Comedian Hilariously Nails What It's Like To Be A Mom

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Facebook/Trey Kennedy

This comedian might actually be a mom because he completely nails it

Moms. You gotta love them. When you think back to all the seemingly ridiculous things our moms used to tell us, it’s a wonder any of us ever left the house. As a young adult, I purposely didn’t wait 20 minutes to swim after I ate (take that, mom) just to prove her wrong. But when we become moms, we end up spewing the same set of phrases we endured as children. One comedian captured pretty much all of them in one hilarious video and you have got to watch from beginning to end to fully appreciate its glory.

Trey Kennedy, a comedian who puts out some seriously hysterical videos online, recently came out with one poking fun at moms. Titled “Moms,” his video was an instant viral sensation because if you’re a mom or have a mom or have spent any amount of time around moms, you can’t help but laugh.

Kennedy starts off concerned his kid has “a couple 89’s” in his classes and immediately wants to know how those grades are going to get up (don’t worry, “mom” eventually emails the teachers directly). He then tries (and fails) to get his child up for school, beginning gently with promises of breakfast then eventually losing his shit because they won’t get out of bed. Basically, every single morning for most moms.

In between, he asks his kid a series of questions like, “How do I send an email attachment? Can someone call you on Instagram? How do I send a GIF (which he spells out, obviously)?”

Image via Facebook/Trey Kennedy

The entire video is funny because it’s true. We moms can’t help ourselves. We must give out advice, take pictures every 30 seconds, and warn our children about the dangers of diving boards, frigid temperatures, and what may happen to them if they leave out one more goddamn cup. I’m in my mid-forties and my mom just texted me because a hoodie “that looked like the one I was wearing weeks before” was being recalled because the string got stuck and choked someone. No, I don’t believe that actually happened and yes, she likely lost sleep over thinking it was an actual possibility.

This is what the mental load looks like, people.

Kennedy also does an entire monologue about “dad’s snoring,” comparing it to, among other things: A wood chipper, a cat choking on a spoon, and a chihuahua getting caught in a garbage disposal.

Image via Facebook/Trey Kennedy

As the mom of two teens, I saw myself particularly when he was asking his kid about a recent pool party he attended. And by “ask” I mean peppered him with questions about who attended (“name each person individually”), was Shelia’s mom there, and were the girls wearing appropriate swimming attire.

Listen, we don’t enjoy repeating ourselves 500 times but our kids have the attention span of a dung beetle and it requires us to shout demands into the abyss until someone (anyone) grunts back. The passive-aggressiveness and constant needling just comes from a place of love, after all. Seriously though, we aren’t your maids. Pick your shit up.

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