Excuse Me, But Is That A Third Boob In My Armpit?


The first pregnancy is always the most exciting. That’s not to say that other pregnancies aren’t full of wonder, but the first one is full of all things new. Every change is a new experience and the unknown helps add to the thrill of it all.  

I enjoyed that first pregnancy myself… that is, until i noticed a kiwi-sized lump growing in my armpit. The worst of scenarios raced through my mind. Did I have cancer? Was this a tumor? What the hell!?

Sitting in the office of the ultrasound technician, I stared at the monitor trying to figure out what she was seeing on that little screen.

“What is it?”

“All I can see is breast tissue. I’ll send the results to your doctor.”

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I felt a sense of relief, no tumor, just breast tissue…in my armpit.  I had no idea why that would be, and my OB/GYN was actually of very little help in that department.  I was told it was just breast tissue, breasts swell during pregnancy, and that it should go back to normal after giving birth. This was a great theory but, after looking around, no other pregnant women seemed to be walking around with a kiwi in one pit!

Finally, a lactation consultant friend of mine told me it could be an extra mammary gland. This was confirmed in the hospital after I gave birth to my first son. A second lactation consultant came in to check on the nursing situation and I blurted out, “I think I have a third boob.” In the tradition of lactation consultants getting all up in your boob business,  she peeled back my hospital gown to examine the extra appendage.

This lady had all the good intel; Apparently, your milk lines run from your armpit all the way down your abdomen (think a cat or a dog with a litter of puppies). You can be born with extra mammary glands or extra nipples anywhere along your milk line and, unless you have a visible nipple, you may not know it’s even there until your breasts swell during pregnancy. The consultant then proceeded to tell me that there was a woman in the hospital the day before with eight boobs! (I can hear the collective gasps through the computer.) I suddenly felt pretty happy just to have the extra ONE.  She then continued by saying that it would go away after nursing and that, because there was no visible nipple, it would dry up and shrink back to its former undetectable size.

But, here’s where she got it wrong: My milk finally came in for my first born, and while I was nursing him, I asked my husband if he’d turn up the air conditioning because I felt like I was sweating profusely. It was then that I  looked down to see that no, I wasn’t sweating, but what I thought had been the tiniest of brown freckles was instead a nipple that was currently dripping milk down into a puddle on my shirt. Yep, sign me up for the circus people! Not only do I have a third boob,  but it lactates.  Lac. Tates.

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I had to nurse with a towel in my armpit, and while most nursing moms got to walk around with just absorbent breast pads in their bras,  I got to do that and wear a huge band-aid on my armpit.  Just so you’re all aware here, my son was born in June. Tank top weather. It was fabulous.

Between baby one and two, I had the boob surgically removed. There’s still breast tissue in there and with each pregnancy, it swells up to say hello, but at least there isn’t a nipple. I’m fine with the third boob thing, just not the wet clothing every time I  need to nurse or hear a crying baby.

So, there you have it. I think the third boob can give everyone a brighter outlook on life and on their after-baby bodies. Your stomach may look like a venetian blind from the stretch marks you earned, or you may have skin that now somehow resembles an elephant’s trunk, but still, looking in the mirror at yourself you can always say, “at least it doesn’t lactate!”

So, here’s to you, third boob. Thanks for making most of the world feel a bit better about themselves… and for giving me a great story to tell. Cheers!

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About the writer

Genelle is a sometimes sane, always exhausted mother of five kids ages 10 and under. She is one half of the writing duo behind The Third Boob, a blog about all things motherhood, including how she managed to miraculously and horrifically grow a third boob during her first pregnancy. You can find her endlessly matching children's socks or @thirdboob on twitter and on Facebook.

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Ale 3 months ago

hahahaha. Good story !! Very funny. :)
I have a 7m baby boy. It’s definitely a struggle to get back into shape.

Jints 3 months ago

Hi there, thanks for sharing the story. Now I know what to expect post-delivery. And I did have a hearty laugh. Who would’ve have thought having a pair of extra large ones was not enough, now I have to bear with an extra one too?

Tami 4 months ago

This put my mind at ease a little. Not only do I have an extra breast under my armpit. I have a nipple outside both armpits very visible. They do lactate but at least it could nurse with out a towel under my pit!

Ayesha Sulthana 4 months ago

Your blog can only be the reliable answer to my query. Thank you so much for turning third boob monster into a comedian :)

Kirsten B. 4 months ago

You are not alone! When my milk came in after my son was born in 2009, I noticed that I had a huge, painful lump in my right armpit. So at my postpartum checkup, I mentioned it to my OBGYN and luckily she knew that it was milk glands… Unlike you, I didn’t have a nipple… So because of that, my milk had nowhere to go or drain, causing me to get mastitis – in my armpit – shortly after the birth of both of my kids. It would swell to the point that I could not put my arm down against my side; it was so painful. Anyway, just wanted to share with you that you are not alone.

mina 5 months ago

i wish i could sympathize. i have the same problem. and mine makes me want to vomit every time i look at myself naked.

Dave 5 months ago

Beautiful website !!! Lot of real amateur girls, with huge breasts and milk, breatfeeding, nipple play, lactating games, auto drip !! 100% Reccomended for lactation fans !!

Lanie 6 months ago

That brought back fond memories of nursing my first child and getting a wet belly due to ab auxilliary nipple just low enough to leak out under his cheek. Number two produced more, and number three even more! My nipples look like they have the measles! The shear joy ;p

Kristine 7 months ago

I do too, in fact! Thankfully, mine had no breast tissue attached, so I wasn’t leaky while nursing my kids, but it did hurt like HELL throughout both of my pregnancies and the first few months of nursing. It sits just below where my underwire lies from my bra, and sometimes it would get crushed and OH THE BURNING.

So there’s lots of possibilities for how the third nipple could torment her/make her giggle.

Bella 7 months ago

I don’t have children, nor do I plan to. But the articles I find on this site are magnificently and written with a perfect stylistic wit. Love reading them, even if I never want to have children. #MadRespect

SV 7 months ago

I have 4 boops just that the additinonal 2 under my armpits dont have a nipple. My youngest is 3 years old and there is no sign if it disappearing. I can’t wear sleeveless anymore. I hate the look of it. Thinking of surgically removing it. What do you think? Thanks for writing this article.


Renee 7 months ago

Oh my , you are hilarious! So glad I read this . I all of a sudden the day after I gave birth to my 3rd child felt a huge bump in my armpit , I was terrified. My Ob sent me for an ultrasound just find out it was breast tissue , I said like a 3rd boob . The technician said yes! No nipple for me . It’s been a year and the boob is still there . Happy to know that I’m not alone :)

Kristy Campbell 8 months ago

I’ve had 6 kids breastfed all of them, and thankfully never experienced anything like this!

Lisa Gonzalez 8 months ago

Definitely (and understandably) NOT covered in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” … lol! No more complaints on this end unless I can use it explain my expanding butt! Lol!

Ali Sofield 8 months ago


claire 8 months ago

Thank you for sharing! I don’t feel like such a freak anymore! I had one in each armpit!! Both are now removed, haha…but such an insane situation! Mine never swelled, but my seemingly insignificant “skin tags” grew and then SURPRISE!

Maxine Prud’Homme 8 months ago

Good to know they are removable…wonder if it’s considered cosmetic surgery.

Jennifer Pigg 8 months ago

I’d do the same thing. Orr use it as my pumping boob if I got enough out of it, so I could store the extra for if my regular boobs gave up on me.

Katelyn Salazar 8 months ago

That’s hilarious

Heather Berkley 8 months ago

Lol I was referring to you.

Ali Sofield 8 months ago

I knew you had 3 boobs!

Shakira Sheean 8 months ago

I have extra tissue in my left armpit…. It freaked me out initially lol. Who would have thought!

Bill 8 months ago

I’m glad you’ve kept your sense of humor about this perfectly normal anatomical variation.

I too have an anatomical variation. I have 5 penises! On the bright side, though, my pants fit like a glove!

Aspen Eisenhour-Ramsey 8 months ago

This had me laughing out loud. Seriously funny one. And yes thank you to the author. You have made me feel better.

Megan Amber Lockwood 8 months ago

I probably would have had it removed but to be dead honest my curiosity would have gotten the better of me and I would have tried to pump and see how much I could get from it.

I know I am weird

Fulana Martinez 8 months ago

Lmao, good one!

Rebecca Morris 8 months ago

It wasn’t a long surgery, but to be honest it took me longer than I thought to recover. About 2 weeks. It doesnt seem like a big deal but it affected me moving that arm and that made an impact. I dont regret it or a minute though- Im so happy I took care of it- having my third boob was painful and now it’s gone.

Samantha Campanella Farley 8 months ago

Thank you to the author and other moms on these comments… I would have never known this was a real thing!

Jessica Spencer 8 months ago

Wow ! This is definitely news to me.

Natasha Downes 8 months ago

Hahahahaha – great article, thanks for the chuckles xx

Kimberly Daniels 8 months ago

No this is new for me

Jennifer Pierson 8 months ago

Thanks for sharing this. It makes me feel better about my stomach, especially my strange new bellybutton.

Julia McChesney Ray 8 months ago

Mine developed way after my last son was born. It hurt at times. No nipple or leaking. Doc did remove just to be sure it wasn’t cancer. Then told me it was a third boobie. So weird. Small scar in my armpit.

Yomara Alvarado Cruz 8 months ago

I have 2! But one is worse than the other and they don’t get wicked swollen or even leak on their own. But the moles get darker and I get pain like milk let down. It’s ugly too :( I’m looking into getting them removed.

Joanne McCudden 8 months ago

Same here. Had 1 off when I was a teenager and the other one swelled up when I was breastfeeding

Nikki Michaelov 8 months ago

I didn’t get that but while pregnant with my oldest i gained a lot of weight and got a lump on my shoulder called Lipoma which at the time was small everyone told me was nothing and after pregnancy and i lost the weight it would leave…well five years later its tripled in size I’ve also had another child they finally looked at it and removed it …in had to have 27 stitches and a scar that covers half my back the lump was the size of a grapefruit maybe bigger …….But it was all worth it in the end

Ashley Whitehead Smail 8 months ago

lol so true

Kristine Marie 8 months ago

I was just at the doc yesterday trying to decide if I should have it removed or not. I didn’t leak but it swelled like all hell. How bad was having it removed?

Victoria Goldstein 8 months ago

I have it in both sides…thankfully no extra nipples

Amanda Grant 8 months ago

I have this in both armpits but have not had it remove. After the first few months they stopped leaking. Happened with both of my babies. Glad I am not the only one lol

Liana Marciano 8 months ago

I’ve had them since puberty, and they’ve only gotten bigger with each child. Now it’s like having a testicle under each armpit the size of a golf ball. Not cool.

Gemma Kirkham 8 months ago

I thought it was just me!

Ishita Nandanwar-Gill 8 months ago

Well, I am glad I am not the only one with one under each armpit.. Imagine walking (read ‘Waddling’) around with shoulders angled as if I’ve hidden newspapers under each of them..!! Hahaha

Erin Reeves Attere 8 months ago

It’s been a rough night with my one month old, but reading your story COMPLETELY made me laugh. Thanks for the perspective and good luck!

Stephanie 8 months ago

Oh wow. I had no idea women could be wired that way. Thanks for making me laugh. I got such a kick out of this post, I read it aloud to my mom and sister, and we all laughed the whole way through.

Valeria Kay Riley 8 months ago

LAC. TATES! Bahahaha perfect

Janessa Paige Hood 8 months ago


Rebecca Sallee Hanson 8 months ago

This wasn’t in any of the pregnancy books I read, but it should be. I had the same experience as the author (though no extra nipple) and it scared the bejesus out of me!

Stephanie Villers 8 months ago

I’m speechless. I feel like I would have been straight off to the loony bin if I grew a boob in my armpit that had a nipple and produced milk. OMG

Nicole Leavitt 8 months ago

Wow, I’ve never heard of that. Very interesting. Very amusing to read.

Lisa Morgan 8 months ago

This made me laugh. Lac. Tates. Lol.

Tawnya Rene Hunt 8 months ago

8 boobs… that’s fucked up… I bet she felt like a dog

Melisa Hennessy 8 months ago

Omg lac. Tates. I died! Lol!

Tiffany Elizabeth 8 months ago

I knew I wasn’t the only person with a third boob!!

Angella Wilson 8 months ago

Yup…one under each arm. Thankfully without the nipple. They’ve not returned to “normal” though! Oh well…could be worse!

Kendra Jones 8 months ago

Lmao that’s hilarious I couldn’t imagine having one my husband would pee his pants from laughing about it. He giggles every time I get mad about leaking lol.

Tina Perdue 8 months ago

My story isn’t that exciting but when my milk came in at the hospital with my second, I had a huge swelling under my left arm. My ob/gyn just looked at it and said, yeah, extra breast tissue. It disappeared when my milk supply settled down, which I suppose is surprising given that I was nursing three babies, my own son and my daughter’s twins who I was babysitting.

Mary Kathryn Edgerly 8 months ago

LOL!!!! “Lac. Tates.”

Jen Poehler England 8 months ago

Wow! Who knew?!

ChristopherandHeather Biernacki 8 months ago

well there you go! something to be grateful for, no 3rd boob!

Chrissy Pinkston 8 months ago

My sister and I both had that! I am here to tell you that when your milk comes in right after having the baby and your armpit boobs swells to the size of a baseball, it hurts like a motherfarker! I also had the one removed due to discomfort even after being done with babies, and I was lucky enough to be the 1% that developed complications post-surgery. So, for all of you who don’t have armpit boobs? Be glad. Be very very glad.

Karen Brownell 8 months ago

Right? A third lactating boob? A woman with 8? Formula is all I gotta say

Shannon Whatley 8 months ago

So many chuckles in that 1!

Gillian Nicole 8 months ago

Lolol this lady is hilarious .. But that is strange

Chelsea McGee 8 months ago

This is so funny.

Angie Ferraro 8 months ago

Oh my… Ya learn something new every day lololol

Irene Joy Sapon 8 months ago

My girls made fun of me for having milk drip from both of my armpits while nursing their baby sis.

Sandra Newman-Walton 8 months ago

Say whaaaat?!? I had no idea this happens. I’m super happy I had all that side tissue removed when I had a breast reduction years ago. I didn’t even get milk after I delivered. Dodged a bullet lol

Jennifer Dayton 8 months ago

Omg. Lmao. Amazing.

Kori Savage Bourgeois 8 months ago

Torpedo underarms

Brooke Baer 8 months ago

Ahh finally I don’t feel alone! I’m an OB nurse and I had no idea about this until I woke up 4 days postpartum with an engorged armpit! At least mine didn’t leak!

Angel Morgan 8 months ago

Oh my gosh! Other people have pit fall out! Thank goodness! Also very thankful that mine didn’t lactate!

Lynae ‘Granzow’ Kibiger 8 months ago

Omg! Never knew and yes thank you, although my pregnancies weren’t easy, I feel glad I didn’t have this!

Lynn ElectricRainbow Cantu 8 months ago

Why is this a thing omg….

Gina Dickey 8 months ago

This is why I had to stop breastfeeding…I couldn’t even lower my arms to my sides :/ dr said I could remove the breast tissue but insurance doesn’t cover elective surgery. Oh the fun stuff we moms go through!!

Lindsey Hoopes 8 months ago

My dr told me itd go away and my son turns one next week.

Megan York Parker 8 months ago

Great rack photo!

Lisa Marshall Alvarez 8 months ago

Hilarious read! Who knew?!

Courtney Staton 8 months ago

The left side is slightly smaller, and much so do to lifting my arm. Mine don’t leak, but do get engorged. Kind of goes away after weaning. But- it’s always bothered me. When I’m done with kids it’s lift, implant and removal of this stuff

Dianne Foster Fagan 8 months ago

Omg … Bizarre but she has an amazing sense of humor.

Christina Stepnitz Crise 8 months ago

I really love her attitude about this!

Angie Perez Marshall 8 months ago

I didn’t have the extra mammary glad, but I did have a little tiny mole in my armpit before children. Now, two kids in it looks like a giant 3rd nipple. I can’t wait to have it removed!!

Rebecca Morris 8 months ago

I just had my third boob removed on Dec 12! I still have swelling and the doc said it could take up to 4 months to look normal. So glad to know I’m not alone!!!

Lauren Zimmerman 8 months ago

Oh that’s lovely

Sharmina Zaidi 8 months ago

Holy smokes!!

Maria Young 8 months ago

I also have breast tissue in my armpits… I never had smelly armpits but now that I’m breast feeding my pits stink lol.

Dizzie Babar 8 months ago

Lol, that was an awesomely intriguing story.

Denise Romeo 8 months ago


Ashley Cotton 8 months ago

OMG that happened to me!! I honestly thought it was a tumor

Sarah A. Clarke 8 months ago


Leslie Stallings 8 months ago

Oh man!

Miranda Leigh 8 months ago

Yes!! Happened to me after Kira!

Jacqueline Shutts-Pineda 8 months ago

Haha. After feeling disgusted over my post fourth baby body, I can say i am really glad that I don’t lactate from other areas of my body. Lol.

Rachel Reichley 8 months ago

Great story and love your humor!! This really happens to alot of women!!

Sue Seccurro 8 months ago

Well written! Hope all your babies are well and have the sense of humor lke mom! CONGRATS on being a wonderful mom!

Monica Martino May 8 months ago

Omg craaaaazy!! Thanks for your good humor!!

Sarah Bills 8 months ago

This one still delights me

Sarah 8 months ago

During my first pregnancy, two little brown dots appeared, one between my left boob and shoulder, and the other between my right boob and shoulder. The pediatrician/lactation consultant exclaimed that they were two extra nipples. She then tried to milk both of them. Baby never latched and I ended up exclusively pumping for a year, constantly worried I couldn’t produce enough milk. Yet, after reading this post, I’m glad my two nubbins didn’t lactate. :)

Lisa Justice Sweeder 8 months ago

I thought I heard pretty much everything about “womens” stuff, but this was completely new and jaw dropping!

Marci Robertson Houser 8 months ago

I have a third boob but mine came way before my babies. Thankfully it doesn’t have a nipple or lactate!!!! But it does get its own mammogram!!!

Bethany Schaffner 8 months ago

All I have to say is I wish I had nice boobs like the ones in the pic! Those are nice. Just saying….

Cindy Everett Biddle 8 months ago


Kristy Engel 8 months ago

I hereby take back every boobie complaint I’ve ever made. Cause damn.

Jamie 8 months ago

Omg- I thought it was just me. What I thought was a chicken pox scar was a third nipple that grew while pregnant. Never thought I was lucky because it never lactated but it was right under my left boob and under my bra elastic so painful it was. Thanks for given me a laugh!

Akasha Pearson 8 months ago

I know I shouldn’t be laughing

Ashley Marshall 8 months ago

My right arm pit still hurts when I’m engorged

Shaye Boucher 8 months ago

Anyone else thinking Total Recall? (My immature first response…)

Summer K. 8 months ago

Ok. You win the pregnancy story contest. Pretty awesome how good humored you are!

Rachel Lotz 8 months ago

Had a third and a fourth…awkward

Keri Kasalonis Logar 8 months ago

That. Is. Awesome.

Ericka 8 months ago

I wish this site was around during my pregnancies. So much is put on a woman to be perfect and you’re supposed to glow and pregnancy is wonderful. It’s all unicorns and freaking rainbows… Then you get fat, not just a few extra pounds, you get really fat. You’re legs no longer have a differentiation of what is thigh, calf or ankle. The baby is finally here and you magically are supposed to shrink back to your pre pregnancy size. Then you sweat profusely and have to take showers in the middle of the night. I had the same issue with lactating armpits with my second. Had to go into the doctor’s office to have my armpits looked at because they hurt so bad. Unfortunately, they are still pudgy 7 years later. The tissue is more dense than regular armpit… thanks for stating the real realities of what can happen with mommyhood. This site is a breathe of fresh air.

Alexis Reilly 8 months ago

I have a lot of breast tissue in my arm pits too. It’s a lot more noticeable after pregnancy and gaining weight. Luckily, there are no hidden nipples.

Stephanie Lynn Hagfors 8 months ago

I had the same thing!! Except no leaking from it, just the swelling!

Natalie Voytek 8 months ago

I didnt even know this was a thing! Coooool

Melissa Baileey 8 months ago


Alison Fabello 8 months ago

Omg. Probably not so funny to experience irl but such a funny read.

Tarah Lynne Clemens 8 months ago

Built to nurse triplets :)

Vicki Croisetiere 8 months ago

That one freaked me out too!!

Nicole Braswell Emswiler 8 months ago


Esmeralda Becerril 8 months ago

I’m glad im not the only one….I have baseball size balls under both my armpits….didn’t go away surgery was the only way to remove!

Savannah Jane Austin 8 months ago

This made laugh!

Melissa Wisniewski 8 months ago

Yep, my third boob went down and didn’t increase in size with baby 2.

Ben N Rebecca Weaver 8 months ago

Thanks SO much! I really needed that laugh!

Pam Zipperer 8 months ago

Horrifying and hilarious!

Rbala 9 months ago

My daughter has “a third boob,” that also became worse with pregnancy. She is also contemplating surgery, well we will see how it goes.

Becca 10 months ago

Hi, I’m so glad I came across this, been feeling like some sort of circus freak with a leaky armpit! I’m pregnant with my 2nd and it’s already leaking. Away to look into having if removed – it’s more tender than my 2 normal boobs?!?

claudia 11 months ago

I had the same issue, did not swell more than pea size but it was both armpits and are still there today. And yes they both leaked when breastfeeding. you are not alone.

Alicia Adams 11 months ago


Olivia 11 months ago

This is great!! I have 2 in each armpit. That’s right 6 total…could have had a litter. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea and now I warn every expectant mom!

Maria Johnson 11 months ago

This is so awesome! And a little creepy… But just crazy awesome, I had no idea this happened. And yes, “at least it doesn’t lactate.” :).

Courtney Hawk 11 months ago

Wellllll… I learned something new today.

Prontip 11 months ago

Honey, you are not alone. I had one under each pit after my third child. They were about the size of golf balls. Although mine did not lactate, they got hard as rocks. I had them removed because they hurt and my arms kept falling asleep.

Melanie R Mygatt Young 11 months ago

Seeing as how I didn’t make enough milk for my baby, I would’ve hooked a pump up to that bad boy and treasured the liquid gold and froze that shit! Then maybe sold tickets to my own freak show! Lol. Hilarious!

Tracy Brown 11 months ago

Message me and you can get my discount!

Joan McCarthy 11 months ago

That is such a cute, little story. My sister happens to be a lactation consultant so I already knew they may explain things a doctor may not.As for your body taking a hit during pregnancy it is good to remember the joys endure.

Tosha LeeAnn 11 months ago

It doesn’t happen to everyone lol. Just hope you don’t get them, it’s rather embarrassing. I had to go to a breast dr bc I’m at high risk for breast cancer and the for them to tell me that it’s just milk glands and those what I thought were skin tags were actually nipples.

Allie 11 months ago

Thank you so much. I didn’t know anyone else had one. Mine came when I hit puberty and I thought I had cancer for years, but was too afraid to go to the doctor. I wish I’d heard your story then. 

Mommy2007 11 months ago

I lost when I read “Lac.Tates” lol!

Jamie 11 months ago

You just made my day…I’m not alone. :)

Jennifer Bottiglieri Arpaio 11 months ago

I thought I was the only one!! Thanks for posting-I’m pregnant with my 5th and my 3rd armpit boob is starting to swell. I thought I was a freak-nice to know there are more 3rd boobers out there.

Tosha 11 months ago

Oh my goodness! I have this and my “nipples” where under my armpits and the looked like skin tags. I have 3 kids and this didn’t happen until my 2nd son, they leaked and leaked would hurt if my breast were to full. My doctors and I thought I had breast cancer too lol. I am so glad to have had came across this.

Victoria Williams 11 months ago

Hi Bernadette,
I did find a plastic surgeon. He said he had seen it one time before. My insurance actually ended up covering it because they told them it was causing discomfort, which it was. I am sorry you are having to deal with it, I know it can be frustrating!! Hang in there and best if luck to you!

Monique Griesel 11 months ago

Definitely not the only one!! Im 7months pregnant and well I call it a tennis ball because mine is so big!

Lianda Jane 11 months ago

Wow I had apainful lump of blocked ducts but nothing that extreme that sounds awful

Kayla Graham 11 months ago

I do feel better.

Allison Long 11 months ago

I am hysterical reading this. “Lac. Tates.”

Sarah Gore 11 months ago

I’ve got four… Yep that’s it I’m gettin a boob job too

Kasey ‘Maddick’ Boling 11 months ago

Congratulations!! It will get better! You’re both learning.

Rhiannon Simpson 11 months ago

Holy smokes! thats nuts!!!

Adrianne Ward Burney 11 months ago

Four years for me, and I feel the same!

Meghan Lewis Reid 11 months ago

Wow. Thank you.

Ashley Stettler 11 months ago

Same here lol, and I’ve never heard of anyone else like that. It’s interesting to stumble into the explication =)

Rachel Yocum 11 months ago

Maybe!! I guess we will find out soon when that baby pops out and if you have milk pouring outta your armpits

Dru Clark 11 months ago

Wow. Hey maybe this is why I always have BO.. Third boob problem?

amber 11 months ago

Thank god someone is finally talking about this! I have five breasts and they all lactate.

Adrienne Greene 11 months ago

Omg I am sorry to say I almost cried laughing. But wow so good for you to stand up and tell everyone so that it will help someone else. You are so brave. Good for you.

Melissa McEver Huckabay 11 months ago

Wow. Wow. I have no words. I do feel better about the changes to my body now!

Annie Pritchard 11 months ago

I too had a third boob. No nipple though. My LC told me it would go away…..7yrs later still there and my OB insists that it’s no big deal.

Jordan Taylor Ranges 11 months ago


Angela 11 months ago

Me too. I know exactly how you feel.

Thomas Dikel 11 months ago


Meg 11 months ago

I have the exact same thing. I was born with these little holes in my armpits and never knew what they were until I had my first baby. I asked several different doctors and none of them ever had a clue what they might be. I figured it out on my own when I started leaking milk from both pits every time my milk would let down. Its weird because I used to be obsessed with Friends as a kid and my friends and I used to joke about the whole nubbin thing. Turns out I have two.

Susan Swan Tagg 11 months ago


Rachel Ann Termini 11 months ago

Way to be positive! Love this and a great way for women to understand why you should check your pits for lumps, bumps and dimples as well.

Kristen Harrelson Morgan 11 months ago

I saw a general surgeon after my 1st pregnancy for what we thought was a swollen lymph node. He did an armpit ultrasound and he said it is a benign fatty tumor. Great. More fat! LOL. 13 years later and it’s still there. Not big and no nipple!

Kristen Harrelson Morgan 11 months ago

I saw a general surgeon after my 1st pregnancy for what we thought was a swollen lymph node. He did an armpit ultrasound and he said it is a benign fatty tumor. Great. More fat! LOL

Victoria Goldstein 11 months ago

I got big bulges under my armpits with both pregnancies. It slightly went away after I finished nursing my first. Currently nursing my second. I don’t dare wear tanks. :/

Autumn DeTar 11 months ago

Yep! Had this and guess what?? I actually got milk and had to be careful not to intentionally express it so that I didn’t encourage more milk! I felt like the animal planet version Of motherhood for sure!! Glad I’m not the only one!!

Laura 11 months ago

Thank you for sharing! I had no idea that one extra, much less 8 extra, was possible! Wow!!

Deb 11 months ago

Hi Susan, I had tissue under both armpits and I was able to get everything removed because it caused me pain. It may not work as well for you since it’s been so long since you breastfed, but an argument you can consider if it still bothers you.

Deb 11 months ago

Thanks so much for sharing this. I also had extra breast tissue under both armpits that swelled after both my kids were born and extra nipples that darkened during pregnancy, which made me feel like a freak! Thank you for making me feel a little more normal! I did end up getting the extra tissue and nipples removed in the case that I end up having a third child… I should have asked them to stick the extra tissue in my existing boobs, because they seem to have completely deflated!

Debby ‘Menchaca’ Cannon 11 months ago

My daughter had a third nipple below her right nipple. DH has one too, they are tiny though and don’t look like nipples.

Melissa Kennedy 11 months ago

I have been completely amazed at what my body has done (and can no longer do) during these past 9 months. So yeah, milky armpits no longer seems that strange.

Melissa Kennedy 11 months ago

Lol. Not that I’m aware of but I’m not lactating yet! And I think this is completely feasible….and scary….does this mean you could get breast cancer somewhere other than your boob?

Susan 11 months ago

I have one!! Hurt like hell when my milk came in with my first. It was so big I couldn’t put my arm down. That was 10 years ago and while it smaller, it’s still there. I looked into having it removed but it’s considered cosmetic so….

Laura Jaynes 11 months ago

This can’t be forreal?! Do you have one?!

Laurie Reynolds 11 months ago

My husband has third nipple, as does his dad. Since they are dudes, we never got to find out if they lactated lol. However, I lactated for FIVE YEARS after my only child was born. Eventually it was just a bit of a dribble here and there. Finally, I had one of my milk ducts removed after the fluid turned bloody. Then the other boob dried up too.

melissa 11 months ago

I read tasted as well. I was just thinking, “Wow, the healthcare where you’re from is WAY different than my healthcare!”

erin 11 months ago

I had a third boob too…no nipple thou, the doc won’t take it away :(

Daliz Liliana 11 months ago

Welcome to the club!

Brandi P. McAlpin 11 months ago

where was this between baby one and two?!?

Erin Maguire 11 months ago

LOL! Right?!

Deborah Mullen 11 months ago

Me toooooooo! No nipple but at least the size of a small apple for 2 months after birth with each of three babies. Glad I’m not the only one.

Indiana Adams 11 months ago

The only thing this story is missing is terrible illustrations. Thanks for the link, Kelsey! Totes happened to me!

Mackenzie 11 months ago

Mine too!

Mackenzie 11 months ago

My second daughter was born in 2010 and her pediatrician looked at her chest and said “She has a third nipple” and proceeded to show me. I proclaim “Like Chandler?!” Now I know what might happen when she has a baby…will have to remember years and years from now.

Menyara Chartier 11 months ago

Please let us know when your new “bundle of joy” arrives!! LOLOLOLOL

Menyara Chartier 11 months ago

I have four….*nods* FOUR boobs…..*chuckles*

Menyara Chartier 11 months ago

You just squirted out a LIFE!!! LOL Of course you now have three boobs….and a muffin top…..and a permanent migraine….and sore, swollen feet, and varicose veins……et cetera et cetera et cetera…..this has GOT to be an article a man thought up….*SMH*

Jessica Cavin 11 months ago

Congrats on your new baby! Things will get easier

Leticia Haro Noack 11 months ago

Pretty cool info, I didn’t experience anything like this, but glad to be able and maybe relay this message to anyone that IS noticing this during pregnancy or afterwards!

Casey Hogaboom Slick 11 months ago

I had that also! for me it grew a little more with each pregnancy. We think due to the fact that the first two were premature and I had lactating issues did it not actually leak till the third. 3 years after the third child I had a hard mass and had the scare of my life. Thankfully it ended up being an infection from the fact that the milk didn’t completely dry up or leak out! So at that point the “third boob” was removed.

Rebecca Young Stone 11 months ago

Me too and I am due on Friday.

Claire Binks 11 months ago

Omg I’m pretty sure I have a third boob! I’m getting an ultrasound tomorrow to check it out. It got huge during pregnancy and it hasn’t gone away.

Hollie Thompson 11 months ago

My son does too. I just worry about what might happen after he hits puberty that it might change. It looks like a scar right now.

Shila Bigall 11 months ago

Oh that was great ty for that

Angelle Hume 11 months ago

This is a first but man when I was engorged I would’ve adored a leaking let down in all the hard enlarged places!

Holly Barnes 11 months ago

Pitty Titty. It sucks.

MeThree 11 months ago

Add another to the three boob club! No kids for me yet but I do have an armpit boob whose nipple is conveniently located underneath my right boob and no where near my actual third boob.

Erin Cole 11 months ago

Awesome story! Thank you so much for sharing!

Megan George Stork 11 months ago

I like that idea, be sure to pitch that.

Nicole McDonald 11 months ago

Now I know!! My hubby thought I was crazy :)

Jackie Gunn 11 months ago

Lol thank you for the morning laugh.

Betty Dann 11 months ago

OMG! I kind of has the same issue. I didn’t have a third boob but I had swollen milk glands in my armpit. Was excruciating!! Glad I wasn’t alone on this

Gretchen Gaborik 11 months ago

Wow…I had no idea this was possible! I am sure a third boob would be unwelcome, but this article is hilarious!

Skye Chapman 11 months ago

“Lac. Tates. ” Bahahaha! Loved this 😀

Lauren Ekiert Kilpatrick 11 months ago

I have one under my right Arm pit but no nipple (thank goodness!) but now the skin is very stretched out there. Maybe I can find a plastic surgeon that will do my boob job- buy two get one free!

KT 11 months ago

OMG, thank you for this story!! I too have a third boob (sans nipple) and have had three doctors tell me they don’t know what it is just that it was nothing to worry about (I.e. Not a tumor). This article made me feel so much better, not just b/c of the amuzment I found in the lactation, but b/c I now finally have an answer as to why I have a third boob!

Leticia Rodarte Sanchez 11 months ago

Wow. I had no idea this could happen. I actually have a third nipple a few inches below my right breast. The nipple darkened during pregnancy but it didn’t lactate. Holy mole! I’m so thankful.

Amanda O’Hagan 11 months ago

At this point I have like 4 boobs… Pregnancy messes with you body! The pay off outweighs it though

Christine 11 months ago

After reading this story and the comments, I think I am freak because I only have 2 boobs and 2 nipples (they are on the boobs, fyi). I now feel like something must not be normal because I can’t nurse a litter. Do most women have extra boobs?

Kelly Carver 11 months ago

I literally just had a baby 3 days ago (first night at home last night…disaster). I needed this laugh like I have never needed a laugh before. Thanks!

Olivia Primo 11 months ago

You learn something new every day

Holly Elizabeth Green 11 months ago

I would rather have a third boob in my armpit than my muffin top 😛 my boobs are so big its not like it would matter to me lol

Natalie Williams 11 months ago

Still have the swellings in my pits but luckily they don’t have nipples! I did produce enough milk to supply the entire NICU though. I was the only person the lactation nurses ever had to tell to back off on pumping. Just call me ‘Holstein’.

Jaci Woodruff Schrag 11 months ago

Interesting. I learned something new.

Laurie Whatley 11 months ago

You could also ask a dermatologist.

Joanne Keith 11 months ago

Wow. That’s all, just wow. Lol

Tara Marie Morris 11 months ago

I had this same problem right after I had my son! The lump never went away, though, and there is no “nipple” or even discoloration there but it sure did lactate. My son is 6 and I just recently found out about this crazy business! So grateful for this article lol

Courtney Staton 11 months ago

I’ve never met anyone either! I’m still nursing but when I’m done it’s going on both sides.

Erin Rogers 11 months ago

Haha seriously!!!!

Courtney Staton 11 months ago

I actually have this too!!!

Angela Ragen Stewart 11 months ago

Triple nipple!

Kaitlyn Herrington 11 months ago

I laughed with mitigated sympathy! When I was breastfeeding my first, I had to have a lump removed from my breast for analysis, and days later was horrified to discover that when I had let-down I lactated out of the incision! My Dr.s office was impressed but not concerned lol! My lac consultant said it was totally normal, but man did it freak me out!

Kimberly Gulley 11 months ago

My ex laughed at me when I told him I thought I did. But mine never went away……

Crissi Rocha Brooks 11 months ago

I am officially horrified.

Katie Thomas 11 months ago

It could be worse. 😛

Megahn Townsend 11 months ago

Wow! I’ve never heard of anything like this!

Elliot London 11 months ago

Wow. Five years after my last baby, and I finally know what that was growing in my armpit! My doctors couldn’t even tell me. And people say scrolling FB is just a waste of time!

Lydia Piserell 11 months ago


Jessica Dennis 11 months ago

“At least it doesn’t lactate”…that’s my new mantra

Mel Austin 11 months ago

As the proud owner of 4 extra nipples, two of which merrily lactated I can sympathise. Mine are quite visible when wearing a vest top just on the outsides of both armpits. When they’ve been swollen with milk I’ve felt quite indecent walking around with them exposed. Felt like I was flashing.

Carolina Fought 11 months ago

Wow, I learned something new today! What a great story the author has to tell now lol!

Andrea king 11 months ago

This happened to me! I thought I was the only one! Lol now I can laugh about it

Michelle Hepner 11 months ago

I’m pretty sure my son has little something on his milk line an inch or two below his nipple. I imagine it won’t be a problem for *him* though !

Sunny Clifford 11 months ago

Hilarious! I had swelling in my arm pits when my milk came in but fortunately, no nipples there to lactate from.

Victoria Williams 11 months ago

I had this in both armpits after being pregnant with my daughter. I also had my removed. Thank you for sharing. Just as Rebecca said I have never heard of this happening to anyone else.

gina 11 months ago

I have 2 extra nipples, both front and center between end of armpit and start of real boob. No problems till my third, then my left one turned dark brown and leaking. OB ran out giggling. I iced it while nursing him, stopped pretty quickly.

Wendy Lou 11 months ago

I bet that woman with 8 boobs did not post that on facebook. lololol…

Christina Groschwitz 11 months ago

Oh! This whole time my practitioner said it’s a non cancerous tumor! Mind you she only felt it. My last obgyn said it was just a swollen lymph node.. I’ll ask my new obgyn if I have a third boob. This will go over well, I’m sure. LOL

Kelly Ward 11 months ago

That actually does make me feel better as I look at my swollen pregnant body (here comes the third one!) And dread knowing I will never again see my pre-baby smooth skin and solo stomach (I seem to have formed a new one that has been trying to fold over the normal one and it isn’t pleasant as it sucks my pants into it)… but, on the bright side, I am not lactating out of my armpit and never have… so, yeah, I’m all good!

Kristi Larson 11 months ago

I’d never heard of that before!

Erica Thompson Ford 11 months ago

I would hook a pump up to that sucker! Let no liquid gold go to waste!

Rebecca Morris 11 months ago

I am so glad you posted this! I am getting my third boob removed in December. I have never heard of anyone else with this problem… Alas, i am not alone! :-)

Nicole Williams 11 months ago

Lol! Since I have found this site, I laugh more during my pregnancy :)

Elaina 11 months ago

I’ve never been pregnant, but, when I was young, I asked Mom why Barbie had lumps in her armpits and she told me it was “where she keeps the milk.” Thanks for sharing and clearing things up! Great story.

Lactating armpits 1 year ago

Mine lactated as well. Both Sides. I’m done having kids and want to have them removed. What did it take? How much and what kind of doctor did you see?

nidnaps 1 year ago

Sorry typed on my phone. I am still currently breastfeeding.

nidnaps 1 year ago

I have a third boob in my right armpit. It produces milk but there is no nipple. I think I had a doctor remove the nipple when I was in high school I kept shaving a “mole” off and he took it off with acid. I used to be I little upset that my third boob was not fully functional but after reading your post, I’m glad I don’t have a leaking armpit.

My third boob is completely disconnected so the milk had nowhere to go and it became unpleasantly engorged. Since the boob disconnected I put raw organic cabbage leaves on my skin and wrapped my armpit and upper arm in an ace bandage. Changing the leaf each time it became wilted. This reduced milk slowly and took away the pain. It took about a week and my third boob was a normal armpit while my two other boobs went on to produce milk. My son just turned 2 yrs old and I am 14 wks pregnant with my second. I am just now noticing tingling in my armpit now and again so I’m sure the milk will return in my third boob after baby #2.

Irene Moye 1 year ago

I was always flat as a flitter, as we say down South. But when I got pregnant I noticed lumps under my arms and asked the OB about it. He told me that it was breast tissue. I replied, “I knew it had to be somewhere!”

Laura 1 year ago

Finally!!! I had the same thing. After baby #3 a growth the size of lemon popped out, ugly and tender to the touch. It never lactated but very unsightly. Mine has yet to return to normal and I never went sleeveless. A lactation nurse quoted some statistic supporting how normal it was but until now I never heard anyone, other than me, talk about it!

Leah @ The Informal Matriarch 1 year ago

Yeeeaaaahhhh, Fun right? I have one in each armpit plus 7 others down my milk lines. Thankfully only one extra one actually lactates. I think I am growing a 10th as I am pregnant again. It’s a party!!

Kim 1 year ago

I had milk ducts fill up in both armpits, no lactating though. My midwives sent me to get an ultrasound because they hadn’t seen it before. Looked a bit freakish, little lumpy clusters on both sides. Went down after giving birth. Who knew.

Kathryn 1 year ago

I have 2 extra nipples. One on the outskirts of each armpit. I have 3 kids and have been lactating for the better part of the last 8 years. I can still express milk form both of them, but they never swelled or leaked. :)

Alana 1 year ago

That was fabulous! Thank you for sharing!! I was laughing so hard just imagining myself in your situation. You have such a great outlook and I am so glad!! This can help other women who experience the same thing!

Holly 1 year ago

I am lucky enough to not only have a “third boob” in my pit, (I thought I was the only one who had one this SIZE, glad I’m not alone!) but instead of a nipple, it has a giant dark mole that sticks out the front in plain sight of my lil nursling. She thinks it’s some sort of game to try to tear it off. With her fingernails. Yucky.

Dorinda Henson 1 year ago

I so needed this story!!! I just had a mass removed from my arm pit that was normal breast tissue. It wasn’t caused from pregnancy but from over 40 hormones. Oh the life of a woman!!!

Sarah 1 year ago

This had me cracking up! Thanks!

Angela 1 year ago

I can’t get over the photo with this article! I have a small chest and I can’t help being jealous!!

Jen 1 year ago

I had to laugh at this too. My boyfriend has a third nipple right next to the one on the left side. It is probably a good thing he cannot obviously get pregnant. He can be such a wuss. Gotta love him though. 😉

Lisa 1 year ago

Day 4 and having finally had a good look at my post baby body, I really needed this. Sure, second time it’s not such a shock but nonetheless still quite depressing. Thank you so much for sharing!!

Jennifer Lopez 1 year ago

omg thats freaky

caroline 1 year ago

Another 3rd nipple here. Proof of evolution. Have you ever seen Milkmen? Men who breastfeed. Inspiring

Janice Auna 1 year ago

So, I don’t have any nipples under any of my armpits, but I’ve had 3 babies and each time I grew 3rd and 4th boobs under my arm pits! And I always “sweat” breast milk out of the pores under them whenever I feed. So I know how ya feel. It sucks.

Laura Trevino Henricksen 1 year ago

So interesting.

Nadia Sorenson 1 year ago


Bryna Darling 1 year ago

OMG….I’m dying….thank you for sharing!

Genelle Billings 1 year ago

There are a lot of us out there. My favorite question from people is whether or not I nursed from it.

Genelle Billings 1 year ago

I will say for the record that is not a self portrait. Though mine were as big as a human head while nursing, they have not looked that perky in years!

Genelle Billings 1 year ago

I’ve now had not one but two surgeries to get rid of my extra appendage. Good times.

Genelle Billings 1 year ago

The squirting in the face is the best story ever! You can’t make that stuff up! Hmmm…never thought about the mammogram problem. That will be fun.

Jamie Smith 1 year ago

Holly Bradford Bryant!!

Julie Kiger-Conn 1 year ago

This happened to me but both armpits! It was clogged milk ducts and when my ob pushed on the lumps (golf ball size not kiwi for me thank God) milk started coming out of my pours. No nipples either again, thank God! My ob said she had never seen that before. I felt the same way as this woman. Sign me up for the circus! Glad I’m not completely alone.

jenny 1 year ago

Really good story, but I just cant get over the photo on this article. that boob is enormous. i mean, I’m an F cup and that one is way bigger than mine. LOL.

Nubbins 1 year ago

Oh, a fellow nubbin haver! I have a tiny nipple hiding under my left breast (hey, we can be mirror twinsies!) but it never lactated. I was paranoid that it would because I googled it when I started getting little leaks in the third trimester…and was horrified to think that it would be spurting all over the place.

lesbomom 1 year ago

My, oh my! This blog never ceases to amaze me with its content! Thank you so much for sharing this. And I am glad it is a chuckle worthy post rather than an “I had to battle cancer” type post that makes me sob. I am so sorry for your extra milk (did you cry over the spilled milk?) gland!! But thank you for the laugh.

Michelle Metz 1 year ago

LOL!! This does make me feel better! :)

CJ 1 year ago

I have one too! Before I had kids, I’d complain to friends about my “armpit fat” and they’d say “everyone has armpit fat”. But not like me. I looked at EVERYONE’S armpits and no one had armpit fat like me. So then I gave birth and my “armpit fat” swelled. I will never forget getting ready to take my first post partum shower and squeezing my hard “armpit fat” and having an amazing explosion of MILK!

Nuthouse HeadMaster 1 year ago

Though i cannot relate to the multiple nipples, i just wanted to say that i am soooooooooo envious of the lady in the picture for this story’s link. I breastfed all 4 of my kids and i went from having the cutest little boobs to walking around with nothing but nipples! Yep, just chest and nipples…only two though!

Anita Davis Sullivan 1 year ago

Oh my gosh, best thing I’ve read today! I have my own oddities, but not that one.

Jenny Guler 1 year ago

I had no idea this could happen!

Nicole Blanchette 1 year ago

OMG! I do feel a bit better now about my destroyed body.

Wendy Roe 1 year ago

I had a lumpectomy while nursing…..not awesome. It formed a fistula and grew a milk duct to my incision point. Every time I nursed I squirted milk out the side of my boob. Also quite embarrassing.

lavender2325 1 year ago

I totally read tasted not tested there lol had to reread it hahaha

Heather 1 year ago

Thanks for posting this! I have the annoying kiwi looking fat under one of my armpits still after 3 years! No cute tanks anymore for me, I called plastic surgeon about removal but was really pricey so I just hate it, hide it, and deal with it for now. Glad to know I’m normal and not the only one with this problem

Stephanie Waldroup Mikesell 1 year ago

Omg mouth fell open. Had no idea!

Ashley Ferguson 1 year ago

Holy moly…. Who knew?! Thanks for sharing and for a good LOL :)

megan 1 year ago

So thankful you shared this, I have the same arm pit boob! It has not gone away though. I have had it now for 4 years, I have been through it all, same as you, but the nipple. No nipple here. It appeared with my first child, at day 2 in the hospital. The dr was in amazement poking it and squeezing it, which hurt! It stayed the.same size for about 6 months. And reduced to about a ping pong ball. During my second pregnancy it began growing larger at about 4 months, and had nodules in it. Went to the Dr again, to a surgeon and was told they couldn’t do anything till after the baby was born. After baby 2, it went back down to the same ping pong size at the same 7 months after delivery.
I had stopped breastfeeding at 11 months with #2. After 6 months of dying up I noticed I was still leaking and getting the nursing sensation. It was milky when it came out. They were worried because of the arm pit boob history id had. When I went to the Dr they did tests or came back as white blood cells and blood. I was sent to a cancer Dr for my now second sonogram, this time on my nipple to check for cancer Nothing was there, no signs of cancer. Since all this, the arm pit boob is still a pong pong ball, and still hardens up sometimes.

Christine Beaulieu 1 year ago

Omg I have never heard of this! Crazy how our bodies are sometimes!

Jennifer Wheeler Marvin 1 year ago

This is one of those things NO ON TELLS YOU when you’re pregnant, giving birth, or postpartum.

Beth Walsh 1 year ago


Ashley 1 year ago

Omg, I had this!!!! I didn’t breast feed but throughout pregnancies, liquid would come out of what looked like a pore in my armpit!! I kept squeezing it thinking it was a pimple!! When u realized it was breastmilk, I realized I was never going to be the same. Our body literally mutates. It’s still puffy even after my pregnancies but nothing too noticeable.

Nicky Walker 1 year ago

Lac. Tates. Omg.

Marie Schulz Escareno 1 year ago

I guess I got lucky that mine doesn’t lactate :-)

Bouldermom 1 year ago

OMG. The same thing happened to me. I thought I had a plugged duct or something, but nope. One day I was massaging it in the shower (as one is told to do with a plugged duct) and hello, milk came out. I feel better now (misery loves company). I remember, horrifically, showing it to my OB/GYN and, no lie, it SQUIRTED HER IN THE FACE. I have never admitted that to a soul. It did go away but now that I’m in my 40s I’m wondering how to explain this to the technician when I get my mammograms….Thanks for being a fellow freak with me. :)

Samantha McMillan 1 year ago

Thank you for this! I’m grinning so hard right now. XD

Genelle Billings 1 year ago

Love how many of us there are out there. It’s a certain horrific sisterhood.

Genelle Billings 1 year ago

It still amazes me how I can cause a look of horror to flash across the face of a doctor or nurse practitioner. Most have no idea what in the world I am talking about!

Jessica Ottinger 1 year ago

Well I thought I knew everything about boobies but this is news to me!

Genelle Billings 1 year ago

Yay! Another lactater! Love it!

sammie 1 year ago

I’m totally laughing at your expense, but you painted the best visual. Thankfully it wasn’t anything serious, but I can imagine how annoying and crazy it would be to have milk shooting out of an extra part of the body while trying to wrestle and latch a newborn. Now you have an awesome story to tell!

Genelle Billings 1 year ago

Apparently there are a ton of us out there. Who knew?

Genelle Billings 1 year ago

Yep! It’s a nubbin. I’m with you, sister!

Jeannie Henry 1 year ago

Joys of motherhood!

Josie Hernandez 1 year ago


Shalane ‘Heisey’ Cohen 1 year ago

Chrissy MacNeill…in case you need a good pregnancy laugh right now :)

Monika Czarnik 1 year ago

The weird thing a that happen postpartum. After my first, I was retaining so much water, my belly button started leaking water. The docs and nurses didn’t know what to do. It was almost like a leaky faucet. Lol.

Ali 1 year ago

Thank you sooo much for posting. I had the same thing happen with my pregnancies and I was so insecure about it. I think my doctor even giggled a little bit when he told me and all I could say was “That’s awesome. I’m officially a freak now.” As if I wasn’t already moody enough, now i have extra boobs.

Angela Jennings McCain 1 year ago

Yes, I’ve seen this before.

MyLove M. Barnett 1 year ago

Oh my wow! That was hilarious! I will totally STFU now about all my stretch mark bitching LOL

Irene Joy Sapon 1 year ago

omg. yes! i’ m not the the only one!

Layla Oates 1 year ago

Ahhh funny. Our bodies are so confusing

Chrissie Quez 1 year ago

Omg! I never heard of anything like this.. Well good ol’ pregnancy let’s u find out all kinds of things about urself.

Cynthia 1 year ago

What a relief to hear someone else with the same issue. My nurse practitioner and doctor had no idea what it was. They even tested the milk from that gland to be sure I didn’t have some freakish disease. I appreciate that you’ve shared your story!

Paula Trimble Hutton 1 year ago

Wow! Learn something new everyday!

Amy Sypher- Estabrook 1 year ago

“Hears to you third boob” made me lose it! LOL Thank you that is fantastic! Oh the things pregnancy tells you about your body!

Olivia Stipe Manke 1 year ago

That was hilarious! I’m glad she has such a sense of humor about it.

Jessica 1 year ago

I was born with a third small nipple underneath my right breast. It was nothing until I had my children. It developed further and absolutely lactated with both kids. It’s just a nipple now. Tiny growth looking thing but it was weird! I never thought about having it removed. It dosent bother me as it’s like a big skin tag now. Funny though. More common than you think!

Christina Dyjewski 1 year ago

Wish I could like this 50K times!!!

Anne Cosentino 1 year ago

That is hilarious. All I could envision was the woman with 8 boobs lactating everywhere!! Seriously still laughing!

Krista Turner Irizarry 1 year ago

That is hilarious!

Helen Russo 1 year ago


Stephanie Eaton Blacker 1 year ago

This was seriously hilarious! Thank you for sharing!!

Jihan Davis Minson 1 year ago

Thanks for posting. I have the same problem but because of medication I can’t breastfeed. This makes it almost impossible to stop my milk… 6 months with baby #1 and we are going on 5 months with baby #2.

Kristina Jeffords 1 year ago

I am SO saving this for my daughter. she has a third nip under her left nipple. WOW

Victoria Rae 1 year ago

Don’t have any of that. Just my breast implants sagged lol

Misty Samson 1 year ago

Oh my.

Audrey Buna-Tarpley 1 year ago

Desirea Legrande thought you might like this story.

Jacqueline Font Yuscavage 1 year ago

That was sooo the story I needed to read today! Thanks for keeping the laughter is what is sometimes a mess.

Nichole Reigle 1 year ago

Omg, tears running down my face laughing! thanks a bunch!

Jill Christensen 1 year ago

Her name is Chandler, by chance, is it? (Feeling a little old with the Friends reference, not gonna lie)

Arzu Yetgen-Bilazer 1 year ago

Wow. I have third boob envy as the two that I do have did not produce more than a measly once every hour.

Tasha Jackson 1 year ago

Oh my gosh! Thanks for sharing. I may or may not stop complaining about my pregnancy ailments so much :)