This 3-Year-Old Who Packed His Own Lunch Is Your New Hero

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 
Image via Reddit/ andyrine

Cheese balls for everyone

A dad went on Reddit’s Daddit forum to share a photo of the amazing lunch his three-year-old, Adam, packed for himself. Everyone loves it, because it’s basically joy — in photo form.

The picture has garnered over a thousand upvotes, and when you see it you’ll see why…

The kid knows what he wants. This isn’t a lunchbox, it’s a party. I think I’m going to bring this lunch to work tomorrow, and live my best life.

“We were watching TV, when I heard his little sister Alice wake up from her nap,” dad Andy Rine explains to Babble. “I went to get her out of her crib and while I was gone he went to the kitchen and grabbed a large container of cheese puffs his grandparents had given him in his Easter basket.” Okay. So the whole family knows how to party. We love them.

Can’t imagine the cheese-coated mess was fun to clean up, but when you’re raising a little bundle of awesome, sometimes there’s a little extra work involved.

Keep doing you, Adam. Cheese balls for everyone.

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