This Hilarious Video Of Ryan Reynolds Assembling An Ikea Crib Is All Of Us

by Ashley Austrew
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Ryan Reynolds may have an absurdly gorgeous spouse, abs for days, and more money than your entire neighborhood combined, but at the end of the day, he’s just like us. He even proved it with this hysterical video of him putting together an Ikea crib.

The video was a recent share by GQ and shows Reynolds struggling with the various nuts and bolts that accompany a standard Ikea purchase. He calls and asks for help, but to no avail. Eventually, he decides to just turn in his “fuck it” card and duct tape the entire thing together. Throw in some couch cushions and a toy — you’re good to go. Check it out for yourself:

Now, your initial reaction to this is probably that there’s no way in hell Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively use Ikea furniture. I only say that because it was my reaction too, and we’re probably right. It’s highly unlikely that there’s any Ikea furniture to be found in Chateau Lively-Reynolds. In fact, I bet they called up their friend Gywneth Paltrow and had one of her spiritual advisers build them a handmade crib from gluten-free unicorn bones and reclaimed angel wings. Still, that takes nothing away from why this video is so awesome.

New parenthood is pretty ridiculous. You get pregnant and suddenly you’re just supposed to know how to do all of these things. You’re supposed to know which car seat to buy and which bottles you need. The things everyone says are easy end up not being easy at all, and the hard parts are way more difficult than you ever could’ve imagined. You want everything to be picture perfect, but more often than not you have no earthly idea what to do. You just kind of wing it and hope for the best. That’s reality.

Reynolds, who became a father earlier this year, is no stranger to that reality. In June, his wife shared an Instagram photo of him with their daughter fastened into a baby carrier incorrectly, which made the internet go completely nuts. Most recently, he even revealed to GQ that a close family friend was trying to sell private photos of his child to the tabloids. In spite of mishaps both public and private, Reynolds seems to take it all in stride. This video is a good reminder that we should do the same.

Becoming a parent is one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do, but seeing other people — especially flawless celebrities — address the difficulties and absurdities of raising kids makes them somehow easier to bear. Everyone is fumbling their way through it, even the ones who make it look good. The most important thing you can do is have a sense of humor about it. Also, it probably wouldn’t hurt to stock up on duct tape and wine.

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