This Toddler Struggling To Get Into Her Skinny Jeans Is All Of Us

by Valerie Williams
Image via Facebook

She tries buttoning her skinny jeans but it’s just not happening

Damn trends. They don’t always work for everyone and even when they do, there can be snafus. Like when a trip through the dryer or one really big plate of salty lo mien stops your favorite skinny jeans from fitting. This toddler trying to squeeze into hers is basically a teeny version of that adult struggle.

At least hers is adorable instead of infuriating.

Alyssa Price filmed her daughter, whose name she prefers not to share, trying like heck to fit her adorable toddler chub into a pair of skinny jeans that, according to TODAY, fit just a few weeks ago. When Price went to grab the baby another pair, the little girl decided to keep trying with her old ones. The video has gone viral because people can’t get enough of this little one and her stubborn skinny jeans situation.

Price asks her daughter if she can button them and the kiddo responds by trying even harder to button them. Her mom then tells her to do “the skinny jeans dance,” which pretty much every woman is familiar with. The toddler sucks in her cute little belly and pulls hard, to no avail. Not happening. Not today.

Her mom says, “It was cute and funny so I decided to film. I told her she looked like mommy trying to get into her skinny jeans.”

Exactly. Who among us hasn’t been there? Shimmying our way into a pair of pants that we know deep down is not happening. We go through the series of deep knee bends, fists stuffed down the fronts of the offending item, trying to stretch them with all our might. Eventually, we either (painfully) succeed or give in. But the process is frustrating regardless.

Price says, “Every woman I know has been through this battle before. No matter who you are, what size or shape you are, skinny jeans can be difficult to get into.”

Which is precisely why leggings are a gift from the heavens and real pants can just go away forever, please.