This Toddler Bitching About The Toilet Seat Is All Of Us

by Maria Guido

This toddler already tired of living with men who don’t put the toilet seat down

You don’t have to be a sophisticated woman to realize that putting your butt on a cold, possibly wet piece of porcelain is the worst feeling, ever. Take it from little Bradlee Rae Hayes. Her dad keeps leaving the toilet seat up and she’s not having it.

We’re with you, Bradlee.

“How many times do I have to tell you — when you put the [toilet] seat up . . . to put it down for me?!”

Seriously? How. Many. Times.

“I don’t want to put it down, I just want you to do it,” she says, echoing the feelings of women, everywhere. Her dad Jeremiah is getting a well-deserved earful. How do so many many make it into adulthood without getting this small piece of etiquette down?

Women aren’t blameless when it comes to bathroom faux pas, either. A woman who squats to use public toilets, hence leaving a spray of pee all over the seat for the next woman to deal with is quite possibly even more of a nuisance than the male offender who leaves the seat up.

We can’t wait for Bradlee’s video about that. It really should be next.