These Toys Are Guaranteed To Keep Your Toddler Busy For Awhile

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The toddler age is truly the best age for gift-giving

Once your little one reaches the age of two or three, they’re beginning to grasp the idea of the holidays. Even if they don’t understand all the nuances, one thing they definitely understand: holidays = presents.

And these right here are across-the-board perfect for toddlers of all ages, phases, and interests.

Each of these toys encourages imaginative play, independence, learning, and honing motor skills in their own way. The best part? They’ll keep your toddler busy for literal hours on their own. But to be honest, they’re all pretty fun for parents to play too.

1. Step 2 Chef’s Play Kitchen

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This play kitchen is as aesthetically pleasing as the super expensive, hard-as-hell-to-put-together kitchens, and it takes five minutes to assemble. Plus it wipes down easily, lasts forever, and has absolutely every last accouterment, bell, and whistle a play kitchen should have.

2. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

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A true classic, the Cozy Coupe provides plenty of fun, Fred Flinstone-esque driving for your little one. Plus, who doesn’t love a toy that provides entertainment as well as exercise? That’s why this car is a must-have.

3. Little Tikes Basketball Hoop

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This basketball hoop is adjustable, which means your toddler can enjoy it for years. It’s also pretty indoor-friendly, so your little one can get some laps in around the court of your living room during the winter.

4. Crayola 3-in-1 Easel

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Chalboard? Check. Dry-erase board? Check. Magnets? Check. Plus, this easel folds up super easy for storage purposes, which makes it a hit for parents and kids. There’s honestly no limit to their creativity with this thing — another great winter weather indoor toy.

5. V-Tech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

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Your little ones can learn everything from body parts, food items, numbers, and musical notes on this activity desk. Plus they’ll love sitting down at it and feeling like a real “big kid.” It comes with interchangeable slides so they can learn and play for hours.

6. Little People Animal Farm

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Listen and listen closely: if you want your toddler to have the best time ever for an extended period of time while playing safely and somewhat quietly, you need to invest in Little People. Fun for ages 1-5, Little People sets like this farm are literally a Godsend for parents and kids. They’re adorable, the pieces are the perfect size for their little hands, and they can get wet/bumped/dropped as many times as possible and they still stay perfectly intact.

7. Doc McStuffins Doctor Bag Set

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There isn’t a child out there who doesn’t absolutely adore playing doctor — even if they’re not so crazy about actually going themselves. This Doc McStuffins set is the perfect doctor kit for kids, complete with a beating heart stethoscope, thermometer, eye-scope-ear-scope-thingamabobber, and shot. It’s adorable.

8. Melissa & Doug Sound Puzzles

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Melissa and Doug puzzles are amazing, hands-down. They have a huge variety of wooden puzzles fit for every age and phase, but these sound puzzles are so much fun for toddlers. Fun fact: they tend to go off even if you’re nowhere near them, so ghosts must like them, too.

9. KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table

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Train/activity tables are where it’s at. This one allows kids to create their own little worlds with locomotives and tracks, PLUS there’s a board on the other side that’s compatible with LEGOs. You can store all the pieces inside the table as well, making for easy clean-up and endless entertainment.

10. Walking T-Rex Dinosaur With Remote Control

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This dinosaur is fun for girls, boys, moms, dads, and even the family dog (okay, maybe not “fun,” per se, for Rover). It walks, it roars, and you can control it all with a remote control. Your little one will be amazed at how lifelike it is, while giggling endlessly as it bangs you in the ankles while you’re standing at the stove. Or sitting on the toilet. Or not paying attention and tripping over it in the hallway. See? Fun for the whole family!

^ That is the face of your toddler this holiday season as they open literally any of the above gifts. Guaranteed. And honestly, it’ll be yours too.

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