Grandma Accidentally Buys Inappropriate Book And Twitter Is Dying

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Never judge a book by its cover, right?

Grandmas provide some of life’s best LOL moments, often completely unintentionally. Think about it — how many hilarious family stories start with Grandma? Well, one family recently had a gut-buster of a Grandma Experience that will probably be told at many a holiday dinner table for years to come.

Tiffany, mom to a six-year-old girl and daughter of the grandma in question, tweeted about a book her mom purchased for her granddaughter. A children’s book meant for adults, a la Go The F*ck To Sleep but definitely not meant for kids in any way.

The book, If Animals Could Talk by Carla Butwin, is a funny picture book full of adult humor and witticisms no just-learning-to-read-6-year-old would understand. Even Amazon advertises it as “definitely not for all ages.” But Grandma saw an illustrated book with animals on the cover and went for it. And, in her defense, who wouldn’t make the same assumption? Grandma apparently wasn’t the only one under the wrong impression — Tiffany tweeted the book itself was on display in the children’s section at her local Barnes & Noble!

Yeah, Grandma and the B&N staff clearly didn’t open the book before buying.

OK, this has to be the best page in the entire book:

Tiffany tweeted that her husband asked if her mom bought this book “as a joke.” LOL NOPE. This little book snafu is totally innocent, it’s funny, and it’s so totally Grandma. And Twitter is dying over it.

We would buy the shit out of that audiobook, tbh.

This book has literally made everyone’s entire day.

The popularity of Tiffany’s tweet lead to many folks heading on over to Amazon to join in the fun.

Well, now we’ve all learned the valuable lesson on not judging books by their cover (and hopefully those Barnes & Noble workers learned this as well, LOL). Tiffany and her family have a classic family story to share for years to come, and the author of the book just landed an Amazon bestseller. Win-win!

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