You Can Now Order From TJ Maxx Online Again

by Valerie Williams
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TJ Maxx Reopens Their Online Shopping
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TJ Maxx is resuming online orders after closing down due to COVID-19

Wandering TJ Maxx could be termed self-care for moms. Super cute pillows, pretty candles, cheap designer finds, toys for the kids — they have it all. But as COVID-19 began to spread and businesses and retail stores shut down, TJ Maxx closed its physical doors and halted orders from their website. Now, the company is opening up their website again to allow for online orders at a time when plenty of us are doing a lot of online shopping.

TJX CEO and president Ernie Herrman told TODAY that the reopening of their site comes as the company continues to keep safety in mind. “As various states and countries re-open businesses and we re-open our own stores and e-commerce websites, health and safety will remain a very important consideration,” he said. Herrman explained that orders from T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Sierra and other retailers under their brand will limit the number of daily online orders for safety reasons.

The precautions will extend to their physical locations as well, as states begin to reopen businesses after a period of shutdown to slow the spread of the virus. “In our stores, we have installed protective shields at cash registers, added social distancing markers in our queue lines, implemented new processes for handling merchandise returns, and instituted new cleaning regimens, including enhanced cleaning of high-touch surfaces throughout the day,” Hermann said.

Customers shopping in-store will be asked to wear face masks.

As the site is limiting its number of online orders, you might hit it up at a time when you’ll see a message that they’ve stopped taking orders. You won’t be able to make purchases once the limit has been hit, but you can still browse and dream, which, as any Maxxinista knows, is still pretty amazing.

And if you bought something pre-closing that you need to return? Fret not — the store is going to accept returns again once they reopen without adhering to your prior purchase date. “You can make in-store returns within 30 days of our stores reopening and online returns within 40 days of our site reopening,” they announced last month.

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