Maskhole Forces His Poor Kids Into Trader Joe's Because Freedumb

by Madison Vanderberg

Maskhole forces his way into a Trader Joe’s with his unmasked children

Today in “I hate it here,” a maskhole forced his maskless children into a Trader Joe’s and had a full meltdown while spouting off nonsense about his right to not wear a mask, or whatever. The video, captured and shared online by an Instagram account called “Crazy Karens,” shows the man entering a Trader Joe’s in Texas claiming he was free to not wear a mask even though private businesses like grocery stores can still enforce their own mask mandates and yada yada, you know the drill.

Last week, Texas became the largest state to lift its mask mandate with Governor Greg Abbott announcing that the mandate would no longer be in place as of March 10. This video was filmed several days before the 10th and even if it did occur after the mask mandate was lifted in Texas, private establishments can insist on their own corporate mask mandates, just as literally every store in existence has insisted on a “no shirt, no shoes, no service,” rule.

In the video, the man immediately starts yelling typical “freedumb” rhetoric at the Trader Joe’s employees outside the store, who tried to give him a disposable mask. Business Insider added that the man claims he has a disability that prevented him from wearing a mask, and the Trader Joe’s employees even said that he could shop without a mask, but that his children would have to put masks on. Despite the overly patient Trader Joes employees, the man barged past them, with his maskless kids, into the store, shouting at anyone who would listen.

“You’re violating the law. You’re harassing me and discriminating against me because of my disability,” the man shouts in the video. “I have a civil right to shop in places that are open to the public.” Again, it’s a private establishment sir, ugh.

Shockingly, the man seemed to think he was putting on a heroic display for his children. In the video (that he filmed himself, BTW), he kept speaking to his children, saying, “Listen to me, you always stand for truth, you’re doing nothing wrong.” Also, imagine thinking that a cloth mask is going to traumatize your children but being dragged through a Trader Joe’s while your dad verbally berates store employees isn’t.

Even more frustratingly, the man eventually took some food to the check-out (while screaming about masks) and the employees checked him out. It sure is frustrating to see this maskhole get his way, so to speak, but we also can’t expect grocery store employees to physically block an irate adult man and act as bodyguards.

The man finished his tirade by shouting “two weeks to flatten the curve and now we’re taking COVID swabs in the butt,” whatever that means.

Also, LEAVE YOUR KIDS AT HOME if it is absolutely necessary for you to scream at grocery store employees and do your ridiculous anti-mask vigilante bullshit. Man, I am exhausted.