This Is Not A Test: Motherhood in Israel


It was one of those evenings when the biggest problems you face with your kids is whether there should be seconds on strawberry ice cream (there were), whether we had time to play one more round of Go Fish before bed (we did) and whether we would read King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub or Where the Wild Things Are (we went with both.)

Their hair was still wet from the shower, their eyes starting to droop when the siren wailed.

No. This is not a test. This is not a test. This is not a test.

We live in Israel, and our country is at war with a terrorist organization just an hour’s drive away; a terrorist organization committed to destroying Israel, a terrorist organization hurdling rockets at us for the last 10 years. And anyone living in this country – Muslim, Christian, or Jew – is a target.

And you know what’s crazy? Just like I learned STOP DROP AND ROLL as a kid growing up in LA smack dab in earthquake country, my kids knew exactly what to do when the sirens screech through the night. They ran to their flip flops lined up by the door – thank GOD for cheap slip-on shoe. My daughter struggled with hers, so I swooped her up in my arms while my son and I fled our home, past the purple scarecrow my children built “to keep the rockets away, Mama, so they don’t hurt us when we sleep,” over rough and rocky ground to a public bomb shelter.

Um, can I get a WTF? We have a public bomb shelter.

Like everyone else in Israel. Bomb shelters are all over this country.

Air raid sirens, Iron Dome – a system to take down rockets mid-air before they land on families like us – bomb shelters and safe rooms, they’re part of the rhythm of this place. And thank God for them, because just before we reached the shelter, the ground moved. Like literally moved.


No, keep running until we’re safe inside.

“Red Alert, Red Alert” my children sang. “Hurry hurry hurry because now it’s dangerous. Hurry hurry hurry, to a safe area.”

So basically, while I grew up on “The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round,” my kids know a song about what to do during a rocket attack.

“Breathe deep, it’s ok to laugh!” they sang as we reached the inside of the shelter with several other families.


We shook with the blast and my daughter screamed – the kind of horror movie scream you hear when the monster slithers out from under the bed, or a deranged clown crawls through the sewer – because these are our monsters, these rockets hurdling towards us, seeking to make a direct hit.

Inside the shelter, what can we do?

We ate Pringles and chocolate milk. We played Go Fish with our neighbors, and prayed.

In Judaism, we have an expression: When shit gets real, first you cry. Then you get angry. And finally you laugh. With your mouth wide open and all teeth showing, you laugh as your body reels.

And as the news broke on Whatsapp that the rocket landed less than a five minute walk from where we were eating strawberry ice cream only minutes before, we skipped the tears, hopped past the anger and went straight to laughing.

Really, there is no other choice.

About the writer

Sarah lives with her two kids in a small village in Israel with a kick ass view of rolling fields. She is a Contributing Editor at Kveller, the New Media Editor at Times of Israel, and her essay "We need to quit telling lies on Facebook" will appear  in The Good Mother Myth: Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality. Find her on Facebook and Twitter @tuttlesinger.

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Erika 1 year ago

Agreed–I don’t think it was intended to spark a debate. But some of these comments are so grounded in sheer error that they beg for corrective responses.

Erika 1 year ago

Ultimate Mom, even sources I *don’t* consider credible or unbiased–because they seem to instinctively blame/denigrate Israel whenever they can–must acknowledge this (and then immediate pointing to bigger ambitions bubbling behind the scenes). But the fact remains that the leadership of the soon-to-be State of Israel accepted the partition plan, and the Palestinian Arabs (and neighboring Arab states–remember there was no pre-existing State of Palestine) rejected it. See, for example,

Vanessa Frohwirth Sophir 1 year ago

Yes, they do surveillance and even call to check whether civilians are present. As if Hamas would ever do that. If Hamas cared about their own people they wouldn’t store their weapons and launch their rockets from populated areas.

Georgina 1 year ago

Well said

izzy 1 year ago

Yareeb Allah helicom. My heart is with you and your family, my family in ramallah, and all the families of Palestine. It’s tragic. It’s frustrating for being attacked by pro Israeli trollers, god forbid you tell the story of the other side of the wall. Stay strong ya sebhaya, Palestine will be free. If I have to stand alone with my last breath to speak of the tragedy so my children have a right of return then so be it. You are not alone , sending much love your way.

izzy 1 year ago

Yes very lucky to have a country, a country who is occupying another countries land.

Angela Tuglu Dudok 1 year ago

Only America and several European country’s are still clothing there eyes, but most of the world know the truth but don’t dare to so anything

Angela Tuglu Dudok 1 year ago

Motherhood in palestina would be more appropriate. It’s worse there. Palestina is just defending itself from a ‘country’ Israël that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Learn your history. An israélien ministre even said that they have to kill all of them, beginning with the mothers because they give birth to terrorists. The israéliens are the real terrorists here, they try to genocide a whole race. I think they have already forgotten world wars.

Amanda Bonilla 1 year ago

How incredibly sad that anyone must endure this violence.

Brooke Morrison 1 year ago

I couldn’t help but cry as I watched the news and saw those poor babies being carried through the hospitals. I could not even imagine and my prayers are with both babies and parents.

Dareen Zoughbi 1 year ago

To all…I’m a Palestinian. I can tell you this much. I don’t belong to any political party.. I’m a normal mother like you all. Please know this much what is happening in Palestine is a Genocide. Please understand I’m not saying this because of emotional feelings or hatered…in an educated woman ..I can tell you this much…whatever you hear on the news is not just…it’s not true….please ask me any questions. Children and new borns ..entire Palestinian families are deliberately being killed.. Please read from non basis news…there is so much to say but this not the right place…I urg you.. I beg you to learn the truth about Palestine…there is so much more you don’t know…just ask me. I’ll be happy to answer!!!

izzy 1 year ago

@ lea- actually was just talking with my husband about this last night. I believe in my heart it’s possible. I mean Hamas is in Gaza but fatah is in the west bank and their trying to come together to bring all the Palestinian people together as one. I hope it’d possible. I hope the occupation ends all together the border opens and israel and Palestine becomes one democracy, who votes, everyone is equal, no question about it. I believe the Israeli have a Right to live too, it should not be st the expense of stifling the livelihoods of another people though. I have never been into Gaza but the general feeling I get from the few contacts we have is these people just wanna live too and raise their kids in safety too. For my husband from the west bank it’s heartbreaking that he can not visit the village where one is from bc it lies in Israel proper, my children and him cannot go through the tel Aviv airport which is much easier than crossing in Jordan and qulandia. If they could come together we could live a normal life over there. I would say the Palestinian people as a whole recognize and believe Israel has a right to exists but not at there own expense, something had to give for everyone’s sake.

izzy 1 year ago

Actually I’m not Muslim.. not sure about these tactics your talking about. My husband is from Palestine I’m from the US and he is not a practicing Muslim along with the majority of his family. I dont hate Jews or anyone based upon religion as a sole reason. Being anti-Zionist is not the same as anti-Semitic. As I told another troller in a thread I can send you the email between myself and the tel Aviv airport director. What else? Oh yeah I dont use social media of any form actually scary mommy is literally it, so I’m not posting pictures of children dying from any where with claims to it.
I am not a liar and I am not a horrible person. I am a person who cares about humanity and peace for all not because of religion because we are people. Of course I wouldnt expect you to understand that since I’m postive your trolling from a Israeli media room looking for negative comments online that don’t support Israel and trying to shame or intimidate people into being quiet. Shame on you , your a horrible person. God forbid someone tell the story of the other side of the wall with her children then your whole cover would be blown. Why dont you bomb another UN shelter and claim the rocket fell short, but how can that be when your so technologically adavnced?

Marian Ware 1 year ago

May God watch over you and your family. Prayers for Israel.

Soraya Marlie 1 year ago

ya Allah let their be peace in Gaza n Israel!! my heart goes out to the people of palestine!

Lea 1 year ago

I have read through most of the thread. I am understanding everything that you are saying. I have a few questions for you though. If Israel were to lift the blockade, would those in palestinian be willing to live in israel peacefully or would they just want to take over the country? Are majority of Palestine’s brainwashed by hamas and want to wipeout the entire Jewish/Israeli population? I understand that you feel that your people have been pushed onto a piece of land and they can’t come out of it. I can understand from one human being to another how that would anger a person and that person would want nothing but freedom, but do you realize how tragic it could be to Israelis? Israelis can live peacefully side by side with arabs…there is proof of that currently existing in Israel. Do you think its possible for that to happen if palestinian are let out of gaza? Palestinians are gaza because quite frankly they want to destroy Israel.

Noah Tepperman 1 year ago

Praying for a path to shalom for you, all Israelis and the Palestinians too (Hamas, not so much).

Canada stands with Israel.

Lisa Younk 1 year ago

Can’t we (and by we I mean YOU) see the truth in the message here?! Take away the “sides”. Take away land borders. Take away religions. Take away languages. Take away style of dress. What’s left? Just the fact that WE ARE ALL THE SAME!! Just stop killing each other. Live and let live. Experience empathy for your fellow human. Period.

Stacey 1 year ago

Izzy–if the Arabs put down their weapons there would be no more Palestine?? Why would u say something so stupid. U know Israel did not fire back during these last few ceasefires & Hamas continued the whole time. U know it’s Hamas killing everyone. Israel hurts when innocent Palestinians are killed but they give warning & they must stop where the rockets are being shot from.

Stacey 1 year ago

Katherine, uninformed people like yourself are making a mess. DO YOUR RESEARCH. 17 countries abstained from voting.

Karen Helm 1 year ago

I can’t imagine being a mother in either country. Scary situation on both sides. My prayers go out to everyone who is hurting and getting stuck in the crossfire.

Leslie Domsich 1 year ago

Katja Levi, wow this really gets you!

Jonathan Reston 1 year ago

While you may get away with fooling the uninformed, your shameless tactics of using takkia/taqqia- the Islamic tactic that permits lying in order to gain advantage for “the cause” won’t work on the educated who are familiar with this tactic.

You and your kind post pictures of dead children from Syria killed years ago and claim they are dead Palestinian Arab children. Then when you get caught, you insist it’s the Zionist controlled media that is lying.
Whatever you are doing, you claim Israel is the one doing.

Simply put, you’re a liar- and a bad one.

May I make a helpful suggestion? If you’re going to lie, you might consider toning it down a bit and at least tell lies that are within the realm of believability. Anyone even remotely familiar with Israeli airport security knows that they do not conduct body cavity searches at the airport. Your other stories are equally ridiculous.

The reason why there is a war is because you and your people blindly hate Jews and refuse to live in peace among them. Your continued rejection of peace offers and the horrible propaganda education that teaches Arab children from a young age, irrational hatred towards Jews, teaches them that the Jews stole their land, and that every imaginable problem that exists in Arab society is the Jews’ fault.

It’s probably a waste of breath posting this message in so far as you are concerned because typically you and your kind are brainwashed beyond reason. But perhaps some other more rational person who doesn’t know any better may see this and realize what you are doing.

You’re a horrible human being and I hope for the rest of the world’s sake you someday realize this and change your ways.

izzy 1 year ago

No excuse for the senseless killing. No excuse. I cannot sit back and be quiet . I have seen with my eyes how the IDF operates in the west bank , even though it’s not as tragic as what’s happening in Gaza it is still inhumane. Hide behind the iron dome and bomb shelters and cry out for sympathy all you want but finally the world is waking up to this tragedy. Now today Iraqi Christians are fleeing there homes from another relgious extremist group, it’s sickening. Iraqi Christian are the oldest Christian population in the world. Israel is another extremist group. It’s not about muslims needing Palestine it’s about Palestinian people needing Palestine, Iraqi Christians need there homes in Iraq. Any group can use any religious doctrine to justify their actions, just so happens to be if their Muslim there terrorists but if their Jewish it’s ok? Well it’s not ok from any group of people. Everyone deserves to stay in there homes and feel safe. The world cannot sit back and continue to buy all the bullshit happening every where. If we do not wake up and take a stand Soon don’t fool yourselves into thinking it will stay in the middle east, it will spread across the world like wild fire, slowly bit surely we’re seeing it now one nation at a time.

izzy 1 year ago

Absolutely. Bombs or no bombs being stored in the shelter does not mean you get to blow up the only safe havens for civilians.It’s a war crime and I hope the ICC and the rest of the world rip those responsible apart in the same inhumane manner Gaza is being ripped apart.

Joan Garrity 1 year ago

Scary Mommy – I respect that you did indeed attempt to present this without bias. Unfortunately, humans like to operate in a binary world — right/wrong, good/evil. Everything, including this horrible conflict, is way more complex than that. As commenter Kelly already wrote, “There is no side to take but the HUMAN side.”

Farina van Veen 1 year ago

Today Israel overstepped it’s boundaries. Today, the world should mourn with the Palestinian mothers and grandmothers who lost their children when Israel bombed the U.N. shelter. These kids also deserve a childhood and life as much as any other kid on this planet. I am for the existence to Israel but I am appalled by this action of inhumanity by the Israeli army.

Sirena 1 year ago

Yes! Finally some intelligent, thoughtful commenters who are in touch with their humanity. Good for you! I feel the same way. You have a bomb shelter. You lived another day. The infants murdered in gaza who do not support the terrorism of hamas, and whose parents are too dirt poor to flee to anywhere but a bomb shelter? These are the ones who are losing it all, for nothing, for the mayhem wreaked by a state that has everything and yet wants them to have nothing. Shame, shame, shame. From this mother’s heart to yours, shame. My one year old sleeps upstairs, peaceful. If he were a palestinian you would celebrate his end. My mother’s heart cries for all the children, the jewish, the muslim, the christian, from every nation; your mother’s heart has shed its tears and turns its back. Thank you God for the heart of the mothers who love all the children and cry at the senseless deaths of all the children. Please help us find a way to peace that will not cost the lives of one more child! Not one more child!

Not one more child. No other mother’s child. Please God.

Tamar Gurlekian 1 year ago

At least there are public bomb shelters and air raid warnings! Many countries, most countries, DO NOT have either causing widespread civilian casualties. Tired of the bull taking place in the Middle East!

Roni Martin 1 year ago

Sad. So heartbreaking sad. What is wrong with our world? Im praying for peace. Not that it will bring back those who have been lost. :( These poor families. <3

Katherine 1 year ago

YES to your comment – I would absolutely agree. Both sides to this story. I am aghast that the US official voted NO to a UN investigation of war crimes. EVERY OTHER COUNTRY VOTED YES.

Leslie Henry Egan 1 year ago

Pray for PEACE

izzy 1 year ago

The west bank is thriving? I lived there I know the reality perhaps you should take a look. Thriving what a world to describe the west bank, unemployment is low.. please tell me which village you live in to be such an expert.. settlements don’t count. If the Arabs put down there weapons there would be no more Palestine. Not sure where pro Hamas came from because I clearly stated in many threads that Hamas is wrong and no one should have to live under threat of rockets point blank. Also no one should have to live under occupation. Negotiations haven’t done shit for the Palestinian people. 20 years after oslo and they continue to lose homes and land for more illegal settlement to be built… Yeah the west bank is doing awesome

dallas 1 year ago

Izzy and everyone else who is pro-hamas:
Please take a good look at West Bank to understand the importance of negotiations and agreements. West bank is thriving! The unemployment rate is low and it’s mostly quiet.
You want to tell me that negotiations and agreements don’t work?

If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.– Netanyahu

Izzy 1 year ago

Have you ever read the Quran? In arabic not translated? Of course there has never been an outcry from these people who apparently don’t exists since there is no Palestine according to you, why would anyone out cry until Israel was “created” and they were kicked out of their land. They had nothing to outcry about since Palestine was there country until the world powers decided to create the country of Israel… And since the Torah tells you god promised the Jews Israel that makes it true? Since that’s how history was originally written, since you were there to actually verify with your own eyes that was actually the historical facts of that day? A book is a book is a book. I don’t care who wrote what it says and what time period it came out of, does not make it true or reality. Your god promises you land well how about tomorrow I write a new book where my god promises me I get to rule the world? Are you gonna be cool with that? Probably not, just like everyone else doesn’t have to bow down and make concessions to you for what your book says. Religion is the worst thing to happen to humanity, and no matter if your religious or not it should not mean the world is ran on the basis or principals of others religion.

Ocean 1 year ago

Newsflash: Jews and Americans can also be strip searched in airports in Israel. That probably has to do with the terrorist threat that it is constantly under. In addition, perhaps the blockade from BOTH Israel and Egypt has something to do with safety. If you do not recall I can remind you of the many many terrorist bombings that occurred when Palestinians were allowed to freely cross borders. Those sure have decreased since the borders have tightened. Why on Earth would Israel allow people who want to kill Israelis freely into the country???? Are they suicidal? No, not them, the Palestinians are and have ALWAYS been willing to kill themselves just to that they can kill a few Jews. This goes back for as long as I can remember. I am not saying that all Palestinians are suicide bombers, but how do you know who is?? There were completely innocent looking women and children suicide bombers. What do you do?? Unlike Hamas, Israel actually values the lives of their people and is doing everything they can to protect their lives. That includes the current operation of destroying tunnels and rocket launching sites, the strip searching, and tight border control, etc.

Sam 1 year ago

There is no justification by the Jewish holy book for the Jewish people to have their own state.

Einstein once said “it would be my biggest sadness to see Zionists (Jews) do to Palestinian Arabs much of what Nazis did to Jews”.

Izzy 1 year ago

Your god can promise what he wants, doesn’t make it true or reality. That’s so ridiculous you can use that as an excuse for crimes against humanity. Allah Akbar! Gaza gaza don’t you cry Palestine will never die from the river to the sea Palestine will be free. Oh and what about Christians in the holy land? Jews massacred Jesus, that’s cool though right?

Izzy 1 year ago

Egypt is actually exceptionally open. I spent a month there last summer, I am an american white woman and my husband is from Palestine. The musri people are unbelievably giving, it’s the goverment that sucks. I hope that will not stop you from visiting one day, you should for your sake and your childrens go visit so they have an understanding of the other half of where they come from.

Izzy 1 year ago

I appreciate your honest perspective and also respect it. But, Hamas doesn’t forbid civilians from leaving their homes, that’s ridiculous, my husband has an aunt in gaza who was never forbidden from leaving her home, but where shall she go? Borders closed. No where is safe. No one should leave under a rocket or war threat. No one should be locked into a large outdoor prison with sewage flowing through the streets. That’s just one side that’s just gaza. What about the people in the West Bank? Should I really have to sit at the crossing for 10 hours so the IDF can rip all my luggage apart run every article of clothing through the machines? While my son throws up all over the jezer from heat and exhaustion and an IDF solider tells me to get my stupid kid under control? It’s these acts of humiliation that drive people to rise up and say enough is enough. I do not agree with Hamas and their decisions but I also do not agree with creating a country and driving everyone else out of it who had been there previously. What about all the innocent people who are suffering under the occupation in every way possible down to the most basic human necessities that become a struggle to get. Both sides are wrong and both sides need a change, but I cannot sympathize with the people who are on the “right” side of the wall when I have lived on the “wrong” side.

Michelle Wilson 1 year ago

So terrifying. From the pictures I’ve seen to the stories I’ve read I absolutely can’t imagine. Makes me an emotional mess just thinking about it.

Izzy 1 year ago

What about my mother in law in the West Bank who’s home is being torn down to make room for more illegal settlements? She has the deed to the land, it’s her right to stay on that land, yet somehow she is trumped by the Israeli government? No matter what rights or say she has it’s not going to stop her home from being torn down. Who to blame then? Her or the Israeli government who say they won’t recognize her deed even though it’s her family’s land who have lived on it for the last 75 years before the “creation” of Israel.

Ruth Hughes 1 year ago

This brought on tears as a soldier I’ve had to run to bunkers many times but I can’t imagine have to do so with my children!

Izzy 1 year ago

Right on. Like its a drive in movie, except let’s watch the bombs drop and blow up more homes. So sick of the argument that Israel is provoked. What about the settler attacks that are unprovoked? The “price tag” attacks on people’s homes? Those are happening in the West Bank. While the IDF stands by to make sure which ever Palestinian that is being attacked does not fight back against the settlers whom are doing the attacking, that’s all good right? It’s sick that people could actually take joy and pull up a chair and eat their popcorn like it’s no big deal just another friday night.

Izzy 1 year ago

Exactly. Why not stop aid all together to every country the US gives it to, and idk aid your own people? There are plenty of hungry homeless children here. If Israel is a strong democratic country then why don’t they fund their own military?

Izzy 1 year ago

Accept cease fire? For what? “Talks” of negotiations later on down the road never produce anything fruitful for the Palestinian people? So the tel aviv airport will reopen and Israeli tourism business can continue on? Israel wants to offer nothing in exchange for a cease fire just the hopes that further down the road there may be discussions, I wouldn’t accept it either. The door has already been open, lives have already been lost, an accepting a cease fire for nothing in exchange is not good enough. Their demanding the blockade be lifted so they can have some what of a normal life and should not accept any less. If Israel wants a cease fire then lift the blockade.

Debbie Lin 1 year ago

Said very well by a father living in Israel

Jaci 1 year ago

Thoughts and prayers are with all my brothers and sisters in Israel. You shouldn’t feel bad that Israel goes to great lengths to protect you. I wish Hamas had used all that concrete Israel sent them to do the same for their innocents rather than use it dr terror tunnels into Israel to kill civilians. then they would be safe as well and no one would be spewing hate towards you simply because you are lucky to have shelter and a country who cares.

Elizabeth Vasquez Bennett 1 year ago

I’m crying now. I’m glad I read it but wow that hurts.

Daniela Miriam Askin 1 year ago

There NEVER has been a state Palestine. Before the state of Israel was established in 1948, the British had occupied the land from the second decade of the 20th Century until 1948, but there was no outcry from the Palestinian people for their own state then. In fact, there has never been an outcry from the Palestinian people for their own state until the state of Israel was established. And for the record, there is NO mention of Jerusalem or Israel in the Quran. However, the Torah is consumed with the land of Israel and the concept that it was given to the Jews by God. Mecca is the Muslim Holyland. Ever since history was originally written into language, there have been Jews in Israel and Jerusalem. This is not Muslim land. Nor will it ever be! Am chai Israel!

izzy 1 year ago

Brain washed from the time their children? Ok… Well I’m married to a Palestinian, I am of no middle eastern descent just a white American. So that being said we have 2 children and my husband and I are not partaking in this brainwashing your speaking of… We go to Palestine every summer.. still no brainwashing. But what does happen is were harassed and humiliated by the IDF soldiers at every border crossing. We’re denied day passes into Israel proper so we can visit my husband native village, which never happens. So when you are living in occupation and your lives are controlled, homes taken, forced out you can only expect to be met with resistance. Brainwashing no. People beaten down to the point they refuse to take it anymore, yes. Watch yourself your showing your ignorance and your love for ignorant US media. No one should have to live that way both sides included. But being completely ignorant of the situation and weighing in with your opinion is helping nothing.

Jenneca Reeves-Yarbrough 1 year ago

Would love more stories from them…the loving mothers of far away places. I get so caught up in my “Problems” that i forget that 99% of them DONT MATTER!!!

Vicki Mena 1 year ago

I can’t even begin to imagine living this nightmare on a daily basis. God bless to those moms who do and make it thru the day. I am a white American woman, my husband is a Christian Egyptian man and we have a mixed son and another on the way. I can’t even begin to fathom us living in Egypt as Christians being targeted by those who aren’t. Especially us as a mixed couple. Stories like this really give you pause and make you count your blessings.

Sarcastic Bastard Interpreter 1 year ago

He was making the comparison between Israel and the friend that was raped. The rapist is Hamas in this case or possibly the surrounding Arab nations and Israel is the girl that was raped.

yu 1 year ago

What about stating that the terrorist organization started because of Israel’s invasion of Gaza? Settlements?

Meredith 1 year ago

I couldn’t agree more. Very surprised about this article!

Meredith 1 year ago

I read every single comment, because I feel so passionate about this issue, and I am not even from the area.

While I greatly sympathize with every family going through this nightmare, I cannot ignore the huge elephant in the room.

While the author is presenting her own struggles, which are very real, and she should have the right to do that, it is insensitive to write about Israelis struggles with complete ignorance of the horror going on in Palestine, especially Gaza. Especially, since that horror is inflicted by Israel.

Now lets move on to Hamas, the favorite topic of Israel supporters.

This article is claimed to not be political, but in the first few paragraphs the author points to Hamas and calls them terrorists. I am not pro Hamas, but lets be realistic here. What is Israel?

Lets look at the history on how Israel was created. Somebody on here said that calling Hamas a terrorist is like calling a woman out for punching her rapist. That somebody was onto something…
And Israelis struggle really is like a punch compared to what the Palestinians have been, and are going through, and that is not the fault of Hamas, regardless of what is convenient to be believed.

For God’s sake, if somebody came to the US and occupied our land and pushed us out, oppressed us and treated and killed us like cattle, what would we do? Thank them?

It’s been long since people believed those lies we have been fed to. If nothing else, now there is the Internet and social media. The truth is coming out and more people are being aware of it; as seen through the comments to this article. Awareness is the first step to everything…and awareness is spreading like a disease now.

But lets be realistic, again.
It would be difficult to expect the author to think differently because she is in Israel and thinking independently and critically is reserved only for few. She is a mother, and as a parent, when your babies are in danger, when you are in the middle of the mess, it’s hard to be critical and objective, especially if you are surrounded by people who are like minded, and are being fed careful propaganda. I understand that.

There is however a growing number of people of the Jewish faith who are critical and objective, just look at the Jewish voice for peace organization. And they are not the only ones…

“It as been proven time and again that even when Hamas has not fired a single rocket, that Israel continues to fire on Gaza… And most recently when American were celebrating the election victory of Barack Obama, Israel has used that opportunity to go into the Gaza strip and kill civilians.”

Mike 1 year ago

When have the Palestinian lands been bombed by Israelis unprovoked – Never – only in response to being bombed by Hamas or other terror groups based in Palestinian land.

izzy 1 year ago

So true and so sad. My heart bleeds for Gaza and my husband’s family in the west bank. You’ve never seen people who have nothing no ground to stand on yet they stay strong and will not give up hope everyday. The experience I had with the IDF is enough to make me not want to go back but it will not stop me from leaving next week heading to west bank to support our family in friends and stand strong with them. From the river to the sea Palestine will be free

Randi Thomas 1 year ago

I never knew we had so many perfect people in this world! Stop judging, it’s not your place! This is a story about children living in fear. It doesn’t matter where. It shouldn’t matter where. Be thankful, America isn’t going through this. PRAY FOR EVERYONE, both sides.

Renee Crook 1 year ago

I pray for u all

Sarah Donza-Hughes 1 year ago

Emotional and very poignant post! Thank you for sharing

troll squish 1 year ago

No hes trolling, unless hes a gun toting extremist like that guy who shot up a school cause he hates girls o.O I wonder which

Lisa Dicarlo-Lawrence 1 year ago

I just finished reading a book about WW2 and its still fresh in my mind. This is so terrifying for this country. May they find peace soon!

Monika 1 year ago

Haven’t we all been in that position that we can’t believe our child is prepared to deal with something that we didn’t prepare them for? That our heart is broken when our three year old looks at us and says “Stranger danger.” This is what Scary Mommy is about. Some truths about mommy hood are universal. This could just of easily of been about children on the other side. My heart breaks for this family, just as my heart breaks for every family involved. I was taught to love my neighbor. And the people in this article are my neighbors…they may live around the world..but their children are my children. God Bless you all. So sorry for your pain.

Zlatina Zlateva 1 year ago

The mothers in Palestine who are mourning their children murdered don’t have their voice on this website. Do we have to hear from the Israeli mother without having the chance to hear from the Palestinian one?

Magy 1 year ago

Silly, and if Palestinian land wasn’t occupied in the first place all this wouldn’t been happening.

Izzy 1 year ago

@JD- I wish I could answer that question honestly for you. Blockade restrictions were lifted on the Egypt side when Morsi was in office but completely shut down when sisi came in. I think the main anger from gaza comes from when Israel pulled out and said fine govern yourself but in governing yourself they were blockaded in. I’ve said in many threads that I don’t agree with Hamas. I don’t agree with having to live with threat of rockets or bombs, however the blog written as it is the writer is looking for sympathy for herself and the rest of her country. I have first hand experienced what it is like to live in the occupied territories and the fact that she is writing she can feed her kids gold fish makes me sick. Where I was staying in the West Bank we only had acess to running water for 3 days since the water is controlled by Israel, but you can feed your kid goldfish and I can’t even give mine a shower. It’s a sad situation for both sides but there is only one country occupying land. The small amount of Arabs that actually live in Israel proper are not treated like every other Israeli citizen they are second class citizens. I do have something personal in this conflict but so does the writer I understand there are always 2 sides to every story. No matter how the Israeli propaganda wants to paint the stories and the human shields and this and that, if they would have actually opened borders for the civilians to leave the number of casualties would not be so high. You can text,call, drop leaflets but where are these people to go? You tell them to leave but they have no choice but to stay. Hamas is not right, you can’t fire indiscriminately at a civilian area, Hamas is running their own agenda, and no matter if all moneys were spent on infrastructure and civilians, or tunnels Israel would still find a way to go to war with them. In my opinion war should never be the answer but political talks have not worked for the palestianian people of gaza or the West Bank, so what’s left for them to do?

Sarah Sousa Stevens 1 year ago

Really? All we hear about on the news ARE the Muslim children and how Israelis are killing them despite the fact that Palestinian terrorists are ALWAYS the ones starting this nonsense. Really, let’s just be disgusted that any children are dying regardless of their nationality and religious affiliation.

Lisa 1 year ago

“past the purple scarecrow my children built “to keep the rockets away, Mama, so they don’t hurt us when we sleep,” – I absolutely lost it and just cried.
I think about this all the time whenever I hear of horrible things going on in the world. What about the kids??? They are so sweet and innocent, they don’t know what’s happening, they don’t understand what’s happening and it’s not their burden to bear. How could you help them have a “normal” life as a mother (or father)? This just makes me so so so sad. My heart goes out to every mother who has to endure life like this and every child who has to live in fear.

Grace Gee 1 year ago

I appreciate Scary Mommy for broaching this current event. After reading the comments….it’s clear we (including myself) should all listen more & judge less. Maybe then we would understand each other a tiny bit better and enough to make a difference in the bigger picture of ALL things that spark debate.

Nara 1 year ago

Forget politics, or the whole “who is bombing who and why” stuff.

Watching the kids sing that song, and reading about your kids singing it made me cry. I am so sorry they have to go through that. No one should have to.

Ultimate Mom 1 year ago

Dana, could you recommend what you consider one or more credible and unbiased history books?
Because I’ve read quite a few on the history of the region and none of them say that Israel accepted the partition as it was drawn (Zionist lobbbyists planned for a much larger area for a Jewish homeland). And, of course Arabs left their homes, inspired by terrorist attacks by Zionist paramilitary groups on civilian towns. These attacks were meant to cause Palestinians to flee out of fear for their families safety and they had every the intent to return when things settled down but were prevented from doing so. The aim of the Zionists was to rid the area known as Palestine of the ‘Arab problem’. You certainly can’t have a legitimate claim to a Jewish homeland that consists of 90% Arabs (pre-1948).

Lori Bond Atkins 1 year ago

Can’t we agree that it is horrifying for all right now, whichever side the explosions and maiming of children occur on? I don’t think incendiary devices have a political agenda. They just kill, whomever they land on. I am begging and praying parents stop teaching hatred and horror in the name of God. No god wants this……

Marla Aberbach Lewis 1 year ago

WOW! Puts it all in perspective!

Melissa Corbeil 1 year ago

If only mothers ran the world. Maybe such atrocities wouldn’t exist. I think we can all agree, no matter what culture or creed, that we are all rightfully scared of what kind of world our children are faced with. Once we realize that we are most powerful when we agree to disagree, when we learn to focus on the fact that we are all human beings, we will create a world worth living in.

Cierra Holt Daughtry 1 year ago

Some people are so petty and ridiculous. No one is winning that war! And for this to be ANYONE’S daily reality, is a sad look at the human condition. People are dying, CHILDREN are dying! And here we sit behind keyboards arguing semantics and body counts..grow up! Because the kids in this article and thousands like them in warzones all over the world are forced to do so.

Kate 1 year ago

I cannot BELIEVE scarymommy would decide to post such an inflammatory article- An article which treats the incredibly complicated issue of the invasion of Gaza with such mind-blowing insensitivity. The people dying in Gaza right now are overwhelmingly innocent victims who have already endured heartbreaking levels of suffering over the last few decades. Many of the dead and wounded are children. What a time to post a political, one sided account of such a tragedy! If scarymommy wanted to weigh in on the Israel-Palestine issue, SURELY there was a more balanced account available that could have addressed the horrifying conflict with the respect and sensitivity it deserves.

I’m a massive fan of scarymommy and I sincerely hope that whoever decided to let this article through issues a serious apology to readers, and soon. Scarymommy is meant to provide a supportive community where moms can relate to each other- This post is so not in the spirit of that goal. I am disgusted.

Megan Marie 1 year ago

Who cares “which side is fairing better?!” This is not “hide and seek” this is war. People are dying and losing everything they have-the body counting is ridiculous.
And that’s the last comment I’ll say because this is just so ridiculous.

Kelly GW 1 year ago

Breaks my heart. Be safe, writer. I’m thankful we live in Canada.

Sonia 1 year ago

OK still trying to figure out if this is a sarcastic comment

CB 1 year ago

Well put, Jason Pearlman, well put.

Leila Boukarim Haig Ghokassian 1 year ago

I used to turn to Scary Mommy to take my mind off of the cruelties of the world for a while. All this has caused me heartburn and heartache. I’m getting enough of that watching and reading the news. There is so much to be said about all this, so much pain to be felt and so many tears to be shed. I just wish that this remained a place where moms could get together and laugh about snot and poop and cry over sleep deprivation and potty training, united by the love we have for our children. All that has changed today.

Fiza Naeem 1 year ago

Leaving aside the debate on who is right and who is wrong or whose fault it is, or who started what, the one undeniable fact is that israel is a mass murderer of innocent children

Alice 1 year ago

A beautiful and moving piece Sarah. I’m sorry that you’ve been attacked with some hardline and factually incorrect comments when your piece was really a call to see the human cost of what is going on, not to score political points or proclaim Israeli righteousness. We are thinking of you and your children – and all innocent people suffering because of Hamas’ horrific policies.

DavidandLaura Seger 1 year ago

So scary. God bless mothers on both sides

Sarcastic bastard 1 year ago

Yes I know what you mean. Recently one of my close friends revealed to me that she had been raped as a teenager, I hugged her, and we both cried, but then she got all upset and indignant when I pointed out to her that there are two sides to every story!

I mean just because her rapist knocked out half her teeth and destroyed her life completely, is that any reason to ignore HIS pain and suffering? She has to accept her part in driving this poor man to doing such extreme action. After all, no one told her to move into that neighborhood, for that matter she could have locked herself up in her room all day and that would have also made it less likely that he would have torn her life apart. For that matter, if she had been wearing a burka it would not have excited him so much, Also, we have to consider the obvious, that if she would have been more willing to put out, there would have been no need for him to get violent in the first place.

Yet I didn’t have the time to say all this. The ungrateful insensitive girl kneed me in the balls and then punched me in the face! She even chipped a tooth! Then she told me she’d kill me if I ever came near her again and walked off without saying goodbye!

I pray for them both, that they should both get over their own insecurities and learn to love one another from a more beautiful compassionate space!

Peace to you all! ;D

Nanci Elmasri 1 year ago

As mothers but most importantly as HUMANS please people stop believing the lies the media is throwing out there this is not Israel simply defending itself this is a flat out genocide happening in 2014. The Jewish people are good people, Muslims like myself we are good people,This is the Devil himself.. open your eyes people

Marrisa Hunton 1 year ago

Good on this Blogger. Realism. Stuff that you Don’t Hear on the News. Poor Lady :(

Ghinwa Hassoun 1 year ago

I wonder what it feels like to see your whole family massacred. You have to ask a Palestinian mom that question. It has to feel a million times better being an Israeli mom! Let’s see how many children have died in Israel vs how many have died in Palestine? Or is that Israeli blood is more valuable? People need to wake up! Animals have more rights than the Palestinians in the biggest open air prison in the world. They were occupied by the Israeli’s, they didn’t ask for any of this.

Louise Judd 1 year ago

I bet it sucks being a Palestinian mum too…. No Israeli child deaths yet but plenty of Palestinians :-( It is a human tragedy!

Jennifer Sironen 1 year ago

These poor families :( I cannot even comprehend the terror, the fear for your children, family and self that is constant. I pray a resolution is possible so the normal everyday people can just live their lives, free from perpetual threat of harm and be free to enjoy their families. Enjoy the bedtime stories and games and not have to whisk their children off to a bomb shelter at a moment’s notice. I cannot comprehend it and I hope this type of war doesn’t touch our soil. I’m going to hug my babies extra tight.

nora 1 year ago

palestinians chose hamas as their govmnt because hamas protected the palestine land from being occupied by israel. seriously, hamas are not trained soldiers. they are professionals who work like normal ppl in the day and trained as soldiers at night, they dont hv choice, unless they will see no palestine any more.

would you see your country being occupied by others?
do you even have strength to protect your country with blood like what palestinians are doing?

this war started since 1948, but i still have hope that all will come to and end with PEACE!

Tamar Urieli Koren 1 year ago

I am an Israeli Jewish mother to a 2 and a half year old boy, 30 weeks pregnant with his brother, and live approx 10 minutes drive from Sarah’s home. Please read this…
Up until this current war (not our first), I was very left-wing in my political opinions. Was considered a bleeding heart liberal and got into many heated arguments with people about the situation in our country, about how I believed Israel was to blame and how the only real solution is peace-talks.
I have changed. I still see and feel the suffering of the Palestinians, but today I KNOW that peace talks cannot help. We have tried and offered and resigned. We left Gaza nearly a decade ago!! They were given huge sums of money to build themselves up, to build schools and hospitals and malls and parks – but that hasn’t happened. Hamas has taken Gaza hostage, in its war against Israel. They used the money to dig hundreds of tunnels leading to Israel in order to emerge from them and slaughter civilians in their homes! They FORBID Gazan civilians to evacuate their homes prior to Israeli retaliation, in order to increase the death toll.
I can go on and on, but it truly is endless. And so very complicated.
My heart breaks for the Palestinian mothers, fathers and children. For the innocent, who want nothing more than to live their lives quietly and prosperously. I despise Hamas for putting us all in this impossible and tragic situation, for refusing the cease-fire (twice!), for causing SO much fear, pain and suffering.
Please understand – what you see these days in the media is only the rating-motivated tip of the Middle-Eastern iceberg. There are many more layers to it and decades of pain, hatred and loss.
I pray for peace in this blood-soaked land. I write these words and sob…
Please don’t be so quick to judge us. I used to think exactly as you do, until my home began shaking from blasts, until I had to lay on the road with my hands covering my head – praying to God to save me and my babies (and I’m an atheist!!), until I began educating myself about the history and the mission of Hamas. I feel as if I have been rudely woken from my La La Land Sleep :-/

Joanna McCawley 1 year ago

It is not propaganda to publish one sides view. Open your minds. If Israel stop defending themselves and stop going after Hamas within 72 hours there will be no Israel and no Jewish people. Yet Israel is consistently open to peace talks. Hamas is not. Ask yourself why Egypt will not open the borders to Palestine?

Leanne Moncaster 1 year ago

Some folk really need to get there facts straight before commenting on here, its totally cringy !!

Joanna McCawley 1 year ago

Anti semitism is on the rise again. Hamas needs to be stopped. That is the end of it.

Dana 1 year ago


You need to buy a history book. In 1948 Israel accepted the UN partition of Palestine but the Arabs didn’t, they attacked Israel and left their homes. Israel didn’t push them out. I think you also need to understand the difference between war and genocide. Arabs, Muslims and Christians live freely in Israel. There is no genocide.

Corinne 1 year ago

7 million Germans died in WWII while only 400,000 Americans died. Does this mean that because of proportionality the American army and Allied Forces were the war criminals? Seriously crappy logic.

Susan O’Neill 1 year ago

Hamas is a Democratically elected govt with no army , navy or defense force. This is genocide.

Corinne 1 year ago

How are they “literally committing a second Holocaust”? Are they being systematically rounded up and slaughtered? No?
If Israel is committing genocide they are doing a really crappy job of it. From 1.4 million in 1948, there are now 3.8 million Palestinians. How exactly is that genocide??
This is not Apartheid, or the holocaust, or genocide – although Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Turkey all have a better knowledge of genocide than Israel does. Syria and Lebanon even have more experience with massacring Palestinians. Why don’t you ask some of them about it?

Eileen Teresa Laurent 1 year ago

This little piece really makes it all so real. Thanks for sharing and God bless you and your family.

Corinne 1 year ago

Oh please go live in Gaza!!!

Bethanie Vi 1 year ago

Exactly, my husband and I were parked outside the school waiting for our daughter two days ago. I woman pulled up alongside and started whinging about us parking there. I just felt like saying ‘People are dying for no good reason on the other side of the world and all you can do is bitch about your street!’ Jeez!

Bethanie Vi 1 year ago

I watched a morning news report, they did live interviews by link of two very disparate women united by one thing. Motherhood.
In Israel a teacher who spends all day in her safe room, going out only once a day to buy food in her local shop and have some contact with others.
In Gaza an aid worker in a hospital who risks her life every day to help victims. They can’t get the injured out of shelled areas without a cease fire, hospitals are being shelled as well. No safe room for those in Gaza and plenty of innocent civilians being hurt and killed in both areas. We mustn’t take sides here. We must only care for all and hope for an end to the madness and safety for all.

Ed Codish 1 year ago

No. If Israel were determined to kill all the Palestinians it would have. If Hamas stopped firing rockets today and announced it would fire no more in the future, life could become, suddenly, much better for Palestinians. If Hamas or Palestinians in general insist on their right to fire rockets, more people – yours and mine but mostly yours – will die.
You have an argument; you can argue for human rights. You cannot fire rockets.

Nadia Gerban 1 year ago

I know the facts. I know the history, and I have humanity in mind – I’m not being ignorantly loyal to one side at the cost of another. You obviously have one interest and it’s Israel- at any cost. That’s sickening. People like you are the reason human rights violations exist in the first place. Maybe if the Palestinians weren’t terrorized on a daily basis or some ridiculous reason thought up to airstrike them every few years and their land and lives weren’t devastated by illegal settlements, then maybe there wouldn’t be so many people full of anger, pain, or hate. Ever think of that? Of course not.

Ed Codish 1 year ago

This is not genocide. Israel is not trying to exterminate Palestine or Palestinians. Language matters. As to the rest, I rather agree with you and Israel’s behavior can be criticised. But Hamas does favor genocide and all steps to fight it are valid.

Debbie Lin 1 year ago

Right back at you sweetpea

Nadia Gerban 1 year ago

Anyway, I urge you to take a look at the Facebook page for the organization Jewish voice for peace- maybe you’ll learn a thing or two…. Until then, carry on with a closed mouth and an open mind.

Nick Kawar 1 year ago

Heather, did she just call the Palestinians a terrorist organization? I’m sorry, how many women and children have Israel killed in the last week? 500-600? Is it Israel that blockaded the city of Gaza making them the largest outdoor prison in the world? Now, why would that bother the Palestinians? Let’s just put blockade a few Israeli settlements off from the rest of the world and see how they would deal with it. Israel is the terrorist organization and now the whole world sees them for what they are instead of only hearing one part of the story like before.

Stephen N Samantha Thomas 1 year ago

Perhaps this was not the best article to post. The intentions were good but we are human and when emotions run high in these type of charged situations the worst in us tends to come out. As much as we’d like to have a place where the only thing that mattered was what we have in common, I’m afraid it’s not gonna happen any time soon. As for who is right and who is wrong between Israel and Palestine, I offer 2 peices of wisdom…. 1.) The basis behind this fight has been going on for thousands of years. A “spirited” debate on Facebook will not magically solve it.
2.) All feuds have but one ending. Ask the Hatfields and McCoys and the Capulets and Montagues. “… Hate in your heart will consume you too.” – Will Smith

For the time being, let’s send prayers, thoughts or whatever you believe in to ALL parties involved….

Mahra Fox Pailet 1 year ago

Sorry, Scary Mommy, can’t help but address the misinformation.
Mary K Emadi-Moayed needs to be taught of the actual facts surrounding the “displacement” of Arabs immediately after the establishment of the state of Israel. It is a matter of record that nobody – not one Arab, Christian or Druze – was asked or forced to leave. Israel welcomed them all to stay. The Arab League advised Arab residents to leave on the premise that they would launch war on Israel, annihilate them and then the resident Arabs could go back and take what they wanted. Arabs lost that war and rather than make reparations or grant Jordanian, Egyptian or Lebanese citizenship to the Arabs they had displaced, they created a refugee class now known as Palestinians. These poor people have been without a country for 65 years due in large part to their “brothers” refusing to allow many of them full rights as citizens of neighboring countries.
Would you like me to bring you up to date on how the PA and Hamas have spent all of its aid money on terror rather than social welfare during the nine years since Israel turned Gaza over?

Debbie Lin 1 year ago

I would love peace…but not at the expense of Israel

Nathalie Tsabari 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing our side of this story

Manar Omar Daoud 1 year ago

What about gaza kids,,, no one is teaching them nice songs to handle the bombs,,,

Mahra Fox Pailet 1 year ago

Rosalind watches too much BBC and Al Jazeera

Michelle Gillhouse 1 year ago

I couldn’t agree more. Well said.

Nadia Gerban 1 year ago

On a daily basis

Nadia Gerban 1 year ago

And police brutality

Nadia Gerban 1 year ago

And illegal settlements

Nadia Gerban 1 year ago

Tell me when you last heard about a suicide bombing — and number two- tell me what you know about oppression and occupation ?

Debbie Lin 1 year ago

Really???? So the suicide bombers that have played Israel for years are just Palestinians spontaneously combusting???

Nadia Gerban 1 year ago

And I did answer your question — it is simply not an accurate statement to say that Palestinians strap bombs to their children or Hamas uses children as human shields

Debbie Lin 1 year ago

Still have not addressed the question…I could be posting this from a bomb shelter for all you know…so since you have all the answers…what part of my statement was inaccurate?

Nadia Gerban 1 year ago

The missiles are all they’ve got – Palestine does not have a military, Palestine does not have aviation or any of the advanced and unconventional weapons that Israel has and are using – ILLEGALLY mind you. -How can Hamas protect it’s people against airstrikes? Hmm? The missiles which seem to be doing nothing but giving Israel an excuse – are pretty much being used to make a statement at this point -that Hamas will not roll over and be submissive when their people are being massacred– resistance isn’t terrorism- and funny how a response to an attack is only considered terrorism when it’s Palestine responding to Israel’s brutality.

Sophie Thompson 1 year ago

Jees, people are making vile comments? About this? Really? This woman is living in hell! Hell with her 2 babies! I can’t begin to imagine. World War III Will come soon enough and then more if us will be experiencing this than I care to imagine. What have we brought out children in to?

Debbie Lin 1 year ago

My son and his friend were in the car with me ( under 10) and asked why palastine and Israel were fighting. I gave them an age-appropriate answer by saying it was a disagreement about land. They thought about it for a few minutes and said: ” hey, why don’t they just have a friendly floor hockey game and settle it that way” I thought that was a wonderful idea. We came so close to peace at one time…so close…leadership on both sides needs overhauling to even have a prayer…

Rosalind Clewley 1 year ago

I’m a Palestinian civilian sympathizer and an Israeli civilian sympathizer, does that make me filled with hate and a wish for death or not quite that bad?

Canadian mom in Israel 1 year ago

Please seperate the differance between the people in Gaza, and Hamas. Yes, it is very sad what is happening to the poeople in Gaza also, but they support Hamas, who are terrorists.

Tiffiny Fawcett 1 year ago

I can’t even begin to imagine what these mothers from both sides are going through to protect their children and the effect this has on a child:( heart breaking!

Wyndi Cross 1 year ago

Israeli crimes from their own mouths

Kuniko Okuda 1 year ago

Jaimee Leigh Greitzer so since Israel military is warning Palestinians for bombing, it gives them to kill innocent children? That’s really a ridiculous excuse for killing. Innocent people from both sides are suffering. That’s the point.

Debbie Lin 1 year ago

For the record…I am not a fan of Netanyahu ( and that is putting it nicely) you know nothing about me or what clues I have or don’t have…your explanation is simple and childish. In all your rhetoric you failed to answer my questions…are you saying that the only weapons they have are their citizens that they strap bombs to? Why doesn’t Hamas protect it’s people?

Leesh Quinn 1 year ago

God that’s so fucked. There’s really no other way to put it. It doesn’t matter who is right, who is wrong, the ins and outs.. nobody should live fearing for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Is there ever a valid excuse for violence??
This world is a mess and anyone who isn’t incredibly grateful for the safety we see as a given really needs a reality check.

Amanda Ch 1 year ago

Wow! I stand for peace and humanity and think it’s good to read ALL perspectives on an issue. That being said let’s bring this back home and realize that any war is bad. Any human being that is killed is awful. We are all HUMAN and feel so thankful we even have the freedom and capability to comment on an opinion post while kids all over the world are being killed.

Nadia Gerban 1 year ago

That is bull – I can assure you. Take it from someone who has family on both sides. Israel can say and do whatever they want -commit crimes against humanity daily and you’ll never hear a thing about it- just bull excuses and reasons to try and justify. don’t forget who started this – ISRAEL AS COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT!! Collective punishment=genocide. Hamas is resisting with the only weapons they have. So slow your role because you’re clueless

Nadia Gerban 1 year ago

Debbie you sound exactly like Netanyahu With his stupid “telegenically dead Palestinians” comment. Telegenically dead Palestinians are still dead Palestinians. And if they were using their people as shields that would be the FIRST thing you’d hear from the Palestinian people. Israel will say anything! Just like those boys on the beach were human shields- just proves they can do anything and say whatever they want and people like you believe them- and you have no clue — a

Ben Waxman 1 year ago

we learned the hard way in 2006 that even a country which has absolutely no territorial issues with israel, no blockade, no nothing, can find justification to send us all to the bomb shelters. the rest of your screed simply shows that everything else you wrote has nothing to do with this or that israeli policy, but 1948.

Melissa Colella 1 year ago

I couldn’t begin to imagine the horror these poor people are living. Just awful. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone suffering.

Franki Berg Bagdade 1 year ago

Thank for posting this. It gives me the chills.

Amanda Mcgowan 1 year ago

I cant even imagine. I dont know that id be able to laugh…..thats fucking scary. I get that laughing helps in alot of situations but…..what would you be laughing about? Those poor babies, learning a song to help cope with being faced with brutal death on a regular basis :'( Whats going on over there and many more parts of the world is absolutely heartbreaking and thats it.

Melissa Simon 1 year ago

This post said this is not the place for middle east opinions. End of story

Rosalind Clewley 1 year ago

So basically you want posts removed that don’t support your view?

Maggie Pulley 1 year ago

So scary. Prayers for peace.

Harema Naim 1 year ago

mind you. there tourism is still open

Harema Naim 1 year ago

with Israel controlling all their aid, how strong would their government be? and how exactly are they supposed to be protected?

Jeehan Kashim 1 year ago

Well I guess the US government doesn’t care about their ppl too if they’re giving $3 billion dollars of American tax payers’ money to Israel each year. That’s about $8.5 million dollars in military aid each day from the US to Israel! That’s a lot of money that we need to help ppl right here in America!

Linda Rader 1 year ago

Praying for peace. I can’t imagine the hell they are going through.

Amanda Kirsh Dorio 1 year ago

People on both sides are completely ignorant unless they’ve lived in Israel/Gaza.

Lisa 1 year ago

I cannot imagine the toll this situation takes on a mother. Any mother. We live in Arizona because there are no hurricanes, very few tornados, etc. I have never had to consider the threat of frequent bombing. As many problems as the US seems to be having right now, there is nowhere else I’d rather live. I think as I mother/wife/civilian, I would have moved out of the middle east as soon as I could.

Julie McFlelland 1 year ago

Respectfully, Jeehan, I wonder if when you post the before and after maps of Palestine if you recognize that you post that while standing on your own “after” map. I understand the anger of which you speak- as an Indigenous woman, I could post my own my own “after” map of what happened to my people’s land and culture, but I think we are all familiar with the tracts of land that are now called “Canada” and “The United States of America.” I realize this is ridiculously off topic and I apologize for bringing my own agenda into this discussion, but when I see your passion for correcting what you see as the injustices committed against your people, I wonder what you are doing to correct the injustices done to the people who once ruled the land you currently occupy.

Christine Liszewski 1 year ago

“Stop, Drop, and Roll” has to do with being on fire, and is not something that one does during an earthquake (although, it would be a hilarious tactic.)

R Klempner 1 year ago

Your description of parenting in Israel right now struck a chord with me. The way I found out the war started was going on FB in the morning (US time) and discovering my friend had posted a couple minutes prior that a siren had sounded just after she’d put the kids to bed and she was so freaked out, it took her a couple minutes to realize she should wake them to take them to the shelter.

Nanci Elmasri 1 year ago

I wish no one death nor any Ill will none whatsoever. I am neither for nor against any political group my point is as mothers we should be more empathetic towards other mothers and not follow one sided opinions

Debbie Lin 1 year ago

Hamas doesn’t give a crap about their people…they hate Jews far more than they love their own country…

Debbie Lin 1 year ago

I hope they get angry at their country for not protecting their children

yael 1 year ago

there are valid points on both sides of the arguments. I cannot see a clear winner, except to say that Hamas is hopelessly destroying any progress a Palestinian state could have. HOWEVER STOP using the word GENOCIDE. it’s an insult to the people of the world who are actually experiencing one. A GENOCIDE is calculated murder of race, with the intent to wipe it out. That would be the charter under Hamas whether or not it’s being successfully carried out. The numbers are disproportionate, yes. but a genocide is what’s happening all over Africa at any given time, what’s going on in Iraq, Syria, all over parts of Asia. No Israeli is killing Palestinians just to kill them. Rwandans were massacred in the streets with machetes because they were who they were, Cambodians were wiped out, etc etc. If someone bombs Manhattan the death toll will be far greater than a missile landing in the middle of Oklahoma. It’s not a genocide. And lastly– get mad at BRITAIN!! I never for the life of me, could understand how the human race has such a goldfish memory. It was Britain who promised the same land to two different people! They rounded up Jews from post WWII and put them on boats to go to Israel. It was Britain who had America stage a coup and take Iran away from it’s democratically elected leader. BRITAIN- the reason all the post-colonies are f*cked up beyond repair. THey have always pitted two sides against each other and left.

Debbie Lin 1 year ago

And the reason the casualties are so imbalanced is because Israel protects it’s citizens…Hamas uses theirs for shields and sympathy…they put them in harms way because it makes great news coverage

Amy Kirkman 1 year ago

Praying for peace.

Andrea Munoz 1 year ago

Sincere heat felt prayers to this family and.all families facing this terror.

Teresa Mechelle 1 year ago

Loving all the comments in support of the Palestinian people too <3 <3 War is a horrible thing.

Debbie Lin 1 year ago

Extremism in any form or religion is a very scary thing. 95% of people involved in this nightmare we call the Middle East are not terrorists…but some are and they need to be stopped

Natasha Morales 1 year ago

That song, my goodness. Made me cry.

Joeyandkatie Graham 1 year ago

Gang organizations need to be reclassified as terrorist organizations.

Irma 1 year ago

No, pray for both sides! But pray a little harder for Palestine for they have it MUCH MUCH worse inflicted upon by Israel!

Alexis 1 year ago

You were brave to post this and I commend you. You are not taking sides, you are posting an honest viewpoint of a mother experiencing true horror. This is not about whose right and wrong. This is simply a mothers horrific reality. It does not take away from others pain or discredit the other side.

Miri Ribak 1 year ago

Bravo Sara! Well written!

Stacy Lee Cassidy 1 year ago

Here’s what I think people don’t understand..I didn’t read this and think “wow, how horrible…I’m team Israel now”.. I read this and thought “how horrible for that mother”…. I truly believe that no matter where the mother was from I would still first think “how horrible for that mother”. That’s the great thing about Scary Mommy’s community. It’s a place where all mommies have a voice. It’s fine that you don’t agree with the blog, or the war, or the crazy person who posted above you, but have some common courtesy and respect for others.

Abandoning Pretense 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing.

Michelle Holt Finch 1 year ago

Perfectly well said.

Michelle Holt Finch 1 year ago

This is incredible, thank you for sharing. While I feel horrified for innocent people in either country to blindly support either side when BOTH sides have acted in terrorism for centuries is wrong. People support Israel because their religion tells them to not because they are innocent victims. Sad for the moms who wrote the essays on both sides and I think they would be sad for each other as well.

Chaya Kahanovitch 1 year ago

Thank you for posting this

Vanest Avergel 1 year ago

Christian moms in Iraq and Egypt; moms of the ~200 kidnapped schoolgirls; moms of soldiers off defending their country…. Every heartbreaking, agonizing story cuts deep when you put yourself in a mother’s shoes.

Robin 1 year ago

This is such a well-written post. It takes a lot of talent (and heart) to write something like this and not bring any of the politics into it. I know there’s no way I could do it. Praying for safety and peace.

Irma 1 year ago

well said

Amy Hossack 1 year ago

European Americans did the same thing to Native Americans, called them terrorists and everything and nobody bats an eye at this shit because history is only useful if it isn’t treated like a scoreboard.

Irma 1 year ago

My heart breaks for all the children, on both sides. However, it must be noted that the majority of the deaths are on the Palestinian side, inflicted by Israel. Reading this article I cannot help but think of the horrors going on in Palestine. Israel bombing hospitals in Gaza?! My biggest hope lies in the Jewish Voice of Peace organization. This is the new age holocaust

Sarah Campbell 1 year ago

Actually, I have really enjoyed reading the comments. I am a 36 year old Australian mother of 3 and needless to say am extremely lucky to never have been exposed to any trauma like this, be it war or natural disaster.
Trying to understand the conflict has been very difficult because each article or blog seems to be very one sided, to read these comments from (what seem to be) quite educated people has been good.
Still fairly confused, though am still reading and keeping my mind open.
Thank you for the article and thank you to all who have contributed comments.

Lauren Michelle Harris 1 year ago

I am on neither side of this, I do not personally know anything about the issue, other than it is awful the way humans treat each other. Generally in the name of God or Allah which is all that much worse.
To be a mother in any war zone at any time, I cannot even begin to imagine.

Crystal Shepherd 1 year ago

I feel awful for everybody. And it sickens me that Hamas put rocket launchers in parks,schools,places where they knew any retaliation would cause death to innocent people. Fucked up world we live in.

Robin 1 year ago

Well then! Any sort of credibility you had just went right out the window. Nice job.

Jeehan Kashim 1 year ago

You’re quite welcome. I wish scary mommy would post this perspective too.

Vanessa Frohwirth Sophir 1 year ago

For those saying the Palestinians don’t have bomb shelters – Hamas is rich. They could build bomb shelters but instead have built tunnels into Israel to carry out terrorist attacks. Not sure why anyone thinks we don’t value Palestinian lives. Israel is trying it’s best to not hit civilians – made much more difficult by Hamas storing their weaponry and launching rockets from schools and hospitals. Hamas is ruthless.

Rachel Ollander Woodman 1 year ago

As a parent and a human being, this is terrifying no matter which side you are on. My heart goes out to everyone affected and I hope an end to this violence comes soon. No child anywhere in the world should grow up like this, ever.

Nichole Lewis 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this.

Barbara Swan 1 year ago


Barbara Swan 1 year ago

“Not necessary” well tough shit. This mother put herself out there and it’s a natural consequence that people are going to have the feelings they’re going to have. This is not political. This is about humanity.

Peper Lockett 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this …. We often take for granted the freedoms we are afforded .

Barbara Swan 1 year ago

It’s the total lack of empathy for the Palestinians that bothers me. The perpetuation of the insidious belief that Israeli lived are worth more than Palestinians. All lives in that region are important. I’m so very sorry for what you and your family are going through. One does not negate the other but it is a reality that Israelis are far more protected in this conflict and there certainly appears to be major lack of empathy for the innocent Palestinian lives that are being utterly destroyed. This war is like an elephant fighting a fly.

Susan Milone 1 year ago

Exactly! Not being brought up to the mountain with a lawn chair and a bucket of popcorn to watch the bombing of the indigenous people.

Meyi Bil Meyi Yassinyii 1 year ago

Does this mommy know that at least she heard the siren and ran to the shelter while the palestinian moms hear the bomb as a siren and they have no place to hide !! Does she even know , that her kids were eating Pringles while they were hiding and the kids of the Palestinian has no food to eat !!!! Does this lady even know that this 10 years she mentioned that the other party has been throwing bombs on them is nothing beside the 60 years of war from Israel on the Palestinians and thousands of kids already died !!! If you’ve been raised in L.A what brought you to live where u are living now !!!! Please remember where your kids are still safe and eating !!!the Palestinian kids are dead.and the other kids are starving to death
All kids have the right to live . God created them no human being have the right to kill them .

Barbara Swan 1 year ago

How nice for you to have a bomb shelter. Wish the millions of occupied Palestinians had that luxury.

Sadie Paschke 1 year ago

It must be horrible on BOTH sides

Mattie Ann 1 year ago

Must be scary to be a mother all over the Middle East.

Michelle Mercy DaSilva 1 year ago

Soooo so sad… Praying for these innocent children and their families…

Michelle Bodine Marte 1 year ago

That little video with the singing and dancing children is one of the saddest things I have ever seen. I can’t even imagine…

Ellen McGuyer 1 year ago

Terrifying. Thank you for posting.

Licho Flores 1 year ago

Wow very powerful! Thank you for sharing this I had no idea

Jeehan Kashim 1 year ago

A Palestinian mother’s words…

Running Orders
By Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

They call us now.
Before they drop the bombs.
The phone rings
and someone who knows my first name
calls and says in perfect Arabic
“This is David.”
And in my stupor of sonic booms and glass shattering symphonies
still smashing around in my head
I think “Do I know any Davids in Gaza?”
They call us now to say
You have 58 seconds from the end of this message.
Your house is next.
They think of it as some kind of war time courtesy.
It doesn’t matter that
there is nowhere to run to.
It means nothing that the borders are closed
and your papers are worthless
and mark you only for a life sentence
in this prison by the sea
and the alleyways are narrow
and there are more human lives
packed one against the other
more than any other place on earth
Just run.
We aren’t trying to kill you.
It doesn’t matter that
you can’t call us back to tell us
the people we claim to want aren’t in your house
that there’s no one here
except you and your children
who were cheering for Argentina
sharing the last loaf of bread for this week
counting candles left in case the power goes out.
It doesn’t matter that you have children.
You live in the wrong place
and now is your chance to run
to nowhere.
It doesn’t matter
that 58 seconds isn’t long enough
to find your wedding album
or your son’s favorite blanket
or your daughter’s almost completed college application
or your shoes
or to gather everyone in the house.
It doesn’t matter what you had planned.
It doesn’t matter who you are
Prove you’re human.
Prove you stand on two legs.

C’dar Pinder-Sommerville 1 year ago

Seriously I thought it was beautifully written, it was saying that no woman should have to fear for her children like that because we as a people should stop demanding that sides be chosen and instead choose to keep all our children safe and make sure that when they lay down to sleep at night they don’t have the fear of a violent and terrifying death hanging over them.

Denise Perez 1 year ago

So scary

Susan Milone 1 year ago

Actually, the first comment wasn’t a debate – just a statement that human beings on the other side are suffering greatly as well.

A fact that too many people are forgetting. Not everyone is a terrorist. If everyone took a moment to visualize what life must truly be like there, to have had your family living there for centuries, and then contained into an ever-shrinking area, your olive trees burned to ashes, your home demolished, your children harassed… Take a minute to think about the average person’s life there day-to-day, and maybe you’d not be so filled with hate towards the indigenous Palestinian people.

We’ve got tons of crazy people in this country, many armed and anti-government. Imagine our country being bombed – they’d be calling for war and many people might join them, thinking they’re the only hope for survival. Now think about this scenario occurring in Palestine where their alloted land is smaller than Manhattan. If you lived there, what options would YOU have? Sit and be bombed or maybe see the vigilantes as your only hope for survival?

Adrienne Ross Manninen 1 year ago

I can’t imagine being a mother in the midst of all that

Heather A Edwards 1 year ago

So scary. It’s hard enough to be a mom without bombs.

Naomi Fernandez 1 year ago

No one should be afraid of living

Rebecca Wilber 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing! We need to support Israel.

Melissa Simon 1 year ago

Silly, if Hamas was successful (god forbid) their 2000 bombs would have caused way more damage

Jen Milley 1 year ago

If you read any other posts from this author you’ll find that she is very sympathetic to the people and families of Palestine and places the blame on HAMAS

Melissa Simon 1 year ago

Since this conflict started I dont have any of those feelings anymore. If they want another piece of cake, have your cake, If you want to stay up and talk with me for 10 minutes we will talk.

Melissa Simon 1 year ago

Please remove your posts that are about the conflict from this story. Why would even say something like being Palestinian must suck too. Are you all nuts? This is horrible. NO children should be afraid to be in their homes. No mother should have to run their children to a bomb shelter. If the Hamas Palestinians stop shooting rockets into Israel this all ends.

Rosalind Clewley 1 year ago

I totally agree, pray that the IDF will cease murdering innocent children.

Melynee Fontenot Finch 1 year ago

Israel has offered a cease fire at least twice… Hamas has rejected both.

Mari Martinez 1 year ago

The children on either side that are suffering. Frightened by all the horrible noises and bloodshed. I wish I could just comfort them. Wishing all this hate and ignorance away. If only it were that easy, but pride is such a difficult thing to destroy especially with hate.

Ayesha Aziz 1 year ago

Funny!! If coming from a MOM’s point if view then why not mention PALESTINE & ISRAEL?! I a mother of 2 feels the same if a Palestinian kid died or an Israeli! Kids don’t deserve the hardship they’re going through !

Christy Mathews 1 year ago

This is so sad

Erica Ryan 1 year ago

It is terrible that innocents live in fear like this, and any Mom’s terror is horrifying. But I found this post to be rather political, and not “just about a mother in a war zone.” So, sorry, but to not expect all of this debate is disingenuous.

Jackie Hoard 1 year ago

Look at all of you people hating eachother. Sad sad sad. Imagine there’s no country. It isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for. And no religion, too. Wise words from an old soul.

Jeehan Kashim 1 year ago

Build public shelters where? Gaza is small & so densely populated… imagine Detroit, in the middle of the desert, wall gated, much more unemployed, and 50% more crowded.
First they can’t leave the country, they’re sealed in, borders are closed. Second, why should they leave when Israel is Palestinian land to begin with? Israelis are living in occupied Palestinian land. Imagine the English taking over America, killing Native Americans & moving some to reservations. And btw, Hamas was elected to power w/ the help of the US. I urge everyone to please educate yourselves on history!

Tricia Cummings 1 year ago

Since the beginning of this latest war, over 300 Palestinians have died, most of them women and children. Only 2 israelis have died, and they were soldiers. I would imagine the mothers in Gaza are a hell of a lot more afraid for their children when the bombs start falling. And they have no warning sirens, no iron dome, no bomb shelters. I have loved scary mommy till it started supporting the side of the oppressors, and will no longer be subscribing to someone who doesn’t give worth to the blood of the children and mothers who are actually DYING here

Mary K Emadi-Moayed 1 year ago

It’s a terrible tragedy that Israeli is allowed to occupy somebody else’s land.

Would it be ok if me buddy gives me your home and we show up with guns, kick you out and start shooting you when you resist?

Educate yourself people.

Andrea Gonzalez 1 year ago

Why don’t you put an article about what it’s like to be a Palestinian mother… Subjective journalism doesn’t begin to describe this until you share a story of the other side.

Jamie Booth Zenorini 1 year ago

Heartbreaking :(

Mary K Emadi-Moayed 1 year ago

But so far not a single Israeli mother or child has died. While couple hundred Palestinian mothers and kids have died.
I am disappointed by your unjust biased viewed that is victimizing a country – being questioned by UN for committing war crimes and genocide , one who killed 4 kids playing soccer on the beach.

This is enough for me to stop following you.

Do some research. Educate yourself before you publish propaganda.

Cori 1 year ago

None of the innocent people on either side deserve this. Not the Israeli families and not the Palestinian families. It’s horrendous that anyone, anywhere, should ever experience this.

Sarah Koebler 1 year ago

Why does it have to be “sides”? I think maybe we should say it is unacceptable for any human to live those lives, to witness those things…

Kim M. Azoulay 1 year ago

Thank you for this.

Maria Heredia 1 year ago

What I watched today on PBS news: UNICEF Gaza Field Office Pernille Ironside said: 168 children dead
1100 hurt
70% without access to water
40% of Gaza sewage flowing directly into the street

Tracy McKinney 1 year ago

I cant even imagine what that would feel like. :(

Jessica Wilks 1 year ago

The video of the children singing just breaks my heart! Kids are so resilient and strong! Most adults would crumble in this situation. My heart goes out to these families…

Natasha Robertson-Pendleton 1 year ago

Ugh, heartbreaking.

Jennie Maruska 1 year ago

These poor families. How scary. I can’t even begin to imagine. Hugging my children extra tight and counting my blessings.

Jessica Rae Buchanan 1 year ago

I can not imagine

Angela Vizina 1 year ago

It almost doesn’t seem real to have to live like that. Prayers for all of those people out there. <3

Jody Neece 1 year ago

I can’t help but find it ironic that anyone would ask, “What are they fighting for, anyway?” — in light of the fact that simply posting this article has stirred up such strong emotions and response on both sides. Kinda makes me think. . .

Christy 1 year ago

Unbelievable that a site, that is supposed to be a sanctuary for ALL mothers, would be a place where people would judge another mother based on politics that the writer of this post has no control over. “At least you have bomb shelters”. Please!!! When the hell did a rocket care that people are in a shelter? It’s like the library being a shelter in case of a nuclear war. It won’t make a difference. And the writer knew this, that the shelter she was in with her babies would be no match for a bomb. War has many sides, the combatants, the civilians, and the entities that are going to profit from the bloodshed.

Megan Shirk 1 year ago

I love that I was able to read this and get a perspective of how real this is and not just some “breaking news”…it’s very real and don’t think a minute that it couldn’t happen in the land of the free. Love your neighbor and cherish your children, life is too precious.

Brook Nicole Hall 1 year ago

This is really well written and such a vivid snapshot of what you go through, thank you for the perspective. I will remember this when I am having a “hard” day–like I thought I was having today. My boys and I will pray for your family specifically when we go to sleep tonight.

Jessica Megan Dupree-Kilbourn 1 year ago

Can we all just agree that mothers on both sides have it hard right now…. it is pointless to argue over who’s more at fault… everyone’s at fault and it needs to stop

Maribella Lydia Tonelli 1 year ago

Brainwashed, from the time they are children to kill and be agsinst snyone that are Jews,or Catholics, or Americans…they breedtheir children to kill. Wake up ppl, do you really tbink that because you might be the same religion, or same value system as these ANIMALS that they will you. They don’t care that you are sympathetic to their cause. They don’t care if you are their religion. What these COWARD MONSTERS will care about is that your American.

Nuru 1 year ago

All I can do is pray every day that my child/ren never have to know a song that helps them deal with bomb threats.

Laurie Landes 1 year ago

This made me cry. Children shouldn’t have to sing songs about running to a bomb shelter as a way of life.

Shannon Chesney Lindau 1 year ago

I’ve read first hand accounts on both sides. It’s out of hand both governments are wrong and everyone is losing.

Brooke Johnson 1 year ago

This was a view point of a mother during open war. It doesn’t matter what side of the war she comes from. She is a mother first with a child she is trying to protect. End of story. Why can’t we just see it as that instead of arguing what side she is on?

Ps: let’s remember that most wars and battles were/are started by men. (Just a little humor on a horrid subject)

Carly Park 1 year ago

Wow. God bless you. And keep on keeping on. Amazing strength.

Sheena Pritchett Jorgensen 1 year ago

I honest to goodness can’t bring myself to read this. I have been thinking of those of you in this position for days. I simply can’t imagine your terror. I am so, so sorry. Many prayers.

Paula Bumpas 1 year ago

Praying for all those in Harms Way

Jackie Yukubousky 1 year ago

That hurts my heart.

Christine Ellen 1 year ago

How is a mother’s fear in the midst of insanity “taking sides” or being political????
But for the grace of God… Stay strong mamas

Angela Harmon-Crum 1 year ago

Pray for Israel!!

Jasa Abdul Rahman 1 year ago

HAMAS is a terror group? Really? After all these years of oppression Israel did to the Palestinians? This post is about a mother in Israel, and it’s not about sides? A hidden agenda to approve the opressions! Oh please.

Paulina Aileen 1 year ago

They should have accepted the cease fire…instead, they kept fighting. During breaks for humanitarian aid (from Israel) they kept shooting missles. They dont alert the civilians. They use their children and women as human shields. They are cowards. Thank you for posting this.

Courtney Gautier 1 year ago

Some people on here are so f’d up. It’s not about taking sides, it’s about having some COMPASSION. There are innocent lives taken at war, and it SUCKS… But that doesn’t mean we don’t all do our best to protect our kids.

Ashley Marie Aleshire 1 year ago

Children are innocent NO MATTER THE SIDE! I don’t care about what arguments and facts you All have. This post was just about CHILDREN being in the crossfire. And how TERRIFYING it would be. People hate America and one day we could be at war…while other people will have the same comments as most of you while we try to hide and run with our babies. If you pray…pray for peace and an end of suffering… if you don’t…. hope. That’s all we can do. I hope with everything these children No matter the Side can be safe tonight.

Elizabeth Grattan 1 year ago

Empathy is important. We can’t even begin to learn enough of it in this situation. A world away with first world cares of our day.

War bites.

But if you want to do something to help families and children from these pains, seek out answers and demand justification that makes any sort of sense (it won’t) as to why your tax dollars are involved in the slaughter of humans.

Donna Sivan Bishri 1 year ago

Speaking of mothers…. Perhaps if Palestinian mothers had more rights/ more say in what happens in gaza, the whole situation would look different!

Michele LeMieux 1 year ago

I’m so sorry. You’re brave. So so brave.

Jennifer Brown 1 year ago

I asked my husband once, an Army veteran, what it was like during a deployment. He said the single hardest part was watching kids suffer, regardless of whose kids they are, what their parents have been doing, or not doing, watching kids suffer and die was the hardest part for him. Maybe we should all take a moment to breathe, and remember the kids caught in the middle.

Kindra Roskop 1 year ago

Could not stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks.

Sam Moore-Schwermann 1 year ago

I couldn’t imagine that being my life. I don’t care which side of the wall you are on. That shit is scary as a mom.

Jessica Leigh 1 year ago

Breaks my heart

Jodi Paul Eckart 1 year ago

Unreal…such strength mothers in Israel must have in this war time…and all the time….my prayers are with all of them

Lauren Curtis Pendergast 1 year ago

I watched the news this evening and they said 109 children died in gaza this week. 109. Children.

Anna 1 year ago

I appreciate your perspective and your story. It is a sad situation and I hope a resolution is met soon. Really makes me feel fortunate and grateful for what I have.

Sara Persechino 1 year ago

27 Israeli soldiers have died. 576 Palestinians are dead, 70% are estimated to be civilians. I can’t imagine being a mother in Israel or Gaza right now. Or any other war torn area. But the way this post was framed places higher value on the life of Israelis than Palestinians and that is disturbing. They all have mothers – our hearts should go out to all of them and hope for quick resolution and an end to this violence.

Britt Elder Tennyson 1 year ago

Imagine being a mother in Palestine, where the children actually are being slaughtered.

Norma Rosado 1 year ago

I’m too busy imagining what it must be like to be a parent in Gaza, sorry.

Kate Runn 1 year ago

Bless them all.

Melanie Barnard Smith 1 year ago

War doesn’t solve anything. Couldn’t imagine living a life in fear everyday.

Nicole Slaughter 1 year ago

wow, i can’t believe the number of people on here turning this into an argument. GROW UP!!! really, we’re talking about the children, the innocent children, ALL of the children. what is wrong with you?

Carly Bonderud 1 year ago

My heart goes out to this mother and all mothers like her. I don’t care which way other people try to spin it; war is terrible! It is a horrific thing for parents and children to suffer through and I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be for those living it every day. Wishing peace for all. <3

Karen Ficarra 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing. Parents around the world do this, or something similar, on a daily basis. The news lately has made me squeeze my daughter and thank God that we have a safe home.

Ashley Gabrielle Schmidt 1 year ago

This just makes me want to cry. I don’t think i could be strong enough to laugh.

Christine Guenther 1 year ago

I can’t even imagine. My prayers are with all the innocents affected by such terror and tragedies.

Eileen Franz Brandy 1 year ago

Are we forgetting that the reason so many Palestinian kids are dying is because Hamas uses them as shields & put more resources into protecting their weapons than into protecting their people?

Nikki Smith 1 year ago

I can’t imagine having my family involved in any of the unrest going on over there. I’m so thankful to be an American where my husband puts his USAF uniform on everyday to continue to keep our family and families like us from being in those awful situations.

Marcy 1 year ago

Exactly right, Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization whose charter states death to Israel. They are the ones that will not cease to stop bombing and they describe Jews as pigs. They are being funded by Iran. The people of Palestine voted in Hamas to their Gov’t. I feel for all innocents being harmed, but there is only one side to take, just one is righteous and the other wrong.

Jacki Harth 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing.

Jenny Holmes 1 year ago

I am sad to how everyone lives like that :( I wish it wasn’t so :(

Maribella Lydia Tonelli 1 year ago

A mother is a mother no matter if she is in Gaza, Israel, or in the inner city of LA, Chicago, Detroit

Katie Loud 1 year ago

God bless you!

Chanelle Houston-Crispin 1 year ago

Very scary. Very sad. They have made up songs and have given their children the ability to laugh through the fear. That is true mothering.

Heather Childress 1 year ago

Again I say, if the grown and willingly wish to murder each other in the streets let them at it, but the real horror is the women and children. This is abhorrent, and heartbreaking!

Kari 1 year ago

This is a level of strength I know nothing about. I can’t imagine living like this and my heart breaks for both sides! Thank you for sharing your story.

Rosalind Clewley 1 year ago

633 Palestinians have died, over 80% of them civilians and 2 Israeli civilians have died. Too many on both sides but lets get some god damn perspective.

Paula Sell 1 year ago

Eye opening. So sad

JD 1 year ago

Real, serious question for you izzy: Hamas is against the blockade. They say they are firing missiles at Israel because of the blockade. Why is Hamas not firing missiles at Egypt? If it’s about the blockade, then Hamas should be retaliating against all blockaders.

Sylvia Scheller 1 year ago

Tragic! The world powers should be ashamed of themselves!

Susan Hatton 1 year ago


Jessica Holden Lauderdale 1 year ago

She didn’t “side” with one party. She just showed what they are going through. No matter where you stand, we should all feel out hearts break for the innocents!

Akasha Pearson 1 year ago

I pray for all the family stuck in that battle if lost souls that can not just find a way to love one another… I get the joy of watching my 5m old and 5y old playing together while other family’s are going threw this… It’s so hard and saddening to fathom….

Kelly Messer 1 year ago

Thank you for giving us your perspective as a Mom there. I’m praying for peace, and for your family to stay safe.

Victoria Migotti 1 year ago

I could never imagine, my sisters boyfriend just lives on the outskirts of Tel Aviv and I couldn’t imagine how he feels day to day. I feel for both Israel and the Palestinians it would be extremely hard on both sides for mothers, children and everyone caught in this horrific act. Makes me appreciate everything I have and for where in live.

Stacy Lee Cassidy 1 year ago

People who are wondering where the Palestinian mothers post is are missing the point of scary mommy. Scary mommy posts things from ALL kinds of mommies from different backgrounds and points of view and you may have missed the point. I can’t imagine any mom reading this without feeling a tug at the heart regardless of what side you are on. I don’t understand why people feel the need to one up on tragedy but you see it all over social media. Tragedy is tragedy.

Jessica Clarke 1 year ago

How terribly scary and heartbreaking :(

Michelle Meeks Smith 1 year ago

It really puts the petty things into perspective.

Karen Siebert Gwinnup 1 year ago

I wonder how the Palestinian mothers must feel when they have no shelter, no safe place, and no possible hope that the threat to their lives will ever end.

Nadia Gerban 1 year ago

Being a mother in Israel is cake. They are living their lives like nothing is happening going on about their daily lives- even tailgating the airstrikes. But the REAL question is- what would it be like to be a mother in Palestine? These mommies suffer our worst fears every day of their lives. :-(

Hilary Copenhaver 1 year ago

So terrible that people have to live like that. I pray that my children never have to know such fear.

Pernilla Jonsson Peterson 1 year ago

Just goes to show (duh) that we are all the same really. We hurt the same and we love the same. A parent is a parent. How I wish we could all extend that understanding to help prevent war.

Kathy Daniels 1 year ago

How heartbreaking. Never thought about how moms and children deal with that. Very sad that it’s “normal” for them. Peace for all soon.

Kimberly Mealey Colbey 1 year ago

I pray, think good thoughts, send good vibes, meditate on peace, whatever I need to do for you, my fellow Mothers in impossible situations. My heart aches for you and your children, and I send you all my love.

Kelly Conley 1 year ago

I think about that stuff when I watch the news and it’s heart breaking. I feel horrible for this mom and many like her.

Maribella Lydia Tonelli 1 year ago

How about a mother that lives here in the inner city, with gangs, drug lords, and drive by shootings. Im a respiratory therapist in major inner city hospital here in Chicago…don’t want to tell you how many of our kids, pur children that i have vented and tuned, and reinflated their lungs because they were just playing outside, or even in their own home in the crossfire.

Tiffany Button 1 year ago

It’s a terrible tragedy that Hamas is allowed to continue to exist to not only terrorize Israel, but also the Palestinians. Hamas is a terrorist group, and they alone are responsible for the deaths and loss of so many innocent lives. Thank you for sharing this. My heart goes out to mamas on both sides because I know they all long for peace.

Amy Bilicki 1 year ago

This kind of post just hits ANY parent in the gut. Every parent wants to raise their children in a safe, healthy environment. I cannot even begin to imagine the horror of having to rush to a bomb shelter when a siren goes off. I pray for safety of all of our worlds children, who never asked to be born and should NOT be pawns in political madness.

Ariel 1 year ago

It’s difficult to read what families in war are going through, no matter what side they’re on or which country they are citizens of. No parent should have to explain to their child what a bomb shelter is in the first place. I hope the Israeli and Palestinian families and citizens have peace and have it soon.

Stacey Katz Friedlander 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this… We hear everyday from our family in Israel and pray for their safety and peace!

Anna Huch Reed 1 year ago

Thank you for posting this!

Megan Hendricks 1 year ago

How awful!!

Michelle Shipley Dumler 1 year ago

Suddenly makes me realize how trivial my argument with a two year old on what pajamas he will or won’t wear really truly is…

Cindy Bryant 1 year ago

I wonder if there was a song the kids in England sang during the blitz ? I bet some families came up with something.

Meghan Richter 1 year ago

I feel horrible for every child and every mother that has to live like this, no matter what “side” they are on.

Lisa Mastin Love 1 year ago

Wow…. That just leaves me speechless….

Joanne Enos 1 year ago

And we in the US think we have problems!

Jacquie Bonadonna 1 year ago

What ever happened to the words, “Never again”? No group of people should have to live through this.

Emily White Donahue 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing. Yes..let’s hug our children

Christy Crotser 1 year ago

What a strong woman.

Katie Macdonald 1 year ago

Hug your kids tight. No mom, on any side, wants to go through this with her babies.

Carrie Nelson 1 year ago

Praying for all children.

Heather Cefalia 1 year ago


Whitney McConnell 1 year ago

Why can’t we just mourn for all the families? It’s sad people go through this.

Rosalind Clewley 1 year ago

My thoughts are with ALL the innocent civilians. Of course genocide is going to spur debate…

Janice MacLean 1 year ago

Call me cold but I have to wonder why people choose to keep having children and bring them into this world. I don’t get it.

Renee Gariepy 1 year ago

Talk about a perceptive shift

Robyn Caplinger 1 year ago

It’s sad that any Mom goes through this with her children.

nikki 1 year ago

Hamas is fighting by hiding behind these dying children. They are fighting by storing missiles in schools and among civilians. Hamas is fighting with the help of parents who are bringing up their children to believe that the only good jew is a dead one, by teaching them that it is glorious to die young as long as you take a jew out with you.

Rabecca Goff 1 year ago

How about a mother in Palestine?

Jessica Purcell 1 year ago

Such a sad way to live. #prayforpeace

Kim Blackburn 1 year ago

Gave me chills . Brought me to tears! Praying for peace !!!

amelia 1 year ago

Really like how the articles started out by saying this isn’t a place for debates….–
I can’t imagine being a mother in Israel right now. I was scared senseless when my husband was deployed to Iraq….and I wasn’t over there with my children :(

Maribella Lydia Tonelli 1 year ago

I think they’re both screwed, and F’d for doing that to their children. On both sides. No matter who you side your allegiance to, they’re children. They’re all babies for Christ sake.

Angela Evans 1 year ago

So sad

Helen Russo 1 year ago

my heart breaks about what’s going on there. No parent should have to bury a child!

Melissa Valdez 1 year ago

This is so sad

Becky Goldberg Warburg 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this. ALL moms over there are feeling the same thing.

Frean Taylor 1 year ago


Jeff 1 year ago

Oh god, Marie. “Israelian” isn’t a word, btw.

Sarah Adams 1 year ago


Robin Triggs 1 year ago

counting my blessings right now.

Gaby Siade Espriu 1 year ago

No children should be living this…no mother should be put through this. This post just made me cry my eyes out.

Ericka Dingman Friend 1 year ago

This is so horrible to me! I just cannot imagine!!

Kristen Harris 1 year ago


Sara Gremlin 1 year ago

I have no way to imagine what this must be like. I pray for peace for all.

Sheba Siddiqui 1 year ago

Would be great to read a Palestinian mom’s take on it as well.

Kelly Marie Nemophilist Pettit 1 year ago

Being a Palestinian mom must suck ass too.

Briana 1 year ago

Good grief.

How about putting on your big girl panties and making a difference in the world rather than spewing “Repent…the end is nigh!” like a lunatic.

Dianne 1 year ago

Sick of hearing about peace. THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE and it’s time to admit that. There will never be anymore peace anywhere because we are at the end. Choose heaven or hell now because it’s coming. There can never be peace again when terrorists are around and THEY “ARE” AROUND. Everywhere. So Christians, be prepared to lose your heads. Choose life eternal or the fire. Trust the only Man who can save your soul.

izzy 1 year ago

I would rather live in Gaza or the west bank any day and die with them, then eat Zionist garbage.

Jason Pearlman 1 year ago


Jason Pearlman 1 year ago

Do you understand what happened in the Holocaust. Perhaps there are things that need discussing about Israel and the Palestinians… but calling Holocaust every time you have a problem is like shouting cancer every time some one sneezes… and to people who have survived cancer… it is pretty damn offensive.

Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy 1 year ago

YES. This is NOT a debate.

sara 1 year ago

I really don’t think this article was written to spark a debate on which side is right or wrong. I think the point is really about a mother fearing for her children, and the differences in growing up to stop drop and roll and rocket precautions. Not everything needs to be a heated debate. Some things can just be what they are. In this case, its a mother, her children, the different realities we ALL grow up in, and finding laughter in a terrifying situation.

Jason Pearlman 1 year ago

I got a better idea. Come to Israel. See the freedom we have here, as Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahais, Buddists… whatever… then go to Gaza… live under Hamas.

Then come and tell me which side of the wall lies human rights and democratic human values.

Jason Pearlman 1 year ago

I am afraid your post makes me very sad. Please let me explain why.

You said that Israel is a cruel regime. Well Israel is the regime that provides bomb shelters for its people – Jews, Christians and Muslims. It is Hamas in Gaza that have invested millions in rockets and terror tunnels that deny the Palestinians safety from Israeli repercussions for attacks Hamas carries out. It is Hamas that calls on, and according to some reports, forces the Palestinians to be human shields. We are even getting reports that they are holding babies when firing at Israeli troops.

Then you said this is a Holocaust and genocide. Really? 200,000 people have been killed in Syria… is that a holocaust? Since Israeli independence, the Palestinian population has grown… we have Arab members of the Israeli parliament… Supreme Court Judges, Hi-Tech entrepreneurs… so either this is the most inefficient Holocaust or you don’t really mean that. It’s just a useful, and horrifically offensive thing to say to Jews… who did actually go through a Holocaust, when 6 million of out people were killed… by the allies of the people who are attacking us now… so thanks for that. In fact.. Hamas’ charter calls for the wiping out of the Jews… that, I think you will find IS genocide.

Then you say Palestinians lost their land. I agree there are Palestinian refugees from the wars with Israel. But there are also Jewish refugees from Arab lands. In fact in 1948 there was about the same number. They however were accepted and welcomed into Israel, while the Arab nations have kept the Palestinians as refugees… not allowing them rights to own property amongst other things. I remind you – when Palestinians left the West Bank in 1967 and went to Jordan… they were only moving within what was Jordan… it was not Palestine, there never has been a Palestinian state…. yet Jordan kept them as refugees. The only authority that has ever granted Palestinians sovereignty is actually Israel when it recognised the PLO and then in 2005 disengaged from Gaza entirely.

Then you say the people of Gaza are humiliated by Israeli soldiers…. where? There are no Israeli soldiers in Gaza usually… not since 2005, well except for Gilad Shalit who was kept hostage without access to even the Red Cross for five years.

Then… and this bit is my favourite… you say “Real Jews know that Palestine doesn’t belong to Israel”. The majority of world Jewry (and by the way Christians) acknowledge that the Land of Israel is the homeland of the Jews. Moreover, we in the mass majority support a two state solution and peaceful coexistence, which we have offered to the Palestinians countless times, only to be turned down.

Then you 60 years of oppression… so what… all of Israel… Haifa, Tel Aviv and Be’er Sheva? If you were to say since 1967 I think we could discuss but I am 60 years suggests that all Israel should be wiped out.

As for your being a Palestinian Christian, I would ask you to look very carefully at the situation. In Syria, there were more than two million of your people…. now there are 250,000. In Iraq, 4 million, now maybe 500,000… in Gaza there are less than 1000. In Israel, the Christian community is growing, and more and more are even joining the IDF…. over 200 have enlisted this year alone. Religious freedom is a given in Israel… if you think it would be under a Palestinian State run by Hamas… then I think you have a very big shock coming.

izzy 1 year ago

Go ahead and don’t believe I can send you the email that I sent to the director of the airport and his response if you would like. You wake up. Go to Palestine live behind the seperation wall I dare you. Keep fooling yourself with your Israeli media brainwash but the day the world declares Israel an apartheid state I’m coming back for the bitch who did it

izzy 1 year ago

There would be no need for rockets or bomb shelters if there was no blockade so actually yeah I’m blaming Israel and Egypt and other Arab nations who have turned there back on there Arab brother all in the name of a fictitious country which was created and land given by people who have nothing to do with Palestine. Your religion can promise whatever it wants but that does not make it true or reality

Shoshanna 1 year ago

#1.) Every death these past few weeks is on Hamas. They fire at our kids from behind their own. You don’t want to believe this because you have a western mind and do not understand the Jihad mentality. If you do some fairly simple research you will see this all around.
#2.) Israel warns civilians to leave multiple times and ways and then waits. Rocket fire continues from there. Hamas does not let civilians leave and moreover, it places the kids in the line of fire. From storing rockets in schools, to firing from next to residences, to their own backfiring missiles that kill their own people, to sending kids with explosives at our soldiers, we have reports from the field of men holding a baby in one arm and shooting from the other. #3.) They rejected 3 ceasefires #4.) they dug tunnels with the money they were supposed to build Gaza with. They lined them with weapons and fake IDF uniforms and they exit by our civilian towns. They are meant to be used to massacre Israelis. #5.) If Israel wanted to kill civilans, there would be no Gaza for you to speak of right now. #6.) assuming you are a fairly intelligent person and a humane one, you should be going out of your way to call out Hamas– the real reason people are dying in Gaza. oh and I don’t believe for one second your vagina story, dear.

Shoshanna 1 year ago

#1.) Every death these past few weeks is on Hamas. They fire at our kids from behind their own. You don’t want to believe this because you have a western mind and do not understand the Jihad mentality. If you do some fairly simple research you will see this all around.
#2.) Israel warns civilians to leave multiple times and ways and then waits. Rocket fire continues from there. Hamas does not let civilians leave and moreover, it places the kids in the line of fire. From storing rockets in schools, to firing from next to residences, to their own backfiring missiles that kill their own people, to sending kids with explosives at our soldiers, we have reports from the field of men holding a baby in one arm and shooting from the other. #3.) They rejected 3 ceasefires #4.) they dug tunnels with the money they were supposed to build Gaza with. They lined them with weapons and fake IDF uniforms and they exit by our civilian towns. They are meant to be used to massacre Israelis. #5.) If Israel wanted to kill civilans, there would be no Gaza for you to speak of right now. #6.) assuming you are a fairly intelligent person and a humane one, you should be going out of your way to call out Hamas– the real reason people are dying in Gaza.

izzy 1 year ago

Long live Palestine! That’s the problem no one wants to hear the truth! When I came back last summer and told friends and family what happened to me alone from the IDF they didn’t want to believe me! A holocaust is a holocaust. You cannot create Israel in 1948 and expect the native inhabitants of Palestine to what just leave? To make up for wrong doings by the rest of the world during the holocaust the world powers made israel. I don’t care if your religious or not the excuse that god promised you land doesn’t work. Well my god promised me a million dollars can I go take it from the bank no problem? It is a genocide and I will never stop fighting and expressing the truth for my childrens and my husbands right of return to his homeland and family. You wanna come throw me outta my house, well you can bet your ass I’m not going quietly.

Jason Pearlman 1 year ago

I agree, it is tragic that the Palestinians in Gaza do not have bomb shelters. But please do not think this is Israel’s fault. It is Hamas, the terrorist group, who has used the concrete to build tunnels into Israel to cause more destruction…. it is Hamas who is stopping the Palestinians in Gaza leave the areas where Israel has announced it will bomb to stop the rockets which are being fired at Israelis… it is Hamas that call on the Palestinians, children included, to go to the rooftops to protect the weapons they have stored in hospitals, schools and mosques. The UN has now twice in two days found Hamas missiles hidden in Palestinian schools.

We are also getting horrific reports from soldiers injured in hospitals that when they are being attacked by Hamas, there have been cases where the Hamas gunmen are holding a baby in one arm and a machine gun in the other. How horrific!!

Sarah is lucky she has a bomb shelter to go to, and a siren to warn her of rocket attacks. She has these things because Israel does everything to protect its citizens. In Gaza they do not have these things, because Hamas does everything to endanger theirs.

Please understand, this is not Israel against the Palestinians, it is Israel against Hamas.

s. 1 year ago

yes, it is – and when we recognize the others humanity, then we can nurture that kernel of peace.

s. 1 year ago

really? the US media favors Israel? Oh come onnnn… Ever read the NY times? Or even CNN? When our boys #eyalgiladnaftali were kidnapped, CNN led with a screen shot of soldiers in Hebron – nothing about WHY they were there in the first place.

i agree that there needs to be a solution where justice and security is part of the equation for both sides.

s. 1 year ago

i am only sharing my reality here.

but do not blame me or israel for the fact that hamas does not build bomb shelters for their citizens. the palestinians of gaza have been taken hostage by hamas – and while i know there are legitimate concerns that the palestinians face as a result of occupation (an occupation that i hope will one day end, for the record) hamas receives millions if not billions in aid from around the world — and they chose to build weapons and tunnels to attack israel instead of developing an infrastructure AND building safe rooms for their people.

this is not my fault nor is it israel’s fault.

izzy 1 year ago

Billions in aid would be awesome but unfortunately that goes to Israel. If you have never actually been to israel or Palestine you don’t actually know what’s happening unless your looking to outside of the US media sources. It’s spun in our media to appear as if Israel is actually being damaged or something like that when actually 99% of rockets are detonated by the iron dome before they touch down. And once again no one should have to live under that threat period. But what would you do if you were literally living in an outdoor prison that you could not leave? I’m not saying hamas is right but political talks have done absolutely nothing for the Palestinian people so they only see one way out thats war. What would you do if it were you or your child? Would you sit back and take it and die in a shit hole anyway or would you die trying in hopes that your death could change the game? Until the world demands freedom for the Palestinian people unfortunately this probably not the last we will see from this situation.

Marie 1 year ago

Oh please! Israelis all have a safe room, I care a lot more about PALESTINIAN mothers who have to bury their whole family. Over 600 deads so far! All terrorists I suppose?? Babies, toddlers? I’m glad the world finally sees the cruelty of the israelian regime. They are literally commiting a second holocaust. This is not a war this is a genocide. Palestinians lost their land, the land generations of Palestinians inhabited before them, now their hospitals, schools, mosques, homes are bombed by Israel. They are humiliated daily by tyranic israeli soldiers. They cannot leave Gaza and they are being mercilessly bombed. They have nowhere to go. Luckily in 2014, people are much more informed thanks to internet. Israel can’t play its dirty little tricks in secret anymore. Real Jews know that Palestine doesn’t belong to Israel. As far as terrorism go: do you expect that a people can live through more than 60 years of oppression and not get angry? Their families are killed, men imprisonned, women raped, houses destroyed, crops destroyed. Wouldn’t you get mad? Peace? What peace? The only peace Israel will be happy with is when all the Palestinians will be gone. Genocide accomplished. What a shame that zionists can’t learn from the horrors of the holocaust! I’m a christian palestinian and your article is insulting to all my fellow palestinians!

izzy 1 year ago

I totally agree they need a better governing body. However no matter the amount of money given the blockade from israel and Egypt only allows medical staff and people in severe medical need out or in . They have no access to resources to rebuild homes let alone bomb shelter. That’s why thereare tunnels to smuggle in concrete steel building materials, but that’s not to say they are not using them for terrorists purposes either. And really 10M is nothing when your talking about the most densely populated area on earth. Idk if you read it heard today but IDF bombed the main electricity site so now only 10% of gaza is receiving power which in normal circumstances is only 6-8 hours per day less for other areas in Gaza. That’s where the money is going to constantly rebuild homes water and power plants roads. Bomb shelter is almost laughable when you talk about Gaza. If the blockade was not in place rockets would not be flying. My husband has an aunt in Gaza who he has never met because she is not allowed out nor her children or husband. Anyhow that’s why Hamas and the PA joined together to make the unity government to try and come up with a technocrat governing body for one United Palestine. However a month later were now in this situation so bringing governing bodies together is put on hold while the people of gaza are waiting and running for their lives.

s. 1 year ago

The whole situation is heartbreaking – but basically, Jessica answered it: The Palestinians are being held hostage by Hamas. Hamas receives millions – if not billions – in aid: That money goes to building rockets and tunnels to attack Israel.

Jessica 1 year ago

I feel for the innocent children and people of Gaza. But please tell me why Gaza does not have bomb shelters or better infrastructure when Hamas has over $10M, also provided by the US, to pay for tunnels built for terror? What is happening in Gaza is a nightmare. It’s a nightmare in Israel too. The people of Gaza deserve better than Hamas.

izzy 1 year ago

While I certainly appreciate your view and agree no one should have to live under a bomb threat. You are flat out lucky you have a bomb shelter to go to. What about all the children dying in Gaza everyday? I’m married to a Palestinian from the west bank and we go visit every summer. I have never been treated so horrible in my life until I started crossing borders and was harassed and humiliated by the IDF for no reason other than being in the west bank visiting family. I was strip searched at the tel Aviv airport for being in the west bank and violated by a female IDF when she shoved her hand up my vagina looking for “bombs”. So while I respect your point of view please tell me if you were my in laws who were just served demolition papers for there apartment that they have been living in for 30 years and have the deed to and are now being told by the Israeli government they have to get out so they cab knock down their house to make room for more illegal settlements what would you do? You can only back a starving dog into a corner so much before it attacks. I’m not saying hamas is right but they are the only people fighting for the people in gaza to have a right to live. You can leave Israeli tomorrow but the gazans cant leave because of the blockade. They are in an outdoor prison waiting to die one way or the other. I honestly feel bad for all people involved no one should have to live like that but in Israel you have an iron dome funded by the US protecting you, in Gaza they have nothing. The children have no bomb shelter to go to. They have a water crisis, electricity crisis, medical crisis, that’s what they get in Gaza. Do consider yourself lucky you have a bomb shelter and your not on the other side of the seperation wall. Even in the west bank we only had access to 3 dats of running water, while you drive through mountain and see the Israeli settlement have swimming pools? What is that? You get a swimming pool and I can’t even give my kids a shower?Or how about the first day we arrived in the west bank, IDF threw gas bombs down on the street because there was a boy no older than 5 throwing a rock at them, so they throw bombs and I have to run my own lids in the house because their puking and crying from the gas? How would you like to live like that? Once I again I dont agree with Hamas and definitely not Islamic jehad but if I lived in the west bank full time and that was my daily life I might just do the same thing. I’ve never seen people treated like dogs like they are worth nothing until I stepped foot on the Arab side on Israel. It’s a genocide and the world needs to wake up

Priscilla 1 year ago

:( I can’t imagine.

Lola 1 year ago

There are always two sides to the story.I always feel for both:Israelis AND the palastinians.The situation is horrible all around and after so many years BOTH sides are to blame.A mother in Gaza would probably write the same…