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This Cat Perfectly Illustrates How New Motherhood Feels

July 16, 2015 Updated August 15, 2015


Shellshocked. That’s a good way to describe your first night home from the hospital with baby, isn’t it? The baby who was sleeping soundly in the hospital all of a sudden won’t stop crying, and you begin to wonder whether constantly trying to soothe a baby with your boob is just going to be your new normal.

Apparently, these feelings are pretty innate, as evidenced by the fact that they clearly occur naturally in the animal world. Look at this cat and tell me she doesn’t perfectly sum up what it feels like to be an exhausted new mom:

This photo was posted to Twitter with the caption “Just drink it.” This cat is the poster animal for new motherhood now. This photo begs to be meme-d.

I could do this all day.

This doesn’t just apply to breastfeeding moms, of course. New motherhood is hard – period. Hang in there new moms. You’re not alone. Even cats feel your pain.

Don’t worry – it gets better.

H/T Rocket News