'Middle-Of-The-Night Tooth Fairy Panic' Is My Middle Name

‘Middle-Of-The-Night Tooth Fairy Panic’ Is My Middle Name

Sponsored by LearnVest

Sponsored by LearnVest

For the first lost tooth, my tooth fairy game was on fire: I had the appropriate amount of cash under the pillow, a cute note, flawless execution. By the seventh or eighth tooth, the novelty had pretty much worn off for both parent and child. If they haven’t swallowed it, my kids are pretty low-key about the lost tooth announcement — which means I don’t always remember my tooth fairy duty. Inevitably, this leads to middle-of-the-night empty-wallet panic. What does one do? For starters, get your finances in order. As our friends at LearnVest remind us, it’s never too soon to talk to your kids about money.

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