Twitter Understands The Ups And Downs Of Marriage

by Christine Organ
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Do you remember back when we were young, well-rested, and crazy in love? Back then, we thought marriage looked like something out of a rom-com. Marriage was boomboxes held high overhead, a la Say Anything. We were sure our marriage would be fun and cute and hot AF. We would be Jim and Pam, goddamit.

Then we actually got married. Maybe added a couple kids. And realized we were total idiots. We had no freaking idea.

Because no one does.

Well, except the good folks of Twitter. Because they understand the beauty and mess that is marriage with kids — or any long-term relationship.

It is falling asleep on the couch together.

And fighting over the comforter.

Marriage means writing sappy Facebook posts to celebrate each other’s birthdays (and your anniversary too).

Marriage means listening to each other slurp a bowl of cereal (without wanting to kill them).

But there is a lot of shushing each other while watching re-runs of tv shows.

Marriage is being vague about money.

And then arguing about how you spend your money.

And once you have kids, marriage is playing the “who’s more tired” game until you die.

It is learning and growing…

While being mildly irritated with each other.

And having completely different conversations.

Marriage is hella romantic.

And getting mad about a lot of stupid shit.

And then doing sweet things for each other to make up for all the stupid fights.

Isn’t marriage great?

Actually, it really is.

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