20 Times Toddlers Should Be Supervised

by Joelle Wisler
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I have two children. One happens to be rocking out her toddler-hood like a boss. And since she is our second child, I might have gotten a little lazier with supervising her every activity like I did with my first. You know, I gotta shower sometimes. But… from my own experience, there are some situations where your toddler should most definitely have a rational-minded person present guiding them away from acting on their every curious whim:

1. When there is a source of butter close by.

2. When they find a pen. But no paper. And then an artistic inspiration strikes them.

3. While next to a dog’s butt during their button-pushing phase.

4. While eating chocolate.

5. When they have food in front of them that they don’t like. And they want to hide it.

6. While gardening. Because sometimes they like to see what flowers look like when they get smooshed in the mud.

7. When they have had an accident. In their pants. And you had to run out of the room for one second to get some wipes. And you specifically said, “Please don’t put your hands in your pants.”

8. While painting. Obviously. I mean who would give their toddler paints and then not properly supervise them. Only a crazy person.

9. When pouring crackers from a box into something much smaller than a box.

10. When they decide to wash clothes while you are taking a shower. And then you open up your washing machine to find one pair of underpants and a very clean Archie comic book.

11. When they are watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on Netflix. On your computer. While eating yogurt.

12. While making certain fashion choices.

13. When they are learning how to blow their nose.

14. When they have a toothpick.

15. When they are running down a hill in flip-flops.

16. While playing with stickers.

17. The moment after they learn about spitting.

18. The moment after they learn about peeing outside.

19. The moment after they figure out they are finally tall enough for the water dispenser on the refrigerator.


20. When they are bored. And they know where you keep the syrup.

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