8 Times 'This Is Us' Made Us Cry During Season 2

by Christine Burke

For those of us who are obsessed with This Is Us, the last year has been a roller coaster of emotion as we’ve watched the story of the Pearson family unfold. Season 1 found us glued to our televisions every Tuesday night, tissues in hand, and the writers and actors captured our hearts. We delighted in feeling all the feels as we met Rebecca and Jack Pearson and their triplets Kevin, Kate and Randall. And Toby. Sweet, lovable, best boyfriend ever, Toby.

This Is Us gives us a safe place to cry our eyes out when the world feels like a total dumpster fire.

When the Season 1 finale came, you could hear wails of “I’m not going to survive the summer!” and “I need my weekly ugly cry!” from living rooms across the country.

Naturally, we whispered, “Do you think Season 2 is going to be as good?”

I’m here to say that Season 2 of This Is Us did not disappoint. Not one bit.

In fact, I’d venture to say that my tissue budget has had to increase because the writers of this popular show have brought their A games.

When I had the opportunity to meet Justin Hartley earlier this Fall (squeeeee!), I asked him about the writers and their process. He told me that the writers of the show make it a practice to write for the actors and their personalities in order to keep the emotions as intimate and real as possible. Also? He is even nicer than Kevin in person and I’m happy to report that I didn’t ugly cry when I posed for a picture with him. Although, I was on the verge.

Christine Burke

Thankfully, This Is Us is coming back to us soon on January 9, but while we wait, let’s refresh our memories on the best “ugly cry” scenes of the first half of Season 2, shall we?

Warning: spoilers ahead. If you haven’t caught up on Season 2, pause here, binge watch until you’re caught up, and then continue reading.

When Kevin loses it on the lawn in front of his one night stand’s house.

When Kevin realizes that he’s left Jack’s medallion behind at the house of a gal he’s just ghosted, we know we should be annoyed at him for leaving her so abruptly. Get your shit together, Kevin. But as the scene unfolds, we can feel his palpable hurt and grief as he begs to hold onto the last bit of his father. Aw, bring it in, bro, let us hold you while you sob.

When Rebecca calls her mother a racist.

As any mother knows, when your child is wronged or an injustice is levied on him, you bring the thunder. When Rebecca stands up to her mother for her racist micro-aggressions towards young Randall, tears were silently falling on our cheeks as we slow clapped for Rebecca’s badassery. It takes a strong woman to stand up to their toxic parent, and we are here for it, 100%.

When Rebecca tells Jack to get in the car.

We find out in Season 2 that Jack struggles with alcoholism, and he leaves Rebecca and the kids to work on his issues. Rebecca shows up to remind him that she is there to help him with his demons and when she firmly tells him to “Get. In. The. Car,” there’s not a dry eye to be found.

When Toby reminds Kate that he lost a baby, too.

Oh, Toby. Our hearts are breaking for you, too. Especially since you danced in a diner in front of strangers to Hootie and the Blowfish when you found out Kate was expecting. Toby’s portrayal of a father’s loss during miscarriage is arguably the finest moment to date of Season 2. #TeamToby4Eva

When Rebecca is crying “happy tears.”

Perhaps the most gut-wrenching scene of Season 2 is when Rebecca tells Randall that her “happiest moments will always be a little bit sad,” we ugly cried at the injustice of Jack being gone too soon. And when we realize that Randall is going to name his daughter after having a conversation with a clerk at a big box store? Pass the tissues, I’m crying again.

When Randall says goodbye to Deja.

This scene gutted me. The writers of This Is Us expertly show us the real side of adoption and foster parenting. The joys and the pain of being foster parents come alive in Beth and Randall and when they have to say goodbye to Deja, and our hearts break for all of them. Though it’s the right move for Deja, we all wept when Randall let his tears flow openly as he said goodbye.

When Jack and Rebecca finalize Randall’s adoption.

Seriously, if you didn’t shed a tear when the judge said, “You did the hard part; you chose love,” I can’t help you.

When Toby tells Rebecca he’s “Team Kate for life.”

We have all had difficult situations with our mothers and, let’s face it, our partners sometimes get caught in the middle. But, not Toby. Nope. He makes it crystal clear that he is “Team Kate for life” and he is officially our favorite boyfriend ever. Other men of the world, please take notes.

Bonus Ugly Cry: When we find out how Jack died.

Throughout Season 1, we are teased with the fact that Jack died when the Pearson kids were in their teens. Though we all knew his death was likely tragic, none of us saw the cause of his death coming. As the camera pans to the burned remains of the Pearson house and Rebecca lets out a guttural sob, we all had the breath knocked out of us (and let the tears roll).

This Is Us has helped us find our emotions again and has united us in a very divided time in our country. We can’t agree on much these days, but we can all agree that we hope the Pearsons are around for a very long time.