This OBGYN's Pregnancy FAQ Sign Is Perfection

by Maria Guido
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Hilarious OBGYN has the perfect answers to all your pregnancy questions

Pregnant women — especially first timers — have a lot of questions. Each visit to the OB is usually filled with them. So why not head them off in the lobby? Or at least give pregnant women and their partners the laugh they so desperately need.

One OBGYN did just that, with a hilarious sign in the lobby that went viral — thanks to Reddit.

Q: When is the best time to get an epidural?

A: Right after you find out you are pregnant.

Q: Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while my wife is in labor?

A: Not unless the word ‘alimony’ means anything to you.

Let’s face it, even though most pregnancy visits are routine, they can also be nerve-wracking. Nothing like a little humor to lighten the stress — and the mood.

Q: My wife is five months pregnant and so moody that sometimes she’s borderline irrational.

A: What’s your question?

Partners of pregnant moms would be wise to take these answers a little seriously, though. This sign is perfect.

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