Tiny Animals In Sweaters Are Your New Favorite Thing

by Jerriann Sullivan

Tiny animals in sweaters are taking over the internet

With the temperatures dropping we’re all pulling out our favorite fall wear – boots, scarves, and of course sweaters. But humans aren’t the only ones who need to bundle up this time of year. Get ready to squeal because we’ve got some adorable tiny animals wearing sweaters just their size.

Because it’s adorable. Because it’s Monday. Because why not?

Look at this precious sleepy goat in a hot pink sweater. She’s got to stay warm living on a farm in Virginia.

Meet Ludwik, the Instagram famous guinea pig, who looks like he moonlight’s as a tiny ship captain.

Awwww. This orange tabby’s sweater matches her fur. So tiny. So cute.

Where did they find this hoodie? Where?

And Toby the snake likes to show his holiday spirit with his sweaters.

As does this tiny pup wearing a Halloween themed ‘fit.

Paddington the pig has to keep warm living in Indiana. Browse his Instagram to see hundreds of photos of tiny pigs in sweaters.

These two share a wardrobe.

How freaking cute is this Stuart Little lookalike?

Perhaps the most stylish set of tiny animals in sweaters. Their Christmas sweater game is on point.