This Fat Shaming YouTuber Actually Thinks She's 'Helping' People

by Ashley Austrew
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Try to remember the last time hateful, abusive language and being openly mocked felt motivational. I know, I know — it’s pretty difficult to recall a single instance because it turns out being a gigantic asshole isn’t really all that inspiring. Don’t tell that to Nicole Arbour, though, because she’s pretty sure being a jerk to people always has positive results.

In a controversial video called “Dear Fat People” on her YouTube channel, the self-described comedian took it upon herself to call out all the obese people of the world for things like taking up too much space on airplanes and smelling like sausages. Fat-shaming? She says it’s a myth, or at the very least it’s a good thing because she thinks fat people should be shamed. They should be name-called and discriminated against and humiliated until they change their fatty-fat ways. Check out some of these gems from the video:

“What are you gonna’ do, fat people? Are you going to chase me? It will be like fucking Frankenstein. I can outrun you by walking at a reasonable pace.”
“Fat shaming is not a thing. Fat people made that up… Fat shaming. Who came up with that? That’s brilliant! Yes! Shame people who have bad habits until they fucking stop. Fat shame.”
“They forgot to tell you plus-sized means plus heart disease, plus knee problems, plus diabetes, plus your family and friends crying that they lost you too soon because you needed to have a Coke plus fries.”

Google rightly pulled Nicole’s video and suspended her entire YouTube account, but she quickly took to social media to defend herself. She claimed she was a victim of political correctness and that YouTube was trying to “censor” her opinions. She pointed out that the video had been shared tens of thousands of times and said, “Clearly we needed this.”

Despite the fact that even a five-year-old knows name-calling is hurtful and wrong, Arbour seems to think she did all of us some kind of service — like people walking around with a little extra junk in the trunk just didn’t realize it was there. One minute we all thought donuts were vitamins and then suddenly Nicole showed up and we realized broccoli exists. Thank you, Nicole.

Now, instead of teaching our kids to love their bodies and respect other people no matter how they look, we can encourage them to shower as much hate on their peers as possible. Make assumptions, judge, name call, openly ridicule anyone who doesn’t live the way you do — it’s not hurtful as long as you’re just “being real” and “telling it like it is.”

If people feel sad about the way you treat them? Well, that’s their own fault. Maybe they shouldn’t be so disgusting. After all, it is up to each of us to determine how everyone else should look, right? If someone has a weird haircut or crooked teeth or an eating disorder? Well, you just run up and tell them how vile they are. That will definitely make things better.

If there’s anything we can learn from Nicole Arbour and her fans, it’s that empathy is for suckers and cheap jokes at the expense of marginalized groups are always hilarious. Thank you, Nicole, for doing your part to better our society. The world definitely needs more judgment, bullying, and hate.

If you’d like to subject yourself to the full video, you can check it out here.

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