Today I Loved My Children

by Heidi Vermette
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Read the parenting books and blogs, and you will be convinced that you are screwing up your children by what you are doing or failing to do (of course, you probably screwed them up in the womb by not eating the right things, exercising the correct amount, etc). Let me share with you how I optimize my children’s early childhoods through our daily activities.

Today my daughter developed hand-eye coordination, creativity, and diverse vocalizations. (She played with blocks and screamed when her creations fell apart.)

Today I facilitated independent play. (I ignored my children to check Facebook.)

Today I maintained a careful balance between parental authoritativeness and my child’s decision-making skills. (I let my daughter have cake for breakfast, but not too much.)

Today I exposed my infant son to a variety of experiences and textures. (We played Kitchen with my daughter; she accidentally whacked him with pretend toast, and I accidentally smeared real cake on him.)

Today I rejected body shaming and cultural expectations of feminine modesty. (I let my daughter run around in nothing but her diaper. There’s already too much laundry piled up.)

Today my son practiced age-appropriate communication skills. (He screamed when I put him down to wash my hands.)

Today my daughter practiced age-appropriate communication skills. (When asked if she wanted to take a nap, she yelled “No! No! No!”)

Today I researched diverse parenting and child development methods. (I wasted time on Mommy blogs.)

Today I loved my children. (I loved my children.)

Our parenting styles, successes, and failures can be wrapped up in euphemisms, made into humorous anecdotes, delivered along with sage pieces of advice. But these words will never need any of that to resonate with millions of parents: I loved my child. I loved my children.

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