Trump Lurks Behind Clinton During The Debate, And Twitter Takes Him Down For It

by Meredith Bland
Image via Getty/ Twitter

Trump lurks behind Clinton like a creep during the debate, the internet notices

At last night’s town hall debate, Donald Trump said a lot of awful things. We expected that because that’s what he does. But this time, without a podium to restrain him, Trump also used body language to try to intimidate Clinton by lurking behind her as she spoke.

Unfortunately for him, Miss Hillary ignored it; she paid as little attention to him as she did to a fly that landed on her face at the beginning of the debate. Annoying insects with nothing to say, even if they are 6-3 and lurking behind her, don’t merit the attention of a pro like Hillary.

CNN pointed out The Lurk in a video. Get ready for 30 seconds of “I’m uncomfortable and I need an adult” discomfort.

Twitter jumped right on it, pointing out what most of us knew right way — that this was the move of a man who believes he’s bigger and better than women and is ready to use whatever he has available (in this case, his body) to intimidate them. Just like his campaign’s use of descriptors like “broad-shouldered leader,” Trump was trying to use the physical contrast between the two of them to imply a difference in strength and seriousness. To be fair, however, we should acknowledge that he doesn’t have much else to work with.

Women watching the debate were also quick to point out what the presence of a man hovering behind you means to a woman. It means that it’s time to pull your keys out of your pocket and hold one of them between your knuckles as a weapon.

And, of course, some of the comments made us laugh about the creepiness of it all.

Trump is not a skilled debater and made clear before last night that he wasn’t going to do any mock debates. What this means is that when it came to what to do with his body while Hillary was answering questions, he relied mostly on his instincts, and his instincts told him to get up in her space and lurk behind her like a predator. Trump handles confrontation by trying to intimidate the other person, whether it’s through crass and demeaning words or by using his physical stature to do the talking for him.

He’s a bully in both words and actions. Luckily, we have a woman opposing him who can handle way worse than Trump can dish out on his best day.