Literally Just A List Of 17 Ways Your Toddler Is The SWEETEST Thing Ever

by Team Scary Mommy
monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

Toddlers get a bad rap for wearing their emotions on the outside. In so many ways, our 3-foot tornadoes are not cut out for this world — they can’t stuff down their boredom, hide their hurt, not dance to a song that lights up their feet. And it can be such a frustrating experience to, you know, get them to toe the line of adult expectations to “shhh, don’t touch that, no running!”

But aren’t toddlers the truth. The living embodiment of pure, IDGAF savagery. And not only in the ways of “I’m over this and everyone needs to know it” so plug your ears aisle nine. But also in the sweetest ways possible. The kind of ways that make our mom hearts swoon with YOU’RE THE CUTEST THING EVER AND I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT RIGHT NOW.

So let’s crush on some toddler cuteness. Here’s 17 ways your ankle-hugging, can’t ever slow down, probably climbing out of their crib this very minute toddler is pretty much the sweetest.

1. Those big ol’ doe eyes.

How can you say no to a face that’s three-quarters eyeballs and feathery eyelashes blinking at you like an angel?

2. They can’t pronounce anything.

And you never want it to stop.

3. Clothing is always optional.

They’ve taken hating pants to a whole new level, and you envy them for it.

4. Everything becomes a microphone.

They believe so thoroughly in their own greatness and we, their adoring audience, applaud.

5. They will wave at you, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll wave back.

Because if you don’t, a plague will be set on your house.

6. Toddlers will talk to anyone and spread their joy.

Your anxiety will go through the roof as a person who doesn’t even like to phone-talk let alone talk-talk in real life to randos.

7. Their imaginary friend world sounds like a place you’d like to vacation.

I’m talking about you, Mr. Cotton Candy Bigglesworth from the town of Cereal Island.

8. You wish you had the persistence of a toddler working hard to figure out WHY?

Kid, I don’t even know who I am anymore, but I admire this interrogation of the universe.

9. They’re terrible at hide-and-seek.

I’m like right here, behind the door and I might as well be lost. They have no idea how this works and it’s adorable.

10. Little girls with crooked pigtails and rosy cheeks.


11. There is one speed and that speed is run, right now, at all times. Just run. Super fast.

Thanks for saving me from those gym membership dues.

12. When they draw crayon squiggles and a triangle house.

And you’re of course like this is bonafide Mona Lisa-level artwork right here!

13. Nothing comes between a toddler and their lovey.

You don’t even know why he picked that blanket or stuffed animal, but those two have a relationship that makes you melt.

14. Their style is something to behold.

Stripes and polka dots. Tutus and cargo pants. Bathing suit in the winter. There are no fashion rules.

15. Toddler man buns.


16. When they fall asleep and you check on them.

Is there anything more precious than a totally passed-out toddler with footie jammies dreaming.

17. They love you the most, just the way you are.

No, I’m not crying. It’s the onions.

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