I Took My 5-Month-Old To A Rock Concert

by Katarina Garcia
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5-month-old, Maxwell at a rock concert with parents. Maxwell is wearing pink infant earmuffs.
Courtesy of Katarina Garcia

It was an early Saturday morning when my fiancé’s mother called us to let us know she wouldn’t be able to babysit our 5-month-old son after all. Typically, this wouldn’t be a problem as we are pretty flexible. But on this day, we had big plans to attend a rock concert in San Antonio, Texas, a two-hour drive from our home. We had to make the quick decision on whether we would cancel our trip and lose out on our ticket money or have our baby tag along with us.

After a quick conversation, we were overwhelmed with the intense feeling of YOLO and decided to start packing the baby bag. Decked out in an Iron Maiden onesie and black Converse shoes, we buckled up our son for the ride. On our way in, we stopped at a local sports shop and purchased some infant earmuffs to protect Maxon’s fragile ears. As we entered the venue, so many questions ran through our mind. Are babies allowed? Can we bring in a stroller? Are they going to charge us for our son?

Courtesy of Katarina Garcia

I found out that confidence is key. If you just walk in like you own the place, no one will question you — and as luck would have it, they didn’t. We got in with our over-sized stroller without having to pay an additional cost for our son.

Although tiring, we ended up having a great time. Our son got to experience Bush, Chevelle, Stone Temple Pilots, Primus, and Nine Inch Nails all in a day’s time. Sure, there were challenges like having to change my son’s diaper on a blanket on the asphalt, but we made it work.

Since this time, we’ve taken our son to an additional rock concert. At 10 months old, we experienced the iconic Fleetwood Mac as a family. He may not remember these experiences, but I’m sure he’ll be grateful for the pictures. So without further delay, here are some reasons why you should take your infant to rock concerts too.

1. Infants are usually free.

Courtesy of Katarina Garcia

If you can strap them to your body in a baby carrier, infants are usually free at concerts. Just be sure to check the venue’s policies online as far as age restrictions go. Remember, be confident, and no one will think twice. When else will you be able to take your child to concerts for free?

2. Music is great for a child’s development.

Courtesy of Katarina Garcia

Studies have shown that music is great for physical, intellectual, and emotional development, just be sure you protect your little one’s ears with earmuffs. Even with the earmuffs, they’ll still be able to hear the muffled music and admire the bright lights. Research shows that exposure to music can also enhance creativity in children and linguistic development. So make sure to keep playing those jams even when the concert is over.

3. You get cute photo ops.

Courtesy of Katarina Garcia

We can’t forget that concerts offer a unique chance for cute family pictures. Deck out your child in a band t-shirt paired with some Vans or Converse high tops, and you’ve got an adorable photo opportunity. Your child will love you in the future for their kick ass baby pictures at the rock concert.

4. There’s no need for a babysitter.

Courtesy of Katarina Garcia

Since you’re taking your little one with you, you won’t have to worry about securing a babysitter. This opens up a world of possibilities. Now, you can plan on attending more concerts without the worry of having to find a nanny or fork up the money for childcare. This is also a great chance for bonding as a family. When I first became a mom, I thought I was going to have to give up everything, including my love of concerts. I have come to find out that this is not the case. As most venues and attractions are kid-friendly, I have slowly just learned to have my son tag along to the places we would normally go.

5. Your baby will be more adaptable.

Courtesy of Katarina Garcia

Exposing your baby to loud noises and bright lights makes your baby more adaptable. With time, you won’t have to worry about your infant freaking out in loud, public settings. Instead, your baby will get used to it and may even be able to sleep through it. It’s great once you’ve desensitized your baby to noise, because that means you can continue on with your regular routine, even when your baby’s sleeping. Need to vacuum the floor or blow dry your hair? No problem. Your baby will be used to it if you take the time to expose them to noisy settings.

Taking an infant to a loud concert may seem anxiety-inducing, but it can also be a lot of fun and a great way to make memories. I’m grateful I did it, because who knows if my son will ever get to experience Fleetwood Mac as an adult. At least he got to see them when he was young. Just because you have a little one doesn’t mean your life is over, it’s just starting. Continue integrating your child in all the things you used to do B.C. (Before Child), and you will begin to feel like your old self again. Plus, your baby will thank you when they’re older for all the wonderful experiences they had growing up, whether they remember or not.

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