Trump Mocks Protester's Weight At New Hampshire Rally: 'Go Home, Start Exercising'

by Valerie Williams
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Trump shouted to a protesting being removed from the event that he has “a serious weight problem”

In things we legitimately never in our lives imagined we would say, the actual President of the United States of America publicly mocked a person’s weight last night. That’s right. Donald Trump, a true beacon of civility and adult-like discourse, shouted at a protester being removed from his New Hampshire rally that he has “a serious weight problem.”

Yep. This really actually happened.

The protester, who briefly interrupted Trump’s rally, was on his way out courtesy of security, as the president shouted, “That guy’s got a serious weight problem. Go home, start exercising.”

Of course, he didn’t stop there with his schoolyard bullying. “Get him out of here please. Got a bigger problem than I do,” Trump said. “Got a bigger problem than all of us. Now he goes home and his mom says, ‘What the hell have you just done?'”

Just… seriously?

Not that it really matters, but a White House reporter for Bloomberg noted that the protesters were actually slender — the Trump fan who alerted security was on the bigger side. So it’s possible the president was mocking one of his own supporters.

Twitter was quick to react after the Bully-In-Chief’s latest attack — not that anyone should be surprised by anything he says at this point:

This just adds to the ever-growing list of people Trump has openly mocked. From women he doesn’t consider “a 10” to a reporter with a disability, to another reporter he called stupid, the man has absolutely no shame. He has historically referred to political opponents by insulting nicknames and regularly takes to Twitter to spew his particular brand of bullying hatred toward whoever’s caught his ire most recently.

He is the president. Not only that, but his wife is running a (bullshit) campaign on putting an end to bullying. LOL cool.

According to The Hill, the protesters were members of a group that supports rights for Israelis and Palestinians. They interrupted the rally just as Trump was whining that Democrats are calling their opponents “fascists and Nazis.”

Well. They’re not wrong?

Since the 2016 election, it seems we’ve grown somewhat numb to the absolute garbage regularly falling from Trump’s mouth, but it’s important that we don’t lose sight of how completely abhorrent and totally abnormal this is. The president should not be shouting fourth grade insults at private citizens from his position as the literal most powerful man in the world, and even if the person he was referring to was one of his supporters, it’s still horrifying that anyone supports such a terrible human being.

Many of these folks have kids — how do they plan to explain to their children, who may one day be bullied at school, that they ferociously support the biggest bully of them all?

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