Let This Mall Show You How To Create A Christmas Display That Everyone HATES

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Facebook

Forget the imaginary “War on Christmas” Christians recently accused Starbucks of igniting with their boring, red cups. The real war happening right now is the “War on the World’s Ugliest Mall Christmas Display.” If this mall wanted to create a Santa scene to unite both believers and non-believers alike in their disgust and confusion, they’ve achieved it. I’m not sure a single person exists on this planet who would have something good to say about this mess.

Roosevelt Mall has received criticism and threats to boycott due to what could possibly be the ugliest and most what-the-fuck holiday display of all time. My description won’t do justice. You need to see this terrible sight for yourself:

All this reminds me of is part of the set from a Lady Gaga concert I saw in 2014. I mean…what is it supposed to be? A futuristic snow pod of wonders? A Jetsons-themed Santa display? A UFO? It’s likely the worst Christmas display ever, and if it was conceived as an answer to making everyone at the Roosevelt Mall feel comfortable, I would say it’s an utter failure. I’m not a believer necessarily, but I do think Christmas trees have their place in a CHRISTMAS display where Santa photos are happening. Why in the world did they change it to such an extreme degree?

Shoppers have already taken to Facebook to create the page the above photo was posted on and from subsequent posts, it looks like the mall is scrambling to appease the shoppers threatening to boycott. Here is the first stab at a more Christmas-friendly display:

And the second:

It’s….getting better. The first attempt was pretty pitiful with those sad-looking trees, so it appears they’re slowly trying to fix it. There are comments complaining that it seems like the mall is just throwing them a bone, and I would agree. It looks pretty anemic for what should be an exciting, Santa fantasy-land. Maybe there’s more to come and the mall just couldn’t get their shit together that quickly with a magical set-up to please the masses? Who knows. Either way, it’s nice to see them responding so quickly to their customers’ concerns.

This is a situation where I guess the “War on Christmas” fighters might be warranted in their complaints. People pay for photos at these displays and who wants a picture on a weird, white, pod thingie instead of a pretty, wintry, holiday scene? The fact is, we are celebrating over the next several weeks because Christmas is coming. I doubt many are so offended by the sight of Christmas trees at this time of year that they need be replaced by some weird, all-white, minimalist display of nothingness. This mall was way off the mark in changing things so drastically and for once, I don’t find the complainers to be hysterical and misguided in their irritation.

Hopefully, the mall is working on beefing up their display to be a bit more lush and holiday-friendly. Those Santa photos tend to be a rip-off, so it’s understandable that parents would want a nicer scene in the background. As for all of that “War on Christmas” nonsense? People should quiet down about something as benign as a red Starbucks cup so when offensive things actually happen, people might be more likely to take the complaint seriously.

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