This Woman’s Tactic For Avoiding Creeps At The Gym Is Genius

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Martin Barraud/Getty Images/Twitter/Olivia A. Cole

Viral Twitter thread about a way to ward off dudes at the gym is the best thing you’ll see today

As a woman, is there anything more annoying than getting hit on at the gym? Maybe, but it definitely ranks up there with Surprise Period While On Vacation and other similar life horrors. But fear not. One woman has a brilliant solution to escaping gross creeps when you’re sweaty and trapped on a cardio machine with nowhere to go.

Author Olivia A. Cole overheard an exchange between a man and a pair of women at the gym that she just couldn’t keep to herself — and we’re so glad she didn’t.

Ladies, we have a new life coach.

Cole recounted a conversation between two girls and a guy at the gym who was trying to chat them up — because we all know how much we love getting hit on at the gym, right? Right. You’re sweaty, out of breath, focused on your fitness — clearly the perfect time for a dude to get all up in your zone.

Except not.

So when the girls saw this Romeo approach, one took the bull by the horns and pretended she’d just let one rip. And OMG, it worked. He left.

If I had to analyze the reason why, it’s probably the shock factor as much as it’s disgust. Men seem to think (or hope?) that women don’t fart. And if they do, they don’t really talk about it.

Guess again, mother fucker.

My personal method is to start loudly singing Mary Poppins songs if a man approaches me while I’m sweating out a few miles on the treadmill, but we all have our go-to defense. And now, we have THE go-to defense. Apparently girl farts are douchebro kryptonite. Who knew?

Twitter was all about this woman’s genius idea for warding off a gym jerk.

Some even chimed in to say they’ve actually done it — and it worked for them too.

While others shared their own thoughts on deploying this amazing defense mechanism elsewhere.

Cole mentions the woman’s young age as a reason to be even more impressed, and as someone who literally couldn’t bear to fart in front of her husband for about three years, I concur. This girl is wise beyond her years.

The creativity and finesse are undoubtedly impressive, but so is the lack of fucks given on her part. If this young lady were my daughter, I would feel insanely proud. Kudos to her for claiming her space from gross dudes — in any way possible.

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