Some Idiot Put Razor Blades On Their Trump-Pence Lawn Sign

by Julie Scagell
Paul Weaver/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

A Trump supporter attached razor blades to their yard sign, causing a city work to need 13 stitches after removing it

The Oakland County, Michigan Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident that occurred when a county employee cut his fingers open from razors that were attached to a Trump-Pence 2020 yard sign.

The razor blades were found underneath the sign, put there by a Trump-loving homeowner as a deterrent for anyone daring to remove their sign. Unfortunately, CNN reports that the city worker who had to remove the sign — because its placement violated a city ordinance — had to go to the hospital to receive 13 stitches.

Authorities had asked the 52-year-old unnamed man, who works for Commerce Township, to remove the sign because all signs are required to be 33 feet from the center of the roadway, and these signs were located 24 feet from the center. The township regularly removes signs that violate its right-of-way ordinance, because it can make it difficult to see oncoming traffic. Removed signs are usually placed next to a dumpster, where owners can pick them up and replace them to comply with the county’s orders.


Two campaign signs in question were found with razor blades taped to them, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. The homeowner, who was also not identified by authorities, said they did not put the blades on the signs, but rather the signs were stolen, razor blades taped to them, and then returned to their yard, according to WBNS. Yeah, that sounds likely.

Commerce Township Supervisor David Scott, told CNN that the employee who retrieved the signs thought he was being “shocked electrically” when he went to touch the sign. When he took his hand away, he saw three fingers on his left hand were sliced open by the razors and started “aggressively bleeding” and drove himself to a nearby hospital.

In the days leading up to the election, yard signs are popping up everywhere it seems, some more aggressively than others — please see the Trump 2020 semi-trailer near my house that’s been sitting there like the monstrosity that it is for the past month. Signs are fine. Signs with razor blades taped to them because you’re a psychopath are not.

The city worker required a tourniquet on one of his fingers to stop the bleeding and “still only has limited use of his hand at this point,” his supervisor added. There was thankfully no damage to any nerves or tendons in his fingers.

“You can’t boobytrap them with the intent to hurt, harm or maim someone,” Scott said. “For whatever reason, someone felt the need to protect this like it’s the Crown Jewels.”