Trump Mocked The Puerto Rican Accent And The Internet Dragged Him For It

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images/Twitter

There is truly nothing Trump won’t do to piss people off

Pretty much everything about this presidency is unprecedented, and we’re all just along for the cringe-worthy ride when it comes to Trump’s daily offensive remarks. The most recent one came yesterday, during a White House speech about Hispanic Heritage Month.

So we’ve got a president who is notoriously divisive about minorities giving a speech honoring Hispanics.What could go wrong? Go ahead and see for yourself. UGH.

“We are also praying for the people of Pwerrrto Rico. Pwerrrto Rico,” he says, poking fun at the pronunciation by using a fake accent. “We’re also praying for the people of PORTA REEKO,” he says, this time in a more “American” accent.

He mocked a Spanish accent. During a speech honoring Hispanic Heritage Month. After the entire country of Puerto Rico has been in ruins following Hurricane Maria.

If you’ve just face-palmed yourself into oblivion, you’re not alone. Following the intentionally condescending and just generally dickish move, Twitter was abuzz with reactions.

And perhaps the best and most concise reaction of all: