This Toddler Too Stubborn To Admit The Onion He’s Eating Isn’t An Apple Is Your New Hero

by Valerie Williams
Image via Reddit

This toddler wincing while eating an onion and insisting it’s an apple is all of us

Ever have an argument with your husband and about three minutes in, you realize he’s absolutely right, but there’s simply no going back? So you just keep arguing your (wrong) point with all the fervor of someone who’s about to win a fight even though deep down you know it’s going to end badly for you?

This toddler is you. This toddler is me. This toddler is all of us.

A Reddit post from harryreece100 introduces us to a toddler who has no plans to retreat or surrender when told that the apple he’s eating is actually an onion. He’s having none of that shit and refusing to back down. Like a total boss.

The caption reads, “Mom, can I have this apple? -That’s not an an apple! That’s an onion! -No it’s not! -Alright, If you insist.. (When you rather die than admitting an error).”

YUP. Been there.

Like Shrek himself, this child takes one bite after another out of a raw onion, refusing to admit the error of his ways, no matter how badly it tastes. In other words, pretty much just like me when my husband makes an excellent point that renders my point, well, pointless. But to concede is simply not in my wifely repertoire, so I just keep eating the onion, so to speak.

Ugh. Not my best moment, please look away. This child is so me it hurts.

Image via Reddit

The tyke sticks with it until the bitter (and we mean bitter) end, eating that onion like it’s the tastiest apple he ever did find. Never mind the fact that he’s wincing, cringing, and possibly even breaking a sweat while chewing it — he will not let this go. IT’S AN APPLE, DAMMIT. Honestly, is there anything more relatable? Fail spectacularly or just don’t even try. Stand your ground. Better to go down kicking and screaming (or crying?) than to quietly admit defeat and fade out.

Image via Reddit

We feel you, buddy.