This Grandma Trying To Use Google Home Is Every Grandma Ever

by Thea Glassman
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Image via YouTube

Google Home + Italian grandmother = best thing ever.

Get ready for your day to be made. Maria Actis, an 85-year-old Italian grandmother, went head-to-head with her new Google Home Mini — and the whole thing was caught in a hilarious two-minute video, which has racked up more than 3 million views so far.

Actis received the smart device during her family’s Secret Santa exchange this year, and (despite being very excited) had some difficulties figuring out how to use her new gift. But damnit, did she try.

“I’m glad to meet you!” she shouted at the device. “Hello Google!” It took a little prompting – and a whole lot of Actis eagerly slapping the machine — but eventually she got a full sentence out of Google Home. “I’m scared. I’m scared. It’s a mystery,” she said, leaping up and clutching her husband as her Christmas gift began to speak. “Oh my gosh!”

Her husband, meanwhile, seemed very bemused by the whole charade. “What is this thing?” he asked the camera.

The video sadly cuts off just as Actis is trying to get her device to play her favorite Italian song, which obviously means that we’re going to need a sequel to this. Or, at the very least, some sort of follow-up so that we know everything worked out between Actis and her new Google Home.

Actis’ grandson Ben, who captured all of the hilarity on video, told PEOPLE that the rest of Christmas pretty much played out exactly like what we saw in the video.

“My grandmother was very excited to show everyone her new gift, but she obviously needed a little help using it,” he explained. “The whole day was like that with her!”

And, yes, in case you were wondering, his grandma really is that delightful all the time.

“There’s a ton of stories where’s she’s like this, such as the time she fell off the back of my grandfather’s the motorcycle the day before their wedding and he didn’t notice,” he said. “She’s absolutely this adorable.”

Here’s hoping that we get plenty more family footage in future. The world needs more Grandma Actis.

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