Mom's Brutally Honest Video Nails The Awful Realities Of Pregnancy

by Valerie Williams
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She also has a brilliant solution for making pregnancy as comfortable as possible

Pregnancy brings so much joy — feeling baby kicks, watching your bump grow, and an excuse to eat anything you want are just a few of the benefits. Oh, but did we mention you’ll also have heartburn, weird nipples, stretch marks and gas that could clear a room?

One mom lays out those inevitable pitfalls in a hilarious video that highlights the very worst pregnancy has to offer.

UK-based actress and writer Tova Leigh took to Facebook to get incredibly real about the not-so-fun parts of pregnancy. And holy shit, there are so many.

Leigh is a mom of three and obviously knows what’s up when it comes to growing a human inside your body and all the bullshit side effects that come with it. Although she’s not currently pregnant, she definitely gets it. She starts her glorious rant by wondering how pregnancy isn’t considered some kind of disease. “I hear a lot of people talk about how pregnancy is not an illness…let’s examine the symptoms.”

She then lists the lovely things most moms are familiar with — “all-the-freaking-day-long sickness, projectile vomiting, hemorrhoids, heartburn, sensitivity to smells, loss of memory, mood swings, dizziness, lots of gas, crazy cravings…”

Not to mention, “wanting to kill people that touch your belly without permission” and “wanting to kill you husband” for no reason other than, “he’s just so annoying.”

Girl. We feel you so hard.

Leigh continues to note the many symptoms including lesser known ones. Like your nipples getting darker. I could’ve done with that warning in the seventh month of my first pregnancy as I stood naked, staring at my boobs in the mirror and wondering what in the fuck was going on.

She talks about how damn tiring pregnancy is and the fact that you still have to work, take care of your kids and deal with idiots who ask why you’re so tired in the first place. Leigh quips, “Maybe it’s because I’m growing a human.”

You think?

The mom wraps up with a perfect mic drop. “And if you put all those symptoms into Google, Google is sending you an ambulance.”

But don’t worry, she has a solution. “I’d like to have the option of doing fuck all for nine months if I’m pregnant. Which is why I want to know why nobody has invented a pregnancy spa.”

Shut up and take literally all of our money if this becomes a thing. All. Of. It.

She thinks it’s perfectly reasonable that the moment a woman misses her period, she be allowed to check into the pregnancy spa and stay there “until the baby pops out.” Works for us!

Leigh tells Scary Mommy that she had been thinking about making a video like this for some time. “I was pregnant twice, both times were hard: morning sickness for 28 weeks (!!!), heartburn, headaches and even pre-eclampsia with my twin pregnancy. That notion that because pregnancy is “natural” then it must be easy really annoys me so I had to make a video about it.”

Of course, she’s absolutely right, but her real motivation for getting the word out is the best part. “I really love spas and I think any excuse to spend nine months getting pampered is a win!”

Nailed it. Now, can we please make this a thing before any of us get pregnant again?

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