Trevor Noah Is Personally Paying His Furloughed Crew's Salaries

by Christina Marfice
Trevor Noah Will Pay Salaries For 25 Furloughed 'Daily Show' Crew Members
Comedy Central

Trevor Noah is making sure his show’s crew is taken care of during quarantine, and we love him for it

While much of the U.S. remains under coronavirus lockdown, production on basically every TV show has been either suspended or completely altered. That goes for the Daily Show, which host Trevor Noah is continuing to broadcast from his home, but obviously without the expansive crew of camera operators, audio technicians, stage management personnel, and video operators who work in the studio.

We just learned, though, with all those crew members furloughed indefinitely, Noah has been continuing to pay their salaries out of his own pocket, and plans to do so until full production of the Daily Show can resume — no matter how long that takes.

“These are the people who have been on the show with Trevor from day one and help him put on the show,” a source close to production of the Daily Show told Variety. “Trevor is personally covering their salaries until the production business opens again. He respects his crew tremendously and feels it’s only right that they get through this together.”

All told, Noah is personally paying the salaries of 25 crew members, and has been doing so since production of the show was halted last month. This is in stark contrast to companies like Amazon and Whole Foods, who have been criticized during the pandemic for underpaying workers and forcing them to work “essential” jobs without proper protective equipment. It’s just one more reason Noah is one of our favorite late-night hosts out there.

This isn’t the only quarantine do-gooding Noah has performed in recent weeks. He’s giving away new laptops to teachers forced to do all of their online now that school is all being done from home.

Since he’s been putting on his show from home — dubbed “The Daily Social Distancing Show With Trevor Noah” — Comedy Central has actually increased the run time of the show to 45 minutes a day. This is the first time in the Daily Show‘s history that it’s been longer than its standard 30-minute format, because it’s the kind of news that people want and need during such scary and uncertain times. Noah’s recent interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci has racked up nearly 45 million views and counting. Since the success of the Daily Show is clearly the success of all of its cast and crew, we’ll definitely keep tuning in to support Noah and the way he takes such good care of the people who help him create the show every day.