'Influencer Challenge' Has Women Tricking Their Partners And We're LOLing

by Madison Vanderberg

Spouses pretending to be TikTok influencers are filming their partner’s reactions for the “influencer challenge”

Remember when we all thought TikTok was “for the kids?” LOL! The adults of TikTok have latched onto a new trend called the “Influencer challenge,” and it’s amazing. To do the “challenge,” you pretend to film a video as if you were an influencer (i.e. “Hey guys, welcome back to my channel”-type stuff) and just wait and see how your partner reacts.

Per TikTok, you need only “pretend to be an influencer [by] recording a message on your phone in front of someone (Partner, Friend, Family, anyone) while secretly recording their reaction with your camera flipped.”

Most of the challengers are women pretending to be beauty and lifestyle influencers, like Abbie in the above video who started her faux vlog with “So I know a lot of you are asking how we keep our house so clean” — like all family vloggers are won’t to do — while filming her husband Ryan as he sat amongst their messy house absolutely incredulous and looking like he was searching the walls for the hidden camera.

Abbie told Scary Mommy that her husband “studied me and stayed quiet for a moment” after the video ended because he was so bewildered by his wife’s new faux influencer attitude. “We live in perfectly beautiful chaos and cleaning isn’t my top priority!” Abbie told us with a laugh. “Ryan most likely thought the isolation from the pandemic was finally getting to me!”

There was also a husband who lost his mind when his wife told her “followers” that she’d been using a new skin cream that cost $200.

I can’t stop laughing at this guy listening to his wife describe herself as a “cool mom” to her non-existent followers.

Though some of the partner reactions to the challenge were straight-up COLD.

There were a few men filming their wive’s reactions, like this guy who started the video by saying “a lot of you have been asking me how I cut mangos” and the wife turns around and cackles in disbelief, “Who asked you??”

But the best reactions were the supportive partners who heard their loved-ones talking like an influencer and literally got out the ring light so their wives and girlfriend’s had better lighting.

Oh TikTok, how did we ever live before you came into our lives?