There's A Boozy Jenga-Style Game With Hidden Slots For Jell-O Shots

by Julie Scagell
There's A Boozy Jenga Game With Hidden Slots For Jell-O Shots

Who doesn’t want to play a game with hidden shots in it?

Have you ever found yourself playing Jenga and thinking to yourself, “Man, the only way you could top this much fun is if there was alcohol hidden in these blocks?” prepare to have your mind blown.

Etsy shop owner Tedious Wood Working just made all our summer dreams come true by creating a giant Jenga-like game that has Jell-O shot compartments hidden within it. The Tipsy Topple comes with 54 blocks, 18 of which have pre-drilled holes that fit a “standard Jell-O shot cup,” which is something I never knew existed until today.

Etsy/Tedious Wood Working

According to the shop owner, the Tipsy Topple is “like tumbling blocks with jello shots!” and will be a perfect way to celebrate this year’s Fourth of July. Who needs fireworks when you can get turnt in your backyard with your immediate family instead? It’s also a way to celebrate the fact that you’re still speaking to your immediate family after months of quarantine togetherness. Obviously, if you’re playing with small kids, you can make them their own special Jell-O shots without alcohol so they can share in the fun and you don’t get arrested.

Etsy/Tedious Wood Working

The set is made with pine wood to “hold up against every tumble of the tower” and even comes with a carrying case so it’s portable. “Gather all of your friends and family for a fun-filled event,” the description reads. “Stack your tower on the floor or on a table. Topple game is adaptable for all ages to ensure everyone is able to have fun!”

Etsy/Tedious Wood Working

The reviews thus far have all been positive. “Star of the show!” one customer wrote. “I absolutely LOVE this game!!!! The product is great quality and a total blast to play with friends and family!!” Another said it was the perfect gift “especially during quarantine times.”

The Tipsy Topple sells for $119 plus shipping but if you want the Jell-O shot cups to come with it (and who wouldn’t?), you’ll need to pay a little extra for either 50 or 100 cups to be sent with it. If you can limit the number of times you have to be in a store around other humans right now, it’s worth the add on.

Etsy/Tedious Wood Working

When it’s safe enough to throw a party someday, you’ll be the envy of all your friends and neighbors when you break this bad boy out. Nothing says “I’ve missed you” more than a little healthy backyard competition with a side of alcohol, am I right?