Best Children's Toys That Parents Will Love

This Holiday, I’m Buying My Kids Toys That I Want to Play With

November 6, 2019 Updated February 8, 2021


I’ll never forget what it felt like to be a kid waiting for Christmas morning. After months of circling toys in catalogs, it was fun to see which ones actually made the cut and ended up under the tree. There were times when I’d literally scream when I opened up a box because I was so excited.

Now that I’m a parent, I get to experience my kids’ joy over gifts. That’s super sweet, and they’re totally worth it, and I’m happy that they’re happy. I have a confession, though. I want some of that back-in-the-day excitement that I used to have on Christmas morning.  

That’s why this year, not only am I buying my kids toys that they’ll love, I’m also getting them ones that I want to play with, too.

Playing With Kids Isn’t Always Easy For Parents

I’m just going to put it out there. Sometimes playing with my kids is tough. I’m used to being busy adulting, and slowing down to get on the floor with them makes me feel kind of anxious. 

I’m committed to being a present mom, though, so sometimes the dishes can wait. Having a great collection of fun toys that I can relate to is useful when it’s time for my kid to invite me to playtime. 

I’ve learned that I can have more fun if I follow my kids’ lead. Plus, having toys that I want to play with makes that a lot easier. 

I Want To Impress My Kids

If I can buy my kids toys that they enjoy and I can have fun with, too, well, that’s a win/ win. I’m their default playmate — the one who’s there for them through finger paint and imaginative play. I’ve eaten more bowls of invisible soup than I can count. 

I’m not complaining because pretend play is such an important part of my baby’s development. I’m just saying, “eating” cake pops is less of a stretch for me than a crayon disguised as a hot dog, and I want to impress my kid with my pretend play skills, you know?

The Fisher-Price® Cake Pop Shop will give us tons of opportunities to play together while my kids get the chance to pantomime being both a barista and a baker. All the while, it will appeal to my coffee-shop loving heart. 

I Can Teach Them Important Life Skills

Children gain so much from pretend play. Whether they’re pretending to sweep, or cooking up something delicious, playing with toys is often the first step in teaching them how to learn new skills. 

You know what skills I want my kids to learn? I want them to know how to make me coffee, run a bath, and hook up the most perfect charcuterie tray. I’m kidding! Kind of.

Kids love to emulate their parents. As someone who likes to entertain, it’s always fun for me to see my children pretending to host guests at their own fancy parties. 

The Snacks For Two food playset from Fisher-Price® is perfect for my tiny entertaining experts, and ensures that I’ll have something to “eat” if I’m lucky enough to score an invite to one of their events.

Moms Have Imaginations, Too

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve been a kid. Thanks to my babies, I’ve been flexing my imagination muscles. It might be a challenge to get comfortable with pretend play at first, but eventually, it all comes back. 

Pretend Play, a new line of pretend toys from Fisher-Price®, encourages children to explore the wonder of their imaginations with toys that mix wood, plastic, and soft materials. Find out more about Pretend Play here.