Tiger Woods Reacting To Video Of His Son Will Make Your Whole Day

by Christina Marfice
PGA TOUR/Youtube

Tiger Woods reacted to a video of himself and his son looking like twins on the golf course, and his proud dad smiles will melt your heart

Tiger Woods is back. But not only did the legendary golfer overcome injuries from a horrific car accident to return to the field, but he also did so with his 12-year-old son, Charlie, by his side. For his first tournament since suffering a broken leg and other injuries following the crash in February, Woods and Charlie finished second place in the PNC Championship in Orlando, an event that teams PGA golfers with members of their family.

But that’s not even the most heartwarming part of this story. As Woods and his son made their way through the course, fans started picking up on how similar their mannerisms were. Someone made a video showing the pair side-by-side, and the PGA played that video for Woods, capturing his reactions as he watched. Here, take in this cuteness for yourself.

The video shows Woods and Charlie, side-by-side, as they stand the same way, leaning on a club with one foot cocked back behind them. They’re also identical when they spin their clubs after taking a swing. And when they bend down to pick up their tees, they may as well be twins. What made the situation even more delightful was watching Woods’ face as he took in the videos of himself and his mini-me. He was glowing with dad pride.

“He’s an unbelievable player and unbelievable partner,” Woods told the Today show about Charlie. Even though he could be seen limping at times and used a cart to get around the course, Woods seemed to soak up every moment of being able to compete again — and to do it alongside his son. It’s an incredible return for the athlete, whose injuries were so extensive that doctors were worried they’d have to amputate his leg for a while. Thankfully, that didn’t happen — and it sounds like Charlie was a great partner for Woods to have for his first time back on the course.

“I want to hit certain shots. Charlie was out there telling me a couple times yesterday and today, ‘Hey dad don’t hit that shot, you know what that does.’ I said, ‘You worry about your own game,'” Woods explained. “I’m just so thankful to do this again, to have this opportunity to play with my son and to have these memories for both of us, for our lifetime, it’s worth all the pain.”