Badass 3-Year-Old Picks Horror Film ‘The Nun’ As Her Birthday Theme

by Julie Scagell
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Laura E. Brown/Facebook

Yes, the demonic horror film ‘The Nun’

Most three-year-old birthday parties have innocent themes involving princesses and fluffy animals, perhaps with their favorite cartoon character topping their cake. But not Lucia Trujillo Brown. Lucia’s birthday party took things to a whole other level when she decided her party would have The Nun theme — and yes, I mean the horror flick.

“Like when your daughter turns 3, and her favorite character is the nun,” Brown wrote on Facebook next to some amazing (albeit slightly terrifying) pictures of her dressed as the main character. “Everything is to see her happy!!!”

According to IMDB, The Nun, a spin-off from the equally pants-shitting The Conjuring 2, is about a “priest with a haunted past and a novice on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate the death of a young nun in Romania and confront a malevolent force in the form of a demonic nun.”

I refuse to watch scary movies and will regularly turn the channel if a commercial for a scary movie comes on but if you need to see the trailer, knock yourself out.

How did Lucia ever see a movie like The Nun at her tender age you may be asking yourself? Her grandma, of course — because grandmas will do whatever you ask of them. “One time my daughter was staying with her paternal grandmother,” Brown told HuffPost. “They were going to watch a movie and asked her what she wanted to watch. They saw various movie posters on TV and she chose The Nun. Even though they told her that it wasn’t a cartoon, she insisted.”

Laura E. Brown/Facebook

Lucia’s grandmother thought the movie would terrify the little girl but she ended up watching it to the end and has rewatched it regularly ever since.

After the party, Brown, from Monterrey, Mexico, posted a few birthday pics on social media and Lucia’s cousin, Andrea Villarreal, saw them and thought they were hysterical. So, she shared them on Twitter, where they promptly went viral.

The photos even reached Jordan Peele and, more importantly, Bonnie Aarons, who played the heart-stopping nun, Valak, in the movie.

People were quick to let Villarreal know how awesome her cousin is:

Her friends even got in on the birthday action, which is a true testament to how far friends will go to make us happy because there can’t be many three-year-olds willing to dress up as a demonic nun.

Apparently, Warner Bros. is already making a sequel titled The Nun 2, which will obviously inspire an entire generation after Lucia to celebrate all things bone-chilling. I can hardly wait to not watch it.

Laura E. Brown/Facebook

Villarreal said this year’s theme was a wee bit different than last year’s party. “Last year the theme had been Frozen, so I guess she really went through something since then.”

Never change, Lucia.

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