When Toddlers Refuse To Eat

by Life as a Rambling Redhead
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Anyone who has a toddler knows the reality of a “normal” dinnertime.

It’s not normal by any means.

Dinner with a toddler can be exhausting, chaotic and frustrating. It’s amazing how they can bring out your inner lawyer or your inner dictator, whichever is more your style.

Dinners that run smoothly with all green things consumed as well as smiles on everyone’s faces come few and far between, but it can be done (so I’ve heard).

The child shown in this video is a great representation of what it is to be 2 and not hungry.

In this video, you will witness many topics:

1. Toodles being summoned from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (TOODLES, get out here. I know you hear him!)

2. Food being called “trash.”

3. Food being called “yucky.”

4. Food being spit out in disapproval.

5. Innocent toy cars being bathed in chicken broth.

6. Refusal to use a spoon when eating soup. He demands to use his hands, like an ogre.

7. Many methods of distraction such as random shrieking and funny faces.

If your toddler looks anything like this child, just know that you are not alone. Every evening, between 5 and 7 p.m., parents just like you are eye-rolling themselves into another dimension, sweating bullets, and just giving up altogether.

You know what they say—a toddler will never starve, toys shouldn’t be on the table, children shouldn’t talk back, and you’re the boss of your child.

I think I speak for a large amount of struggling parents by saying, yes, we’ve heard all of this and thank you for your opinions.

Stay strong, and good luck!

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