if I have anymore kids and I hope next time goes as smoothly as this one did.

Joanne Mercier 6 months ago

I think everyone should prepare for any situation. Be realistic and expect that your pregnancy plan won’t go as…planned. That’s half the battle. After that, recovering is easy.
I think the recovery portion of this article is dead on…or realistic, and those reading should expect the discomforts that come along with it. We all know vaginal or c-section delivery is not a cake walk, so prepare yourself with all the gory possibilities. Everyone IS different and it makes it all worth while!

Mindy Shiver 6 months ago

That recovery is HELL!!!! I’ve had to vaginal & last one had to be by c section….worst pain ever….I’d never again go thru that again..so needless to say our daughter is the last!!

Suzy Arturo Campos 6 months ago

where was this info 5 c sections ago???? ha

Dana Bunny Manuel 6 months ago

Been there, done that. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Heather 6 months ago

Oh, this is so true. I had to have two C-sections. We tried to VBAC with my second one but it didn’t work. I was better prepared for the toll a section would take the second time around and bonded significantly better with my second child. My first section was almost 8 years ago and my second almost 5. There is almost no feeling around the incision area and certain parts of my stomach have no feeling or are SUPER INSAINLY sensitive to the point of throwing up if they get touched. I, however, WOULD do it all AGAIN for my babies.

Tori Ramay 6 months ago

I knew all of these things before my first c section. I educated myself on the subject just in case, thankfully. I don’t see why you wouldn’t.

Shannon McDowell 6 months ago

Dead.On. Wish I would’ve had this helpful “heads up” before I had mine.

Quandra Doak 6 months ago

I agree! My emergency c-section went great and recovery was fast and fairly easy. I was totally freaked out as I wasn’t ready for it but afterwards I was very thankful for everything the team did

Chrislynn Sharp 6 months ago

Ok, I gotta say, my c-section was a piece of cake. I did not feel a thing, and the recovery was not that bad. Sure, I had pain, but I followed my doctor’s instructions, healed up beautifully, and barely needed any Motrin, let alone the heavy narcotic I had been prescribed. But let me say that I was in good health before and during my pregnancy, meaning, that I was not overweight, I exercised regularly, and ate right, (for the most part). A c-section wasn’t my ideal delivery either, but when I found out my baby had moved and was in a full-breach position for delivery, (meaning her hips and butt would be delivered first, not her head,) I did not see any other option. I’m just grateful that everything worked out so well.

Sarah Jane Sheehan 6 months ago

Absolutely what i went through on all 3 c sections every one the same but the first was the worst

Ashlee Wagner 6 months ago

Dead on.

Barb Fishel 6 months ago

All true! But the end result is worth every push, pull, tug and poopless day.

Lori Rose Yurtin 6 months ago

Didn’t read but my c/s was easy and I am so glad it was planned for my breach twins

Pilar Lehmann 6 months ago

I had no problem with my C-section. Don’t be afraid of if your baby life is at risk you will do what ever it takes!! If you a healthy and fit mom your recovery will be great. I do have feeling around my insition. Also Choose your Dr wisely that will also make a difference. And don’t scare other moms about getting a C-section! If FINE

Ade L. Might 6 months ago

I’m not sure what they are talking about but I felt pressure and it was cool and not painful at all. Obviously the muscles need to heal afterwards but I was still able to laugh and I can feel everything where the scare is.

Ashlee Zartner 6 months ago

I must be lucky because my c section was fine. Yes the OR is chilly but that’s not a big deal. They’re cold so you don’t get an infection. You arent in there for long. If THAT is what youre obsessing over before you get to meet your new baby, you’re in for a rough life. I didn’t have a problem walking after the surgery. I pooed just fine. I never had issues with itches. My “pulling” wasn’t noticeable. You will feel pressure but no pain. You can’t numb pressure. It’s not fair to scare new moms. Ladies, just be excited. There is NOTHING to worry about. Go with the flow, what is worrying going to do? Nothing.

Melissa Etzler 6 months ago

Take the pain meds & Simethicone for the gas. Eat prunes every chance u get! Get the catheter out ASAP

Teresa Reid 6 months ago

I had two necessary c-sections, and if not for the complications (I had placenta accreta, so I had a lot of hemorraging and ended up with an emergency hysterectomy after my second) I think it would have been just fine. All of the competition between mothers about vaginal vs. c-section, medication or no medication is so ridiculous to me. All we want is to have healthy babies and to be here to take care of them, right? If not for my c-sections, I would not have been here to be a mother to my children, and that’s really all that matters to me.

Liz Guenza McCorkell 6 months ago

These are so very true. I had 2 c-sections. Number 5 hit home the most for me. I was miserable – in non pooping hell!!

Jessica Hanson 6 months ago

I loooooved that nobody warned me about the nurses coming in to make me walk the next morning and as soon as I was vertical every last drop of blood in my body it seemed splatted all over my feet, legs, and went in a three foot diameter around me. I dont think I have ever recovered from seeing THAT.

Judy Diaz 6 months ago

I had a c-section with my second child. Best decision ever! I tore very badly having my first child. I was in so much pain for weeks. With my second I was up and around in a couple of days with hardly any pain.

Abbie Greco 6 months ago

All so true especially number 6. Still have no feeling by the incision after almost 11 years!

Karena L Rogers 6 months ago

All true.

Ashley Lewis 6 months ago

Either you had a c-cection done by dr. Mengela or you’re a wuss.

Shiva Shahlapour 6 months ago

All true! :-)

Jenny Anguiano 6 months ago

I was SOOO afraid of having a c section, I blocked it out of my head that it was even a possibility. Told my husband he didn’t need to pay attention to that part of the birthing class. Low and behold after 24 hours of labor we were doing a c-section. I was up walking around within a few hours and my incision healed extremely well within a couple of weeks.

Wendy King Whitfield 6 months ago

I can relate. Thanks for posting. I needed a good laugh!

Jennifer 6 months ago

I consider myself to be the luckiest woman on earth. If I had read this article before having my c-section, I would have been an anxiety ridden mess. as it happened, my section was an emergency procedure because my son was breech. I experienced none of the things listed in this article. my operating room was not frigid, the tugging pressure I felt was not god awful, my pain after surgery was significant but tolerable, I was able to stop pain meds within three days, and I was back on my feet with minimal discomfort within a week. I have total feeling where my scar is, and it has been 8 years. I feel bad for the author of this article because I wonder about the competency of her doctor. it makes me so sad that so many women have such horrible c-section experiences. I feel even worse that women are sometimes villainized because they choose to have c sections. any and every woman must choose for herself and I would hope they own their choice and not let anyone else’s experience color their feelings and emotions going forward.I just wish we could all be grateful for the babies we have and not stay so focused on the pregnancy and birth. Those are just steps in the journey. the experience lasts a lifetime.

Virginia Billiot 6 months ago

I had 2 c sections and I’m still love it will take away some of that omg natural birth thing which sucks but it really isn’t the end of the world my daughter always ask me how she fit thru the cut ….. like she was a big baby lol

Sheri Bono 6 months ago

My c section wa not planned, I pushed for over 3 hours, then went to OR, after my daughter was born I started bleeding out. C sections are major surgery there should be some fear!

Sabrina Desjardins 6 months ago

OMG this is a terrible article. I had an Emergency C section and it was painless and an easy recovery. No more worse than having your vagina ripped open. In my opinion.

Lynn Savino-Lenart 6 months ago

Healthy baby is the out come, count me in… and yes sometimes not but . But I’ll take the c section and yes had 2 myself.

Sheri Bono 6 months ago

All very true. Wish I had been warned :)

Tonya Lafferty 6 months ago

This article NEEDS to include the fact that you are at a significantly elevated risk of developing placenta previa during any subsequent pregnancies …. Even after just one c section delivery. Found that out the hard way with my second and was utterly shocked

Tanya Wenger 6 months ago

I’ve had five c sections and each was a little different. But I recovered quickly from all of them, unlike my SIL who had to have surgery to repair damage done during her vaginal birth.

Meghan Curley Chapman 6 months ago

Every post makes me rethink this whole pregnancy thing, and with 21 weeks down, that’s pretty impossible now. Thanks Scary Mommy.

Jacque Lacina 6 months ago

The shakes were the worst. I wish I’d had some warning.

Nicole Rowars 6 months ago

I have to agree with this, I had a lot of pain during the surgery and had to be put out. I don’t think that’s common though and I would still do it again over a vaginal birth any day.

Amy Mitchell Russell 6 months ago

Did it twice would do it again. Yes to laughing hurting and numbness around the scar… But really? So glad that 10lb baby with shoulders like a line backer didn’t come out the old fashioned way! Team CSXN!

Kristi Pearson 6 months ago

All true but, if it is necessary, it is all worth it for a healthy baby.

Jaime-Lynn Howe 6 months ago

I had 2 c-sections, the first wasn’t the greatest, as it was and emergency but, I got through it. The second c-section was amazing. I knew what to kinda expect…. I kept topped up on drugs for 2 days. Recovery was perfect. No need to be scaring women. Everyone is different. Enjoy the experience. I would do it again.
I might be a little weird but I loved the feeling of the epidural lol

Rain Valentine 6 months ago

Guess I had an awesome doctor and anesthesiologist!! Mine was nothing like this lol the worst part for me was a few months after when I would get up fast and get shooting pains, but besides that it wasn’t bad. 2 years now and u can’t see the scar even!

Katherine A Guidry 6 months ago

When it compromises the health of you baby or you. its a blessing that Doctors can do this procedure after almost 2 days of trying to have a normal delivery.
That was My Case!!
everybody’s case is different.

Rheanne Grenier-Serediuk 6 months ago

This article is horrifying to first time mothers. I unexpectedly had a c section and let me tell you it’s not nearly as bad as this makes it sound. Yes there is a recovery period like any other surgery but it’s well worth it and if you take the time to ensure proper recovery you will be fine.

Debra Logan 6 months ago

My epidural port slipped so I actually did feel them cutting. Other than that, this list is pretty spot on. I do wish someone had passed this information on to me beforehand. It would have made me nervous, but at least I would have been better prepared.

Ellen 6 months ago

Completely agree!

Rebecca Halley 6 months ago

I think I experienced most of these 9 years ago. I definitely remember the room being cold, still have little feeling in my scar area, and going to the bathroom the first time after both of my deliveries was about as equally painful to giving birth. As for the tugging and pulling feeling when my twins were taken out, I don’t remember. I know I talked to my doctor before my surgery. I asked if he would be requesting instruments out loud. It was a fairly relaxed atmosphere, they talked about sports and such.

Miriam Chastain 6 months ago

Every woman’s body and reaction is different. Every babys birth story is different. I have 4 children, my eldest was born c-section (cord 3x around his neck). I recovered just fine. Released from the hospital 2 days after birth, walked a mile when he was 6 days old. Sure i have a scar, sure i have numb spots…. but he s alive and im alive. Went on to have 3 vbacs. First one i couldn’t walk more than a hobble for 2 weeks. 2nd one i was a rockstar…. walked to the bathroom while they were cleaning her up and weighing and all. Except for coming hime with my precious red haired girl i hardly knew anything had happened. Lol. 4th and last baby was 36 hours of labor baby stuck too far down for csec but too high for a good vacuum seal. Pushed so hard for so long i had a seizure (never had one before or since) he jad low Apgar scores. By my experiences i would recommend women have only girl babies tje boys were bad. Lol, but i know that the correlation is coincidental.

Ellen 6 months ago


Lisa Schwartz 6 months ago

I had one and I was in and done in 36 min. Ain’t nobody got time for labor!

Carrie Bricker 6 months ago

Lol. It was not the lack of information about the c-section that bothered me. It was all the tricks two growing boys have up their sleeves. Things such as my 5 year old having a “booger wall”. Where was the instructional pamphlet that should have came with them. :)

Cynthia Chatelain 6 months ago

Yes this article nailed it on the head, but the out come is so much more. The little person they pull out is absolutely and completely worth doing it again a thousand times over. :)

Samantha Hinton Burnette 6 months ago

Its all pretty true… I’ve had two c sections but everyone is different. The main thing I agree with is the pressure.. Holy mother of c sections.. The pressure was insane. At least with the first one when I was awake. The second I had an anxiety attack and they knocked me out!! Woke up hour late n thought I was still pregnant :))

Karen Phillips Sherer 6 months ago

Oh, and when you get cold, all you have to do is ASK for heated blankets, and something called a ‘teddy bear’, which is a heated bag of air that’s placed over top of you. A lot of those shakes are also caused by the actual anesthetic. It’s a reaction, not actually being cold. They can’t and won’t change the temperature of the room, because it helps with keeping things sterile. Having a baby isn’t easy, either way, but in reality, a c-section surgery is pretty easy.

Stephanie Stock 6 months ago

I got pretty lucky in the sense that I got most the feeling back. But boy I wish someone had told me about the pulling. When they took out my twins and placenta it felt like they were crushing my lungs and pulling out my stomach. SCARY.

Karen Phillips Sherer 6 months ago

Overdramatic much?? I’ve had a lot of prior surgery yes, but in reality, this wasn’t that bad. Sorry, it just wasn’t that bad.

Magda Mikulska 6 months ago

Every delivery (vaginal or c section) is different and has a potential for complications.
My c section was 30 minutes from start to finish.
I did not feel a thing. Cold? Yes. But who cares. Your baby is coming to this world. It’s more important than being cold.
I was able to hold my baby as soon as they put stitches on my belly. My husband was the first to see her or hold her.
Great. I love both of them and I am glad he had a chance to bond with her like that.
It is more natural for women to bond with a child thru breas feeding. So it was wonderful he got to experience being first to welcome her.
Recovery was great.
First day did not feel pain due to pain meds. Second day was rough. And from then on it was easier and easier. Day 12 I went out with the baby and stroller by myself. Also I do feel around the scar.
The scar is there but I am not a VS model. Plus it will be my “tatoo” my symbol of being a mom forever!
As you see. C sections can be not so scary. Mine was due to breach. I would not opt for it but it happened.

So please don’t scare mommies with these stories.

Yes. Things can go wrong but so you can have comications after and during vaginal delivery.

All mommies to be. Good luck;))) All that matters is thag beautiful bundle of joy.

Johanne Scott 6 months ago

I had three vaginal deliveries and my last by c section. If I could go back they would ALL be cs sections. Idk if I was lucky or had an a amazing surgeon but my recovery was days and I hardly bled.

Sarah Louise Brown 6 months ago

Bull i had a c section without a prob just a bit sore after nothing major

Dana Strangemore 6 months ago

No truer words lol, number 2 was the most unforgettable feeling as the doctors dig their hands in to pretty much touch your back and pull out 8 pounds of mass. But there you are split wide open on the table as the doctors focus on the baby and leave you with your insides hanging out, was the most helpless defeated feeling I’ve ever felt, even though you’ve accomplished something so life changing.

Susan Blevins 6 months ago

Stop trying to scare new mothers! Sure yours may have been a horrific experience…but for many that’s not the case. If I were a first time Mom, this would terrify me. As someone who had 2 C’s, I know this could have been written much more helpfully. Be kind when sharing your experience. Remember your sisters may be new at this.

Missa Goehring Plosky 6 months ago

Too fear mongering for me. I was so surprised at how wonderful my c/s experiences were.

Laurie Hundt 6 months ago

Spit on. Pregnant woman are NOT properly informed. I had a natural child birth with #1 and #2 was foot long breach and wouldn’t turn. I am still suffering the effects of the c-section 9 years later. Its. The. Worst.

Karen Buck 6 months ago

My daughter had a vaginal delivery of a 10 lb 2 Oz baby girl 4 years ago. The epidural wore off waaaay before the baby came–but nobody did anything (the nurses tried but can’t work without an order)–anyway she couldn’t stop her knees or lips from shaking when she recalled her labor and delivery. She got pregnant again and was terrified! Different group of doctors gave her a c-section! 9 lb 9 Oz baby girl. So much different the 2nd time! So glad for her…she was able to enjoy her baby this time.

Melissa Baileey 6 months ago

Some people experience shivering but it isn’t from cold. It is a reaction to some of the medicine. Not everyone gets the shakes but many people do.

Krista Tice King 6 months ago

This lady is dramatic!! My Csection was nothing like this!!!! Don’t be scared ladies.

Alanna Decarlo 6 months ago

1-5 goes for vaginal too. The shaking if you get an epi.

Michele Torino 6 months ago

I had 5 c sections and this is a nut case writing this. Maybe you should worry about your doctor.

Amy Cook Quintana 6 months ago
Sara Johnston 6 months ago

I’ve had 2, soon to be 3 c-sections and I was thankful for the two I had because my babies came home with me afterwards. Not everyone gets a happy ending, c-sections exist for a reason. I know recovery is hard and painful, and the surgery has some scary risks but I am still thankful I had it.

Amanda Etcheto 6 months ago

Everybody’s birth experience is different, everyone should always be aware of what the worst possible scenario could be, not to scare them, though it can be scary, but rather to prepare them. I prepared myself with the possibility of having unplanned unmedicated birth, braced for “the worse pain in my life” and then sure enough she came to fast they couldn’t give me anything but the pain was still minimal for me, I was lucky but I was mentally prepared for something way worse, while hoping for the best.

Sally Gallant 6 months ago

I had 2 c sections one was a emergency and the other was planned. My emergency was painful but ok. My 2nd planned c setion was perfectly fine. I was not on any hard meds just Tylenol and up walking 2 hrs my c section. C sections are NOT scary or anything to be ashamed about. Even though my emergency c section it was hard and painful but its mind over matter.

Ellen 6 months ago

I have had 4 c-sections and was cut there 2 other times for an incisional hernia repair and the only one of your statements I agree with is how cold the operating room is but its for a reason, would you rather chance the surgeon sweating while he’s operating on you? I know everyone’s experience is different but I think you should have noted that, this seems like it would scare the crap put of anyone facing a c-section. I do not have feeling across my scar either but it is not bothersome, I never feel it. With my second one the epidural wasn’t working and I had to be put to sleep because I never went numb, but with the others I never felt even a slight tugging. Oh I do agree with the laughing and coughing part, that is extreme hard to do but the more you force yourself to do it the easier it gets. I never even took pain meds after until my last, I am guessing it was so different because I had had my tubes tied while they had me open. My point is, you made this sound like a horrifying nightmare, I know plenty of women who had c-sections with very little to no complaints, maybe it has to do with how high a persons pain tolerance is.

Shauna Stanley 6 months ago

I wish I knew what that got damn shot was about to do. I was prepared for numbness not mf PARALYSIS! I couldn’t feel jack from my neck down as in I couldn’t even feel myself breathe. I thought I was dead. Yeah. No. I wasn’t ready. Stay ahead of the pain is some advice you would be better off taking. Unless you want to fully feel that you survived bring sawed in half.

Megan Ross 6 months ago

I had my second son by c-section it wasn’t ideal but it was necessary. They covered by top half with a blanket that was connected to heater. I didn’t feel tugging and extreme pressure. My son was breech so they had to turn him while pulling him out and it wasn’t painful. I was sore but able to walk with a few hours. I went him two days later and started my daily life with a newborn and 5 year old. I had no down time and i healed perfectly. My only complaint was the burning sensation around incision due to nerves.

Kellie Berry Holmes 6 months ago

Agreed with everything!!

Ashlee Thompson 6 months ago

Haha! All so true!

Milene Oliveira 6 months ago

I had a wonderful experience and would do it again. I stopped taking the pain meds before I left the hospital. I followed the instructions on not picking up heavy stuff or using the stairs. Two weeks later I felt like myself again and now I have a barely noticeable scar.

Jenny Reddersen 6 months ago

I had 7 kids by c-section and its all true! I was lucky that I healed so well after each one but… After #4 I started retaining all the baby weight. I think maybe I would add…make sure you get back to some exercise and good eating habits asap. Major surgery does mess with your metabolism.

Tammy Marie Windsor-Sullivan 6 months ago

I guess I was lucky, I didn’t experience any of this, it was a much easier delivery than my VBAC. It took me time to heal, but it wasn’t horrible.

Erica Andreana 6 months ago

Its not as bad as this author makes it sound. No reason to freak out new moms to be.. I had 2 c sections and I was up and walking around after a couple hours.. maybe I’m a mutant or something but if I had any more kids-I would do a csection all over again.

Vicki Croisetiere 6 months ago

#4 was the worst. If my husband made me laugh I would have to stop and hold that are because of the muscles. After 24 hours, I got up and walked as much as possible especially with the second one.

Brittany Scott 6 months ago

It’s awesome that a lot of women have had a good experience but that’s not always the case. Women should know the good and bad before deciding. I had to have an emergency after 18 hours of hard labor. It was not fun and if I had known how hard the recovery would be I wouldn’t have gone with it so easily. And then the 2nd one was even worse on me. Not to mention 2.5 years since my last and I still have to deal with the effects of it.

Abigail Dover 6 months ago

Shaking & laughing was painful if I didn’t hold a pillow. Till this day I have no feeling at all near my incision which is good because I feel nothing and I like that ahah

Catherine Pederson 6 months ago

I had all of these and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. But, I would do it all again for a safe and healthy baby.

Dana 6 months ago

Same! I don’t pee when I laugh or sneeze either! I guess it all depends on your body. We’re not all built the same.

Mónica Rios 6 months ago

I was scared to move my legs after the first C section, in case the suture ripped open. This meant I spent about 24 hours with them in the same position. My doctor told me to get up and walk and proceeded to yell at me for only attaining a 90 degree position. It hurt horribly to straighten up. On the 2nd C section, the doctor told me to move my legs around. To quote Robert Frost: That has made all the difference. I was up and around, feeling reasonably fine within 24 hours. The whole sneezing thing: after 14 years, sometimes I still feel the need to hold on to my lower belly, to avoid pain. In my country they tell you to talk as little as possible after surgery to avoid gas and they´ll also put you in a non-stretchable girdle. This did help with the pain, so you might want to try it.

Dena Lemelin 6 months ago

Csections suck. Hurt like hell. This second time the on call doctor used dissolvable stitches internally and now they are trying to pop out by creating tiny holes in my incision. Ow!

Also I’m three weeks PP so it’s all still fresh and new to me.

But in the end you still get your baby. Hopefully healthy and happy.

Leanda Zupka 6 months ago

Every c-section is different…and everyone’s tolerance is different too. Where I took no pain medication post surgery, my cousin did. That doesn’t make me a warrior- just makes my experience different. C-sections are nothing to be afraid of. What matters is having a healthy baby and post delivery recovery.

Jessica Bilotta Maddox 6 months ago

I have had two c sections and they weren’t bad at all! I was off if pain meds in 5 days and just on ibuprofen. I did take a weaker pain med for my nipples because my son cracked them while breast feeding. It took 3-4 days to poop, coughing was the worst but it wasn’t really bad! And my scar is fine. No itching. No numbness. Everyone is different but don’t let this post freak you out. :)

Kim Collins Hutto 6 months ago

Not so bad. I wasn’t prepared at all. It came after 15 hrs of labor but I had to. Didn’t feel anything other than tugging and pressure then I puked right after, weird right? Anyway VERY painful after for prob 3-4 days and it eased up and walkjng better. Pain meds helped tho. My tummy will never be the same, but who cares? I had a baby in there, cut thru all that muscle to give him life!! I do have numbness and sometimes itchies on scar but very minimum. Just something u live with. Also occasionally when I reach up high I will feel slight stretchy feeling but after 11 yrs I think im ok!! Yes, 11 yrs later and still have little numbness and itches and strechies. Payoff in end in that sweet little face that I created.

Christine Martinez Baldizan 6 months ago

It’s really not that bad. I’ve had 2 and I still have feeling along my incision. Of course you feel them taking the baby out of you. You’re not asleep. The idea for the epidural is to not feel “pain”, they can do anything about the pressure. Don’t take the narcotics if you want to poop. Ask for 800mg Motrin. That’s what I did and I was fine. Some people have higher pain threshold a than others. I think this article may scare people away from c-sections. Sometimes it has to be done. You get a beautiful baby out of it so it’s totally worth it!

Christa Bridges 6 months ago

One major point for any c-section, emergency or not. pack a large and medium sized stretchy ace (or any medical brand really) surgical abdominal wrap. You can but these on Amazon as well. Wrap your belly as soon as you get to your room. It will alieviate, the need to grab your tummy to sneeze, laugh ect. Do it, it’s a life saver. Tummy binding is a great thing that many modern women just don’t know about.

Rebekah Palaian 6 months ago

As for point #4, I highly recommend an abdominal binder. Not only does it help your body get back to its original form, but the added support helps you recover from your c-section and helps reduce lower back pain. As for the constipation, depositories work just as effectively (if not more so) than prune juice. Other things to take in account: buy granny panties (high waisted underwear), that way your underwear elastic isn’t right on top of your scar. Also, for worried soon to be moms, even though the next two weeks are a bit tough, I felt nearly at 100% back to normal at 2 weeks post c-section (although your doctor will tell you not to resume activity for another 6 weeks). I actually started mild exercise (walking) 2-3 weeks post op, and did PT at week 6 (which I also highly recommend!)

Rachel Fafalios Haynes 6 months ago

I don’t think she was trying to scare anyone. She was completely honest. It is not easy. You also have that sweet baby to help you get through the pain.

Jennifer Pyszora Zager 6 months ago

I was terrified leading up to my c section and to be perfectly honest it wasn’t that bad. Most of the stuff listed in he article I did not experience. Every person is different and my experience was wonderful. I wish I knew how easy a c section can be.

Lynn Cramer 6 months ago

It is what it is. I didn’t want a c-section but when my baby was under stress and he doctor said go I went. Any horror stories I heard wouldn’t have stopped me because we don’t care about ourselves when our babies are in danger.

Samantha Arriaga 6 months ago

Like a page from my diary!! I just have to add one thing: my legs swelled to double their size, the night after. I was so frantic and SWORE my skin on my legs was going to rip, I didn’t let the nurse leave my side until they got the swelling under control. This is with my 3rd baby, with the first two delivered naturally and with out meds, so I was NOT ready for my body to be acting this way!!!

Cassandra Wiggin 6 months ago

My amazing quick thinking doctor ordered an emergency C-Section & it saved my daughters life…
As a mother your one goal is to have a healthy baby
No matter what

Melisa Hennessy 6 months ago

Mine was technically an emergency c section and because my mom almost died with me and the negative juju my roommate at the time was sending me (he was hoping I’d die. Yeah he’s a dick and not my roommate anymore) i was terrified. But all went ok and my beautiful daughter is now just over a month and perfect. It wasn’t so bad and pooping wasn’t a big deal. I even went 3 days with nothing stronger than ibuprofen when i got home.

Erica Meche 6 months ago

I had a c section. Got a nice big slice vertically. Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Yes it hurt, it was major surgery. My least favorite part was the numbness in my lower half and the itching from the staples. And the worse pain was actually a pulled muscle I had in my side. Now that everything is healed up, I often forget about it until I see the scar. As far as numbness around the scar, it only very very slight but that’s the same as with any other scar.

Jamie Bewley Desilets 6 months ago

My OB was great in educating me on both. Have a conversation with your OB and you will feel better prepared for what lies ahead.

Jeanne Wright Perkin 6 months ago

one of each for me and prefer the natural…for all the reasons mentioned…PS C-section was first then a V-bac…

Tori Batterman 6 months ago

My csection 2 years ago was a godsend because it got my son here safely-but every word of this is so true! And so funny! Haha! Now after having a VBAC last month I am amazed at the difference in recovery! It’s good for all women to be educated, not so they are scared but so that they are prepared for whatever way their baby makes their grand entrance!

Wendy Seles Shelton 6 months ago

Thumbs down on this ridiculous piece of “writing”.

RettaLee 6 months ago

I’ve had three.. First one was terrible but they got so much easier. The third was a complicated pregnancy and I actually had a heart attack during the procedure. But ya, like a virgin down there, no peeing while sneezing, and recovery gets easier every time. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Christy Spires 6 months ago

I’m going in for my C section on Monday. I had one with my first because I wasn’t progressing and this one is breech. It feels like I’m dreading it more this time because I know what to expect. The crucifix style strap down, the uterus massages, the inability to poop, the swollen feet afterwards….two days…

Anne Elias 6 months ago

I have had 3 c-sections and this article is spot on! I still have trouble in the bathroom sometimes and my baby is over 5 months! But, to anyone reading this, it is ALL worth it and I would do it again 3 more times if I had to!

Molly Horner DeCaro 6 months ago

I had an emergency c section and I know how scary some of these articles can be. My surgery went very well, and of course the recovery is going to be longer for some than others. Sometimes the surgery will be worse for some than others. Mommies have enough to worry about without reading some fear based article if they happen to have to have one!

Cristina Bahre 6 months ago

Lighten up ladies. This was meant to be funny. My godd!
Oh! And while we’re at it, let’s share our bragging stories to show her!

Tara Shaw 6 months ago

This is hilarious and so very true

Shera Persyn Atkins 6 months ago

I was scared to death before my C-section. All the stuff on this list is true, but exaggerated. The recovery definitely wasn’t as easy as the vaginal birth I had with my eldest daughter, but it wasn’t as horrible as I expected. The worst part for me was doing nothing for two weeks because my husband didn’t clean unless we were having company, and I hated seeing my house so dirty all the time. I hope I don’t have to have another one though. If I have a third baby, I’m trying for a VBAC.

Erica Hutton 6 months ago

The shaking scared my husband – so I wish he had known a little more about Csections because he was pretty freaked out. Oh and the ITCHING from the meds – shaking, itching and puking were the worst parts of the Csection. I also did that “let’s see how I feel with less meds”. It’s such a common surgery that you forget how big of a surgery it is!! How fortunate we are that Csections are an option! While I would have survived childbirth – my son very likely would not have.

Cara Lemon 6 months ago

I had a terrible experience giving birth to my daughter but it was more the hospitals fault. While giving me my spinal the anesthesiologist asked me if I could feel it so I proceeded to take my hand and point to where I could feel it, and then he started freaking out because I moved but I was never told not move it was just him and I in the operating room. The hospital I delivered my daughter at told me that if I asked for more than 1 pain pill a day that they would report me to social services and have my daughter taken away because they saw that as an “addict’s behavior”. So I took no pain medication for that reason and even when I left they told me that weren’t going to give me my prescription because I obviously didn’t need it. Moral of my story it’s always ask questions and don’t let doctors and nurses scare you. If you have support by spouses, friends or family use them. ✌

Nicole L Paulsen 6 months ago

I have been pregnant 4 times, and each and every single one was different. Giving birth is different each time, wether you have a c section or a natural birth! Dont think that all these things will happen to you, maybe they will, maybe they wont. Maybe they will one time and the next they wont. Never expect one thing or another when you’re expecting. Everything we read as expectant Mother’s is a “this COULD happened” kind of deal. I hadone cc section that was terrible, one that was great that turned terrible in recovery, and one that was no biggy all the way through! Dont expect the worse, just prepare for it. Common sense is that a c section us major abdominal surgery, as with any surgery, of course there can be complications, and of course there is gonna be recovery time, and remember that even if you feel great after a week or two, keep the 6 week recovery time in mind, you had surgery, you need 6 weeks to truly recover!!

Lorena Beltrano 6 months ago

#6 no feeling whatsoever 12 years later

Janine Zager 6 months ago

When i had my c section i had had almost none of those things happen to me. I had mine 7 months ago so i remember it all.

Julie Jennings 6 months ago

Lmao I’m sorry. But it’s true

Lezlee Ware 6 months ago

This is not my experience at all. I needed minimum meds after, was home in 36 hours, and regained feeling around my scar after a few months. Don’t let this woman’s experience scare you!

Kimmie Hill 6 months ago

I’m willing to bet my class 4 laceration was worse. That being said, I’m getting a c section next baby.

Jennifer Jacobs 6 months ago

I had an emergency c-section a week ago because baby turned out to be breech. It all happened so fast and was scary because I didn’t know what to expect. A week later I am still taking pain meds, still swollen and sometimes need to realize that I am overdoing it.

Tina Allard 6 months ago

Wasn’t as bad as this article is claiming haha
For me anyways…

Maegan Fillmore 6 months ago

Ugh the itch on the feeling less scar!!!

Heather Martinez 6 months ago

I had three vaginal births, and all three were nightmares in their own way. I’m not going to say it would have been better or an easier recovery had I had a Cesarean. However, I had doctors say during my labor c-sections were worse-and looking back I think I may have taken that over pitocin, stalled and painful labor stuck in bed after multiple failed epidurals, vacuums and hemorrhaging. I guess what I’m trying to say is that C sections carry their own issues, but I think they might be better than the problems encountered during a “bad” vaginal delivery.

Candace Creek Helton 6 months ago

Thanks for sharing your story! This blog is called Scary Mommy – not Sugar Coat it for all of the Expecting Mommies and it’s a way for us to be honest, yet sarcastic and funny!! While some of you uber sensitive people don’t get that, This info is helpful – not all of us are superhero moms. Just normal ones trying to survive motherhood which I think most of you will agree is HARD. I’ve been at it for 21 years. Having done it both ways, the last being an emergency c-section, I can say I agree with every word….#5 will apply to both due to changing hormones and pain meds, BUT, I do think it’s worse with a c-section because I was prepared and did everything I could to avoid this problem based on prior births and I still had big time trouble!!!! Yeah, and #6? So true! It’s like you itch from inside and can’t get to it. It’s been 9 years and I have decided it will be with me for the rest of my life. He was worth it though. :) Because mine was emergency, they really drugged me up and quickly. I don’t remember much about the surgery part but I do remember the cold and the tugging. Crazy experience!

Rakel Savage 6 months ago

Sections are not the worst thing in the world. I delivered two vaginally and 1 c-section and recovered 10times faster with my c-section. Stop putting some much fear and shame towards c-sections.

Becca 6 months ago

i shook so bad they had to bundle me all over including my head just to stop the shaking and that barely worked

Renée Lauranzano Bleicher 6 months ago

I agree, this has only served to scare me.

Cheryl 6 months ago

It has been almost 10 years since my c-section. The feeling came back around year 5. I am thankful for the emergency c-section that saved my son, but I am also thankful for the doctors who supported my 2 vbacs.

I had read every book I could and talked to my older friends and family who had done every type of birth possible. Research is imortant for any major life change – especially birth or major surgery. :)

Amy Dunham 6 months ago

Gotta say, my section for the birth of my twins was great. Yes, I had the shaking, and yes I was scared, but I was having a baby…two in fact, so that’s pretty normal yes? Sections are nothing to be scared of, unless they are emergency, but that’s a different story to be told. I was breast feeding within 15 mins and had skin to skin immediately. Ask, and they’ll help you. Please don’t be afraid. X

Ali Marie 6 months ago

There is a difference from scaring the hell out of new moms, and being informed. This scares new moms. I had a c-section, and I loved it. Sure, surgery sucks, but I was PROPERLY prepared. I studied each birthing method just in case. I found natural labor and the epidural to be much more painful and scary than my c-section. I guess this is why they call this site “scary mommy”

Kim Saccente Frenzel 6 months ago

Mine was fine, as well. Aside from the OR being a little chilly, I had no problems whatsoever. Stayed in bed for the remainder or the day to rest but was up and about in the morning.

Sue Van Huyssteen 6 months ago

I had 2 c-sections – and NONE of these. Unnecessary scare-mongering.
I’ve had worse sessions with a dentist.

Amy Jane Anderson 6 months ago

mine was weirdly easy.

Tania Laffin 6 months ago

And after all that complaining you are ok and your baby is alive.

Danielle Desaulniers 6 months ago

My c-section was much worse than what was described in this article but my sister in law had one and hers didn’t seem too bad. I think everyone is different.

Alexis Reilly 6 months ago

I didn’t have any shivering or shaking at all during or after my csection. I was surprised because I’ve read so many stories about the shaking. The pressure as they are pulling out the baby felt like a 3 year old had just plopped their butt down right below my sternum. It didn’t hurt but kind of made me groan. I also didn’t have any bowel issues. I did have a lot of post surgery gas bloating and cramps so I had them bring gas-x each time they brought me pain meds. Don’t be afraid to ask for more pain meds.

Amie Matson 6 months ago

I never experienced any of these either.. My csection was smooth sailing and I got to hold my son right after they took me back up to my room

Terri Felgate 6 months ago

I had two c-sections, over 30 years ago. I didn’t have any problem with either. My daughter also had two. She was back to work as a dance teacher within a week. Everyone heals differently.

AnnMarie Stiles 6 months ago

Geez as someone planning on having kids within the next year or so this scared the hell out of me! As if I didn’t have enough fears going through my mind already

Rachel Pringle McMullen 6 months ago

Someone commented to me that it still made me my son’s mommy. WTF! I asked to show me the metal she got for vaginal birth then I pulled up my shirt and showed her my scar! Suck it 3!+(#

Lizzie Lewis Vogel 6 months ago

Great c-section, lovely baby. It was my only choice and I’m thankful for the great medical care we have in the USA to even do it. I’ve heard bad things about going through it naturally. Gals, we’re getting a watermelon out- it isn’t going to feel good either way!!

Patti 6 months ago

Lol. You are funny and dramatic. I am a Labor & Delivery nurse. I should print this for my patients who beg for c-sections. I had a c-section before my two vag deliveries, and you are exaggerating a bit, but there’s a grain of truth.

Kristin Maahs 6 months ago

I’m not looking forward to my third one! Ugh!

Sarah Koebler 6 months ago

If this “scares you off” from a c-section, it’s voluntary and you probably shouldn’t be having one. As for this making women fearfulwe all have a choice. Be scared of it, or prepare for it. That simple.

Jessica Ballard 6 months ago

I expected more abdominal pain. But post surgery felt like the day after I’d just decided I’d do 500 crunches. It was a very relatable pain. I was walking around and doing laps to get the trapped gas gone.. Just had to make sure I didn’t stand too quickly. That part hurt like a Charlie horse

Kevin Van Amburgh 6 months ago

In ancient Rome, the Emporer sat in a part of the Colosseum know as the Caesarian Section.

Amy Michelle 6 months ago

I experienced none of these! Perhaps the 3 hours of pushing and 32 hours of labor before my c section dull my senses! I’m glad I had my c section, wasn’t a walk in the park but not horrible either!

Arlene Plemons 6 months ago

Luckily I didn’t have to have a c section, this is hilarious.

Denielle Leeck 6 months ago

I had 2 back to back and a third

They don’t tell you the mote you have the higher risk of miscarriage and e topic pregnancy you’ll have
if I new that I would’ve done a vbac with my 2nd now I can’t do them at all

No one told me there were limits on them

Jessica Ballard 6 months ago

You should have included not getting to hold your baby for hours and hours. Mine was sent to the nicu for a cpap because he was being lazy about breathing. I had him at 6pm and didn’t even lay eyes on him until 4am. Had to wait for the feeling too come back in my legs first.

Sherridin Lindsay 6 months ago

Everyone’s different… I had an emergency c section after 28 hours of labour. I needed 2 blood transfusions and had 5 units of fluids. I went home only 3 days after and only on panadol and an anti flam. My recovery was long and hard due to the blood loss. My poor body got battered.

Ingrid Christine 6 months ago

It took me 3 months to function, 6 months to be fairly normal, and I’m at almost 9 months pp, feeling almost 100 percent. I wish I was told that healing is much much longer than 6 weeks.

Ashley Loyd Fox 6 months ago

This is total bullshit. I had a C Section on a Tuesday, was up and moving on Wednesday, pooped on Friday morning and was walking the neighborhood for exercise by Saturday. The only agreement with this article…the OR was chilly but aren’t all hospitals. To each their own but damn….

Michelle Holloway 6 months ago

Soo true

Brooke Alberque 6 months ago

Wow this is dramatic it’s not that bad… I had a c section with no pain meds after and was up and walking around that afternoon.

Melissa Richard 6 months ago

I remember feeling like the doctor must have been standing on me while pulling everything out lol no pain, but there was a lot goin on!! People shouldn’t take this article so seriously either- if you haven’t had a c section before, don’t use a blog as your research for what to expect! Also, that dreaded itch that can never be scratched.

Mickenzie McIntyre 6 months ago

I’ve had a c section and for me it was a pretty decent experience. It’s a bummer this woman had such a terrible time but just know that it’s not like this for everyone!

Alyson Paul-Powell 6 months ago

I can soon relate

Mary 6 months ago

I did rip from my rooter to my tooter with my first pregnancy, 4th degree tear. Worst pain of my entire life and I’d had surgery across my stomach to remove a diseased gall bladder. I had to have a c-section with my second, less than 25 months after pregnancy number 1. For me it was a cakewalk compared to my vaginal birth.

Libbet Boyd Turner 6 months ago

I had two c-sections, was off meds within 48 hours, was back walking my 3 miles within 2 weeks and I was age 39 and 40. One was emergency, one was planned. Easy-peasy! Yes, be informed, find docs you trust, enjoy the experience – end result – BABY!!

Heather Jacobson 6 months ago


Kara Eaton 6 months ago

I thought it was fine – apart from the shaking! I wish I’d known that might happen as I thought I was having an allergic reaction!

Marina Alexis 6 months ago

The scar was raised and took time to heal but I regained feeling. It’s really not THAT bad. There are plenty of mothers who went through natural childbirth and also had to get stitched up. No need to scare first-time mommies. The sleepless nights my little monster put me through did more damage

Judy Ann 6 months ago

I agree with all points but personally I prefer csections over vaginal births.

Aj Rothermel 6 months ago

While all of this is true, it varies from person to person. My first c-section was like this but my second and third were much easier. I knew what to expect and while i didnt skip the pain meds, i did start moving around much sooner which made the healing process much easier.

AshleyandDon Shannon 6 months ago

Exactly! Hit the nail on the head! Plus the gas bubbles that sound like a demon is inside you!

Barbara N. Feld 6 months ago

Give me a break, they had me so covered in that OR i was as warm as could be, take the drugs and you don’t remember one bit of this! Please, and i had 2 c sections. All i remember was the post op gas pains

Gretchen Garcia Morningstar 6 months ago

So true! And when they said if you don’t pee soon we’ll have to cath you again I almost cried.

Isabel Macarron 6 months ago

I had 2 c sections…and I do not relate to ANYTHING in this post!!! It was great, I recovered fast, I was showering and dressing myself 24hrs after, walking around and going about my normal life!

Margot Kempton Bifulco 6 months ago

This is why I hate reading these blogs sometimes. I had a c-section and a huge fibroid removed and I felt fine! Smooth recovery and no need for prescription pain meds. My mom’s story of me being born vaginally still haunts me to this day so everyone’s experience is different. No need to scare future mothers! It’s not like we have a choice in the delivery method anyway…

Cheryl Egan 6 months ago

Doesn’t #4 apply to everyone who’s birthed a child? :)

Tara Boell Treppiedi 6 months ago

#6 cracks me up, but if you need one don’t be scared, I had 2 with no problem, I feel like they should have asked if I wanted fries with that, drive through childbirth, I feel like I got lucky. But definitely get up and walk around right away it makes a huge difference for the better and I just took the mortin the other stuff constipates you and you don’t need that

Alison Moerke Benjamin 6 months ago

If your doctor is pulling your intestines out she’s doing it wrong. :) But seriously, the gas bubbles are the worst! I’ve had two c-sections and the gas bubbles post-surgery are definitely the most painful part of a c-section.

Shawna Bradfield 6 months ago

LoL…… Everything is so exactly true! I’ve had 3 C-Sections

Chelsea Collins Clegg 6 months ago

Everyone is different, personally for me, it was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had, but of course my son made it worth it.

Courtney Lynn Boyack 6 months ago

My first csection was scary and I didn’t expect it.I was loopy on medicine and can’t remember a whole lot other than it was not fun. Husband went in with me too. Second one was a planned vbac that didn’t turn out how i wanted cause my water broke without me knowing and her fluid was almost nonexistent. I was at 1 cm and she was struggling. They gave me the option to try but we knew she might not make it if I tried with the way her heart and the fluid was doing. So i chose c section. I chose to go it alone and let husband look after our oldest (age 4) and chose to have no one see us until we got home. The OR was awesome! We had an awesome team of docs, nurses, etc. I was completely alert Everything was as I wish the first birth had been. Each c section will be different. Don’t be scared.

Anne B. Lake 6 months ago

Having a human life come out of your body is amazing. No matter how that happens. Have faith it will be ok! It is normal to fear the unknown…and you will experience a lot of unknowns with your first baby! Mothers are amazing people. Cheers to you all!

Mark N Jenna Campbell 6 months ago

I had three natural births before my last baby was born via c-section. I am also a nurse so I wasn’t ill-prepared. I knew it was major surgery. I have seen women who bounce back quick. However, I was not one of these fortunate women. I can relate to everything in this article! It even had me laughing. She forgot the knives in abdomen feeling when just trying to pee. Every experience is different just like every child.

Daniela Costa 6 months ago

If you have a good OB, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

rachael 6 months ago

Amen! I would like to add: BLOATING! I had a c-section after 18 hours of labor (I had an epidural about 10 hours in after nothing was progressing but the contractions were getting worse.) I don’t know what the magical combination was but I was super-duper-unrecognizably bloated. My legs wouldn’t fit into my maternity pants (talk about depressing AFTER having a baby). I couldn’t even wear my flip-flops. Walking felt like waddling. It was bad-sad and I didn’t know what to do. I finally scrubbed the entire internet and found a random blog post where some women had the same thing (that reassurance saved me).

My point: all of the above points are true. And if someone reading this is also bloated: it does go away. Lots (and lots and lots) of water. Feet up – with a few strolls to get things moving. Took two solid weeks. It sucked. I’m sorry if you are going through it – know it goes away. And congrats on the gorgeous baby. :)

Judith van Heumen 6 months ago

Number 2!! Oh my dear lord number 2!!
I made my husband talk nonsense to me non-stop as a distraction

Melissa Uribe 6 months ago

That epidurals can go wrong & hello on & off back pain.

Nora Nasto 6 months ago

Funny and true! Thanks for a good laugh!!

Alexsandra B 6 months ago

I have had 3 Cesareans, I emergency after 72 hours of being induced and 2 elective. I was up walking as soon as I was out of recovery (pushing a wheelchair like a walker). The sooner you get up and move the better the recovery time. Yes it was painful but worse if I stayed seated or laying too long. Was driving and back to normal within a week of all of them. Just push thru those first 48 hours :) I agree worst part was being away from babies for some of the recovery time.

Lindsay Lea 6 months ago

Yes to all of those!

Lindsey Anne 6 months ago

Have a c-section was magical! I feel so fortunate to have had one!! My nerves were the worst part about the whole thing! Such a great experience for me!!!

Kate Elizabeth Shriver 6 months ago

I had an emergency c-section 2 years ago with my son and wasn’t completely numbed before they started cutting. They pushed 3 rounds of morphine before the numbness kicked in and the only thing I remember for the rest of the surgery was hearing my heart rate monitor beeping really fast. The nurses told me later that they were concerned my heart was going to stop. My section was an absolute nightmare, the tugging and pulling was so intense and I hope I never have to go through one again. However, I have friends whose c-sections were a breeze and they recovered very well from it so I agree with everyone else when they say everyone’s body handles it differently. I’ve heard horror stories of vaginal births as well so it’s not like c-sections are the absolute worst you can get.

Beth Decker 6 months ago

Thanks for the amazing mothers on this feed. I was told I am not going to able to bond with my kids properly and also that I am not a real mother because I chose a c section for the second time. I’m so glad to see other moms who are proud of their experiences and can actually make me feel like I did the right thing by choosing what was best for my family.

Christina Lizarraga 6 months ago

#5 and #6 are so true

Denise Romeo 6 months ago

I had two c sections and had no problems! And the feelings around your incision do come back!

Sarah Schoenwald Clark 6 months ago

Meh. I had 24 hours of back labor before having a csection. The surgery was sweet, sweet relief in comparison!

Janell Marie Mahoney 6 months ago

I had a c-section my son was breach and he was not abile to turn around #he was big too. 1st time having a baby

Heather Lamper 6 months ago

Sorry to hear this mother had a bad experience… My recovery was a piece of cake.

Camille Posey 6 months ago

A lot of c-sections are not necessary but they make you believe they are. I recommend every mommy watch the business of being born documentary.

Kristen Abrams 6 months ago

I disagree… I have full feeling around my incision. I think everyone is different

Andrea Lynn 6 months ago

I have had 2 one emergency and one planned. Both experiences were wonderful we were well taken care of. I never took a pain med bigger than ibuprofen and with the second one left the hospital early. The only complaint with the first was the smell of the cauterization. I agree the first poop is scary and my scar misbehaves sometimes but it was worth it and I would choose a section again if I had to. I hope moms do not feel cheated by c-section delivery as I know some do every successful birth is beautiful.

Kristen Lorraine Lukowiak Marsh 6 months ago

Meh c section was a breeze. I had no,pain o felt the pressure but no worse then someone pushing. By 2 wks was pretty much back to normal. Went back to work at 4 wks post

Jessie D. Myers 6 months ago

My first c-section was unplanned and yet I had the smoothest recovery. My second c-section (4 years after my first) went less smoothly. And I must say that this list missed the fact that your muscle tone is never the same again. But everything is well worth having that little healthy bundle of joy. I wouldn’t do anything different.

Brooke Renee Cannistraci 6 months ago

OMG. Spot on!! Love #2.

Kristen Pierce 6 months ago

Disagree. I had a wonderful c section and no after effects . My scar is barely visible . It depends on the doctor !

Cara Laffey 6 months ago

They’res bad things about vaginal deliveries too! I don’t care about the scar..four sections later and i still have a vag of a twenty year old! No complaints here

Ashley Stump 6 months ago

I had an unplanned c-section with no time to think about whether I was nervous or not. The whole thing went so smooth and I was home after one night in the hospital, cleaning my house. I felt so much better, even after major surgery, than I did while pregnant. Not to mention the most important part; the surgery saved my baby boy from a ton of unnecessary stress as he just wasn’t able to meet the world naturally. This article is terrifying to new moms. You should be ashamed for putting this out there.

Casey Haley Lee 6 months ago

Number 2 and 5 !! I’m still having trouble with 5 . I swear they put them back in in the wrong way !

Beth 6 months ago

I can relate and like you my son was an emergency section at 35 weeks. I had somehow contracted lysteria and from the infection my body began to abort him. We were one of the few lucky ones that made it and with no after effects of the infection. However I was able to have 2 easy vaginal births after this experience. Let me tell you women who choose to have a c-section are crazy. If you can deliever naturally it’s the way to go. Recovery is 1000 times quicker and easier. Just educate yourself on going v-back as they call it and I would recommend it to anyone.

Teri McKenzie Niemi 6 months ago

This isn’t fear mongering. I experienced all of this. Hell, my baby is almost 10 and I’m still numb. 2 c-sections that I didn’t want to have (first one breach, second one 9 lbs) but I would do it all again to have my kids. Just like vaginal birth, everyone’s experience is different. However, hers is very similar to mine and both of mine were planned.

Cheyenne Grier 6 months ago

I had my first child by c-section and my second child was vbac. One is no better (pain wise) than the other. They both have their pros and cons.

Andrea Hill 6 months ago

Oh geez, this again? It’s all so individual. My two caesars were good as gold. Did I have pain afterwards? Yes. Was it the worst thing in the world? No. Be alert, not alarmed.

Kirsten Bjorkman Wallevand 6 months ago

My two c-sections saved both my life and the lives of my children. I’ve never regretted them. That being said, they were not easy and I did experience all the same things this blogger writes. Especially fun was the drugs wearing off before I was totally “put back together”. But you know what, NO childbirth is “easy”. Look at what our amazing bodies do! Whether traditional birth (I refuse to call it “natural”….don’t tell me I had an “unnatural” birth. I’ll punch you in the throat) or cesarean, there will always be issues. How can there NOT?

Sandy Roffey 6 months ago

I didn’t think the c-sections were bad at all, even the emergency one…the spinal, on the other hand? Had to be put in several times (don’t worry, it’s not typical…I have a curvy spinal cord.) And #6….after 9 years I finally got the feeling back in the scar area….and had a baby the next year, taking it away again

Hannelore Cat 6 months ago

I had a planned section due to a large breech baby. I felt nothing, but my heart also tried to stop, so…you know, dying helps you not feel anything. If you need a section though, keep in mind I’m SUPER sensitive to anesthesia and this isn’t the norm. Two things though: the gas bubbles post op…

Laura Williams Jehlik 6 months ago

I had two and they were a breeze. So happy I had c sections

Amber Kry 6 months ago

I think after seeing your intestines out of your body, your hubby kind of deserves a night out too!!

Amy Flaherty Sheppard 6 months ago

All too true!

Tami Krebs 6 months ago

True true all true.

Laurie Braslins 6 months ago

I had two csections due to failure to progress and the surgery was a cake walk compared to being in excruciating pain for days. you couldn’t pay me to suffer through labor again.

Kimberly Perrin 6 months ago

Had horrible pain with both c sections and developed hematomas (apparently that’s how I heal) Took three weeks to even feel human again. Everyone heals differently and you won’t know until it happens to you but the procedure is fast and I don’t feel it takes away from the birth experience at all!

Ashley Smith Crabtree 6 months ago

A little dramatic and silly but still truths! She is a writer so she has to keep it interesting. Thanks, wish I would’ve read this before my 1st one

Megan Stuck 6 months ago

Cant say I was giddy with the idea of all of it, but also cant say I look back and think of of the horrific parts of it! It must have not been too terrible! My second one was much easier!

Kara Harrah 6 months ago

And soon to follow ….. A hysterectomy. Oh yay the fun. THEN, menopause! If your a man STFU lol

Jennifer Petruzzi 6 months ago

All of these were true for me. All worth it in the end tho.

Rose Tuzzolino 6 months ago

I am a mom that had a c section and I am also an RN. (12yrs) this article is very inappropriate from many positions…
1. A c section is major surgery, you get a healthy baby out of it….
2. If you are feeling that much discomfort during your surgery, look above your head…the person sitting there is you anesthesiologist…..they have the ability to medicate you is you ask.
3. No, your body is never the same after a child….be a vaginal delivery or c section….

Also each person is different…they author is writing about her own personal accounts, from HER perspective. Other moms will have a very different account.

If you are so vain that the down sides of having a baby compel you to write in such a negative way about child birth….maybe you shouldn’t have gotten pregnant.
1. Is your baby alive and healthy? If the answer is yes, then just be thankful they are here…

Erika Breeden 6 months ago

A good surgeon will always try to avoid major surgery. A vaginal delivery is hard work but I will definitely take it over C-section.

Ashley Nelson 6 months ago

If you are planning a c-section, or MIGHT need a c-section STOP READING THIS BLOG! do NOT read any blogs from women!! I read this 6 weeks ago before my scheduled c-section and was SCARED to death!!! I thought I was going to die….. Fast forward to the day- I was FINE! It was fine! I was up and walking that night. I was in pain meds for about 5 days, and up and out of the house in 2 weeks. My advice- START COLACE 2-3 weeks before and popping will be ok. It was tough, but NOT razor blades. Their are a lot of wimpy women out there. You will be fine and have a beautiful baby to love!

Kate McCutcheon Stevenson 6 months ago

My first was natural and I was in labor for 24 hours. My 2nd was c section due to size of baby and I had him within 2 hours of getting to the hospital and was up and walking soon after. I actually liked my second experience better. As long as I took my pain meds, I was just fine.

Andrea Garcia 6 months ago

My 2 c sections were FLAWLESS and ZERO pain meds

Laura Ruezga Sandoval 6 months ago

Everyone’s experience is different and every pregnancy is different. My first and second c-section were a breeze, but the third i felt like i was dying but this is after i got home. You’re body needs time to recover properly… but also making the effort yourself to do it helps alot.! And always telling yourself i can do it.!! Is a huge help to get you going.

Karen McKay 6 months ago

I had the opposite experience: didn’t feel a thing, wasn’t cold, barely needed pain meds, felt great in a few days, scar site has pretty much full feeling and all “systems” were fine the day after. Everyone has a different experience and I know a lot of people who had great experiences.

Kristi Martelli-Bohms 6 months ago

I have chronic constipation on a normal day, so I had my husband sneak in my miralax. Even so, I had spasms in my colon that brought me to my knees, and still do 3 1/2 years later. My scar is painful too, a large keloid. Surgery was the only choice; my water broke 3 weeks early, I have a misshaped uterus, and my daughter was diagonal with her head on my ribs.
My daughter is the best thing in my life, she is my world. But I hope to repair some of the damage soon.

Cassie Burd 6 months ago

I had a c-section, @ 33 wks with twins. it was a breeze for me, the only complaint is post op chills, i am allergic to the meds they give for that. But staying on top of meds is important for pain.

Taneal Schwalm 6 months ago

I had an emergency c-section and they put me right out. I was put out and baby was out in 5 minutes. The first day they made me get up and walk, i thought my unterus was going to fall out of my incision. The pain was horrible. However I forced myself to walk everyday and I feel ( in combination with awesome pain killers) that was the key to my healing so fast. My incision is numb and actually the surrounding area is too. I now have a precious 3 yr old son who is my heart and soul and I would do it a 100 times over. It really ISN’T that bad…well it wasn’t for me anyways. I think I would rather have a c-section then a vaginal birth personally.

Shannon Corinne 6 months ago

Never had most of this experience. I had a c section. Freezing room yes. Numbness around incision yes.

Jenny Schramm 6 months ago

I’ve had two babies by c-section the first I was out of hospital the next day, and crouched down on the floor changing baby’s bum that night, I don’t remember much pain and recovered quickly. The second I was in agony and bed ridden for a week, even having a shower nearly caused me to black out. It turned out the wound was infected and it spread into my uterus! 6 courses of antibiotics later and around six months recovery I started to feel like my old self again. plus in the UK they now only give you paracetamol for the pain, but with my first I had much stronger pain killers. But that said, I can’t have children naturally and would still have another, despite my second experience. Every labour is completely different, just as every section is different, but no matter what the babies make it all worth while

Karen 6 months ago

Remember everyone is different! I had the opposite experience: not cold, no shaking, didn’t feel a thing (including pressure), didn’t need pain meds after 4 days, pooped on day 2, and I have pretty much full feeling back on my scar site…

Sharyn Geringer Mlawski 6 months ago

What about the GAS???? The GAS that doesn’t go anywhere but cause cramps in your back, shoulder and arm. Oh…. The GAS!!!!!!

Lisa MacKenzie 6 months ago

This makes me want to vomit.

Shantavia Fields Garibay 6 months ago

I had a section (in a developing country in South America) and I was perfectly fine!!! Up the next day – a little sore but that’s all. With a little help from hubs we found our new normal in a week or so. The poop problems are true though!!!!!

Amy Husted 6 months ago

I ended up having 3 c-sections due to my first being in breech position. I was up and walking and back to normal quickly with all three. Don’t let this terrify you.

anna 6 months ago

I get the impression you are pro section…me, too..

meet a pregnant woman. ..I tell them find a progressive dr who will do an elective c-section. I have had children both ways….first time, I pushed that bowling ball out through the garden hose….7 years later, I had a section with my second child – the only thing i missed out on? The ridk of pooping in front of the world and my husband while pushing out the 4 pound heavier bowling ball, the ripping/tearing/stretching of my hoo hoo, and of course the loss of my dignity with my legs spread and nurses in and out staring at my screaming vagina going through the worst pain anyone could imagine. .and PRESSURE??? There is a little…as in the worst constipation ever times 100 (worse than the post section version) …

scar with no feeling. .not that big a deal. It’s not that big. The itches have been further and further apart and have all but stopped..

having recently lost a baby at the time, I knew about the cold or and warm blankets. ..that the insurance co. Charged my insurance co. $70 each ..worth every dime.

The GAS afterwards was horrendous for me though…I had my tube tied at the same time ..they had to leave the incision open while they moved me to the next operating room (stupid insurance company rules couldn’t just use the already sterilized OR..had to move me to another..)

The GAS was horrendous and they don’t tell you, though, that the pain meds make the gas 100 times worse as well as make the constipation worse, so you are in a suck ass vicious cycle …take the meds and not be in pain or be in pain and poop.

And as long as you are on the meds you aren’t allowed to have the bambino with you in your room if you are alone. Depending on your point of view this is good or bad. For me ….it was good..the last restful nights of sleep (relatively speaking) I got for 5 months..damn colic.

All of this said. .yes all that matters is the beautiful bundle of screaming joy is here and healthy…

But given the CHOICE. ..c-section all the way, baby!

Forgot to mention…the difference in babies…cone head or squished. ..from being pushed out through that garden hose or the perfectly round unwrinkly head of a lifted out baby ( not that it MATTERS. ..healthy is all that does)

Oh. And they lie. It is not a pain we forget. We are women…Hear us roar. We are just the most awesome, amazing, powerful creatures EVER…we push out the equivalent to an 8 pound kidney stone and back to life as normal x 100 a week later…a man passes a 1 cm kidney stone and you would think they were dying…

Here’s to us!

Nichele Hunt 6 months ago

I experienced everything listed in the article plus more. Wish I would have read this article before giving birth. No cake walk for me! At all!

Simone Dickins 6 months ago

My 1st pregnancy I planned to have as natural a birth as possible but due to my son being in difficulties I had to have an emergency c-section n I was scared shitless! It went surprisingly well n I opted for an elected section with my 2nd son in the hope of preventing any problems that my firstborn had suffered (he’s severely disabled) Both my sections went well, both boys are happy n healthy which is all that matters n after all the experience is individual n personal to me, just like the mother that wrote this post but I do feel she’s scaremongering which isn’t healthy or helpful.

Martina Galvin 6 months ago

Recovery from having my appendix removed was far worse than recovery from 2 c sections

Jennifer Piazza 6 months ago

Don’t let this scare you ladies. Aside from the itching mentioned in this article, I had no problem recovering quickly and easily. Twice.

Alexis McDonell 6 months ago

Having had 2 c-sections I can honestly say that each one is different! There really is no way to prepare until you have experienced it. My first was rough going because I had issues with low iron (stay on top of your iron girls!!) and was psychologically unprepared for the experience (and being a first time mum I think there were a lot of never-before-experienced hormones adding to my distress). The second time around was 100 times easier because I knew how to prepare and what to expect!

Jennifer DiFilippo Simon 6 months ago

Advice from a person who had severe complications from a c-section : a c-section is a surgery and needs to be treated as a surgery. I experienced every single thing in this article

Amanda Knutson Clark 6 months ago

With my twin pregnancy, the first baby was born vaginally, and then the second baby crashed and was born via emergency c-section. Having to recover from both at the same time, I think I had more struggles from the vaginal birth than the c-section. (The FEAR of pooping for the first time after was what got me…) And yes, there’s diminished feeling around the scar, but the same can be said for the scar on my leg from knee surgery. Nature of the beast. In the end, despite it all, I was just happy to have two safe and healthy baby girls.

Amie Wolff 6 months ago

I have feeling in my scar

Joan Hoffman 6 months ago

Couldn’t have said it better…my thoughts exactly.

Jem Dunn 6 months ago

Agree with all of this.. especially the shaking… since mine was an emergency c section after my water broke with blood in the waters at 33 weeks

Julia Viglianti 6 months ago

Yep, I experienced ALL of these with all 3 of my sections!!! Of course I’d do it again though:)

Stacey McInnis Davis 6 months ago

I had 2 and it wasn’t bad. I was up and walking and behaving normally within a week.

Marla Sue Sheridan 6 months ago

4 under my belt…after the first one I learned a lot about what to do & not! With each they perfected and each one was more bearable 1st one spinals not fun! Last one NO post surgical pain thanks to the epidural catheter as your BFF! The most helpful item was the surgical abdomen wrap! If you must have one (and none are by choice unless your are a celebrity) before you go in buy a surgical support wrap to secure your belly so you can move around better and coughing sneezing are much less painful. I was an expert by #4

Stephanie Lynn Milbury 6 months ago

Maybe she was a special case but they don’t pull your intestines out! And also ask the nurses for gas relievers and stool softeners, some don’t care enough about your discomfort to offer it, and tell them to wake you up for your pain meds so you don’t wake up hardly able to speak because your belly is on fire!

Jenny Goodman Cossette 6 months ago

One way or another that baby is coming out and either way is scary. I had a c-section (prego with twins) and it went great. I had a great doc but of course there will always be issues afterword. ..but isn’t that true with a vaginal delivery? After having a baby, no matter how you deliver, your body just isn’t quite right.

Skye Beamish 6 months ago

I had a c section and it wasn’t that bad :/. I didn’t feel anything. My advice is even if you are in pain walk. Walk around the maternity ward. It helps with recovery

Melanie Hellkamp 6 months ago

I don’t find this article to be scary. No worse than some of the vaginal birth stories. Every woman is different and has different pain levels. I had an emergency c-section at 33 weeks and the last thing I was worried about was the c-section…it was all about getting the baby out. In the hour recovery, I was shivering from the drugs and my MIL was the one who said it was normal. I never got a chance to fully recover. I had to keep up with my house in the few hours I wasn’t in the NICU with my son (husband was working). I rarely needed to take the pain meds, but again, every woman is different.

Rachel Banuelos 6 months ago

All very true !!! Having a C-section is no piece of cake .

Linda Hudson 6 months ago

Done it and this is so true! If u have never had one then u have no idea

Renata Durakovic Skrtic 6 months ago

I had the emergency C-section and had to be cut from the belly button down. This article was 100% on point. The end result is so worth it. I did it again 15 months later. Still scary going in but much easier knowing what to expect.

Olivia Parolari Weststeyn 6 months ago

This lady literally had the exact same experience that I did!!!! I wouldn’t wish a C section on my worst enemy!! It was horrible! I would have given anything to have been able to push another baby out naturally! As least you heal quick!

Katie Scheidt 6 months ago

Oh, and an emergency c is a wayyyyy different deal than scheduled.

Lisa Marie 6 months ago

This is so true!!

Stacy Balavender Linder 6 months ago

1. Educate yourself. 2. It’s the baby’s plan, not yours, so throw the “birth plan” out the window. After trying to give birth naturally for hours, I had a c section. And if I hadn’t, it’s possible that neither of us would be here today. So stop poo pooing the c section and educate yourself before you have a baby!

Katie Scheidt 6 months ago

I’ve had a natural birth and a c-section, but were horrendous. Although the NB was no picnic for SURE I much rather that than surgery. Even though I had a horrible experience, some women don’t so I don’t see the point in scaring moms to be when becoming a parent is already so daunting. All I can say is that when a new mom needs me, I always find time to help. I think supporting each other after the baby is here is the best thing we can do.

Holly Willson 6 months ago

I had NONE of these issues. However, each of our bodies are different.

Bonnie Israel Riegler 6 months ago

I had one with my twins and while the recovery was not pleasant (are any when you get cut?) I found it nowhere near as horrifying as this article says. I agree with the comment above that this may unnecessarily scare mommies to be.

Tiffany Ferrier 6 months ago

I had an emergency c section with my daughter and having a second in July. It’s not so bad…yes it was all true for me but I’m still alive and I didn’t have problems sitting afterwards like my friends with natural labors did. And my daughter was totally worth it…so I would call it a win lol. I do tell women about being able to feel when they are inside because that was scary for me…I actually yelled at my doctor to stop as they were pulling my daughter out. I didn’t have a choice and am really hurt by things women say about this topic. Like “i would die!” ….no you wouldn’t.. You’d live, and you wouldn’t have a choice in my situation either.

Alex Villegas Crow 6 months ago

Yes to the cold, cold operating room…brrrr. I didn’t have a problem with BMs thank goodness. The nerve thing isn’t really an issue for me and must first c section I didn’t need pain meds at all,but I did use a little with the second one. I’m glad to have experienced both vaginal birth and c sections. You definitely bounce back from the vaginal faster.

Tracey Lynn 6 months ago

This is ridiculous and may in some cases be true but not in all. I had a c section and mine was the exact opposite. I hade a very good experience with mine. Maybe it has something to do with the doctor but all this article is doing is installing fear into soon to be or future mothers.

Ivy Hartstein Kiefer 6 months ago

I had 2..1 emergency and 1 scheduled because of my asthma. It’s been almost 5 yrs ..5 yrs tomorrow and I do have feeling. I agree..this is scare tactics.

Jem Gong-Browne 6 months ago

All so true. No one tells you about the pooping part. NO ONE!!!

Katie Griffiths 6 months ago

Trust me.. trying to go to the toilet after a vaginal birth is just as hellish. Lol.. That ghastly, terrorfying moment you get “the urge”.. you sit on the toilet and brace yourself for what one can only imagine it might feel like to shit razer blades..

Imagine trying to go, whilst trying not to tear the stitches from said “rooter to tooter”, and not lose your vaginal contents after a prolapse. Its like Russian Roulette, which will burst first.. the stitches keeping both orifices separated or the struggling muscle tissue trying to keep your battered uterus, bladder and colon in place so that you can continue to cling onto some sort of functioning sex organ.. mine is such a sad and sorry sight lol.. im amazed it still functions (if you can even call it functional)

I think it hates me.. lol


Jasmine Cody 6 months ago

I had three, by my third it wasn’t so bad. A new nurse came in to help me into bed and I had it. She just stood there and I told her it was my third. After that she just stood there and did what I asked. Eventually you learn how to do things after a c-section.

Rachael Hublitz-Carvelas 6 months ago

The dr suggested I get a c-section bc my baby was estimated to be over 10 lbs, and I’m a small/skinny person. I told them no and waited it out. I ended up pushing for 2 hours, but it was so worth it. He ended up being 9.4 lbs. oh and my epidural was put in wrong, so I basically did it drug free!!

Lclark 6 months ago

I lied. I was discharged.

I didn’t “evacuate” for several more days. It was hell when it happened but lord help them all if they had held me in recovery hostage any longer!

Heather Saunders-Thomas 6 months ago

I had three c sections, all for a sound medical reason and experienced none of this. Since the numbness wears off in a few hours, you are able to walk around. As a matter of fact I was up making Thanksgiving dinner for 20 people 5-7 days after 2 of them. That was after having a baby 11/16/04 and 11/16/05. Not intentional just a coincidence.

Theresa Pirrelli 6 months ago

Also get up when the dr tells you to. It’s much worse if you put it off. And when the dr rips off the adhesive strip on your incision, you will see stars, so hold onto something

Kelly Martin 6 months ago

Mine was also all of those things but it was still a breeze ….

Amanda von Herrmann 6 months ago

Had an emergency caesarean with my first child, was given an epidural, and had a quick and easy surgery and recovery. Really really quick and had basically no pain really quickly as well.

Had to have a planned with my second and I ended up being in the lucky miniscule percent with which a spinal is partially ineffective. I don’t reccomend feeling this surgery. I was given more drugs than even necessary as my body went into shock. I blame the despicably negligent ob i had for the surgery for that. That recovery took longest with numerous issues.

With my third and last child I had the caesarean with a tubal and anesthesiologist took great care and the caesarean was quick and painless, however the immense amount of scar tissue made the remaining surgery take over three more hours (that’s over four hours for those unaware) and my newborn baby cried for much of it, because though I could him awkwardly, with help, I could not nurse during.

Every pregnancy and every delivery is different, even ones by the same mom.

Nicole Hansell 6 months ago

I had an emergency c-section and I wish someone had warned me about it! It was an awful experience and is solely to blame for hubby and I only having one child.

Jennifer Al-Ouran 6 months ago

I had a c section and I would do it all over again. I still have filling where my cut was made. The room wasn’t that cold and you are in and out before you know it. I felt pulling but nothing unexpected. I was up walking around in 3 days and I had my so a week before thanksgiving so I whipped that whole meal up too. Don’t get me wrong, you need rest and take it easy but it wasn’t that bad. I would most definitely do it all again.

Sharon Chaves 6 months ago

I’ve had two sections… one for a breech baby and one emergency. Neither were bad. The pain was tolerable with ibuprofen. I wanted natural births but that didn’t happen. Theres no shame in it

Tina Osysko 6 months ago

I had a wonderful experience with my c section. I was not doped up. It was not an ice box in the operating room and i did feel slight to moderate pulling in my abdomen. My recovery was great also. I would do it again next time

Tiffany Kaylor 6 months ago

What’s not on the list: With each additional section, there is a risk of permanent nerve damage. It feels like a super painful sunburn that won’t go away. This is the result of certain nerves being clipped that do not regrow…ever.

Nikki Aycock Slobodin 6 months ago

The article is titled “6 Things I wish I’d known….” Not, “6 Things YOU should know…” It’s humor and it’s hilarious. It’s not meant to be informative. People need to lighten the eff up.

Kimberly Reinert Collins 6 months ago

My incision popped open 12 days later…but that’s another story. As long as my daughter was safe and healthy, I didn’t care how I delivered. And I took all the pain meds. No shame. No pain.

Jenny Bell Combs 6 months ago

True, There is NOTHING wrong with having c sections. I had a SIL who judged, shamed, and balked at my c’s. She thought they were my choice. Turns out my pelvis did not open up. My first daughter and I could have died (she was wedged into my pelvis with her shoulder) if they hadn’t done the c. And FTR, I have gotten feeling back in my c scar…three c’s later. Definitely take this article with a grain of salt.

Deborah 6 months ago

Once I was able to leave the hospital, my legs were so swollen they reminded me of watermelon. As tired as I was, that got me walking up and down my street, to reduce the swelling.

Lauren Maxine 6 months ago

I had actually blocked number 4 from my mind! I remember begging my fiancee to stop being his usual goofy self because I couldn’t handle laughing! I also came down with a cold right before I went in to labour, and once my son was born the cough came back, horrible!

Samantha Jane Caine 6 months ago

This is putting fear into Mums! I had an emergency c-section with major blood loss…2.5 litres. I will never forget it…I was buggered…but I would go through it again. I am absolutely fine. Sure, I have a scar, no feeling in parts of the area that was cut, but tbh giving birth vaginally also has it cons and is also just as frightening with some horror stories…so in a summery…birth is hard no matter which way, no birth is the same, no one can prepare you for what’s to come…I say go with the flow. Either way you get a beautiful baby in your arms and you do get over the trauma with time!

Ressie Popowicz 6 months ago

Maybe there is a reason why we don’t know the details about life before jumping in. If we did…most of us would not take the plunge into some of the most rewarding parts of life.

Asli 6 months ago

I luckily had no problems with my c-section what so ever. I was walking the next day and pooping was not an issue at all. No pain after the surgery. I guess everyone’s experience is unique when it comes to childbirth.

Amy Wilton-Schmidt 6 months ago

I have had 3. Not that big of a deal. I just took 800 mg ibuprofen because the Percocet did bad things to my tummy, that part if the article is true lol

Brittany McGee 6 months ago

Loved my c section articles like this make me so sad! It’s birth it’s beautiful and no matter how you have a baby there is obviously some pain. I never had incision pain, my scar is tiny, I was up walking the same day, and never needed pain meds. Just like any surgery if you baby it it’ll be a hard recovery. It’s different for everyone but it’s still a beautiful experience. I had immediate contact with my daughter.

Martha Ann 6 months ago

I had two emergency c-sections and had really no issues at all. Awesome anesthesiologists both times, minor tugging when my sweets were being taken out. I was walking the next day with my first, a few hours later with my second. Took meds for a few days with my 2nd, but even didn’t take meds at first with my first and it was bearable. My ob urged me to take the meds eventually and I complied. I didn’t have any unreasonable issues with my bowels. Housework is difficult and should be avoided at first

Jayne Frain Montgomery 6 months ago

Everyone’s experience is different. I had 3 csections-all emergency (the one scheduled surgery came a day earlier bc my water broke at 36.6 weeks. Things I’m glad I knew-if you try to go the regular way, get your epidural, then end of with a csection, you may feel numb from the neck down & at times, wonder if you’re breathing. Staff has eyes on all of your levels (incl oxygen) just know that this is normal. It is normal to vomit (I did not-but many have)-during surgery. It is normal to shake-I did-& most do. First csections tend to be more painful afterwards. My doctor nicked a muscle-which was very painful for about 2 days after getting home. The subsequent csections were not nearly as painful. Best of luck to all! & enjoy your little miracles!

Kim Steele 6 months ago

Emergency c section due to fetal distress. Don’t agree with half of this. Everyone handles things differently and this makes c sections look awful. It is all in the eye of the beholder. I never had a pca, only 2 shots of pain mefs them a couple of tylenol #3. Home after 2 days. Not the norm but that was my experience.

Christy Grove 6 months ago

Everyone has their own experience. Neither of my two was as awful as the warning notes depicted here. I had a much worse time with 17 hrs of labour and then an emergency Caesar. The labour was god awful and traumatizing, the Caesar saved both me and bub. I went straight in for the Caesar with bub no 2 and it was pure fun and joy. Though never took anything stronger than a Panadol with either one.

Christi Hoffmann 6 months ago

Also this article didnt mention the excruciating pain that lifted me off the toilet seat every time I peed for the next 3-4 days after surgery.

Rachel Cummings 6 months ago

I didn’t need the pain meds. My pain was definitely there but tolerable. I was breastfeeding and didn’t want pain meds going to the baby. My C-sections were no walk in the park but nothing to be scared about. The surgery got me my 2 beautiful healthy children so it was worth it!

Ashley Liu 6 months ago

You should also write about all the awful things about having a vaginal birth. I’d still choose my c-section again if I could go back and I will choose it again for the next one. Birthing a baby sucks no matter what you do

Melanie Piram Roufs 6 months ago

I had emergency c-section and some of this is true but everyone is different and has different experiences/side effects. But in the end the thing to remember is no matter what…you end up with a baby. the way in which you get there doesn’t matter. Even though you may have a scar that itches or you had the shakes you deal with it, you recover. My sons cord was wrapped around his neck and had i given birth vaginally he could have died. I have a beautiful boy because I had a c-section and I wouldn’t change it for anything. :)

Jade Deacon 6 months ago

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I had a c section for my 2nd and none of this was true for me. She was probably shaking from shock.

Emma Trueman 6 months ago

Oh Good Lord. Can anyone see the tongue firmly pressed in her cheek?? I too experienced similar with my 2 c-sections, and I find it refreshing to be able to look at it in a humorous light. I would even add, if you feel even slightly odd while on the table, tell the anaesthetist! I went downhill fast during my first, I ended up vomiting so hard from a severe bp drop, that I thought I wasn’t going to need surgery, because I may in fact vomit up my babies, and it held surgery up for 45 minutes! Nobody wants to think about the worst case scenarios, but it’s better to know the possibilities!

Jenn Marie Santiago 6 months ago

I have two C sections and it wasn’t bad at all… I feel great by a week everybody is different don’t be scared is a beautiful moment when you meet your baby.

Angela Bruski 6 months ago

Even though this is pretty dramatic, it’s true that you need to prepare for a vaginal AND a cesarean delivery. They don’t prep you enough for the surgery in classes! Leaves you feeling a bit overwhelmed after surgery and uneducated. The laughing/coughing/sneezing thing? Totally true, it hurts for like a week. But, I didn’t feel the actual surgery at all, zero pain when she was being delivered. Either way it’s amazing!! Just educate yourself!

Christi Hoffmann 6 months ago

I’ve had two c-sections and pretty much everything on this list is spot on. With first baby I felt nothing and was actually half asleep. With second I was wide awake and when they were closing me up I had tremendous pain in my ribs.

Tracey A Reynolds 6 months ago

Reading this brings its all flooding back x

Krystal Dunaway 6 months ago

After reading that, I am so grateful I never had a c-section. I never realized how terrifying they are. Kudos to the c-section mom’s because I could never go through that kind of recovery.

Kristin Haskins 6 months ago

I think the worst part was when I got up to walk to the bathroom for the first time and felt like my stomach was splitting open. And this was on intravenous morphine.

Emily Hummer 6 months ago

I’ve had two crash sections where I saw neither of my children born…the first I was 19 and scared as heck…second I tried to VBAC 12 years later and she was nucal (cord around her neck)…all I have to say is you are having MAJOR surgery and need to expect pain for a few weeks…both my healing times were so different because I knew what to expect with my second section…furthermore sitting around post op will not help you heal…you need o get up and move around!!!!

Vicki Vincent Bokhari 6 months ago

Yes to all. I was the idiot who said no to the heavy drugs on the OR table and the meds I did have wasn’t strong enough so I did feel the cutting and stitches. I was in shock and didn’t scream. Then I tried not to so as many drugs during recovery. I thought the drugs may hurt my baby.

Fast forward two years to second c section. I was prepared and said yes to it all. And it was an amazing experience that was relatively pain free!

Erika Park 6 months ago

Also, don’t take the benadryl they may offer if you get an itchy nose as a side effect of the morphine in your spinal. It will stone you out so you can’t hold your baby for a while. Didn’t make that mistake after the first one (and now I’ve had 4 c-sections). Best advice: get moving as quick as you can. Go slow, but get up and walk. Slow, slow, slow, but move. You’ll feel better sooner, faster.

Kelly Voetsch 6 months ago

Nope. C section much easier than vaginal birth.

tina 6 months ago

I’ve had 3 babies vaginally, 29.3 lbs all together. Yes they were all biguns. With the last one I was offered a c-section but opted to get induced at 39 weeks instead ( to keep her from getting too big, she was actually the smallest at 9.1lbs)
It took couple of months after birth with each one for me to be able to fully enjoy our sex life again but after that its back to normal. No peeing my pants, no “looseness” but I was up and walking and showering an hour after giving birth. And pooping. Lol

Rebecca Wood 6 months ago

Everyone recovers from surgery differently, not just c sections, any procedure. Just because I had a shit natural birth with complications and fab c sections doesn’t mean that my experience will be the same for everyone.

Kelsey Leigh 6 months ago

Inaccurate and over the top claims there lol. I had one and thought it went easily, smooth, had awesome staff. The recovery was really not bad at all.

Brenna Cross 6 months ago

In my experience, not knowing what to expect was fear inducing! I would have loved to have known this before. The whole of childbirth can be scary. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about it.

Amanda Twidale 6 months ago

The gas bubbles need to be on this list, wish I had known that was normal!

Laurel Deering 6 months ago

I’ve had three and I would have NEVER wanted to read that before any of them! The sneezing and coughing stuff is true, constipation is fixable, but the truth is ; all you can really think about is your baby. It’s what makes whatever your personal experience worth it all.

Vicki Pospisal 6 months ago

Honestly the csection was the best decision! If you’re told you need one, breathe! It’s ok :) make sure your doctor knows your wants (ie- skin to skin) and as long as everyone is fine, they’ll do what they can to accommodate. I’m surprised she didn’t mention the ‘passing gas’ requirement to leave! -yeah, that’s a thing. Of this list, I only wish I’d known #4 ahead of time! Good luck mommies that need this procedure! It’ll all be fine :) healthy mom, healthy baby

Anna Thomopoulos-Travias 6 months ago

I’ve had 3 csections, wonderful experience with all. With that being said, every person is different and each experience is truly unique. We need to stop scaring women, there is a reason why those of us delivered in the OR. It’s not a race or a competition, it’s not about how we get there, it’s all about the outcome…healthy mommy healthy baby.

Rebecca DeMarino 6 months ago

I find this quite funny! I had 2 c-sections and neither were bad experiences. For my first one I was nervous because I had never had surgery before.

Jana Whitlock-Hatfield 6 months ago

I had an emergency c-section.. Due to complications! I was cut from my belly button down! Everyone of these are true! I went back in a WK later to have my incision reopened because the Dr didn’t close it right!

Leslie Ann 6 months ago

I had a terrrrrribble v delivery that put my life and my baby’s life in danger. Took a full year to recover and I will likely opt for a c section for my next delivery. There are horror stories from both sides, ladies. The author was just pointing out that you should do your research and be aware that bringing a life into this world is not how it appears in movies and on tv. Don’t be scared if you are pregnant, there’s no turning back :)

kddunaway 6 months ago

I had 5 babies all vaginally and my husband still comments on how tight I am (kiegels) and I loved that 24 hours after pushing a baby out, I always felt halfway human and needed no pain meds. Kudos to the c-section moms, because I could never have handled that type of pain or recovery.

Kylee Logan 6 months ago

It’s worth mentioning that being awake for such an experience messes with your brain. You feel all the pulls, tugs etc and it’s all going on just over a sheet. You may feel a bit traumatized afterwards. I’m 2 weeks postpartum from a c section and I can recount the whole ordeal very clearly. The good thing? You will forget or lose the trauma over time. I had a c with my daughter five years ago and can’t remember it all that well.

Ruthie Grubb Scarborough 6 months ago

Honestly, does any of this matter? The important thing is, your baby is born and you are both ok. Because of things like this, I was terrified when I ultimately had to have a cs. I was never able to deliver vaginally but I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess it isn’t exactly a cake walk either.

Amber 6 months ago

i never understand why so many women are so opposed to having c-sections. I knew from the moment I found out I was pregnant that was my preferred birth method. Nothing about the vaginal delivery sounded magical, or special to me. Squeezing my 9 lb 10 ouncer out of my hoo-ha after God knows how many hours of labor wasn’t anywhere on my bucket list. So thankfully baby got the message and he was breached and I got my wish.
I think the experience is all in how you view it. I enjoyed my experience, my recovery was what I expected and not too bad all in all, and I have feeling still around my incision. After talking to lots and lots of c section Mommas I realize I’m not the norm with that, they are all numb still.
Good advice though to help other Mom’s go into their’s prepared.

Kathy Dunn 6 months ago

It was nothing like that for me, this article would creep anyone out. The only thing I agree with is the strange sensation around my scar, of coarse it’s never going to be the same again, anyone with a brain would know that.

Amber Beermann Wagner 6 months ago

Had a pretty decent cesarean. My only cesarean, it was my 2nd child. I didn’t know about “gentle” cesarean. However hey were quick with it and I got my guy asap.

Amy Hanifen-Simon 6 months ago

Yes your husband will see your intestines if he looks over the block they pull everything out and lay it on you to get to the womb then put it back when they were done

Lauren Pop 6 months ago

Yes! but its all worth it for the end result, having that healthy baby.

Megan Cole 6 months ago

My biggest problem with the c-section was the pressure! I agree with that one for sure. I thought maybe it was only me, because years ago I had a huge tumor in one of my ovaries and had to have it removed. During the section they had to cut through so much scar tissue I ended up throwing up. After finally hearing my sons first cries my Dr. Had me put to sleep. I woke up bout 15 min. Later and things went pretty smoothly after that.

Travis Leigh 6 months ago

It’s been two weeks since my c-section. Definitely a horrible experience. I wouldn’t recommend it or do it again.

Kelly McCormack Busque 6 months ago

I havehad two c sections and went home the next day with both, this article is a totally over dramatic and will unnecessarily
horrify people.

Sarah Stockdale 6 months ago

My c-sec was SO much easier than my very complicated first delivery including the recovery. I’m not complaining about any of this nonsense.

Ashley Bratcher 6 months ago

Two days after my (emergency) c-section, my husband showed up at the hospital where my daughter was still in the NICU with a picture of a “bobcat jumping into the tree-line behind our house.” It was actually our neighbor’s large tomcat squatting to take a poop. I laughed until I pulled one of my staples loose. :/

I still clutch my stomach and chuckle when I remember that. :)

Elizabeth Powell Sonzogni 6 months ago

My gosh I’m glad I didn’t know this before my first c-section!

Susan Chymbor 6 months ago

I had a c section and could’ve written a less scary version to this. Nothing to be scared of. It’s a beautiful moment. Go with it with an open mind.

Tara 6 months ago

One thing not mentioned in this amazing article is the different ways they put you back together. In my first was c-section I was stapled back together. This is by far the worst way! It is so painful when they pull the staples out. Second way was stitches. This is not that bad. The third was glue. The glue was the least painful and I feel I recovered a little quicker. Good luck soon to be moms!

Megan Butler 6 months ago

Don’t read this if you face the possibility of a cesarean!!! I think this was unnecessarily fear-inducing. Every woman is different but mine wasn’t nearly as terrifying! This sounds positively dreadful and for a woman facing a possible cesarean it is an awful read. I had only one of these and that was a painful time laughing…which given where the incision is…not surprising. Everything else is personal experience and be assured…not all of them are this awful! I dreaded a cesarean but after hearing what the vaginal birth was like for my friends…I think I got off easy with the cesarean and felt a little relieved it had to be done that way!

Kelly Welty 6 months ago

Another thing no one told me about? Adhesions. I am 6.5 YEARS post my 2nd c-section and every time I cough, sneeze, or attempt abdominal – specific exercises…ouch. I have adhesions that formed from my sections. It is MAJOR surgery and can have lifelong impacts. Now I need to consult with a general surgeon to have my adhesions removed, but guess what? That’s yet another surgery! Childbirth…fun times!

Lisa Berner 6 months ago

I had 3 of them, and yep this pretty much sums it up

Melissa Gabriel- Zaluski 6 months ago

Each and everyone is spot on! The post is not meant to discourage . Lighten up folks . We all have stories and she has a unique voice to tell it in, one we all seem to like as we read them ….

Elizabeth Rickabaugh 6 months ago

You probably didn’t poop for 7 days because you stayed football fields ahead of your pain. I was walking to the NICU within 8 hours. It really wasn’t that bad, and that’s coming from a woman who was induced and on mag for 22 hours prior to the c-section. Did I mention that my platelets were low so my epidural had been inserted when I was first admitted and I felt everything when it was time to use it because it didn’t work 100% because it was so old? I’d do it again a million times over for my sweet boy. The worst part of the surgery was being in recovery and not being able to see him, knowing that he was very ill.

Rebecca Baio Edwards 6 months ago

I agree with a previous post. This is definitely putting unnecessary fear in soon to be mother’s. I had two sections and it’s not a day at the spa but it’s not that bad! My first was easier than my second and some of these things are true on a lesser scale but I guess it’s different per person and what you can handle.

Amber Ottke 6 months ago

This is a seriously misleading article. Granted this may be true for some, but to write it as a general truth is a poor choice for this article. I didn’t have any of these issues. This makes it sound awful and it really wasn’t bad for me at all.

Stevi McEwan 6 months ago

I didn’t feel anything at all. (apart from my daughters foot sliding along my ribs lol) Honestly. I didn’t even know my daughter had been born! X

Nicolette Knudson 6 months ago

Meh – I had an emergency c-section after my baby quit moving (she was wrapped up in the cord.) The C-Sec didn’t hurt and I was up and moving around hours later. Maybe I just have a high pain tolerance and a good doctor, but it was no biggie for me. Don’t let this scare you! Everybody is different.

Sinead O’Neill 6 months ago

All true for me especially the shakes when your lying there and feeling all the cutting and tugging

Diane Rose 6 months ago

Don’t agree. Didn’t really experience any of this, I think everyone handles their c-section differently. I moved from GA to NY 8 weeks post surgery and packed up my whole house.

Deb Sutherland 6 months ago

This is the funniest thing I have ever read!! Hit the nail bang on the head!

Amy Lozano 6 months ago

My c-section was not a bad experience at all. I think this puts an unnecessary fear on moms, or soon to be moms. Everyone is going to handle it differently, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Denise 6 months ago

My c-section was a huge surprise, after spending nine months planning the perfect all natural, granola munching, water birth complete with Enya cds, I was sent in for induction, only to be told my pelvis was too narrow for my son’s massive head to ever get him near my cervix much less through it. So I was scheduled for surgery and bawled like a baby. Hardest part was the spinal, because my support nurse was 4 foot nothing and 90 pounds tops, and by this point I’d put on 85 pounds with my son. An hour later, they finally got it in, and that was the worst part of the whole experience. The pressure didn’t bother me, I watched the whole thing start to finish, my recovery was only 30 minutes before they took me to my room to start feeding my baby. I was up and walking two hours later and pooped the next day. The pooping was terrifying, but once it was over, I was fine.

I know, luckiest b***h ever right here. I’m three weeks away from c section number two and having nightmares that everything will go wrong this time.

Melanie Budd 6 months ago

I had to have emergency c-section with my 3rd, it was so scary to go through. Recovery was so bad for me because I developed a hematoma on each end of my incision line right after surgery. It made everything so much worse and I basically cried any time I had to get up to go to the bathroom and I had to be wheel chaired to go take a shower and even then I had to use their special chair to be able to sit in the shower while my hubby helped me wash. Coming home 4 days late was a nightmare also – I had to install myself on the main floor for several days because I wasn’t able to walk up the stairs to my bedroom. If it wasn’t for my awesome husband helping me out I never would have been able to care for my newborn, 2 other kids or myself. My cousin was the complete opposite of me when she had her c-section. She was up and walking around (slowly) 12 hours after her surgery without any problems at all and was able to go home 2 days later instead of the normal 4 because of how well both her and baby were doing. It’s different for everyone just like a vaginal labor

Aimee Liz 6 months ago

Omg so true! I don’t understand why some schedule a c section just to skip the work! I’ve had 2 children my 1st born was naturally 2nd child was c section…no c section ever again! I’d do the work any day!

Natalie Callahan Koppenhaver 6 months ago

Yes! The shaking! I was gritting my teeth and clenching my fists, trying to will myself to stop!

Michelle Farfalla Cox 6 months ago

Would rather recover from a c-section than a tear from end to end. Everyone is different. With my second c-sec, I left the hospital a day early and was driving within days. But I had my second after 14 years and that damn scar was still numb…..14 years later!

Carrie Simon 6 months ago

Except for number 6, this is all try for a vaginal birth too

Kylie Abbott 6 months ago

Honestly after struggling for almost 40 hours in labor, the csection was a cake walk. Recovery was hard cause I tried to do too much, too fast and ended up with some pretty heavy bleeding the first week, but now I’m 9months with my second and I am counting the days until my sceduled c. I have heard that overweight women have a harder time in surgery though, there is more tissue to get through/around

Hayley Louise Corbett 6 months ago

I had every single one of these happen to me, it’s all true and I wish I’d read something like this before so that I’d have been more prepared. The violent shaking was the worst, it lasted hours! I couldn’t hold me daughter for that entire time because I was so scared of hurting her

Teya Diya 6 months ago

Please, please don’t demonise c-sections. Just like the recovery after vaginal birth, it depends on a lot of individual factors which we are all familiar with. Sometimes, as the author suggests, a Cesarian can save lives and spare a huge trauma. A healthy body recovers quickly no matter what.

Hannah Mosca 6 months ago

I have to disagree with this. I had a great experience with my c section and would choose that birth method again.

Nicole Reed Hays 6 months ago

Yes, yes and Yes to all of them! But in reality it’s not that bad and I do it all again, if that were in the cards for us.

Robin Ireland 6 months ago

The drugs they gave me in the operating room made me numb and more relaxed/comfy than I’d been in months – slept right through the delivery lol. I still don’t have feeling around my invisible scar (you really can’t even see it) but who needs feeling there anyway?

Angela Burke-Brannan 6 months ago

That’s too funny!

Julie Ann Martino 6 months ago

For real

Michael-Megan Crane 6 months ago

I had my first last year. All of these are spot on. The shaking in the OR was terrible. They put heated blankets on me and I was still shaking. Sore, terrible gas, could barely sit up straight for days. It was a long recovery for me, but I’d do it all over again in a second :)

Amy Gleason Salimbene 6 months ago

I had two sections with not an ounce of trouble. The two natural deliveries prior to my sections were a horrid experience!

Katie Bogdan Sunderlin 6 months ago

My first c section I was freezing my ass off. My second c section was at a different hospital and they kept heated blankets and the placed it on my upper body so I was nice and toasty.

Brittany Gandy 6 months ago

Having a c section isn’t the end of the world. Women need to stop shaming each other. Life goes on. Get a hobby.

Heather DeMart Bronson 6 months ago

I had planned a natural birth and ended-up with a section. I WISH someone had told me what to expect. While some people do recover easily, many people do not. It took me a FULL six-weeks to regain some sense of normality. I cried every time I laughed or sneezed for two-weeks post-delivery. I ended-up depressed because no one told me how hard recovery could be…. So I felt like I was failing. Please be kind and understand that women that recover easily are lucky, but it doesn’t always happen this way. Scary, or not, I wish someone would have given me a heads-up.

Jeannette Tomilson 6 months ago

Oh god this is scary. I delivered vaginally last week but was so worried I’d have a c section… The couple stitches I got after baby and the pain from this healing is bad enough…

Lisa Mason 6 months ago

I don’t remember being cold or feeling anything during the surgery. I definitely remember #4 and #5, though.

Jennifer Williams Povtak 6 months ago

These were all true for me. Much better the second time bc I knew what to expect.

Crystal Spr 6 months ago

I am 7 weeks post c section twin birth! I was a vaginal birth go c section after not being able to get Baby A out. (she was right there too everyone saw her head!!). I will always remember that pressure feeling. Since Baby A was pretty much almost out they had to pull her out backwards. Felt so strange. I was also shaken uncontrollably and clinching my teeth. Recovery was a bit rough the first days, but once I started moving around I felt better and better each day. I luckily healed very nicely though and feel normal now. My OB did a great job with my c section and the scar is pretty small and hidden!

Blaire Ridge 6 months ago

Nail on the head for me on all accounts!

Jenny Bell Combs 6 months ago

Yes. Number 3. But I think a lot of this is individual. I didn’t have shaking and as for pooping….try that after pushing for hours and then an emergency c….then they forget you pushed. It’s like pooping razor blades and surprise! Hemorrhoids too. Childbirth is not fun. And we deserve sweet blue boxes from
Tiffani’s for each birth!!

Heather DiPaolo Wilkoff 6 months ago

#4 for sure!!!

Kelly Evers Engel 6 months ago

I had none of this except the shakes in surgery. My c-section was smooth sailing. Everyone has a different experience regardless of the type of birth.

Karen Mcguire-Marshall 6 months ago

All so true. Especially the itchy scar area. Drives me nuts.

Danielle Collis 6 months ago

I think this puts unnecessary fear in some soon to be mothers. I had 2 c sections. I was so scared before my 1st from all the horror stories. And you know what? It wasn’t bad at all. I was sore but realistically for having a c section felt great! I left the hospital in a day and felt 100% by a week. Everyone’s experience is different, don’t let this article scare you of by chance you end up with a c section.

Michelle Powell Jadczak 6 months ago

And the gas bubbles post-surgery. Those are the worst.

Melissa McPherson 6 months ago

Ok, some of this is spot on and others were completely off. I had a c section 10 years ago, and had my tubes tied laparoscopically 10 days ago… The recovery from the tubal was harder than the c section, for me.

Cheryl Koliba-Osowski 6 months ago

I remember well….

kendall 6 months ago

Oh my gosh this is just absolutely dead on!! Cold is the biggest understatement EVER! The nurse had to bear hug me and try to hold me somewhat still for the spinal block. Trying to pee was even an act of Congress!! Oh but the joy of seeing my baby that first time. And we just celebrated his first birthday :) beyond blessed and I just might have to do it again one day and that would be ok with me.

Meek 6 months ago

My husband and I want to try for a boy we are 3 girls in the game… Not sure if I’m comfortable with have 4 C-sections, the doctors was no-help when I ask for his advise …he was saying 4 sections would really be pushing it ..

łęąźżąę 6 months ago

są ochotne wysunąć pełnia komedii małżeńskich, plenarnie
z zmysłowymi, gdyby bilansują że promowanie się
na nie da im zależną dogodność. Są cholernie nieszczere a jeśliby
właściwie wówczas potrafię ucapić – srogie. W 4 wypadkach na 5 naturalnie zaciekawione nastawieniem prawodawstw do zbitego dworu.

Katie 7 months ago

You might consider putting a warning on this for women who are looking for more info on c-sections, but don’t want to get more freaked out. Or, link to an article with a different take. I’m not saying that this isn’t accurate, based on my own c-section, but if I’d read it beforehand it would have made me more nervous. Basically, yes, on essentials, there is truth here, but it belabors (pun intended) the nastier aspects in a way that’s not very comforting to women who haven’t hone through this before.

liz0405 7 months ago

All of this is very helpfull. Although very scary. I’ve had 2 vaginal births already and the recovery was a piece of cake compared to what you guys are saying. I’m 37 weeks right now with my third and he is breached. If we can’t get him to turn we will have to plan a c section. I am absolutely terrified. Fear is overtaking me every time they tell me he’s still head up. I appreciate all of your suggestions for recovery if this is what I will have to do.

Mahalia 7 months ago

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Lisa 7 months ago

After reading all negative comments about c sections I never wanted one. With my first I had to have a emergency one and was put to sleep. Very frightening at the time but pleased i knew nothing about it and felt no pain. I had to have another one with my 2nd but planned this time. I can honestly say it was amazing the spinal didn’t hurt anymore than a usual injection. The room is cold but they kept me wrapped up warm throughout and kept me informed on what was happening. I got warned about the pulling but I didn’t feel a thing. Couldn’t say a bad word about the whole operation. Afterwards you will be sore but common sense you’ve been cut open!!. I got given some laxative gel to take which sorted my bowls out which takes a few weeks to work and remember pain killers cause constipation too. I’ve heard worse stories from my friends who had natural births and you don’t loose hrs of sleep when there planned therefore not shattered once your baby comes out.

Cassandra 7 months ago

I just had a c section with a T incision as well. My surgeon messed up and instead of stitching or stapling the 2 incisions, only slathered on a thin sloppy layer of glue that peeled off in places within a week. Now I am on strict bedrest and being monitored

TheUnknown 7 months ago

I don’t have children, but I already know that when I do become pregnant, that I will be having a c-section. I had heart surgery at birth so instead of straining stress and ect. on my heart, a c-section will be the best decision for me and for my future child/children , and I’m okay with that, plus my vaginal will still be the same.

Tay C. 8 months ago

I’m 21…and it was the scariest thing in my life. I still get sharp pains sometimes. I remember getting out of bed…Trying to be strong and get to the bathroom with limited assistance. The pain of my bladder being full of urine, hurt so bad. I stopped in the middle of the floor. I began to scream from pain and I literally peed all over the floor. I was so defeated.

Not to mention it took me a day and a half to become strong enough to visit with my baby who was down the hall in the NICU. Longest fucking hallway I ever walked.

Everyone was going to see her…and I was the only one who couldn’t. I had some dark days in that hospital. I’ll say that.

Anywho, she’s 6 months now and we’re both happier and stronger than ever.

Domm 8 months ago

I don’t have any children yet, kinda trying but also might not want them anymore. The after surgery complications that my little sister is facing brought me to this page. Her second c section has been a nightmare for her and her family. But coming here and reading your page really made me laugh. Thank you. I just wish things the dern things weren’t so unsettling.

Carol Morrisey 8 months ago

I had one cesarean followed by three VBACs. I must say normal delivery was a million times better! My recovery was faster and more comfortable, bonding with the baby went better as did breastfeeding, and I was able to go home sooner. In fact, my last 2 children were born at home. My c-section was for a breech, and by the time my second baby was breech I had learned the breech tilt position and turned him around, likewise for my fourth. She weighed over 9 pounds and turned like a charm a few days before birth. If a safe normal delivery is not possible, then thank God for surgery. But surgery should never be chosen if normal works. I wound up with a hernia many years later, in a place where the surgery cut muscles. Other complications are possible too. I wish you all safe recoveries from your surgeries, and normal births whenever possible. I just wish my doctor had known about the breech tilt position.

Dania 8 months ago

Midwives at biased! I had a great c section experience.

Dania 8 months ago

Me too sista!!! I had one a few year ago and will do it all over again!

Dania 8 months ago

This article is such an exaggeration!!!
I had a c section with my first pregnancy due to labor complications. I was eight centimeters dialated when I was rushed in operating room. I tried to avoid it… But in the end I enjoyed my c section. I have feeling around my incision actually my husband and I can’t even
see my ‘scar’. The doc mention some pressure … I didn’t notice any. My husband & I laughed & chatted with the doctors thru it all. I felt ok and great within 5 days with little to moderated rest and no pain relief because I was nursing. The pain was very bearable.. And my tolerance for pain is extremely low. I would do it again. Very controlled and predictable unlike my labor that felt forced, unpredictable and chaotic!

Dania 8 months ago

This article is such an exaggeration!!!
I had a c section with my first pregnancy due to labor complications. I was eight centimeters dialated when I was rushed in operating room. I tried to avoid it… But in the end I enjoyed my c section. I have feeling around my incision actually my husband and I can’t even
see my ‘scar’. The doc mention some pressure … I didn’t notice any. My husband & I laughed & chatted with the doctors thru it all. I felt ok and great within 5 days with little to moderated rest and no pain relief because I was nursing. The pain was very bearable.. And my tolerance for pain is extremely low. Yes…I would certainly do it again. Very controlled and predictable unlike my labor that felt forced, unpredictable and chaotic! I’m sorry abt your experience & others.

tianna 8 months ago

I went into early labour, and had to have a c-section. im to afraid to shave

Nadia 8 months ago

I know! I had an emergency C section and my baby died. I am the woman who has to visit her baby’s gravesite. I’d give anything to actually hold the baby.

Lakisha James 8 months ago

I had two c sections and the
only problem I had was the gas in my stomach and walking was painful but other than that I would take a C section over vaginal delivery any day.

kaylap 8 months ago

Its not the c section that backs u up its the pain medication and the numb feeling for some people does go away everyone is different as my numbness is in different spots from day to day and now they have belly bands that make there be no reason to need to use a pillow for coughing and sneezing I’ve had two c sections along with three vaginal births constipation comes with both due to pain medication also vaginal birth does not equal loos vagina trust me :)

Jennifer Smith 8 months ago

Yes!! All these things!! Wish I had found you 8 1/2 years ago with my first! 2 yrs later i was a pro!

Stacey McAtee 8 months ago

I actually had a great experience with c-section. Except for the pushing Becky Krasno mentioned. OMG, that was a surprise!

Tammy Sturtevant 8 months ago

Lol. I made it thru ok. Only took Motrin and never felt that pulling. Soon after I has my child I had a gallbladder attack and them removed let me tell you the dr said oh this will be a cake walk compared to your c section. Let me tell you this. There were words I can’t repeat that I called this man after that was done. I would have 10 more c sections over that. Lol.

Alisha Parker 8 months ago

Am I the only one that didn’t have my guts pulled out?

Danielle 8 months ago

I had 4 C-sections then a natural delivery with my 5th. Please make sure you ask for a binder to wear after a C-section. It makes a lot of difference. First one I went into labor but baby was 10 + lbs and after a very long labor….well c-section. 2nd I was 3 weeks over due. Dr. was willing to give it a try but alas non-stress test showed the placenta was not efficient and baby was not getting enough nourishment -C-section. So she only weighed 10.2 lbs when born and gained another lb before we took her home to make up for it. :) . Second and 3rd were just scheduled a few days before due date despite my protests ( New Dr. – New town) I was told I didn’t have a choice. They were only 8 lbs each. 5th – I was 37 older and wiser. My Drs. were splitting up their offices and I had to choose. I asked which one would let me give a natural delivery a go. One said he would. I went a week over due and he was going to start me the next day and told me his colleagues thought he was crazy to facilitate a V-BAC. I did go into labor naturally and some of the nurses were not supportive and hooked me up to an IV and readied for a C-Section. When the Dr. came in and said, “she is going to have a natural delivery” , One said, “Yes, so we heard.” Well it was no picnic, but daughter #5 arrived at 9 + lbs naturally. One of the nurses did come in that next morning, so supportive and said, “You made history! I am so proud of you!.” FYI – My husband is 6’6″, hence the large children. my girls are tall; I am not. My babies all had a high APGAR scores. I know it is against the law in some states now to be able to do what I did, but it can be done!.

Tara Salveson Loftus 8 months ago

The things I wish I had known were different. 1. Both c sections weren’t nearly as bad as people made them out to be. 2. My boys would go on to have 4 years of nursing each… And we didn’t suffer any issues breastfeeding issues because of the c section. 3. I would get to see my babies quickly. 4. It’s okay to have a c section. There are complications of both vaginal a c section deliveries. My anesthesiologist for my section told me all her permanent issues 10 years after after having her vaginal deliveries and I’m glad I don’t have those issues.

April 8 months ago

I had an unexpected C-section due to unprogressive labor. I do remember the shaking and the cold OR, but didn’t really have much pain and didn’t use pain meds at all. I don’t think everyone experience with C-sections are as difficult. I enjoyed reading your article and laughed all the way through though. And by the way the sensation does come back eventually!!

Heidi Overton 8 months ago

This could have been my article… Lol except the part where there was a new nurse that didn’t know to bring in my boyfriend and waited until they’d already cut me open. Almost missed them taking him out.

Lucy Saverino Katz 8 months ago

This is sooo true either way natural or via c-section labor is tough.

Marlo Montabon 8 months ago

My first c-section was 21 years ago yesterday. This is the first time I read anything about the phantom itching. Thank god. For 21 years I thought it was just me. Thank you!

Angeliki Speis 8 months ago

The scariest part has to be the organs being taken out and put back in again!!

jenn 8 months ago

Although I did experience some of the same stuff with my c-section… Some of the other stuff I did not lol I don’t recall feeling them pulling at my insides when they removed my son. And alot of scars take time to get feeling back if they do at all after surgery I had surgery on my tail bone 17 years ago and that took forever to get it back and it’s still not 100%

Breanna Nichole 8 months ago

Spot on from my personal experience!

Lauren Hagloch 8 months ago


Tasha Koledin 8 months ago

Yep. Exactly how it feels like! Your intestines being ripped out, and omg she is spot on about the delivery room being freezing cold and shivering like crazy:/

Heather Frederick Woolford 8 months ago

#6 is soooooo true!

E Sheree Hall 8 months ago

Avoid at all costs!
My son was breech, and I was not given a choice. Also, the anesthesiologist refused to do an epidural. They said I could go to another hospital if I objected!!!
Anyway, I’m convinced my failure to have anymore children was due to the scar tissue that formed and the “tortuous” condition of my tubes when my uterus and fallopian tubes were reinserted. ( diagnosed Laparoscopically 9 years later).

BUT, if you must, TAKE the drugs!!! I was able to get up and move within a week thanks to codeine.

Lindsay Hertel 8 months ago

Only thing true for me was the shaking! That sucked. Nothing else though!

Michelle 8 months ago

Everybody is different. After 2 vaginal births that were both horrific (first one required over 100 stitches … just try to imagine … interior tearing, exterior tearing … it was awful), they are recommending a C-section this time around. I can’t imagine anything being worse than the last 2 vaginal births. Thanks for posting this article.

Jessica Patton 8 months ago

It.”wasn’t that bad” for me either! Until last month, when I had to have my uterus detached from my abdominal wall next to my naval, where the scar tissue adhered it after my last c-section 6 years ago. My constant UTI’s were because my bladder and uterus were stuck together as well. If you’ve had c sections and have sudden, severe, painful periods, TELL YOUR DOCTOR!

Ashley Cotton 8 months ago

I also had a c section but was so unprepared! With my 1st child, my water broke, I went to the hospital and pushed her out. Not so bad. My 2nd child, I hadn’t even considered the possibility of a c section. Knew nothing about it! I go in a week before my due date for an nst. The nurse casually comes in and says “we’re just gonna take him out now”. What!?
So, long story short, it sucked! After, I couldn’t even sit up to get him, or pick him up. Nothing. But the worse part by far is the friggin nurse who comes in once an hour and pushes down as hard as she possibly can on ur stomach!! What the hell?!

Mary Graves 8 months ago

These are all spot on lol. 4 months later and I’m going to have nightmares all over again. Not ready to laugh yet!!

Tina Veppert Kemble 8 months ago

Holy shit it was so cold in there!!!

Vë Snow 8 months ago

My only complaint would be the coughing thing, other than that I was ecstatic to have a c-section ( I was terrified of the ‘natural’ way) Had two C’s and if I ever suffered from brain damage and decided on another child, it would be another C.

Lauren Evans 8 months ago

Soooooooo true, every one!

Candice Zodrow 8 months ago

Spot on! Let’s not forget the non stop vomiting while strapped to the table!

Cynthia Renae 8 months ago

I’m glad my c-section was nothing like this.

Chris Meyers Wrege 8 months ago

And the fact when you come home anything and everything have a direct target on your incision!! Oh and I have had three c-sections on the third one I got smart and smuggled in suppositories at the hospital!! 😉

Donna Tracey 8 months ago

The worst thing about my c section is the day I came out of hospital my stitches burst it was sooo painful but luckily it was only a third of my scar that bust.doc came to house & offered to stitch it there & then I was having none of it,lol

Sara Soehnel 8 months ago

This is spot on! And two years later very very funny!

Monica Lewis 8 months ago

I totally agree. I experienced all of these after my c-section.

sara 8 months ago

I had 4 babies vaginally, my youngest is 12 I sneeze and have never peed. My husband tells me all the time I’m just as tight as I was when we started having sex (I was a virgin). I do my daily kegels, and I keep my man of 25 years very happy

Heather Dillow 8 months ago

I didn’t find all of these entirely true … I wouldn’t recommend this as a good read.

Kimberly Loomis 8 months ago

After vaginally delivering a 10 lb baby and being diagnosed with a separated pelvic bone, which took overva year and a half to fully recover, I wish I had opted for a c-section! This sounds like gravy compared to the pain and discomfort I went through.

dawn 8 months ago

Goodness, reading this brought so many memories and things I did not know or think about with my first. Although I was blessed enough to have a “text book” pregnancy and delivery my next ones would not be so. I had a son about 22 months after my first and he was emergency c-section because I developed a rare condition called acute fatty liver of pregnancy. Very scary stuff! Then about 4 1/2 years after that I was pregnant again, Surprise!, and Surprise again that it was TWINS!! My dream was to give birth vaginally because I hated the recovery of my previous c-section. Not just what the author lists above in the blog but I had a little one that was not quite two running around that still needed my attention, my lower body swelled from my belly button down, I could not wear anything on my feet, I could barely walk because I was so swollen. That was hard and painful. It was wonderful that my doctors were able to work with me and understand my concerns about not wanting another c-section. We planned for a vaginal delivery because of my age, health, that it had been so many years since the last c-section, that I had already had a successful vaginal delivery and the reason for the c section was not because labor had stalled etc, plus baby A was head down. BUT, when it came down to it, Baby A was born vaginally and baby B was a stinker and I was put to sleep in about 1 minute for her to be delivered via emergency c-section! Not a fun recovery for that either! I never had stretch marks for the other pregnancy’s but of course carrying two this time I did not escape them and of course I have the c-section scar and I kinda like it, it reminds me of what my body was about to do and overcome and I am damn proud of myself!! I just look at the scars and think, “go me!!” you grew and gave birth to 4 healthy human beings! My biggest achievement of my life.

Kathi Black 8 months ago

Been there times two and laughed at all of these things because it’s all true and easier to laugh at now looking back. Thanks for the laughs!

Kaleigh Hansen 8 months ago

Never had any of these feelings with my son.while they were taking him out I felt little pressure that was it. It did hurt to cough but only lasted about two days

Donna 8 months ago

Have another 1

Donna 8 months ago

I tore all the way I wished I had a c section. They didn’t sew it all, and I HAD A Tare for 33 yrs

Audra Rich Huddleston 8 months ago

I had 3….heck my left side of my “woman part” will go numb! My whole bottom 1/2 goes numb!!! Craziness!!!

Brittany Feazel 8 months ago

I agree with all except the first two. I didn’t really feel anything during the procedure except a tugging sensation when they pulled him out. I was so out of it from the pain meds by the time I got into the operating room that I didn’t even notice what the room temp was.

samantha 8 months ago

Love your post! I totally agree and if I had know better I never would have had a c-section. They decided my first child was in distress but he really wasn’t. 13 months later, I was still nieve and schedule my second childs c-section. 7 years later there was no way I was having another c-section and found an awesome doctor who said there was no rhyme or reason not to deliever vaginally with the first second or third. Needless to say I was so upset to find this out but happy that pur 3rd child came out and straight to me!!

samantha 8 months ago

Ha! That whole “tightness” comment is pure ignorance. I had 2 c-sections and 7 years later I had a vaginal birth. Vaginal was ridiculously easier and made me happier. And my “tightness” has never changed according to my husband of 11 years.

Lori Meath 8 months ago

While certainly the authors surgery was medically indicated, most are not. Most c/s are a direct result of unnecessary interventions in labor. Mom and baby are then “saved” by surgery. Surgery is a sad way to give birth, and should be reserved for serious medical issues.

Pat Talley 8 months ago

I had two c-sections over 50 years ago , did fine !

Shannon Underwood Nelson 8 months ago

The itch I can’t scratch!!! omg.. I still try to scratch it.. 12 yrs later!!!! ahahahahahahaha

Becky Kazy Yanos 8 months ago

After a nitwit dug an iv into my arm (finally a more experienced nurse had to do it, in one quick try…) I felt nothing during the c-section. Not even tugging. I went in super scared but the assistants were incredibly calming & comforting. However AFTERWARDS… well, that’s a whole other story. D: Crazy blood pressure & anxiety/panic from pain meds, etc… it was all worth it for my breeched baby girl.

Tracy MacMillan Colacios 8 months ago

No one has the same birth experience, whether it be c section or natural, it was written based on her experience.. She isn’t saying everyone’s will be the same

Siobhan Kirwan 8 months ago

Hilarious!! However I’m glad to say that the worst thing about my c section for my second son …. Was being robbed in my hospital room!!!!

Angela Lennon McDowell 8 months ago

I didn’t have any of these and found the entire procedure very easy. Maybe, like most things in life, it’s different for everyone. I guess I should be thankful as I had no idea how bad it could be.

Tammy Ross 8 months ago

Both of mine were great. No issues.

LeAnn Nielsen 8 months ago

I think what hurt more than anything was being told by a loved one that I didn’t technically give birth to her.

Margaux Nissen Gray 8 months ago

i had 2 – one in Dublin and one in New York (6 years later) and they were like day and night. In Dublin I thought I was going to die from the pain and screamed in agony every time I had to move or shift position in bed or sit up for meds or food. In New York I recovered incredibly well, was mobile very soon afterwards and my pain was completely manageable. If I had any intention of having another child, I would have one again for sure and I would recommend a C-Section to anyone thinking of having a baby. I have absolutely no regrets or sadness about having not pushed my babies out the ‘normal’ way – which frankly sounds like the most brutal and disturbing thing on earth. Two healthy babies was my goal and that is what I got Thank God!

Aimee Driver Dean 8 months ago

So true! I had an emergency CSection after hours of pushing. I don’t see this as scaring but as forewarning.

Chad N Ali Rafdal 8 months ago

Lol!! I’ve had 3.. This article is spot on!! Specially the no feeling around the incision area, my stomach is numb as can be lol!!!

Krystal Bilsky 8 months ago

Number fuck off

Sue McDonald 8 months ago

All true!!

Megan Fisher Clemmer 8 months ago

I had two c-sections, the first was a breeze, the second was much more painful….each woman has their own experience, their body’s heal differently….dismissing a woman’s feelings is hurtful. Supporting each other is the better route :)

Michele Taylor 8 months ago

I was asleep for one and that was actually scary. They only have I belive it’s 6 minutes I could be wrong to get the baby out without it hitting the baby. My second one had complications because of that. If possible u do not at all want to be completely out.. It’s riskier. And they can tighten the restraints. Never ask to be out to be more comfortable. Your risking ur unborn child for ur comfort

Kelly 8 months ago

I had 3, and would agree that I had more pain with each subsequent c-section. The first, no pain meds, the second I took it a couple if times, with my 3rd I took it for 3 nights, and a couple of times during the day, too! I had my tubes tied with my 3rd, but didn’t notice any other “complications” with it being my 3rd and a tubal!

Adriana Ermatinger 8 months ago

Bless all of you csection mommas…..you’re rock stars!!!

Michele Taylor 8 months ago

I’ve had 5 and they weren’t all that bad. I’d do it all over again 😉

Daniele Wiseman 8 months ago

And I don’t give a fuck. Easy decision

Amber Kathleen 8 months ago

Honestly, my section was a breeze… However, I completely understand that I am not the norm, and it’s very difficult for lots of women. And rightly so! It is major surgery… I think it was just a fluke for me. I had my gallbladder out 2 years later and literally thought I was dying. It was a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. It was a nightmare, and it shouldn’t have been. The point is, everyone has a different experience, and the reasons why are often out of our control. So stop being so hard on yourself or each other. Hopefully, we all got a healthy baby. Some aren’t so lucky.

Brenda Martinez 8 months ago

I believe everyone is different… and I believe if you go in like her, assuming everything and asking nothing, it’s going to suck. Your ob/midwife will tell you what you NEED to know. You still have to ask questions. IMO, if she would have asked what they were going to do to her, it wouldn’t have been as bad

Kati Gessler 8 months ago

I had my first with an emergency c section at 42 weeks. It wasn’t that bad. I didn’t even need/take the pain meds afterwards. And I was walking up and down the stairs, with an 11pound new born, three days later.

It’s a major surgery, but each person is different and for me, it was tons less painful than the two weeks prior to having had the csection.

Although…I will admit..trying to sit up for a month afterwards was a joke. Rolling off the bed becomes your new super power because sitting up without assistance is no longer within your range of skills.

Kelly Boyd Jones 8 months ago

And I’d like to add #7- It’s really not that bad & you’ll forget all about it pretty quickly. True, I don’t have much feeling around my scar, but honestly the biggest thing is it is painful for about the first week. Otherwise, it’s not worth getting into a tizzy about.

Ivan Ally Gonzalez 8 months ago

Yeah the tugging and pulling I ripped my hands out of the restraints and grabbed the doctors hand while she was doing my c section till they finally put me to sleep.. This baby I’m pregnant with already told dr I’m going to be out for whole thing

KareBear 8 months ago

My son was born via C-section 4 years ago and my daughter was born vaginally 4 months ago. I peed when I sneezed while I was pregnant with my daughter, hasn’t happened since she was born. And my fiancé says I feel the same down there as I did before babies.

Christine 8 months ago

Spot on! I was so unprepared for what was to come! Also I wasn’t told it can slow your milk coming in.

Jamie Lynn Gay 8 months ago

Worst experience of my life!!! I had a v back after my c section. I hate my scar with a passion!

Britney Joy Emer 8 months ago

Uggghhh so very true!!!

Rachel Smith 8 months ago

I don’t think a c section is bad at all I think it was very easy actually the worst part was after trying to get up to use the bathroOn my way! or walk but that only last about 2 days. I would choose a c section over natural any day and I was in labor for 2 days prior to my c section and that was horrible. C section piece of cake I say.

Donna Sivan Bishri 8 months ago

I would add one more to the list…. Something no one tells you about before… It’s called endometriosis… Caused by c-section and results in the most painful and debilitating periods! I literally cannot walk some months! Just recently found out this was the cause…

Margary 8 months ago

Well aren’t you just the lucky one. By the way, vaginal births have been around LOTS longer than c-sections. Gee, if we all could be a perfect as you..

Cara Kipp O’Shea 8 months ago

Had a foreign body left in me at one of them

Cara Kipp O’Shea 8 months ago

I’ve had 4

Patty Martinez 8 months ago

3 c sections too and they were sheer hell! In fact all 3 pregnancies were the worst time of my life. Sick every single day of each pregnancy-salivated profusely, threw up daily, my bone down there seperated with my 2nd pg that I ended up in a wheelchair for months. I had an emergency appendectomy at 16 weeks!! (Yeah THAT was fun) I can go on. Needless to say, my hubby treats me like a Queen every day! My body was not meant to have kids LOL I love my kids so much they almost cost me my life!

kelly 8 months ago

There is no doubt that in a emergent situations c-sections save lives. However, some of the comments on this thread make me cringe. I have three children. The first was born at home completely naturally. My second we attempted a home birth but after three days of laboring we went into the hospital to be checked out. I was checked out and told both the baby and I were fine, then five minutes later, after being given medication, my blood pressure tanked, and I was wheeled into the OR for an emergency C-Section. My third was an all natural vbac in a hospital. (Due to laws against home birth after C-Section in our area).

The reality is that many healthy women, who have healthy babies inside, are perfectly capable of delivering vaginally and naturally. Birth does not have to be scary or overly painful. I urge all pregnant women to do their research! First time moms generally go a week and a day over their “delivery date. Your baby is not late, it’s just not ready! If the baby is not in distress there is no reason to schedule a c-section! If you or your baby are not in distress, there is no reason to induce! If your labor is not progressing “fast enough” ask the question fast enough for who? IF you are the baby are not in distress, then don’t let them inject you with anything. Get up walk around, eat, the baby will come. The medications that they give to induce labor, or reduce pain, slow down labor and interrupt your hormones. Many women who tear, do so because their labor was forced in some way. If a woman’s body is allowed to go through labor as it is intended the likelihood of tearing reduces dramatically. Pitocin creates unnatural contractions that will cause a great deal of pain. Natural contractions are like waves, building then reducing. Giving your body and baby a chance to recover. Pitocin, can cause strain on your baby, and uterus. Epidurals, although effectivein blocking pain, also block your ability to listen to your body. Your body will let you know when to push, you don’t need a doctor or nurse telling you to.

C-sections are major abdominal surgery. The risks of infection are real. The medications given after dull your senses and in some cases can adversely impact your ability to bond . My c-section was not fun. The recovery was long and difficult. My body has never been the same. My home birth was a great experience. My Vbac was good as well. What shocked me was that when it was time for the baby to come out, I had a room full of nurses watching me because they had never witnessed a “natural birth” and by natural I mean a birth where no interventions or medications were given. I gave birth on all fours, which was something else many of the nurses had never witnessed. (laying on your back with legs in the air is possibly the worst position to be in to give birth). The recovery after my vbac was simple. A few hours after his was born I was walking around and able to bend over and pick him up.

I know every woman has a unique experience. Each decision is personal. But before you let fear decide for you, do a little research. You have so many more choices than you think! Giving birth does not have to be a painful traumatic experience. Read some of Ina May Gaskin’s books. watch the Business of Being Born 1,2, & 3 (its on netflix), Also see if you can find a copy of “Orgasmic Birth”, ask if your OB has a midwife on staff (your care will be so much better!). Check out the forums on mothering.com! Also, I highly recommend taking a Bradley Method birth class.

My c-section was a horrible experience. I think this was because I had already experienced how good girth could be. Don’t settle!

Ani V. 8 months ago

The article was insensitive. She needed the c-section for the safety of her child and after the first c-section it’s kind of a rule that another c-section is needed.

Ash Kimbrel 8 months ago

I had 3 C Section s

Heidi Sutt 8 months ago

I disagree with number two and I have had three csections.

Jessica Sato 8 months ago

Ah yes no matter how many times I read this I’m nodding my head

Lynae ‘Granzow’ Kibiger 8 months ago

OMG yes! I’ve had 1 emergency c/s and 2 vaginal births with no epidurals. I would take a vaginal birth to a c/s any day! The recovery was awful with the c/s, with a vaginal birth I was out of pain as soon as the baby came out.

Ann Hamm Sipes 8 months ago

These are so funny & true!

Susan Gilbert Rossman 8 months ago

I didn’t feel pulling or anything when he was pulled out. I would do it again in a heartbeat over vag delivery.

Cristina Bina 8 months ago

I got the feeling back after a year with both sections. That “fallen asleep” sensation is annoying alone when it’s your foot, but your stomach is a completely new level of annoying.

Rachel Taylor Mohat 8 months ago

Very very true I had/have all of these

Sandra Hurdis Finigan 8 months ago

I have said it on here a number of times but the Mommy Wars have to stop. We need to be supporting each other instead of attacking. Everyone’s experience is different and we all have different pain tolerances.
About the blog post… I had an emergency c-section (my sons head was stuck in my pelvis so bad that he had the doctors handprint on his head for a day because he had to pull him out). I was scared because no one tells you what they are going to do. Freaked the hell out of me when they tied my arms down. Had I known what was going to happen it might have been better in there but I would do it again. My recovery went great but I know I’m one of the lucky ones. And whoever mentioned the nurse pushing on the stomach OMG I had forgotten about the nurse doing that. The pain of that was horrible. Almost punched her.

Brittany Baldwin 8 months ago

I had 2 c sections. The first one was my son and it was an emergency c section so I was unprepared..I knew already I would be getting a c section just didn’t know when. It was extremely painful during the operation for me but afterwards I was able to sit up and everything. I even walked that evening! Recovery was a piece of cake.. then my second was with my daughter in June of this year and the operation was nothing like my first. It went so quick and easy and I didn’t feel a thing..and afterwards my recovery was the same as the first. Didn’t have pain and was able to move just fine.. now I am doing great and so are my babies!

Paula Ramsey 8 months ago

Every woman’s experience is different in either situation. Some women have a smooth and great vaginal birth, while others don’t. Same thing goes with C-sections. I would have preferred vag birth but for medical reasons had a c-section. Regardless, it went great for me but I also have a high threshold for pain. (and yes, there is pain) it’s great for women to hear others experiences because that way they can be prepared for anything. We all deserve props for bringing into the world these wonderful little blessings, however they get here! God is good! :-)

Sarah Jane Sheehan 8 months ago

Or the pushing to get the baby out! The doc had to practicly sit on me to pull out my son oh the pain! And i was after an epidural do not want a repeat preformance

Niamh Neve Hennessey 8 months ago

I had 4 c-sections… And all was well. 4 healthy babies… Now adults and healthy mom!! All good!

Anne Billie 8 months ago

I had my first 2 children natural and then my 3rd child came along and the stubborn little girl decided to do a “sit in”…baby was breach….ass down…feet up…arms crossed behind her head as if to say she wasnt going anywhere and to prepare for the long haul…everything one of these points is sooo true and i have one more….they dont tell you that they are not going to feed you till you prove all your organs and back and up and running…so about 6 laxative pills later i had an explosion like none other and was mortified to have to call the nurses to help me…the only bright side was they brought me 2 meals to make up for my starvation…good times…memories…and on a side note…my 3rd child is now 8yo and still a stubborn little soul..smh

Kristen Murray 8 months ago

True to all!!

Heather Hollowell Hall 8 months ago

No mention of when they have to push on your stomach right afterwards. That was the worst for me.

Jennifer Marie H 8 months ago

I delivered both of mine vaginally without drugs, one in a heart shaped birthing tub. Is rather do that again than get cut open.

Angela Smith 8 months ago

All of this is so very true! Had two c-sections.

Maryellen Colomb Dodge 8 months ago

Everyone’s experience is different and if you’re nervous, it’s ok to be. My section was an emergency and at 34 weeks, my little bundle was born at 4lbs, 2 oz. My recovery was a bit sore and when I had to leave the convenience of using the hospital bed to sit up and lay down, that was the worst part. Once home, I rarely used the meds and my hubby and was amazed because he had to keep me from doing things I wasn’t supposed to. I also still don’t have feeling down there but all said, it wasn’t bad.

Maggie Falato 8 months ago

Everyone has a different experience. Some c sections are horrid and some are just ok. People get their panties in a bunch when an article is posted about the average feeling. I felt some of these things and not all of them but I’m not in an outrage. Cheers to all women who went through a c section :)

Sharan Robertson 8 months ago

I wish i hadn’t read this. 12 years on and this brought it all back. Feeling quite queasy tbh. My son was worth it but no way i’d have done it again. Having a scoliosis meant my son was breech.
Took a long time to get over feeling cheated out of a natural birth.

Dianne LaRoche Johnson 8 months ago

I have had 2 vaginal births with an epidural, a C section, and an unmedicated VBAC. By FAR the most difficult of those was the C section. It took 6 months before I started to feel like myself.

Stacy Repka Sapp 8 months ago

I had a c-section and would do it again 100 times over! The only thing about the list that I agree with is the no feeling around your incision. That part still annoys me.

Paula Fitz 8 months ago

#6 digging at it like a meth addict. Lmao. Its so true, at least here…

Kenna Pope 8 months ago

This was exactly what I experienced as well! My son is 10 and I STILL get itchy around my scar now and then…

Hillary@notsozenmom.com 8 months ago

Vaginal birth or c-section, all moms are simply looking for healthy babies….that we can agree on!! It’s not a contest over how the baby comes out healthy, it’s just the fact that they do. It’s the same debate over natural childbirth vs. getting an epidural. Who cares? This is personal preference and no one’s business but you and your doctor’s. Everyone else can just back the hell off!! In my humble opinion :-)

Jennifer Lane-Buscoe 8 months ago

I had an emergency c section 10 years ago. This saved our lives and I am so grateful for it. I also have my feeling where my scar was

Patricia Catuzzi Ostrowski 8 months ago

It all happened so fast, suddenly you were rushed away. Of course the reason, stress on the baby from a long labor. You were shaking so violently it frightened me, and the surgery seemed less than gentle . The outcome, you were fine and baby was perfect . Thank God

Sherry L. McClain 8 months ago

So dang true I had three and WOW that it just WOW

Theresa Fosco Sicheri 8 months ago

She forgot the expectation of exhilaration to only having the feeling of oh that’s it baby’s here. No one prepares you for the lack of a huge rush of emotion as you see in natural deliveries. You still fall in love and instantly shed tears of joy, but there is not the same great rush of adrenaline.

Theresa Pirrelli 8 months ago

The worst thing about a c-section is when the dr rips off the bandage covering your incision. That hurts like a MF! Everything else was easy IMO

Nerissa Ann Lindstrom 8 months ago

The saddest part for me having a c section was the crappy recovery time and already having 2 toddlers at home. BUT mostly the fact that post op I was soo high on paid med that I was too afraid to hold my baby for fear of dropping her. And it took me about 2 days to finally make any kind of connection with her.

Kaitlin Wade 8 months ago

I was unaware I would convulse after like a drug addict withdrawing. They kept asking if I was cd so they would add another heated blanket. No I wasn’t hot it was August!

Shayna Spagnuolo 8 months ago

Mine was scary as hell! 69 hours of being induced & labor and then rushed away. I don’t remember anything the first day. It was not s good experience at all

Gretchen Willey Beasley 8 months ago

I feel for those who had a horrible section experience. I did not experience any of this, considering myself super blessed. Not all sections are terrible. Mine went perfectly smooth, calm and controlled. An amazing birth experience.

Patricia Brewster 8 months ago

All of these were true when I had an epidural. None of these true when I had a spinal block for my second.

Robin Croes 8 months ago

To late for you know it’s over

Corrina Bilecki 8 months ago

What about the spinal headaches?! No one told me there was a chance I’d get one of those and be in so much pain that I could barely move!

Michelle Ash 8 months ago

By the time I left the hospital I felt like I had survived a series of really bad assassination attempts. These people were out to kill me. I was absolutely thrilled to leave until I got home and remembered the two flights of stairs up to my apartment. I actually thought “Hey, the hospital wasn’t that bad. At least they had elevators!” Really, it was a nightmare and I can look back now and laugh. I probably could have sued, but at the time I was happy to just be breathing and have a baby to show for it. I will use this against my daughter for all of her life. She is my only girl, and was a pain in the ass coming into this world but out of all three of my kids, the easiest to deal with. So I guess that’s something. I have met people who were able to “just walk it off”. I always thought mine was so bad because it was such an emergency and the aftercare didn’t help. After reading several other posts I now know that everyone has a different experience. Some good, some bad. Some really bad like mine. My daughter is ten years old now. If in the very distant future, she has to go through this I will move in with her for a month at least. If she takes after me, she will need it. :)

Kaitlin Ellingham 8 months ago

Lmao at the ignorance.

Kaitlin Ellingham 8 months ago

Um, I’ve had two vaginal births and my vagina is most assuredly still intact as well. Thanks.

Susan Archer Rowe 8 months ago

Well….that brought back some memories!

Lori Paschal 8 months ago

Everyone has a different experience, I guess. I had two, one vaginal and one c-section. All this is true…sort of, certainly not this dramatically…but I would take all 6 of these again happily, because with the vaginal delivery I bled afterwards for what seemed like weeks. Horrible, nasty, slaughterhouse stuff, and that’s as graphic as I’ll be here. Normally I’m a “natural is better” girl, but not here.

Debbie Koch Berliner 8 months ago

Ohmygod! I totally forgot about that. I had a really easy cesarean birth and recovery and all that but Ohmygod! That pushing. I thought I was going to punch that chick in the face!

Cecilia-And Daryl Toonk 8 months ago

Had a csection 5 months ago…healed and recovered wonderfully and some of these don’t even apply to my experience. Everyone’s different. No sense in scaring those who don’t have another option.

Erin Lee Ann 8 months ago

My mom actually had the nerve to say, “I can’t believe they accommodated you like that!”. She had no idea that my first born had the cord wrapped around his neck several times before she opened her stupid mouth (and still haven’t let her know to this day). All 4 of my kids were born via c-section and I wouldn’t change a thing, not even for you……..”mom”!!!!!!

Debra Padilla Hautala 8 months ago

I work in a hospital and chose a doctor there. Many of my colleagues chose the same guy during a rush of pregnancies. He was not a pusher of the c-section. I was the only one of the hospital workers with babies that year who had a c section because of my high risk pregnancy. My baby was healthy and I recovered well. Other than gas pain, there were no unpleasant surprises and I hadn’t prepared myself for surgery because “it wasn’t going to happen to me.” This article is a horror story, and not all women experience it like this.

Kylie Racioppo 8 months ago

These are spot on. Makes me feel better that other ppl shared the same experiences!

Bonnie Irish Minor 8 months ago

I’ve experienced this too… I tried to have my daughter naturally, but 36hours in I still wasn’t dialating and baby was having problems, so they had to take her. I’ve heard everything from: that sucks to I never got to “bond” with her. Yes, yes I did bond with her and no, it doesn’t suck that I had to have a section. I’m just glad she’s healthy and happy. Isn’t that what we all want?

Samantha Atkin 8 months ago

My daughter stopped breathing and all these nurses and doctors came rushing in and I couldn’t move an inch. I was screaming and crying. It was the worst thing ever. Thankfully, she’s a healthy 5 year old now.

Becky Squiers Hayes 8 months ago

Vertical emergency c section…..that right there is some business….no epidural or pain medal for 12 hours of labor due to a medical condition….so worth it…..even the 27 staples…

Laura Grimshaw 8 months ago

Ha ha me tooo x x

Jennifer Lynn Swenson 8 months ago

I had a an emergency c section almost 8 weeks ago. I had epidural, not a spinal block for mine. The OR was freezing. As far as not feeling a thing, I personally only felt slight pressure when they took my son out and the warmth of the saline flush, and a little bit of a tugging sensation when being stitched up. This probably depends more on what you get/how much/pain tolerance/ medical staff etc. They gave injections of torredol and I was confined to bed for about 24 hours afterwards. When I could get up and seemed to be doing well they gave me percocet for the pain. LOL! the poop one as spot on for me. I had been one of the lucky one’s that had constipation in late pregnancy. I actually told my fiance’ that I missed being able to poop. It was 4 days post op before I was able to. It really hurt to laugh, sneeze or cough .I came down with a cold a few days after coming home, it sucked. I was wondering when or if I would get feeling back around my incision. To me this post was not scary, it was the blunt truth.

Melissa Long 8 months ago

My youngest is almost 26 and still no sensation around scar. This is a hilarious read.

Gillian Fletcher 8 months ago

Aww no way hats all you need after xx I was just terrified of the other option but obviously had to get over it

Laura Grimshaw 8 months ago

Why was you gutted you didn’t have one? People say there not that bad but I thought it was i was very poorly after mine though x x

Gillian Fletcher 8 months ago

Bloody hell I was gutted I didn’t have one

Denise Lopez 8 months ago

Well I had six of them and here I am…..

Kalia King 8 months ago

All of these are true, plus the gas pains from all the air afterwards. The meds they put me on after made me loopy and I dozed off and on for two days. I had to have an emergency c-section after 13 hours of labor because his heart rate wasn’t stable. The recovery was grueling. I had a VBAC 3 months ago and even though I went through 27 hours of labor and pushed for an hour and a half, given the chance I would go natural again. (And I do mean natural..no meds..not my choice in the beginning) I feel more connected quicker with second son than I did my first. I was up and showering within 20 min. And the moment I got home I was cleaning again!

Sandra Leigh 8 months ago

Sadly women judge no matter what your mothering experience is. It will be like that until the end of time.

Sandra Leigh 8 months ago

Just as pregnancy and labor are different for each woman, a c-section experience is too. Let’s respect each other’s experiences and not knock each other down. The breastfeeding and formula debate is bad enough. Support each other through these things. It’s not that hard.

Leslie A McLean 8 months ago

Terrible article. A few of these things are true, like the cold OR. But seriously? The reason they keep it cold is to keep bacterial growth at a minimum. The reason you don’t poop for days is because of the pain medication. The scar heals just fine. Way to go for scaring people…. Shame on you, Scary Mommy….

Jenny Ball Tufford 8 months ago

Some of you need to get a grip. I had three sections and they were a walk in the freaking park compared to my one nightmarish VBAC.

Signed, SuperMommy who only needed Advil and was up walking around within a few hours. (Emily, sounds like you could benefit from a little therapy)

Teresa Jopson Harrison 8 months ago

All of these true and that when they forget a sponge and you get an infection and have to be opened up again to remove it sucks!

Jillian White 8 months ago

I had no problems with my C-section and recovery. I suppose I’m one of the lucky ones.

Theo Fenning 8 months ago

Still no feeling back after 14 years

Melissa Crockett Williams 8 months ago

I loved this post. I still love this post. Having had two children naturally and then having to have an emergency c-section, this rang very true to me. If given the choice, natural was easier for me. The other thing that I loved about this post was all the women who got butt hurt over it. No one is bashing anyone for having a c-section. Some women don’t have a choice, others actually chose to go this route thinking it’s easier, and guess what for them it is, they don’t know the difference. Having babies isn’t for whimps, even if you are a whimp! You carry a child and give birth, no matter which way you do it, you are no longer a whimp!

Lacey 8 months ago

I had an emergency c section 03-22-14 and my sister had one exactly 6 month later, to the day. We were sitting around comparing notes and we both discussed all of these, some experiences were different than others. The one we both agreed on was the scar. We both said it feels like you itch inside and just can’t scratch it because if you push down too hard it’ll hurt and if you do scratch too light it just makes it worse. And I told her that when I finally went to the bathroom, after about 4 days of nothing, I thought I was going to pop the incision back open and that I felt like I gave birth both ways lol. But, we both loook at our handsome little men and say we’d do it all over again! :)

Steph Al 8 months ago

I’ve had two emergency c sections and the only reason I took the morphine the couple days after was because it was my only chance to get my hands on heavy pain killers in the country I live in lol. After discharge it was only Tylenol if needed.

Brigette Hartman DeCenzo 8 months ago

Number 1 was the worst part for me.

Samantha Swart 8 months ago

A month? lucky you, I had a baby as a surrogate 8 weeks ago and im still wearing those stupid pads!

Tertia Labuschagne 8 months ago

Neither of my two c-sections was anything like described here and I would choose c-section again, even though my two natural births were relatively easy too.

Cherrylyn Joy Fuentes Rafil-Tamayo 8 months ago

i’ve seen a lot of c section and just last year i had one #ornurseduty

Natalie OlderthanIlook Brandy 8 months ago

That’s like invalidating someone else’s experience though. Everyone’s birth is personal, that’s how it was for her so why shouldn’t she share her experience?

Natalie OlderthanIlook Brandy 8 months ago

You can’t stand when someone has an experience different to you and then talks about it?

Sammy Cat 8 months ago
Colleen Williams 8 months ago

And yet more and more doctors insist it’s better. No. If it’s a choice between th babies death and that of the mother, then yes….but anything else I don’t agree with. Sorry if I offend. C-section is not the easy option many doctors lead woman to believe.

Claire Azza Hall 8 months ago

I was put to sleep so only have a few I can relate to.

Lacey Jones 8 months ago

I have done it both ways and if I had to do it again I would go with the csection in an instant. To me recovery was so much better. The pain was about the same but in a much better spot. The first time I peed afyer having the csection and there was no searing mind blowing firey pain I was over the moon with happiness. Granted with my first I had tore very bad and fractured my tail bone. I had thought about csection to avoid that happening again kinda halfheartedly. Then decided against it. But my daighter wanted to be butt down and have her feet up in her neck when my water broke so I didnt have a choice. Csection it was and I was way happier with that.

Selina Spankin Sproston 8 months ago

I’ve had 2 c sections and although the pulling and pushing of getting my girls out knocked me sick and the constipation I can honestly say I recovered well :) was on my hands and knees cleaning my stuff out the next day. We each deal with things differently. The only part I can hand on heart say I hated and wud hate to face next time is the spinal but that’s more because of the wat ifs? It’s a horrid feeling. I’m glad I had elective c sections, my girls are both healthy, that’s all that matters and worth any discomfort and pain x

Jamie Krug 8 months ago

Thank you! 4th degree episiotomy here and that is NO walk in the park. Im reading “a few hours” before you can see your baby after c section. Try 6 hours for me after having to go under to get sewn up from the inside out in very delicate places after a failed epidural!

Meredith Walther Carlone 8 months ago

Numer 4. I had no idea! So true.

Laurinda Isla Jaffray 8 months ago

Yep yep yep

Rachael Worrall 8 months ago

oh yes the vomiting after lovely ! than they so won’t let you drink , you feel like your throats been cut , never begged so much for water in my life , especially after 18 hrs of asthma drugs too !

Rachael Worrall 8 months ago

I was in two day asthma attack plus the c section , than 2 days later got swine flu too ! great fun ! all worth it though 4 years ago today !

Kaitlyn Rosa 8 months ago

I hated having a c-section. It was one of the worst experiences I’ve gone through, especially since the medication they gave me made me so loopy. I wouldn’t recommend it if you can avoid it. However, I would do it 100 times over to have my little boy :)

Grace Willis 8 months ago

I had a scheduled c section – it was very calm and planned. I agree I was shocked when they were taking out my 8 pounder it felt like they were taking out my ribs. Not pain but rocking and rolling for sure. I delivered him on Monday and was home and driving (against docs orders) by Friday. I think it was a good experience because it was scheduled and I was well rested and ready for surgery.

Laurie Braslins 8 months ago

my csections were a breeze compared to being in labor for days. #3 will be a planned csection and I’m going to junk punch the next person who brings up VBA2C.

Ashley Cook 8 months ago

Different for everyone. This article was spot on for me and my two csections.

Nicole Van Hoose 8 months ago

Thank god you aren’t a LD nurse anymore with that shitty attitude.

Angel Watts 8 months ago

Oh my gosh and I vomited for hours after from the meds ugh

Briana Collard Hauk 8 months ago

I’m assuming you’re talking to me. Most c-sections are unnecessary. If 1 in 3 women were bound to die in childbirth there would be no human species. Think about it.

Shannon Bedenbender 8 months ago

I’ve had two c-sections. The first was after a grueling 32 hour labor that failed to progress because my baby girl was stuck sideways. The painful hours of labor left me feeling like I waa beaten with a bat. With the c-section she was out in 15 minutes. I opted for the second one, not wanting to go through another excruciating labor. My son was born within 20 minutes and I felt FABULOUS! I even checked out of the hospital a day early because I felt so good. C-sections are wonderful!

Jennifer Horne 8 months ago

She forgot the bit about the air that gets trapped inside during surgery and HURTS LIKE HELL over the next coupla days as ur body tries to deal with it. Otherwise, it’s a pretty accurate description. Sorry Sarah Deuchars – it’s true!!

Laurie Braslins 8 months ago

ugh I hate when the nurses put their whole weight into it. that was the first thing I addressed in my birth plan the second time around.

Lauren Spuhler Krabbenhoft 8 months ago

I’m glad to hear your second was better. My son is 3 months and my experience was terrifying with an excruciatingly long recovery. Any future kids will be c-sections, and it’s comforting to know not all deliveries will be like the first

Lauren Spuhler Krabbenhoft 8 months ago

I did bite my tongue. I wish I was smart enough to know not to talk, but I was convinced I wasn’t breathing and needed someone to hear me.

Juliana Roca 8 months ago

I had those horrendous gas trapped in my chest. My two older kids were scared sh@#less when they saw me screaming. Nurses came running in and they thought something serious was happening. So they wheeled in a xray machine. Found nothing wrong and gave me something in my IV that knocked my butt out instantly. My last csection was by far the worst of all 3. Thank god I got my tubes tied with this one. Husband was too chicken to get sniped after our second.

Lauren Spuhler Krabbenhoft 8 months ago

This woman nailed my experience. It was good to know I’m not alone in it being extremely hard. Recovery has been hell for me.

Jessica Rojas 8 months ago

Oh yes. The worst was feeling the tugging of the Dr trying to get my baby, the intense shakes after delivery and the whole pooping issue, yucky.

Lauren Spuhler Krabbenhoft 8 months ago

Agreed! Though I’m fearful to have a second one after reliving my first experience through this post.

Jodie Lintern 8 months ago

Oh Elizabeth you poor thing. I had an abdo wound dehiss a few years ago. I hope you are feeling better and that you don’t let your scar worry you. Wear that thing like a badge of honor, you’re a proud Mumma!

Andrea Velazquez 8 months ago

lol love having this convo while we had dinner Vanessa Chavez

Emily Tillman Donovan 8 months ago

I was shown my son whom I couldn’t even lift my hand to touch. Then he was whisked away. It was really sad. I remember crying my eyes out during post op and recovery

Becci Jayne Britt 8 months ago

And that list don’t even cover the adhesions, and over medical problems you that will most likely get or like me for the rest of my life

Leslie Maynard 8 months ago

I thought I was the only one who ever experienced that, Michelle cook! At first the Doc didn’t believe me, but it only took one more cut for him to believe. I had a spinal block as well. After being in labor for 13 1/2 hours, my husband had to keep patting my face. And even after all of that, I still picked myself up off the table to get onto the rolling bed.
My second c-section was a lot better!!

Allison Shepherd 8 months ago

Mine was super easy and I didn’t experience any of these things.

Savanna 8 months ago

I had a c-section exactly 6 months ago, and it is still open to this day. I’ve had a few nasty infections in it, the first one gained in the hospital left abcesses, and the rest were unexplainable, I was extremely careful with it. I don’t really regret it, it had been over 40 hours since being induced and at maximum pitocin and I was only 3 cm when they decided to do it. But the recovery has been awful. Between that and my daughter being in the hospital for 2 months it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my life. I physically couldn’t even walk myself into the hospital and up to her room, or move around on my own, so I had to rely on others to help me out with visiting and taking care of baby, when DH was at work and couldn’t take me. But even after all that, and even though I’m still going through it, IT IS SO WORTH IT!! I have no problem with anything thrown at me, as long as my daughter is happy and healthy, and she is so so happy. :)

Amy Hill 8 months ago

I was given my baby immediately after the section only to have her whisked away immediately incase I dropped her due to the numbness, that wasn’t nice :(

Allison Shepherd 8 months ago

I didn’t have any of these with my c-section. It was a piece of cake!

Amanda Clay Benavides 8 months ago

All of it completely true, but one thing was missing. One has to mention that getting out of bed the next day is the worst moment of your life. I wish I didn’t have to have a c-section, but my girl’s noggin was too big and I’m grateful there was another option.

Tara Haystackgirl Cook 8 months ago

Bang On! I was in tears with my first… 150% un prepared. got halfway out the door ‘twice’ finally on the third attempt to get me to the operating room my nurse went to get the dr, saying he is going to deliver your baby before he leaves today! She was awesome!
All three kids by c-section.
Third one… Was the hardest. Older… Little one was almost 10lbs. Had fat sausage feet for 5 days post. Had her around 3 pm and didn’t get out of recovery til after 8. My poor body was very very unhappy on the ice tray table. I had the shakes something fierce. Hubby got the baby and they got him out fast! Day six issues… Had to go so bad I think I lost 6 lbs in one dump.

Thanks for the laugh, I think I just peed myself!

Amy Hill 8 months ago

I had both my babies by emergency c-sec, they both had equal goods and bads, the first I couldn’t stand for atleast 24 hrs as my guts felt like they would fall out! But after that it was ok once I learned how to deal with it, the second I was up that morning, coping better than the first, but the surgeon had STAPPELD me back together and after a few days once the scar had started healing I couldn’t stand upright without an intense ripping pain! Always ask to be stitched!! Opt out of staples! I wasn’t however given the choice, I think he did it on purpose because he performed my first c-sec and I made a complaint against him as he dropped the surgical knife onto my thigh leaving a forever scar. Bastard.

Briana Collard Hauk 8 months ago

I find it really offensive that many women assume natural mamas have something to prove.

Tami Kay Cannon 8 months ago

I had great experiences with my c sections. I guess I was lucky. I was hiking four days after the surgery

Elizabeth Parks Scott 8 months ago

I think this post is irresponsible. Its overly dramatic and medically inaccurate for most people. Some people have a bad experience. You Do the best you can and recover. Some people have no choice but to have one and this is sensationalism.

Aleccia Lin Shaffer 8 months ago

I wish I could have been warned that I’d never have a pain free back again after the stick to the back.

Absolutely worth it to have healthy kiddos, but still…I might have liked a heads up.

Nickol Buck 8 months ago

Maybe I am a crazy person but I found my c-section so relaxing. I was lucky that my recover was easy and that I enjoyed my time in the hospital. I was scared at 1st but wouldn’t have it any other way. Mine was planed so I never went into labor or felt the pain that comes with that. I am glad in the end I had a c-section. I will say #1 and #4 are very true

Elizabeth Deiter 8 months ago

I was stapled almost three weeks ago, two weeks ago part of it opened and I started leaking I now have two holes one an inch and the other about 3/4 ths of an inch. It sucks.

Nicole Addie 8 months ago

Oh god. It was that bad. It was horrendous.

Clara 8 months ago

I second that, Amen Eliese!!

Marianne 8 months ago

Count your blessings. The goal is to have a healthy baby. My son was born vaginally with the “Help” of forceps after being stuck during delivery. He has had learning difficulties all his life and is now suffering from seizures they are saying is due to the forceps leaving a scar on his brain during birth. My doctor had no idea he was as big as he was at the time. 9pounds.

Valerie Gauthier 8 months ago

Im talking from my twin pregnancy perspective. Since i was in labor for 13 hours with my first kid and wasnt progressing and my baby almost died in there cause i dont open up. Now pregnant with twins, who btw are both tranverse at 35 wks + 4, the risks of vaginal delivery are greater. If i was being stubborn about having a vaginal delivery, id probably kill myself and both babies. Twin pregnancy are particular and have their own set of challenges. A great percentage of them end up being csection…. so I dont care about being elective, ive got nothing to prove.

Michelle Cook 8 months ago

Not all are “not that bad”. Mine was like this, and worse, especially after my first baby was an easy natural birth. I wish I had read this before my emergency c-section… but it was an emergency and there was no time to prep for it :(

Michelle Cook 8 months ago

No, they’re not all lying. My husband is not the father of my first child. He was honest with me and found nothing wrong with the downstairs. My child with him was an emergency c-section at 30 weeks gestation. I’d take having a child naturally over going through my second experience anytime. Although, I might add, my first was only 5lb 14oz and I still needed 2 stitches. I healed perfectly fine.

Amy Hill 8 months ago

I remember the intense shivering sensation the drugs caused, and feeling as thirsty as a guy stranded in the Sahara desert! And not being allowed to drink, just little sips! Oh yer and then given birth a week later to a crap the size of a tennis ball! (Well that’s what it felt like!) I almost pulled the sink off the wall

KC Wahpeconiah 8 months ago

I was lucky because my C-section was so easy.

Catherine Dodd 8 months ago

As a midwife all of thus would be explained to someone prior to an elective LSCS.

Alice Nguyen 8 months ago

Woah woah ladies! Pain is a subjective experience. Our perception of a situation shapes our experience. So NOBODY is wrong for saying whatever it was that they had experienced. Some people had great experiences, others not so much. But who has the right to tell another women that their child birth experience was not in fact reality when everyone’s experience can be different? The article wasn’t meant to scare anyone, it was just a mom speaking from her own experience. That’s it! Chill out, we’re all moms here…that really should be supportive of each other instead of sounding like bitchy, judgmental high school girls.

Jodie Lintern 8 months ago

Actually, maybe the worst was the uterine infection, followed by the sepsis, followed by the wound infection!! That was crap!! Lol!!

Michelle Cook 8 months ago

Me too, Laura! I had an emergency one at 30 weeks due to preeclampsia and I could feel them cutting as well. I ended up with a spinal block. I’m pretty sure if I went under general anesthesia I would have died. My body wanted me to close my eyes so badly during surgery but I fought it because I swear I never would have woken up. Plus they ripped a few layers of skin when they removed my bandages. My scars from that are worse than my c-section scar :/

Stephanie Nimrick 8 months ago

Totally wish I would have read this before the birth of my twin boys! Lol I can totally relate and hope to God I don’t have to go thru it ever again.

Jodie Lintern 8 months ago

That’s horrible. The worst for me was the lack of analgesia in my suture line until the next night when they finally rectified the problem. Pretty bad having a caesar without analgesia post op:( when they sorted it out I got up an hour later and had a shower. By myself – no midwives were available to help.

Alli 8 months ago

This was my experience as well! Trouble peeing at first but otherwise wonderful!

Ammy Kournikakis 8 months ago

Omfg. I was dying.
No. Babies. Ever. Again.
I wasnt very huggable. I felt so emvarressed you saw me. Lol noone knew what was going on. You were special in the loop by accident hahah.

Marta Masselink Bartoniec 8 months ago

Yep, it is that bad.And add to it in my case depression followed hearing things that like I didn’t “really gave birth”

Monika Bogacki 8 months ago

I’ve had both. I loved my c-section. I was walking around not even 2 days after and barely have a scar now. My “natural” birth (my first) was anything but because of complications and everything would have ended up better if I’d had a Caesar. Dr Keith Hartman at the Mater in Sydney is amazing!!

Brooke Wilson Godbey 8 months ago

Ive only had one cesarean section and it was an emergency one so I didn’t go through having to have a spinal or epidural but it was HORRIBLE! Not only the fear of not knowing what was happening but the pain afterwards was ridiculous which the doc told me my pain was different from those who plan a c section (?) Only side effect now is around my incision site feels numb all the time and it was done four years ago so I guess that’s not going away. Lol

Jennifer Carr Duenke 8 months ago

My c-section was after many hours of stalled labor so I was exhausted by the time we opted for surgery. From decision to insicion it was 15 minutes and I’d already had an epidural. I remember the yanking and pulling but no shaking or pain. Maybe there was pain but after the previous 24 hrs it was really nothing in comparison. Oh and I can’t take narcotics so I recovered on Motrin. I was up and moving in 2 days slowly but pain was never over a 3. I was lucky I guess.

Michelle Cook 8 months ago

Not so bad? I had my first vaginally and it was a cake walk compared to an emergency c-section at 30 weeks due to preeclampsia. By the way, MY epidural did NOT work and I could feel every bit of the cut they started! After another round of epidural meds and a failed attempt to start, I needed a spinal block. Then I almost died. Then, 32 hours after surgery, they tried to remove the bandages from my sutures and succeeded in taking the first few layers of skin with them. They’re not all as bad as mine but I’d go natural all the way if I had a choice!

Meghan MacLaughlin Randall 8 months ago

I had both my children via c-section. I celebrate every day that both of my children are happy and healthy. However, my first c-section was a terrifying experience and my recovery was long and painful. I was physically and emotionally devastated afterwards. My second was a planned c-section and it was easy, amazing and recovery was quite fast. I had two VERY different experiences (with the same OB, anesthesiologist, and hospital). Every birth is different and every mom’s experience is valid whether it is positive, negative or anything in between!

Brenda Palmer 8 months ago

The part about pooping. OMG. I remember going on day 4 and alls I wanted was to just take a shit lol. Sitting in the bathroom for hours afraid to rip open your incision. So uncomfortable. Second time around I knew better lol

Marta Masselink Bartoniec 8 months ago

For me it was THAT BAD.For most women out there it was bad.It’s a freaking surgery for God sake! Stop bragging about how wonderfully easy it was for you ! Good for you! Not everybody is the same.If someone is asking me about csection I’m telling the truth, if not ,I don go around bragging how awful it was.And it’s awesome you didn’t need meds after it all.But that’s really super rare so don’t set up yourself as an example.Coz for sue , you are not like everyone else and not everyone else is like you.

Alli 8 months ago

I didn’t have any of these complications with my c-section. I had some temporary numbness on my scar but it completely went away after a few months. Everyone’s different. I healed wonderfully and very quickly and didn’t have my baby until I was 40.

Kendra Rider 8 months ago

So true :)

Deja Henson 8 months ago

I had a c-section and it was awesome! Great pain meds, 4 days of relaxing in the hospital, with help caring for my newborn, the scar is practically invisible, my baby was beautiful at birth no mis-shaped head or puffy face, I was up and walking in a couple days and running in a couple weeks, and because of the catheter I didn’t even have to get outta bed for like two days straight. I wouldn’t change a thing about it! The pain was so minimal and I didn’t have to push a person outta my junk, just relax and and know that I didn’t have to worry about pooping myself during delivery lol. Sorry, but that was my experience. And if I ever choose to have a second child, I already know I can schedule my c-section.

Emily Stewart 8 months ago

Yes those and number one. I was FREEZING

Christine Fanning 8 months ago

I had gas move up to my shoulder blades! It was horrible!

Crystal Jahn-Leprieur 8 months ago

Ya! I felt so bad! I just wanted to hug you lol, but I had my two tiny satans with me

Christine Fanning 8 months ago

I get this too! I thought I was crazy 😉

Keely Marin Chapman 8 months ago

All of this is extremely true! Except the last one. I finally regained feeling at my incision site (which is extremely strange because i thought you never did)

Ammy Kournikakis 8 months ago

Omg remember when you saw me like 2 days before echo and I could barely walk.
Yeah. Yeah.. Me fucking too. Death,

Kelsey Brafford 8 months ago

Oh gosh, yes with the vagina comment! Women who say “oh I got an extra stitch” “i didnt tear at all, it all goes back to the way it was” or my personal favorite, “my husband says its even tighter than before!” well MY husband works with all men, and they’re brutally honest. Your husbands are LYING to you.

Shellie Shelton 8 months ago

No kidding!! That was the worst for me too. They didn’t use stitches or staples to close me. I was “glued” shut. They weren’t able to do the pushing on my stomach to help shrink things down.

Jenny Faulk Morgan 8 months ago

Try not to read too many of these things girl. I found that with my first, ignorance is bliss. Each pregnancy and delivery is unique and what one person experiences can be totally different from what you may experience. I would just stick to the classes the hospital offers to get the basic facts. Other than that, enjoy the journey and try not to worry 😉

Mary Prime-Lawrence 8 months ago

May I add that epidurals can cause excruciating headaches post surgery. Worst than migraines! I had one while nursing my twins. I couldn’t move, could talk, just silently sobbed and grasped the babes so I wouldn’t drop them. Spent 15 long minutes holding my twins like that until husband came along and helped get me to the ER.

Jodie Lintern 8 months ago

Tbh I had no idea I’d bleed for over 3 weeks after my emergency caesarean. Three weeks. Wow.

Shellie Shelton 8 months ago

That stuff they make you drink before surgery is awful. I felt so sick going into surgery. The combination of fear, the drugs they give you, cold room, and the pulling sensations, I threw up during the surgery. After that, I felt way better! The recovery was horrible! My only pain medication was Toridol. I didn’t want any narcotics! I was sent home with a prescription of Tylenol 3. It did nothing for me. I only took 2 out of the 30. Ibuprofen worked best! 7 days after surgery, I was starting to feel great….until I sneezed unexpectedly!!

AaronandKasi Erwin 8 months ago

There is also a difference in a planned or expected c section, and an emergency c when the possibility had never even been conceived of. I wish I had known a few of these things going in. The complete loss of control and lack of understanding can be terrifying.

Nathan Cullins 8 months ago

My god this sounds horrible on behalf of men i apologize ladies :)

Adriana Navar 8 months ago

I thought my experience was fairly easy and semi painless, I’d do it all over again. But after reading this and thinking back everything said was true lol I had horrible nerves (and was freezing) my teeth were chattering so bad, and YES OMG it did feel like an elephant of pressure when my son was being pulled out! And pooping, coughing, sneezing, laughing is almost impossible lol but all and all it’s wasn’t bad at all!! A few days later I was off meds and about 50% back to “normal”:)

Juliet Willis 8 months ago

Yep, I know loads of women that happened to. My best friend’s first kid broke her tailbone coming out! Nope. Happy with my C-section.

Ammy Kournikakis 8 months ago

I feel bad for me too…
Birth and labour. isnt supose to be how mine was.

Deidra-Ann Crafton 8 months ago

For some it is pretty bad. I’m not sure what happened with me, I don’t know if when they put me on the table if my epidural came out (a second time) or if I had a high tolerance for the pain meds, but I could feel them cutting and had to be put to sleep. I didn’t get to see my baby after he was born. I would have another child by csection if I had to, but I plan on having more control of the situation.

Cameron Nadar 8 months ago

You stop. My c-sections were much worse than described here.

Suzie Vazquez 8 months ago

I felt mine ..full on! Had to be knocked out..after 40hr labor. Woke up screaming in pain. No way ..not another c. Mom says dont let it stop me from having another kid. Ha.

Cameron Nadar 8 months ago

This isn’t scary. I feel like she glosses over a lot of the realities about having a c-section.

Briana Collard Hauk 8 months ago

Some doctors in Canada will do it. The reason most won’t is because it’s major surgery and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Opting for a c-section because you want to avoid risks is ridiculous. There are far more risks associated with c-sections.

Cameron Nadar 8 months ago

My first c-section was much much worse than this. She should add a bit about infection and packing the wound and having someone else wipe your ass and help you shower.

My second section was light years better