This Company Turns Troll Comments Into Cakes And It's So Genius

by Maria Guido
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Image via Troll Cakes

‘Troll Cakes’ makes delicious cakes — out of terrible internet comments

Ah, internet. You entertain, you inform, and occasionally you troll. Okay, who are we kidding. Comments can be the worst — but they can also be so damn entertaining.

Have you ever read an internet comment that was so ridiculous you thought, “This should really be made into a cake.” Lucky for all of us, Troll Cakes Bakery and Detective Agency has.

The company takes internet comments:

Image via Troll Cakes

Makes them into lovely cakes:

Image via Troll Cakes

And mails them to the troll who made the comment in the first place:

Image via Troll Cakes

It’s a service we never knew we needed until now. Also, why don’t trolls ever know the difference between Your and You’re?

There are four options for troll cake execution and delivery. For $30, you can mail Troll cakes the troll comment and the address of whoever said it. They’ll turn the comment into a custom Troll Cake and mail it to the troll’s home or work.

If you are not internet savvy enough to find your troll, you can send Troll Cakes the comment. For $60, they’ll investigate, make a custom Troll Cake, and mail it to the troll’s home or work. (They note here that not all cases will be accepted.)

Then there’s the Trump special. For $30 they’ll send a Troll Cake of your preferred Trump tweet to the White House.

For $35 you can get a pre-trolled cake. “Pick any Troll Cake from our website or instagram. We’ll recreate it and mail it (with a screengrab of the original comment) wherever you like,” the site offers.

Yes, this is a real company that makes real tasty cakes. “Each cake is a dense, moist (sorry) chocolate chip brownie with whipped frosting and assorted colorful sprinkles and icing,” the company describes. They ship anywhere in the U.S. and even do in person delivery in NYC.

The only flaw with this company is that trolls don’t deserve delicious cakes. But your friends with a sense of humor do! Who wouldn’t love a “Meh” birthday cake?

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