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Tidy or Toss: How do You Pack Your Trunk?

February 12, 2021 Updated February 23, 2021

With a new baby in the house, you’ve probably noticed that the amount of STUFF you have to carry, put away, and transport increases exponentially. It’s not just the usual stuff like groceries and purses. It’s now all that PLUS diaper bags and car seats. And it all goes in the car at some point. How you deal with it can tell you a lot about who you are as a parent. 

Do you chuck it all in the back? Or do you keep every little thing organized because that keeps you calm? Forget horoscopes and personality tests – everything you need to know about yourself and your style is right there in the way you manage suddenly having All The Things in your car. 

Which one of these sounds most like you? 

The Stuff ‘N’ Slam 

For you, a vehicle helps you get safely from one place to another. If that means stuffing piles up in the back, then stuff piles up in the back. No big. You’re not trying to win any Cleanest Car awards. If you reach the point where you can’t fit any more stuff in, you’ll deal with it. Until then? Unbothered. You own it proudly. 

The Bento Box 

Finding the most logical, organized and attractive method for packing your car genuinely energizes you. You get very, very excited when you discover a new way to be efficient. You’re a member of several Facebook groups devoted to sharing organizing tips. Finding a way to fit one more thing in without squishing something else can make your entire day. You receive organizing-themed gifts but donate them immediately because who needs extra clutter? 

The Toss 

You’re pretty easy breezy about this whole thing. Sometimes you’re in the mood to organize everything just to minimize clutter. Other times? Meh, you’ve got other things to do. You toss stuff in the back – hey, diapers don’t crack – and deal with it later. You’re not exactly concerned about how things look but you’re also not letting stuff pile up.  

Whatever your style, the real trick is driving a well-designed compact SUV that can handle it all in a way that makes your life easier. The All-New 2021 Rogue fits the bill and then some. With the All-New Rogue’s Motion-Activated Liftgate, simply kick a leg beneath the rear hatch and it will open. That means when you’re carrying a car seat and holding four bags of groceries from your fingers, you don’t have to put everything down to open the hatch. 

As part of the All-New Rogue’s Divide-N-Hide Cargo system, there’s also a folding panel in the hatch floor that flips up to hold grocery bags in place. If you’ve ever experienced random grocery items sliding forward (or discovered a stray avocado weeks later) you know what a great feature this is. Another thoughtful design innovation is that the doors on the All-New 2021 Rogue open to an almost 90-degree angle. Clearly the design team understands the struggle of getting kids in and out of a car without contorting your entire body.  

No matter what your style is, when you become a parent, priorities change. Whether you’re an organizational maven who believes in the life-changing magic of a perfectly-edited trunk or a “whatever – it works” type, one thing’s for sure: It’s your car, and your trunk, so you can pack that sucker however the heck you want. A family car with plenty of well-designed space ensures that even if your style changes or you add another kid (or two) you’re covered. 

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