15 Things You’ll Need Because You’re Tired As A Mother

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When you’re a tired mom, most of your fantasies include sleep.

Being a mom has ushered in a whole new meaning to the word “tired.” Here are some signs you’re mom-level tired:

  • You’ve tried to make coffee without the filter, without the pot, and/or without the actual coffee.
  • When you hear people say they’ve “overslept,” your eyes roll back so hard, you can see your tailbone.
  • You don’t even remember what getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep feels like.

Here are some must-haves for any moms who desperately miss sleeping:

1. “Super Tired” Mug

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This “Super Tired” mug sums up all of the things moms do, and just why we’re so tired.

2. Hashtag Prints

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These hashtag prints are cute additions to any home, and might help others understand why you’re always yawning.

3. “Nap Queen” Shirt

We love this “Nap Queen” shirt, and they say to dress for the job you want.

4. “Nap Queen” Stemless Glass

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This “Nap Queen” stemless glass is another great way to let people know what your aspirations are.

5. “She Believed She Could” Notebook

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A “She Believed She Could” notebook is a hilarious gift for any tired mom, even if that mom is yourself.

6. “Tired As A Mother” Travel Mug

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This “Tired As A Mother” Travel Mug is perfect for moms who need coffee for survival, so we bring it everywhere.

7. “Never Bored” Plus-Size Tee

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We love this “Never Bored” plus-size tee that explains what it’s like to have multiple children.

8. Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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These Egyptian cotton sheets will help make sure that the little sleep you get is at least quality sleep.

9. Memory Foam Mattress

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This memory foam mattress is the stuff dreams are literally made of. And they’re on sale for as low as $199 right now.

10. Noise Machine

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Welcome to parenthood. You need a noise machine to stay asleep now.

11. Sleep Mask

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A sleep mask is another great investment for staying asleep (especially if you have a snoring spouse). This one is contoured and on sale for $7.36. (Originally $12.88)

12. Lavender Linen Spray

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This lavender linen spray will help you to calm down and relax when you lie down in bed. No matter how many times your kids wake up.

13. “I Like Naps” Mug

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This “I Like Naps” mug is another cute gift for anyone who misses sleep.

14. Bedtime Tea

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Bedtime tea is another must-have for anyone who is trying to relax at the end of the day, in spite of the chaos that is putting kids to bed.

15. “Pajamas All Day” Tee

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This “Pajamas All Day” Tee is a great gift for anyone who loves to wear pajama pants all day and makes no apologies about it.

Don’t forget that we’re all working a minimum of 14-hour days with small kids. There’s a reason we’re tired.

But I’ve heard that on the other side of the trenches, it gets a little easier. We just have to cope with the sleep deprivation until then.

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