Tom Brady Kisses Dad On The Lips And People Lose Their Minds

by Julie Scagell
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Tom Brady kissed his dad on the lips at the Superbowl, and the internet went bonkers

You know Tom Brady? Five-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady who came back from a bazillion to nothing victory over the Falcons on Sunday night? When that Tom Brady was pictured celebrating with his family in the crowd on Sunday, someone snapped a picture of him kissing his dad on the lips.

For some reason there are still those people who feel no one should ever kiss their family, children, pets, or friends on the lips because they would never kiss their family, children, pets or friends on the lips and God forbid someone else live by a different set of rules than you do. When they see someone kiss another person they are not romantically linked to on the lips, they LOSE. THEIR. MARBLES.

Such is the case this week with Tom Brady and his Dad.

And of course, there are folks on the Internet just couldn’t resist making their opinions known.

This guy even thought he should take a poll. Because, if the poll says it’s weird, the kissing police should arrest him? Maybe if enough people vote, we can pass a law prohibiting public displays of affection between fathers and sons? Seriously though, what kind of time do these 41 people who voted have on their hands?

That is a novel idea.

When I introduced my now-husband to my very affectionate extended family, I looked on with what could only be described as nervous anticipation. This was going to go one of two ways real quick. See, my husband is British and his family very politely greets each other with a brief kiss each on each cheek. My very American family grabs you by both cheeks while staring dead into your eyes and kisses you full on the mouth. There is usually little warning and a lot of moisture. Lucky for me, my husband passed with flying colors and has embraced the mouth kiss with open arms (but closed lips, because…boundaries).

Why are people concerned with how others show affection? When Brady was asked before his Super Bowl win on Sunday who his hero was, he said, “I think my dad is my hero, because he’s someone I look up to every day.” This is what people should be talking about. This is what’s important.

Here’s a thought, if you don’t feel comfortable kissing a family member on the mouth, then don’t kiss them on the mouth. End of story.

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