Comedian Absolutely Nails What It's Like To Live With Middle School Kids

by Valerie Williams
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Trey Kennedy/Facebook

Trey Kennedy’s videos about middle school kids are so accurate it’s scary

If you’re not already following comedian Trey Kennedy on all forms of social media, go ahead and do that now. His videos about everything from how girls behave during the summer to weird baby names will have you busting a gut laughing. But for us parents of tweens, it’s his videos about middle school kids that absolutely kill it. We can’t get enough of his scarily accurate (and hilarious) takes on the junior high set.

Kennedy has created several videos on this topic and that’s probably because there’s just endless material. Life with middle school kids is, uh, special, to put it lightly. All the whining of the little kid years with an added dose of attitude — and drama. Either this guy is a middle school teacher, has a bunch of his own kids in this age group, or just very vividly remembers his tweenage years, because holy shit, he nails it.

From the braces to the constant Tik Tok video making, This Is Middle School. His exaggerated adolescent annoyance over everything he’s asked to do is spot-on. Watching him throw his backpack on the floor and crumple his homework before stuffing it in was like witnessing a full-on reenactment of my household of tweens this morning.

Like, is this visual familiar to anyone? It’s as though my sofa came with a sprawled out, whining 10-year-old boy. He really touches on it all.

Trey Kennedy/Facebook

The constant stupid sounds made for no good reason whatsoever.

Trey Kennedy/Facebook

The fury and stomping over being asked to do totally reasonable, normal things, like using a coaster.

Trey Kennedy/Facebook

THIS FACE. Enough said.

Trey Kennedy/Facebook

How dare we even try to talk to them? We have such nerve.

Trey Kennedy/Facebook

I have had entire conversations with my kids while they were in this exact pose. No lie.

Trey Kennedy/Facebook

“You have no idea how stressed I am!” Why are they like this? Just… why?

Trey Kennedy/Facebook

And if you watched that video and felt extremely seen, pour another coffee (or wine depending on what part of the day you’re at) and buckle up for the others. They just seem to get better and better as Kennedy finely tunes his perfect middle schooler persona, though they’re all amazing.

As the mom of a 12 and 10-year-old, these videos give me life. I actually watch them with my kids (they’re already fans of Kennedy for his other videos so they’re only too eager) and we can giggle together as we recognize their own nonsense behavior and it’s actually helped me to help them see how ridiculous they sometimes sound (and act). Applause to Trey Kennedy for making us laugh while also inadvertently giving us a great tool to show our kids how not to behave.

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